Tony Stark’s 2022 Audi RS e-tron GT | Avengers: Endgame

Hello! And welcome to Picture Cars I'm excited 
for this one Last week Audi officially revealed   the production model for the Audi e-tron GT 
concept The reveal was nothing short of stunning   bringing in key players like Mark Lichte 
Stella McCartney and Simona Faucinelli from   the development of the design and then marketing 
the car with the celebrity appearances of   Tom Hardy and Janelle Monae With the pandemic 
each reveal has tried to separate itself from   others Ford teamed up with Disney to produce 
more visually focused documentary pieces   while Ram and Jeep used an empty studio area 
When the F-150 was released – maybe the first   large-scale reveal since last March – they had 
been planning since before the pandemic even hit   and so bringing in those real business owners was 
a nightmare But almost a year in I think Audi put   together the perfect blend of car show stage and 
video production [But] this video isn't about the   reveal it's about Tony Stark and the match made 
in heaven between he and Audi It's no secret   the relationship between Audi and Tony Stark in 
the MCU Even if the movie doesn't involve Tony   or Audi Marvel Studios never shies away from their 
branded vehicles In a way cars are used in movies   to progress the story either as action pieces or 
expositional pieces Steve and Natasha's dialogue   in the Chevy Silverado is wonderfully informative 
and never on the verge of boring and on the   opposite end Black Panther's use of Lexus in the 
South Korean city streets connected the chase to   the setting while showcasing the city and (I'm 
sure) getting the tax credits because of it   Even the fateful crash of Doctor Strange – cars 
are fundamental story drivers and are used often   as a tool in the MCU to bring the story from 
one place to another but Audi has been the most   consistent through line of the Marvel Cinematic 
Universe Tony Stark's early character-setting   late entrance to the runway in the first Iron Man 
tied the car brand to the character Nearly every   Iron Man appearance – save the first Avengers 
– has had an Audi vehicle driven by Tony Stark   More recently Audi and Marvel have been using 
Spider-Man as their spokesperson and it's an odd   choice but I want more Audi in Marvel so I'm happy 
to see it continue especially with Tony's ultimate   sacrifice leaving that position vacant The best 
part about the time jump after Thanos's snap   is that everything Audi has presented to us the 
audience since the blip has been smartly electric   The e-tron SUV was used in both Endgame and [Far 
From Home] and marketed heavily by Brie Larson   and then we have this beautiful e-tron GT concept 
which was used for Tony Stark's return to the   Avengers Compound once again in Endgame When that 
scene was released and after we were all able to   process the shock of that ending there were some 
words to say about the GT in the scene Not totally   unfavorable but let's unpack it The worst words 
said about the e-tron GT was about its sound Even before then electric car makers were uniquely   aware that electric vehicles' lack of sound 
would pose a problem for pedestrians and even   drivers who are used to the sound of acceleration 
metaphysically connecting the driver to the road   So the question was asked what sound should 
an electric car make? We've had some…

Unique entries to answer that question 
but the Audi e-tron GT was still a concept   at the time Endgame was being mixed (meaning 
sound was being added to the visuals)   and the automaker still didn't quite know what 
it would sound like and so the sound department   in soft coordination with Audi made it sound like 
an internal combustion engine revving They mixed   some more electric sounds into it so it wasn't 
solely an engine sound but the damage was done and honestly [Whoooo cares!] [See nobody 
cares Nice hat] if the car sounds the   way it did it would solve both the pedestrian 
and driver issue and so the only people turned   off by it are those mistaken purists that 
say it doesn't sound like an electric car What does a purist's version of an 
electric car sound like Ashton? But   they've since finalized the sound and released 
acceleration to the public a few months ago which still has the sound of a combustion 
engine mixed with the internal friction   of a motor and I think it's beautiful but 
we're on a tangent let's get back to Tony and a question I want to ask is, how does this 
car compare to other Audi models in Tony's garage?   2016 was the last time we saw Tony using his 
preferred model of an Audi R8 Taking specs   from that year's V10 Plus model he had about 610 
horsepower and 413 pound-feet of torque at his   disposal For the Endgame model let's assume that 
he once again is going for the best and optioning   for the Audi RS e-tron GT This model's claimed 
specs are 637 horsepower at peak performance   and 612 pound-feet of torque with a 0.2 second 
approximate faster 0-60 mile per hour acceleration   time at 3.1 seconds So Tony has definitely 
chosen the quicker and more powerful option   Now with a range of approximately 232 unverified 
miles let's have some fun and calculate the number   of times Tony had to charge between his home and 
the Avengers Complex The lakeside cabin Airbnb   location used for Tony Stark's home is located 
in Fairburn, Georgia Canonically the Avengers   Compound is located in Upstate New York so going 
from Fairburn, GA to, let's say, Syracuse, NY   is about 1,000 miles If Tony was hard-pressed to 
drive the entire way and locations were equivalent   (which fictionally they aren't) Mr.

Stark would 
have had to charge fully at least three times But   realistically, what automakers are talking about 
are charging times to a percentage of battery   Audi claims fast charging between 
*5* to 80 percent in only 23 minutes   so if we do that calculation going from a full 
battery at Tony's cabin to five percent and back   up to eighty percent – that's full battery for 
220 miles before he has to charge again up to a   range of 185 miles – to lay that out 100 percent 
equals 232 miles, five percent equals 11.6 miles,   and eighty percent equals 195.6 miles I'm knocking 
off the decimal places to make things easier   and so going that cadence he would need to charge 
five times if he wants to arrive with more than   five percent charging making his road trip at 
an average speed of 65 miles per hour: 17 hours   and 19 minutes [Am I the only one who 
did the reading?] This car is such a   good choice though because really that math was 
for my own benefit I'm sure tony wouldn't have   moved to Georgia even after half the planet's 
population was blipped out And with the time   jump any car shown afterward would need to be 
in the developmental or conceptual phases in   2018 in order for it to be realistically new for 
the future setting With Audi's release of 2022   for the Audi e-tron GT and the world's automakers 
all in some stage of conversion to electric   it made the most logistical sense 
to showcase this as Tony's car There are some fun comparisons and math we could 
do for this vehicle There are issues that people   could take with electric vehicles but honestly, 
Why would Tony go for a more underpowered car when   this option looks to be more powerful than any 
he's driven so far? Save only the Bugatti Veyron   of Iron Man 3.

The time jump to 2023 gives this 
car the perfect backdrop and I'm truly excited   to see how its sales numbers stack up against 
the platform sharing Taycan in its first quarter   which have absolutely crushed expectations With 
these big moves, Volkswagen Group is trying hard   to turn the page of its "dieselgate" and open a 
strong chapter of electrifying Europe and America   and it truly is an exciting time to be alive Thanks for watching! These videos have given me 
something to look forward to every month and I'm   grateful for you – my viewers. Leave a comment 
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the next one 🙂 [I just want peace]

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