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Hello everyone, let's continue watching with NCTP the second part of the movie Ringu – The vicious circle to meet the long-haired female ghost living in the well. If you haven't watched part one, please go to our channel to watch it first and then come back to this video. Season two begins shortly after the events of season one. In the front part the corpse of the witch Sadako was found. Her cousin was the only living relative and was called in to confirm.

He refused to lift the veil to look at because the two of them did not see each other much. But from the stretcher, the hair of the dead body was not touched but slowly fell down. Frightened, he rushed out. The inspector followed him and said this was a very unusual case. She was thrown into the well 30 years ago but the autopsy showed that this person was only dead for 1 to 2 years at most. So how did she live during those 30 years? You probably remember the heroine of the previous part, right? In this part, she doesn't go through the movie anymore so I'll call her reporter. She and her son are currently missing. Her colleague sat and watched the interview about the rumor that the curse in the tape caused everyone who watched it after a week to die.

At this moment, Mai, a student of her ex-husband, the reporter appeared. She came to learn more about the teacher's death but was informed that the reporter had not come to work for a long time. So she and the reporter went to her house to check it out. Inside the house was very messy, the TV was broken. Under the bathtub was a burned-out tape recorder, leaving only the right piece of paper with the word "copy".

The two of them didn't understand what was going on when the phone rang. They called to say the reporter's father had died. The police came to investigate the death of the reporter's father and discovered that he died in an unusual way. This must be due to Sadako's curse. In the house, they also found two video recorders used to copy the tape and a note that said : Don't worry, I got rid of that tape. It seems that all directions of investigation have reached a dead end.

All witnesses are dead or gone. That night the police inspector came to find Mai. His investigative ability is unknown, but the ghost story telling is superior. He told Mai that the teacher and his ex-wife had previously found a woman's body in the well. Then fell into a scene where one person died and the other disappeared. The more he talked, the more creepy it made Mai mad to chase him away. The reporter continued the investigation from the direction of the students and discovered that it all started with a group of four boys and girls who came to Izu Island to play.

They were all dead. However, they have a witness who is a classmate of their niece who is currently being treated in a mental institution. He and Mai went to the mental hospital to find out. The treating doctor showed them pictures of the little girl when she was first admitted to the hospital, strangely in all of the pictures, one of her eyes was covered by a white shadow. Then they took her to film. Most of the photos are black, except for one that says "Sada" in white. Isn't Sada in Sadako's name? The doctor was very interested in the girl's case. He is also an old friend of the reporter's husband. Referring to the teacher, Mai felt uncomfortable, so she went out first. In the hallway, she saw the schoolgirl being carried out by the nurse. After witnessing your friend's death, she was very afraid of the TV screen, so the nurse had to pull a curtain to help her fear.

Unexpectedly, the light of the television still entered her eyes. As if someone ordered her, she stepped forward and looked directly at the screen. Immediately, the program that was playing was replaced with the image of a well. The patients were holding their heads and screaming at the same time. Everything became extremely chaotic. The school girl writhed on the ground, reaching out to Mai for help. Mai took her hand and saw a part of the memory of that night. The girl, after going to the toilet, accidentally saw the long-haired female ghost. Too scared, Mai let go of her hand. But the girl kept calling for Mai's help and then returned home, saw a ghost with white hands and long hair swinging the railing of her house.

I said that if I was alone and saw this scene , even if the person outside the railing was a child or a human, I would be afraid to pee. The next day Mai went to the park where she and the teacher used to meet. The two are close because they both have psychic powers. At this moment, Mai heard the reporter calling her son. Mai immediately went around looking and saw the boy sitting in a corner of the shopping mall. After that, the long-lost reporter also appeared.

The reporter brought Mai home, her son now lost the ability to speak, the mother and daughter lived temporarily in a small inn. The reporter asked Mai a few things but refused to share what she knew, only warning Mai not to look for the tape anymore. A colleague asked a student to bring him a copy of the haunted tape. She confessed that she had seen it and made him promise to watch it too. Mai later still came to play with the reporter's son. Mai asked the boy why he had to go to the subway station, because his mother was angry. The boy shook his head and wrote on the paper: long-haired woman. The reporter said that her son every time he approached the TV, there was a strange phenomenon like the other student, so she asked the psychiatrist tomorrow to find out.

Mai was then called by the inspector to see a psychiatrist. Her colleague the reporter also came. It can be said that the people involved in the incident were present. Here, they witness the scene of the school girl being placed in the research room. The doctor by a small experiment proved that the girl could transfer her energy through water and make it penetrate the paper more than usual. The doctor intends to use this psychic ability to record what the girl sees on a tape. Mai strongly protested, but no one believed in ghosts, so they didn't listen to her.

Following the doctor's instructions, the schoolgirl focused her energy. An unpleasant sound appears. The screen captures Sadako's mother brushing her hair in front of the mirror. The experiment was not completed when the schoolgirl fainted. Take advantage of that time Mai throws things at the screen, causing it to burn and destroy the tape and then faint. After the incident, the colleague returned to the office. His friend said that the girl who gave him the tape kept calling him asking if he had seen it.

To put her at ease, he lied that he had already seen it, telling her not to worry. But actually he just put it in the locker. When Mai woke up, the Doctor and Inspector were still there. They investigated who the woman in the mirror was. But no one but Mai noticed Sadako standing in the corner of the picture. The doctor speculated that the reporter's son also received powers from ghosts. The inspector, after learning that this power can be deadly, inquired about Mai's whereabouts, but she resolutely refused to tell. The inspector now received a phone call, the girl student handed the tape to the dead colleague, because he did not watch the tape as promised. The inspector forced Mai to look directly into the dead girl's face so that she could understand the seriousness of the problem. There is no other way, Mai has to tell the whereabouts of the mother and daughter of the reporter. Right when the reporter's son was taken away, Mai knew that he would be taken away for research, so she used her psychic powers to tell him to run away. The boy ran to find his mother, then developed his ability to knock down the inspector.

The inspector stood up and stared at the boy who said "devil". That was exactly what the witch Sadako hated to hear the most. The mother and daughter quickly ran away from the police station. But instead of going outside, the reporter gets lost in an illusion where she meets her father again. He said they could not save the boy in the end, he is no longer her son. When Mai arrived, the reporter was killed by a car. Her son was then very angry and tried to use his psychic powers to kill the inspector, but Mai stopped him. Sadako's uncle was again called to the police station. From Sadako's bones, they reconstructed her remains with clay. The man looked at the part of the face and said it was very similar. He then took Sadako's remains to the sea and threw them because her mother had previously given birth to her in a cave in the sea.

He believed that by doing so, she would rest in peace. Mai, for some unknown reason, brought her son, the reporter, to Izu Island, where she stayed at the inn of the sorceress Sadako. The boy didn't talk to anyone but her. She made the boy promise not to use his psychic powers anymore. In return, she will always be with the boy. That night, the boy's psychic powers were activated again because he had a nightmare that caused the lights in the house to turn off. The ghost mother Sadako appeared in her old room, brushing her hair in front of the mirror. Sadako also slowly came to her mother, the image of mother and daughter kept switching back and forth on the mirror.

Mai mustered up her courage, loudly saying "she's dead" causing the ghosts of the other mother and daughter to disappear, the mirror shattered. She then went to find the reporter's son, relieved to see that he was fine. The psychiatrist also went to Izu Island to find the two. He did experiments on the reporter's daughter again. The results showed that the boy's ability to transmit energy through water was very strong. He advises Mai to let the boy bring his device. He did not believe in ghosts, so he asserted that if it was energy created by unconscious people , he could find a way to eliminate it. Mai is afraid that this will be dangerous for a child, so she offers to let herself be the energy conductor from the boy.

Then they both wore the Doctor's device. He believes that by channeling all the hate energy into the pure water , the energy will be absorbed and the "ghost Sadako" will disappear. He provoked the boy in order to arouse his anger. The screen initially showed only pictures of the boy's parents. But gradually as he remembered their deaths, the boy began to explode with energy. The water in the lake is constantly in motion. The screen began to replay the same images on the tape. But things didn't go as they expected. As a result, they accidentally opened the portal to the spiritual world. Sadako's doctor and uncle are now hallucinating. Uncle Sadako saw the coffin he had thrown down, so he jumped into the lake to find it. The doctor hugged the electrical equipment and jumped into the lake to commit suicide, dragging the female assistant to death trying to help him. Mai hugged the boy and was about to run away, but both of them fell into a dark space. When the two woke up, the plane they were lying on suddenly turned into a vertical well.

Mai tried her best to hold onto the well wall, but the boy couldn't bear to swing on top of her. Mai alone could not support the two, so she begged him to cling to the well wall. In the end, the boy with limited strength fell down. Mai let go of her hand and lowered her body to find it. From the dark well, the teacher appeared, hugged his son and gave it to Mai. He told the boy to transfer all the fear in his heart to him. The boy struggled at first, but then the power slowly passed on. The teacher used his power to create a rope telling Mai to get his son out of here and remember not to look down. As they were climbing up, Mai unconsciously looked down and saw the witch Sadako in the shape of clay slowly crawling up to chase them. A school girl like Mai, of course, can't compete with a ghost who has nearly 30 years of experience living in the well.

In the blink of an eye, she was at Mai's side, swinging on the same rope as her. She asked "why did you save only one person?" After asking, she slid down again. Wow, so it's just for fun just now. Mai and the boy somehow escaped the illusion and emerged unharmed on the surface of the pool. On the surface of the lake was the floating body of the doctor and his cousin Sadako. The film ends with a segment of her reporter's colleague who is currently being treated in a mental institution.

The nurse came to take a picture of him and what appeared on it shocked her. Back at his colleague's hospital room, behind him is the ghost of a giggling schoolgirl. Who told him to promise to watch the tape for other people and then he didn't watch it. The film ends. So the second part of the movie is over. I won't compare this version with the novel because it has taken a completely different direction.

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