Top 11 Altcoins Set to EXPLODE in 2021 EOY | Best Cryptocurrency Investments AUGUST 2021

welcome back everybody to altcoin 
daily this is the video that you need   to watch in today's video i'm going to 
share with you 11 cryptocurrency projects   that i'm hugely bullish on in the short term one 
to two months and in the midterm going into end   of year i believe these coins will outperform 
bitcoin some of them there are projections of   one thousand percent two thousand percent even 
three thousand percent gains now me personally   i use alt coins to accumulate more bitcoin or 
ethereum or coins i believe in the fact is there   is tons of opportunity in this space so if you're 
interested in making money in cryptocurrency   subscribe to the channel we drop a video every day 
we share things with you that the mainstream media   will never put on your radar and like i said in 
today's video i want to share with you 11 crypto   currencies that i am hugely bullish on if there is 
a cryptocurrency that you hold that you want me to   check out comment that coin right now and tell 
me why you like it but let's get into it because   i got to share with you 11 coins in this video 
check the time stamps coin number one making our   list today looks incredibly bullish to me it is v 
chain v chain is a supply chain management company   protocol and cryptocurrency they're big in asia 
their brand name in the space because they've   been in cryptocurrency a number of years let me 
know in the comments below if you are a v chain   bull like i said their main claim to fame is 
supply chain management putting the supply   chain on the blockchain the recent years they 
have expanded we'll get to that in just a second   but keep in mind the main reason they're on the 
list today is because the price chart looks so   bullish okay vfam buckle up because whether we're 
talking about the rsi whether we're talking about   formal resistance turned into support and a retest 
of that resistance turned into support the price   chart looks bullish we're now in an uptrend on 
the price chart keep in mind the last time we saw   metrics play out exactly like this the last time 
the rsi was like this the last time we bounced off   of resistance turned to support what followed was 
a 3 000 rally 3 000 rally so even if we just did   half of what vet did last time that would put 
us at a price point of a 93 cents per vet now   let's say that it plays out very similar to how 
it played out last time a 3 000 rally that would   put us at a price point of 1.74 cents per vet so 
price chart looks bullish in the short term price   chart looks bullish in the midterm going into end 
of year that's where we're going fam just in time   for christmas just in time for christmas and like 
i said although their main claim to fame is supply   chain management they've recently branched out 
in the last couple years they are now into nfts   just like what they're doing on ethereum v chain 
is trying to take a piece of this market as well   they put out their own nft line v punks and just 
like all of the best tokens in the space you know   we want to see the ecosystem growing we want to 
see integrations and partnerships   partners with v chain to integrate vet as payments 
now you can use that when you're traveling   very bullish point number two making our list 
today is ethereum subscribers to this channel   understand the bold case for ethereum understand 
my ethereum investors thesis the fact is ethereum   just changed their monetary policy to make 
things better for the price of the coin the fact   is ethereum fundamentals are great ethereum very 
similar to bitcoin is going through a supply shock   right now and their ecosystem in general is just 
creating all sorts of demand for the ether token   whether we're talking about nfts decentralized 
exchanges play to earn games stable coins the fact   is ethereum's ecosystem is just so big and vast 
it's creating all this demand for the ether token   and ethereum just keeps getting bigger and bigger 
ether just overtook mastercard in market cap don't   believe me see for yourself top assets by market 
cap we can see bitcoin is number seven if we go   down to the 20s ethereum has a higher market cap 
than mastercard home depot bank of america ether   is making waves okay so the next four coins on my 
list today are ethereum competitors or ethereum   interoperators this is part of my investors thesis 
for this cycle i believe in a world where ethereum   is is so valued and my investor's thesis for 
ethereum is playing out i believe that people   are going to speculate and look to these ethereum 
interoperators and competitors not all of them   but the quote unquote blue chips the ones that 
have good metrics or good things going for them so   coin number three on our list today is solana huge 
shout out to the solana team now with 1 billion   plus of usdc in circulation not 1 million one 
billion what have you all been building so   solana continues to conquer the market they're 
building like no other and that's why they make   the list today next on our list is polka 
dot so all eyes are on ethereum right now   all eyes are even on cardano right now hardly 
any eyes on polka dot and to me that screams   opportunity so eth had a major upgrade and dot 
is just chilling keep in mind polka dot was   actually above cardano in market cap before retail 
went in with the quote unquote cheaper project   should be over 40 dollars now i'm definitely 
accumulating and in fact me personally i did   just in the last couple months take out a big 
purchase of dot and speaking of ada i actually   took out a rather large purchase relatively 
speaking of ada because cardano is looking great   especially going into this next month especially 
going in to smart contracts so cardano's test   net is finally becoming smart contract compatible 
and in about a month or two definitely before the   end of the year they're going to go full smart 
contract compatible so i'm bullish on cardano   and finally in this series of eth competitors and 
eth interoperators we have to put elrond on the   list elrond actually kind of similar to chain 
link continues to integrate continues to make   partnerships elrond is building just as fast 
and their ecosystem is expanding just as fast   as a solana as an ethereum so elrond makes our 
list today and then actually the next coin on   our list is the number one oracle token by 
far chain link has had more integrations   when it comes to oracle cryptocurrencies than 
anything else by far they're the brand name   and in fact chain link integrates weather data 
from google cloud chain link a leading provider   of data feeds to blockchain-based smart 
contracts has now fully added decentralized   weather data from google cloud so this is kind 
of a big deal so you can further understand   you know what this means let's go to the recent 
coindesk panel talking about just this and then   we'll move on to the next coin they now have 
an agreement with google where google weather   information is going to be integrated into their 
system for those who aren't familiar chain leak   is what's known as an oracle system they provide 
data feeds that can be integrated into d5 systems   in this case it sort of points towards the role 
of weather and calculating risk for contracts   that would in theory be set up to be you know 
perpetual and automated like all d5 things so   one good example might be the use of d5 to set 
up farming or crop or other insurance that might   depend on weather conditions for example some 
insurance plans have clauses that exclude coverage   under particular extreme conditions so this is 
really like a tiny little step towards this future   where there's all kinds of information about the 
real world that's on the blockchain and integrated   into d5 systems and financial products um i do 
think it's also notable because of just the the   legitimacy conferred by this agreement with google 
which is a i think a new level for chain link   but the the real goal the real interesting thing 
here is this sort of sophisticated integration of   data into the decentralized systems um i guess uh 
will you're like fairly defy savvy right does this   speak to your soul i like to think so sometimes uh 
the chain link integration is interesting there's   it's always good to be cautious about these google 
integrations and this one seems quite legitimate   uh through the years there's always been like 
this these cryptocurrency companies are wanting   to have integrated with google to some degree and 
then google's like well they're using like google   drive uh so that's not really integration but 
here it does seem like there's some aspect of   uh validity to it and that your i think you hit 
the nail on the head the interesting thing about   chain link is they're bringing like real world 
data to a blockchain so when you talk about   bitcoin bitcoins just talking to itself it's just 
self inward it's inward looking right it's moving   money for place a to place b and then everyone 
outside world places value onto those transfers   and that's why bitcoin has value that's why 
it's denominated in dollars or yen or euro   but chain link is moving data which data from the 
outside world moving on to a blockchain is can be   like really tough like do you know if your weather 
data is accurate or not is someone lying to you   to be able to trigger a smart contract so that it 
gives out a false payout or does not give a payout   at all these are the kind of questions that chain 
link and other oracle systems are working on and   they really matter if you're going to be able 
to have a decentralized future where you have   dyslexia contracts where you have uh decentralized 
applications that need outside data to operate on   chain and you need to operate uh with efficiency 
and be trustworthy the interesting thing about   oracle's is that it's like economics in action 
right you're trying to incentivize people to   provide reliable data and you're trying to punish 
those who look to game the system with bogus data   so the fact that these experiments continue is 
really interesting and that they're adding weather   i think again speaks to this bigger above hey 
there might be a future in which um these smart   contracts can be responsive to all sorts of inputs 
uh whether it's price data or if it's raining or   not in philadelphia so that's that to me is super 
interesting coin number eight making our list   today is the governance token for the most popular 
decentralized exchange in all of cryptocurrency   it's number one in the ethereum ecosystem it's 
number one for all of cryptocurrency and it has   become clear people are using this there is demand 
for this uniswap just became the first protocol to   surpass 1 billion in fees congrats to uniswap and 
team so i continue to put uniswap on your radar   and decentralized exchanges in general and 
speaking of that number nine on our list today   is a decentralized derivatives exchange it's 
called injective access create and trade unlimited   decentralized finance markets on the first 
eth compatible exchange protocol for cross   chain defy so say what you want about derivatives 
exchanges but the fact is they're very popular   in the traditional world and in the decentralized 
finance world and there is demand for derivatives   exchanges that are decentralized distributed 
permissionless like injective now they have big   things on the horizon check out this tweet thread 
we are thrilled to announce the injective rebrand   which marks a significant evolution in injective's 
mission product and brand injective will now focus   on creating the defy hub for the new internet 
economy injective started with the initial   goal of building a decentralized cross-chain 
protocol that would allow for derivatives trading   while also being ethereum compatible by doing 
so we would be able to serve native ether users   while also working across new blockchains over 
the years injective has grown to become both a   state-of-the-art derivatives exchange in a d 
phi application specific layer one protocol   the synergy between the two realms helps 
pave the way into the future of injective   injective's d5 application specific chain is 
able to serve the needs of developers everywhere   ethereum compatibility allows developers to 
utilize familiar tooling the interoperable   backend enables defy apps to seamlessly work 
across distinct blockchains such as cosmos   a multitude of new d5 projects can be deployed on 
injective using injective's self-evolving protocol   developers can swiftly modify any parameters to 
suit their specific defy use case thus injective   is made to be future proof as new upgrades occur 
over time the project in dapps on injective   will each add to the positive feedback loop within 
the ecosystem for example a developer building a   relayer can interact with multiple applications 
on injective adding to the overall value that   ui is able to provide to the end user the 
decentralized derivatives exchange on injective   will also be strengthened by new cross-chain 
defy depths for example insurance applications   deployed on injective can be used to underwrite 
risk in derivatives contracts the opportunities   are truly limitless the injective token will play 
an increasingly crucial role within the network as   it helps to govern and secure new cross-chain d5 
projects and applications built on injective we   are also releasing a new visual brand identity 
that will be incorporated through injective's   website products and messaging to properly 
illustrate the expansion of injective's mission   stay tuned for some ui ux updates so they're doing 
big things this is something i'm invested in like   many coins on this list this is something 
mark cuban has revealed he's invested in   um i think this is bullish especially in a 
bull market and speaking of bullish good news   for injective investors kraken one of the world's 
most exclusive exchanges injective will be listed   so kraken is listing injective they're a huge 
exchange this is really good it's obviously very   positive when big exchanges list coins that we 
like because that you know it just makes you know   obviously you can understand why that's a big deal 
speaking of coins being listed on major exchanges   and that being overall bullish mina protocol is 
now live on the world's largest exchange binance   so meena protocol kind of like injective kind of 
like many d5 protocols heavily vc backed backed by   coinbase ventures backed by three era capital 
the claim to fame they sell themselves as the   world's smallest blockchain to stay 22 kilobytes 
in perpetuity forever while other blockchains   will only get bigger mean it will stay at 
22 kilobytes i have you know this it's so   different from everything else that we see that's 
why i'm invested in this that's why i think this   is interesting to me the fact that they're listed 
on binance obviously a good thing in the long term   final coin on our list today is helium speaking 
of vc backed decentralized wireless network   helium raises 111 million in token sale led by 
andreessen horowitz so the startup is aiming   to build a decentralized peer-to-peer wireless 
network so helium is basically a decentralized   distributed wireless network also participating 
in helium's investment round was actually   10 t rabid capital almeter research multi coin 
capital so a lot of vc money is backing this   and say what you want about it generally i think 
of this as a good thing because they're putting   their money behind protocols that have you know 
good things going for it so they say helium is now   evolving and has embarked on the path to deploy 
a 5g cellular network of gateways and hotspots   we're excited about helium's potential to provide 
comprehensive 5g connectivity across the world   in a way that's faster and more capital efficient 
than traditional telecom infrastructure according   to them they added that given their incredible 
progress and vast potential we're excited to   partner with the co-founder and the team to 
continue building a grassroots telecom network   so helium is our last coin on our list today 
let me know in the comments below which coins   should be on this list again if you're new to the 
channel make sure you subscribe drop a video every   day we keep you informed we're almost at 1 million 
subscribers and it's turning into a great year

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