Top 10 Crypto Coins to Make You Rich in 2021 (HOTTEST DeFi Tokens)

ethereum is mooning as we speak after two months of lying dormant it's once again on the move the volume and search trends for eth are starting to go up one area of crypto that's the most affected by the ethereum movements is decentralized finance over the summer of 2020 we saw projects absolutely pumped based on their associations with ethereum then in early 2021 we saw the same thing a renaissance there's been a lull recently in the world of devi though and it looks now like it could be bouncing back we're going to be taking a look at some of the projects that could be poised to make you the most money in a d5 resurgence let's get it bitswap is the hottest new way to trade tokens crawling all the top decentralized exchanges bizwa will get you the very best price and value for your trades bitswap is changing the game try it now at welcome to bit boy crypto the largest crypto channel in all the interwebs my name is ben every day on this channel i show you how to make money in crypto if you like money and crypto make sure to go ahead and hit that subscribe button for your chance to win a full bitcoin details down below also if you want to take advantage of these huge heath pumps certainly do that with buy bit here you can trade bitcoin ethereum cardano uniswap and even xrp on leverage we also have a big competition going on right now that you can sign up for by visiting by bit if you don't want to join the competition you can also just sign up for by bit by visiting deals and scrolling to the buy bit section okay so let's talk about decentralized finance you may hear this crypto buzzword defy quite often and it can be a little confusing because cryptocurrency is financed to some extent it's money am i right well decentralized finance is the intersection of traditional and digital finance the idea of defy is that anything you can do with a bank credit union or lender should be able to be done digitally in a decentralized manner meaning there's no need for a third party we've been so used to the way things have always been done before that we believe this lie that it must be done that way we don't need credit card processors we don't need banks to keep our money safe we don't need third parties to hold our money hostage for us through crypto and decentralization we as individuals are empowered to do any and everything that traditional finance and banks do for us it is time that people wake up to this fact aside from the removal of third parties all up in our business diva also allows us more opportunities to make money specifically through crypto investing lending staking and yield farming these are ways where individuals can make big returns on their own money instead of big institutions making the big money so let's talk about the way a bank works with interest for example when you put your money into a savings account you earn and settle down because it's a lot a whole point zero one percent so earn one one hundredth of one percent on your money wow but here's the thing that money that you're earning point zero one percent on the banks are stealing from your account to lend us somewhere else or they're charging them anywhere from three to thirty six percent it's highway robbery we put up with it because it's a bank now imagine if you were able to make that 36 percent on your own money instead of the bank using your money and robbing you it's a pretty smart business model for them but one that we definitely should bust up because i don't know about you but i hate being robbed so the upside to device should be extremely apparent the thing is devi pumps tend to happen in waves and we've been at the bottom of the most recent wave for a while but things are starting to ramp up again you can feel the water flowing back in from the beach getting ready to create a totally surfable gigantic wave hang 10.

The only question is how are we going to take advantage of it and which project should we be looking at well first the easiest way to find great device projects is on they actually have a really sweet sorted list of device projects on their website here all the work is done for you so let's start going down this list and looking at the prospects of each first we have uniswap this is considered to be the number one overall crypto divide project this is the top decentralized exchange in the world and has a ton of upside there are also talks that uni-swap like one inch before it could branch out to other chains like binance smart chain that happens watch out the fact is i believe unit swap is still a very profitable project has more room to go the top centralized exchange finance has the number one exchange coin and it's number three overall currently uni swap in my opinion has more current potential and upside than b b but next we have chain link coming at number 10 overall in the number two d5 project chain link is an oracle project and it has partnerships with a ton of projects and chains i still believe chain link has the potential to find itself in the number three overall crypto by the end of this year but it's been stagnant lately like ethereum but it is getting ready to break out again next on the d5 list is rap bitcoin honestly no reason to invest in this one it's basically bitcoin on the ethereum network and you might as well just invest in bitcoin itself but next we have an interesting one tara with the ticker symbol luna really liked tara and it was one of our picks for the month of march it blasted off returning 200 gains so here's the thing while luna crushed it in march got a little toppy at least in the short term luna is what i'm looking to add to my portfolio after a further correction great potential but i wouldn't fomo in at the moment ave at one time was the top divi project but has dropped somewhat had crazy 68 000 returns for the last year or so but it's had a major correction dropping from over 500 dollars per coin all the way to the 350ish dollar range back at a little over 400 i believe ave is primed to move closer to the 1 000 mark during this next d5 resurgence next we have avalanche of multi-chain defy ecosystem now i'm a fan of avax and have a holding in it for sure i think this one has great potential and could definitely get into the top 20 soon it's one i'm watching polka dot a multi-chain ecosystem pumped all the way to number three at one time cosmos however has done well but stalled out many times it's yet to be seen where avalanche is going to end up but it's one i definitely like adding long-term positions too next on the list is die it's the stable coin for maker but not one that will make you any money since it's always a dollar pancake swap is another huge divide project that's seen incredible returns this year is basically the sushi swap of the binance smart chain but like some of the others on the list one of its recent pump has made it run a bit out of gas so i like pancake swap but i don't own any it's one that is on my radar to add some position two at some point next week into some pretty interesting territory compound at one time this was the top pure divide project and i recently said while i have a large position in it that isn't one i'm particularly interested in then yesterday we got a huge story involving someone moving 1.3 billion dollars into compound this devi lending protocol has seen huge returns for investors all year and i think this story is an indicator that a resurgence is upon us you don't just throw a billy somewhere unless you know something big is coming and i believe it is on the horizon compound to me looks like the number one device project i would be putting money into right now based on this news but the next project i'm looking at is synthetics this is my top d5 pick of the year it's been struggling as of late to return above 20 dollars shown some recent movement and looks to be back on positive ground i think when you compare the use cases of the top device projects and look at their relative device ranking no project has bigger upside to me than snx should be a top 20 project at least so this one i believe still is a big opportunity for crypto investors of course not financial advice some other projects that really stand out to me on this device list to look at our sushi swap that was recently listed on coinbase zrx it was once in the top three of all device projects and phantom this is consolidated and has a ton of huge news coming out soon let me know what you guys think do you believe a round three for d5 is upon us or are we looking to be getting our hopes up a bit again just to get disappointed drop those comments down below and if you like videos looking at different crypto projects make sure to smash that like button on your way out so we know you like this type of content that's all i got be blessed big boy out [Music] you

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