Top (2) ALTCOINs That Are Still Undervalued? 100x or Even More!?

Hey yo, what’s the good word with the viewers
of the tube!! My good word is crypto but my safeword has
always been Bitcoin. When things are getting freaky and she goes
past the line, I yell at the top of my lungs…. BITCOIN. Did you hear that? Well open those ears a little wider…because
it’s time for Chico Crypto!!! Yes, let’s begin with my safeword BTC for
today! Freaking Michael Saylor decided to buy and
like clockwork the Saylor dump came. Saylor bought on the 24th when BTC was hanging
around 49k and as of yesterday, BTC fell below 47k. Now like I showed in my video 2 days ago…this
is nothing to worry about, these Saylor dumps happen almost every time his company Microstrategy
makes a purchase! Now as we can see from Saylor’s announcement
of the buy, his average buy of Bitcoin this go-around was about 45,294 bucks…and in
my video about the Saylor dumps, where I analyzed his purchases and then dumps after, I found
the average Bitcoin crash to by 11.1 percent, which from the high of above 50k…that would
be about $44,750.

And isn’t this just convenient, the 200
day MA, Moving average trendline is right around that number too….and BTC is getting
closer and closer to it. This technical indicator is a long term indicator
of bear or bull markets. Above it bullish, below it bearish… So my friends, don’t be shocked if the price
gets in between $46000 to $44,750. This is the perfect level for the BEARs to
get set up leveraging! Bitcoin dips below the 200day MA…bear market
taking over narrative? Bears set up shorts on the leverage exchanges! Then they reverse it…and liquidate the funk
out of them… Just like they liquidated the funk out of
longs with the Michael Saylor news and setup! BTC at 50k, Micheal Saylor buys…the bulls
set up LONGs…and In the past 3 days, there has been nearly a billion dollars in Long
liquidations across exchanges.

It’s going to be the bears and shorters'
turn here soon! I believe the price will reverse soon, if
it hasn’t already….remember I shoot these videos 1 day in advance!! Soo, what’s going to happen if BTC reverses? Altcoins are going to fire right back up where
they left off! We are in the midst of an altseason….which
is obvious from the Bitcoin Dominance chart. Over the past 30 days, BTC has lost 5 percent
dominance…while the price has been bullish gaining over 72 percent over the same period. Thus that 5 percent lost, is a lot of money
that is flowing right into altcoins!!! That’s why we’ve seen some blue chip alts
pushing upwards of 20 to 30 percent gains in just a day!! So for the rest of the day, let’s talk about
Altcoin who I think could have some BIG rebounds soon…especially if BTC returns bullish! NFTs, the non fungi type of things. I’ve been saying for the longest time, even
since February of 2020 with this video… that they would be helping lead the next bull
run, along with DeFi.

As we can see back then, from the website total volume for the top project crypto voxels was just 138 thousand dollars
over 7 days. Well my oh my, how things have changed. Checking out that same website, and the top
projects. Artblocks has over 238 million in sales over
the past 7 days, and other projects are in the 100s or million, or millions of dollars. Now some of these NFTs are fetching millions
of dollars per NFT. Artblocks is doing over 238 million in volume
over 7 days, so obviously there is some large million dollar sales through there! Also an ether rock sold for 1.3 million dollars
a few days ago! And crypto punks are selling for the millions! Millions of dollars.

Now, isn’t that just convenient. Your average crypto trader or enthusiast,
doesn’t have a chance to own some of these NFTs….or do they? It’s called fractionalization my friends. Breaking down these artworks, and NFTs into
pieces. Tokenized ownership can be obtained
by your average joe or jill! 2 days ago, it was announced by Alchemist
Coin’s Copper that there was the “first fractionalized NFT Fair Launch Auction ever
on the Copper platform! This was put on by NFT OG, 1ofthemanyMatts
and he tweeted “ i fractionalized the terra0 flower i bought in 2018, and wow do we love
provenance If you want a PETAL, you can use the fair launch on CopperLaunch — 100% of
the tokens are available and fyi the fair market price is $0.1/PETAL at current floor! Going to the copper interface for the fractionalized
launch, it has been running and running smooth…fairly letting people pick up a piece of this NFT
history!.Unfortunately it’ll be over by the time this video goes live.

But let me tell you…there will be many other
opportunities to pick up pieces of NFT history! Why? Well Andy tweeted “I hope to see people
who fractionalize using stuff like this more often, and he retweeted Matt’s Terra Flower
Copper action! Who is Andy? Well, Andy is one of the creators of…the
leading platform for doing just that. Turning NFTs into fractions! Such as crypto punks, ether rocks, and beyond! Although, this fractionalization of NFTs is
for items in the digital world…what about NFTs of Real World Assets…can they be fractionalized? Well yes, and the next project we are going
to talk about does just that, but before we get into that…it’s time for sponsored
segment of this video brought to you by the team over at DeHive Protocol… and like always
the details of our agreement can be found in the description.

So who is DeHive? They are a multi-chain asset management protocol
that creates and optimizes reliable sets of tokenized assets with efficient yield farming
strategies called clusters. Clusters are basically amplified crypto defi
index funds… carefully selected by internal DeHive experts and acquired through a built-in
system of oracles, including the Uniswap oracle. Dehive understands that in traditional financial
markets, index funds and ETF’s have historically outperformed actively managed investment funds,
mutual funds and most certainly privately managed portfolios… They recognized these index fund strategies
are lacking in the DeFi sector so they built DeHive with the aim to provide those solutions. And the team behind DeHive,, are
no strangers to the blockchain economy, having built blockchain ecosystems and smart-contracts
on multiple protocols over the last 4 years. And so far this project is off to a great
start, but are only in their infancy and have a lot of room to grow.

Officially launching earlier this Spring they
have successfully checked off every goal on their roadmap… recently completing the beta
version of their platform where they successfully deployed their ETH-CORE cluster and Polygon
Polycluster. Having recently upgraded their smart-contracts
and passing both Zokyo and Hacken security audits the DeHive team is thrilled to announce
the official launch of their version 1 DeHive platform… on both Ethereum and the Polygon
network, announced just a few days ago on August 25th In conjunction with their launch on Polygon,
Dehive has also partnered with Quickswap, who will be a feature token inside their polygon
cluster and are the official home for all DeHive trading on Polygon… in celebration
of this new partnership Quickswap has opened a rewards pool for DeHive stakers paying bonus
rewards in Quick. So, Dehive provides an easy and convenient
way for traders to add some portfolio diversification without having to make risky trades and without
having to be a DeFi expert by offering carefully curated defi cluster indexes on their user-friendly

If this sounds interesting to you, click the
link to their site and check out their newly launched platform. The links are below! So the fractionalization of NFTs based on
real world assets!? Is that possible? Oh it sure is and a project is moving full
steam ahead on just that. That is Ecofi….and as we can see from their
website…they consider themselves the engine of NFT commerce. Wrapping the real world into NFTs! And as we can see below, some of the works
being included in the platform's launch will come from huge names in the Art World.

Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Keith Haring
and more! Have you ever wanted to own art from these
names? Well now you can, through the fractionalization
of them! And they have a very unique model for this. Scrolling down it details the process. You need ECO tokens, as you need to stake
them. Once staked, ECO tokens earn rewards every
second in the form of SPRT tokens. These SPRT tokens are used to purchase the
NFTs on the hype marketplace.

Clicking on go to hype…aww it doesn’t
seem likes it launched yet…. That’s a bummer in the summer right!? Well I have a little leaky, leak for you guys…the
hype marketplace Beta from ECOFI…it’s getting close to being ready and as we can
see there are real world art pieces from keith haring, Louis Icart, Salvador Dali, Jackson
Pollock, Andy Worhol, and even Peter Max!! This type of physical art, from these big
names, has always been out of the ownership realm for the average person. But with EcoFi…now people like me and you,
can own a piece of a Jackson Pollock!! So….I would get ECOFi and start staking
to earn SPRT tokens, if physical ART and the tokenization of it fits your fancy! I know I am…because early adopters, those
who begin staking first are going to get higher rewards, than those who wait. And I want a piece of each…Never thought
in my lifetime I could own something from Dali or Worhol.

That’s the beauty of blockchain, DeFi and
NFTs. Cheers! I'll see you next time!.

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