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Hi everyone to Tony TV We often release pet videos Today we are adopting a more aggressive pet I have an idea, or you raise sharks Today I let you two adopt an animal that can eat sharks Oh my god Inside these three objects are three very dangerous animals I swim in the sea, I'm most afraid of sharks But today, Mr. Vinh asked me to raise an animal that can eat sharks Which animal you get, you will raise that animal I feel dangerous I have an idea This video is dangerous so I go home first Which item do you choose? I choose small thing A turtle Where did you catch it? I know a river with turtles, we'll film there later Next is my turn It's my turn I can't ignore you when I'm in danger. Hamster mouse What animal is that? Tortoise You asked us to raise this animal Why do you say it can eat sharks? We are fooled These mice are so cute It's very easy to raise, so Vinh just gave me a pack of food , a bottle of water and a floor mat These mice can be kept in aquariums Step one is lining the barn You are here to visit the new house Let me share with you hamster breeding tips I received a little turtle then Vinh gave me another turtle I will keep it in the aquarium It's amphibian so I'll set it up both in water and on land Turtles are omnivores so I'll pick vegetables for her to eat I will catch fish and pick vegetables this afternoon to feed it I'm holding a big tortoise and a small tortoise These two animals must be raised in different cages , otherwise the big tortoise will eat the small tortoise I will take the fish out of the aquarium I have to wash it I'm lucky I have this small aquarium otherwise I wouldn't have a place to keep it I will roast peanuts for mice to eat Two small turtles so just eating like this is enough Now I take it for a walk I waited for it for more than 10 minutes but the turtle still hasn't popped its head out I don't have the patience to wait for it Now I have to eat and rest Raising turtles is very easy, no need to teach like a dog or a cat Then catch fish to live with the turtle When the turtle is hungry, he will eat fish Each time it is full, it will be about 5 to 10 days This is the water, when it wants to stay on land, it will climb up here I am decorating the aquarium to make it more beautiful Where has it been? It was hiding This is my first time raising it I don't know what he likes to eat Now I have to study I forgot Its favorite foods are fresh animals and dry food If he likes to eat fish, I will buy fish at Phuong's house quickly Hey Phuong.

Do you still sell fish at home? I still have some of these fish in my house These fish will eat my turtle How big is your turtle? It's as small as this You want small fish, you go to the river to catch it I have to find a place to catch fish I always fail everything I'm sure there's something wrong with my knowledge I have to study again Bananas make it difficult for Hamsters to digest Rats can't eat bananas Luckily it ate a little You want to do anything, do your research It's already afternoon I have to cut bamboo to make a house for Hamsters Why is there only one turtle left? lost a turtle If I don't take it for a walk, I won't lose the turtle No snails or fish but got the slipper I caught a shrimp with a small fish Why doesn't the turtle eat this shrimp? Maybe Vinh gave it a full meal I'm sure this turtle has never been bathed, it's very dirty Now I bathe it I'm looking for a beautiful bamboo to cut Here is a bamboo available This bamboo tube can make three houses for the mice to sleep in This bamboo tube is long, I will cut it shorter I made a house I'm grinding the bamboo tubes so that the rats get in and out without getting hurt I finished three houses I have to clean these snails before releasing them into the aquarium I will release small fish and shrimps for the small pond I heard this animal runs very fast Let it run and see Thanks to filming a vlog with Vinh, I have more experience Yesterday I raised a dog, today I have a hamster Hamsters are very easy to raise, less time consuming than dogs Bowl full of food, when hungry it eats itself Full of water, when it is thirsty it drinks itself About every three days cleaning Hamsters are rodents so they need to chew all the time Otherwise its teeth will be long then pierce the gums Through this video Everyone must have known a little more knowledge to raise Hamsters Now I have to eat, drink and bathe , tomorrow morning I will give it to Vinh Goodbye One day has passed, I feel that raising turtles is very easy No need to feed it much If you want to have a pet but don't have time Turtle is a reasonable choice It is both a pet and a feng shui It's speed is quite slow It's very strong This is a night light for a small lake Hope you guys like this video Don't forget to subscribe to the channel, Like and Bell Goodbye and see you later ^_^

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