TOP 10 Coins We HODL!? Chico’s Portfolio Revealed!!

Hey yo, Chico Army, I hope your having a bomb
Friday. If you're new, a viewer of the tube, let me
1st introduce myself as Tyler and this is the crypto channel, whose content everyday,
is a joyful explosion. Face down, arse up…hammer explode. It’s time for Chico Crypto! Well you’ve been asking for it, so the Chico
is going to deliver. A breakdown of our current crypto portfolio,
which includes our top 10 hodls. The last time, we did a video like this, was
before the altseason DeFi rush of the summer, in late may of this year. So what was our portfolio like back then..before
the DeFi madness really took off. Well I was based and my #1 hodl was chainlink
making up 37 percent, #2 Bitcoin with 18 percent, #3 Unibright with 15 percent, #4 Ethereum
making up 11 percent, #5 Energy Web with 5 percent, #6 Rocketpool making up 4 percent,
#7 Ren with 4 percent, next #8 Kyber Network making up 2 percent, #9 0x protocol also making
up 2 percent and finally the other 2 percent was a basket of other altcoins.

So changes? You better believe it, as the markets were
at low’s & this was just before that DeFi powered hype cycle. So let’s kick it off with my #1 HODL, is
it still that super stanky lank? Is Chico based AF? I sure am…and I’m seriously glad I held,
even with the recent price collapse. Back during the last video, LINK was at $3.84
cents, as of yesterday it was at 10.68 cents…a percentage increase of over 178 percent! That’s why Chainlink has moved from 37 percent
to now making up 40 percent of my portfolio.

So, why am I going to still hold every single
last one of my link with a grip tighter than Sly Stallone? Comes down to 2 things. Staking with link is still on the horizon
& rollups…not the fruit type. If you go to the linktrader subreddit, most
popular one for chainlink discussion, the most upvoted post is about the release of
the next version of the arbitrum rollup testnet, which they say is full featured & open to
all. And the Ethereum devs are speaking, Agustin
Aguilar, founder of pine finance tweeted this “What the Arbitrum is shipping is mind blowing. Arbitrum can execute EVM code directly, abstracted
in such a way that's practically like L1 (no transpiling*), it means that you don't even
need to recompile your contracts to test their rollup. Amazing for rollups, a general purpose one,
devs don’t have to be confused using…but Arbitrum isn’t chainlink, so why is this
rollup important to them? Well Ed Felten, co-founder of offchain labs,
those behind Arbitrum said this on twitter just in August of this year “Arbitrum & Chainlink
integration operates in both directions: Arbitrum chains accessing Chainlink resources efficiently;
and Chainlink nodes validating Arbitrum chains.

What? Yes, my friends, please understand that it’s
not only oracle data chainlink nodes could be providing, but chainlink nodes will be
running the arbitrum protocol, computing the solidity contracts on their rollup chain. So, you gotta really think about it like this….chainlink
nodes, with Arbitrum are the furthest on rollup tech, vitalik is even excited about it, retweeting
Arbitrum’s, I guess you could say, that’s why it’s my #1. Now #2, is it still Bitcoin, or is it Ethereum
or another alt? Well it’s actually still BTC, but that is
getting close to changing. Bitcoin has increased from in late May $9225
to as of yesterday, $10385..a 23 percent increase. Compared with other alt performances during
this run, not as good, so BTC is at a similar level within my portfolio, actually dropping
by 1 percent from 18 to 17 percent.

Now #3, is it Unibright, the altcoin that
pushed further up past ethereum last time? No, it’s not…Ethereum has reclaimed the
#3 position. And that is mostly due to Ether going from
205 bucks back in May to 375 as of yesterday…an increase of 82 percent…pushing it back to
where it belongs, number 3 moving it up from 11 percent in my portfolio to 12 percent! And with that thing called a beacon chain
and ether staking, coming soon…I’m adding to this position. How about #4…did Unibright dip to this level
or did another altcoin push into this spot? Well Energy Web has pulled off similar gains
to Ethereum, pushing it up nicely Back in late May, EWT was $3.57 cents, and as of yesterday
it was $6.92 cents, an increase of nearly 94 percent. Thus Energy web is number 4, pushing it up
from 5 percent in May to 6 percent as of today.

And, please understand why it’s here…
so DENA, stands for deuschte energie aguntoor, or the german energy agency in english, it
a german state aka government backed agency…and in late august of this year, they announced
the future energy labs, which would help with Germany’s transition to future energy technology. 3 projects were launched, and one of them
was “Infrastructure for the digital energy system of the future – the Blockchain Machine
Identity Ledger”…they explain, this enables technical devices to be clearly identified
(machine identity), for which a new and energy-specific device identity is being developed. This infrastructure offers enormous potential
– both for the use of system-relevant services and for the implementation of innovative and
future-oriented applications using smart meters.

An alliance of over 20 partners, consisting
of large corporations, established companies from the digital and energy sector, is working
in the pilot project. So if you watched my channel, we know who
is connected in the blockchain world to this. Energy Web, I covered their connections to
DENA & then just 3 days ago…we found out, DENA selected Energy web to build the prototype
blockchain identity ledger. Yeehaw, and personally I think Energy web
will just keep impressing, growing, and succeeding. 1-4 pretty similar to last time, but now 5-6
is where the big ole changes come in & that is largely in part to that DeFi hype run. So, #5 which altcoin is it? That is REN which has had a very, very nice
run since May. Pulling out the price chart REN has went from
.093 to .368 as of yesterday…that’s a nasty increase of over 295 percent. So ya, REN moved up right next to EWT, going
from 4 percent last time to now making up percent 6 of my portfolio. How about #6? Well that is finally Unibright, it was number
3 last time, but pulling out it’s price chart.

It didn’t get a taste of that DeFi hype
like the others..and actually declined in value since that video, down from 48 cents
in May to 30 cents as of yesterday…so, UBT has pushed down, from 15 percent to just 5
percent of my portfolio. Sucks to see, but I’m holding every single
last one….if you didn’t know, Unibright is a major component to the baseline protocol,
even more so, than Chainlink right now. Unibright is apart of the baseline reference
implementation, which is being trailed by Coca Cola CONA right now. Going to baseline documentation, and BRI 1,
which stands for baseline reference implementation, we can see the subheadings…one is Libaries…clicking
into that, and then into DOCs for the ERP Connector Proxy-SAP& Microsoft Dynamics…we
can see, that in the architecture section, that yes, the Unibright connector is a main
piece & to use, any piece of the unibright framework….like the connector, you need
to use UBT tokens…from a token based AMA in february of this year, the team said “The
customers HAVE TO buy tokens on the market given the current price.

They need the tokens to use our framework,
it is not possible to use it without UBT. So number #7…is that a coin we had on the
list lst time? Well actually yes, but not one in the top
9..the one that I finished the last episode off with, mentioning I just added it to my
portfolio…yup #7 is now Kusama. ANd it’s position is largely due to its
price run from that time, $5.77 cents in late May…to as of yesterday $29.50 cents. A percentage increase of over 411 percent,
and that means Kusama now makes up 3 percent of my portfolio. How about #8 a new coin? Kyber, 0x…no…it’s actually Rocket pool
moving down in my portfolio.

So what happened? Well rocketpool since May has increased, but
only slightly from $2.33 cents, to $2.62 cents yesterday morning. This is an increase of just over 12 percent…so
compared with others, who pumped 100 percent or more, not nearly as well, which means rocket
pool dropped from 4 percent, to 2 percent total portfolio dominance…but I’m still
super bullish on RPL, just like I’m bullish for Ethereum. Beacon chain & staking…rocketpool, is the
first pooling tech for staking, and will be the first one ready to go live. Now number 9 & 10, it’s not Kyber and iexec
like last time, they still make up a portion, but not a percentage any more. It’s two coins, I wasn’t even invested
in back then…I invested just a small amount, initially, but that initial small investment
pushed them up nicely into my portfolio.

Those 2 are xdai Stake and Sora Network XOR. They both make up about 1 percent of my portfolio. And I invested in both, shortly after that
video, and from the price charts, you can see why they pushed up to this place, with
a small investment. Xdai, from $1.53 to $12.40 cents as of yesterday,
an over 710 percent increase & xor from around $1.17 cents to $59.64…an increase of close
to 5000 percent.Wish I would of put more into XOR….but you know my thoughts on these two,
scaling ethereum? I like xdai & sora, has polkaswap supposed
to drop this quarter. And the final…. 7 percent now, is a basket of altcoins, many
I’m super bullish on, and will be accumulating more here soon.. Ocean Protocol, Honey, Kyber network, iexec
rlc, synthetic, 0x protocol, some polkadot, monero, cosmos, Theta, Uni, MakerDao, Edgeware,
Robonomics, Akropolis, Kleros, rarible, powerpool & more Cheers, I’ll see you next time!.

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