Todos Los Que Murieron En The Suicide Squad

Many characters die in The
Suicide Squad. DC gave writer-director James Gunn blanket permission to kill
any character he wanted and made good use of that freedom. This is a list
of the main deaths in the movie. Blackguard, Captain Boomerang, TDK, Javelin,
Mongal and Savant are killed in the assault on the beach. This is the first version of Task Force X put
together for the movie and everyone dies in the first 15 minutes. Blackguard
sells his squadmates to the enemy, and his reward is getting his face blown off. Almost everyone else on the beach is killed by
gunfire and / or explosions. Savant is an exception; Amanda Waller detonates her cranial bomb
after trying to flee the mission. During a press event that Warner
Bros held for The Suicide Squad , actor Juan Diego Botto said, "The character I play
, General Silvio Luna, is the new ruler of this island of Corto
Maltese and he is obsessed with two things: His collection of parrots and Harley Quinn.

those two obsessions will determine his destiny. " He had to be a bit discreet at
the time with the last part, but now we have no need to be discreet:
Silvio Luna dies in The Suicide Squad. Silvio searches for Harley Quinn
and takes her to his palatial estate, where he says he sees her as the embodiment of
the anti-American rebellion. After spending a day with Harley, he proposes to her
and explains his government plans. But to mention that this involves killing civilians
and children is too much. Harley shoots Silvio, explaining that after his
past relationships, he cannot tolerate so much toxicity. The appearance of the DC Comics character Ratcatcher
in The Suicide Squad is brief but it is accurate to say that his character, played by
Taika Waititi, is killed in this film.

Cleo, also known as Ratcatcher II, and her
father grew up on the streets of Portugal, aided by her father's ability
to communicate with rats through technology. But his father was a
drug addict and died of an overdose. This death led Cleo to take his ability
and name. She moved to the United States, but was sentenced to Belle Reve for
armed robbery after the rats she used were declared weapons.

We only hear
Ratcatcher I say two sentences towards the end of the film in another flashback, but it is one
of the most emotional moments in the film. No death in The Suicide Squad is
more shocking than that of Rick Flag. She is the only character other than Amanda Waller from the first
Suicide Squad who lives beyond the opening credits. When he discovers the depth
of the US government's involvement with Starro 's captivity and investigation
, he decides to tell the world. But Waller knows it from the beginning and
has a backup plan: Peacemaker. She instructs Peacemaker to
ensure that the information does not leave the premises. Flag and Peacemaker fight
until Peacemaker fatally stabs Flag in the heart. The only
true hero of Task Force X dies, but not before alerting
Peacemaker that Ratcatcher II saw it all. James Gunn in The Suicide Squad
managed to turn Polka-Dot Man into a tragic and sympathetic figure … and
make his death devastating. Abner Krill's story is that his mole powers are
the result of an interdimensional infection, created by his scientist mother. He is so
resentful of his mother that he sees all enemies as her.

He is self-conscious about his infection
and his powers and practically demands death. "We are all gonna die". "I hope so". In the final battle with Starro, Bloodsport
has precise instructions for him: pretend that the giant starfish is his mother. Krill
manages to inflict massive damage with his moles. "Yes he throws moles at people." But just when he finally
feels confident in his powers, his abilities, and his place in the
world, he's literally crushed. The Thinker is the greatest expert on Starro,
having researched for years on the alien mind-controlling starfish.

After the
coup, he allied himself with the new Corto Maltese regime. Both things lead to
this death, as inevitable as it is brutal. Task Force X captures the Thinker and
escorts him to Jotunheim. While there , Task Force X sees Starro and all the
people he controls for the first time. The Thinker reveals Starro's origins,
decades of research, and the fact that the United States was
involved. After the Jotunheim explosion, Starro is freed and his first task
is to confront his captor. The Thinker begs for his life, but it is useless,
as Starro rips him apart limb by limb. He is not a hero, he is not a villain, not even
an antihero. Milton joins Task Force X and takes them from point A to point B, albeit with
more than one unexpected stop. He even assists them in various of their plans,
including planting bombs in Jotunheim. In a shootout on the upper floors
of Jotunheim, Milton is killed in the crossfire. Some members of the team did not
even know that he was with them: they assumed that he returned to the van. Harley, for her part,
doesn't remember Milton's name, at least until she sees the corpse.

Those are the dangers of being
a normal subject in a world of metahumans. General Mateo Suárez is not only
Silvio Luna's right hand, he is the muscle. A feared military leader takes
control of the government after Luna's death. He is much more brutal than Silvio, but
receives a karmic revenge for everything he did. When word reaches him that Task Force
X is in Jotunheim, he leads the army that storms the tower. He and his men survive the
explosion, but they do not survive Starro. Finally free, Starro kills or mind controls
nearly the entire Corto Maltese army, including Suárez. He dies like the rest
of his men, confused and dejected when the secret that his government concealed ceases
to be so in the least subtle way possible. Starro – An intergalactic starfish
and perhaps the most dangerous evil force in the UEDC. Captured by astronauts
who discovered his mind control ability after he spat some
hatchlings on them, Starro was brought to Earth for research. His captivity for decades
left him a grudge towards humanity.

Long kept secret by the
governments of the United States and Corto Maltese, Starro makes himself known to the world after
escaping from Jotunheim. After a battle, in which Bloodsport shows his worth
as a leader, Starro is defeated. His eye is pierced by Harley as the rats
jump up and tear his insides apart. Members of Task Force X become heroes and
end up having the upper hand over Amanda Waller. Check out one of our
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