Time for Cardano & Chainlink to Shine? ADA & LINK Price Predictions + TA

hope everyone's doing well my name is eq and if 
you haven't been to the channel before welcome   to Stonkaholics so we're going to be going some 
over some interesting stuff with the monsters   today we're going to be going over ada cardano 
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right let's jump into cardano so here what we're   looking at is the 2018 all-time high and this is 
the impulse move that cardano is currently making   so i put this major resistance point from the 2018 
all-time high where the body is stopped and then   i put the other of the actual all-time high where 
the candle wick got to and conveniently enough you   can see when we got to the other side of this we 
had a consolidation channel right in this area of   interest which kind of shows that the historical 
data will play itself out eventually you just   gotta wait in this case you have basically had 
to wait three years to watch this unfold but we   did a full complete fill on this into a channel 
which triggered this nice little impulse move   we're currently we're sitting over two dollars 
now looking at the stow rsi and the regular rsi   we're just breaking a resistance point and we have 
plenty of room to grow so it might be stalling out   at the moment but ada still has a ton of room 
to grow i think short term it's going to push   either to 2.7 or a little bit higher if it really 
wants to just depends on how much gas it can get   but i'm very bullish on this project right now as 
i'm sure everyone else is ada cardona is probably   one of the most popular tokens right now so you 
can see we already had price cross over rtp2   it is pulling down at the moment but that's 
nothing to be worried about the market itself   has been going down all in all this is a still 
bullish sign because i mean we'll see what happens   in the next seven hours when this candle closes on 
the weekly but looking at this we have a nice big   lower wick so if this can fill out a little more 
it's definitely going to be bullish in the buyers   now the second chart here and this fib retracement 
is for if price was to hit tp3 and start retracing   where we can get our retracement too you can see 
we're looking at 1.7 for the 6180 and 1.4 for the   7860 it's more likely it's going to hit this point 
now if you see a drop and it doesn't come all   the way down to 6180 or 7860 more than likely 
you might be looking at a bullish diversions   so just keep that in mind especially when 
you're drawing outfits and everything like   that i can affect the future but even looking at 
this if you were to buy in down here for example   and you sold right now and you were patient 
chances are you might get a solid buying   opportunity down here and then you'd be able to 
remake that money up to where you sold and then   the extra on top now on a long term move we're 
already getting to the peaks so i wouldn't say   buy in at this time this is a little exhausted the 
pro move is to wait for this to start coming down   which is what we're playing this one for so you 
want to wait for this to come down and retrace and   find support somewhere in these areas once you can 
find support anywhere around here in this general   area that's a better time to buy than buying up 
here while this is making a skyscraper so we're   going to wait for this to go down by in and in 
the next impulse move and after full retracement   if everything is fulfilled we can see price 
push all the way into the four dollar range   just double where we're at right now if we 
were to buy in probably let's say down here   we're almost tripling our investment on the 
next impulse move by buying the right position   but you can see this next impulse move is supposed 
to be significantly larger than this one that   we're going through right now this is technically 
the first break and this is going to be the third   wave so definitely keep your eye on a cardano and 
if you get a solid buying opportunity in this area   not financial advice but i will probably be 
getting into it so whatever you want to do you   can do but i'm probably going to get into it again 
if it does drop down to this number especially or   anything lower i'm going to be chipping down at 
it maybe even finding support somewhere around   the 1.3 or a nice little lick and i'll join the 
billionaires and buying all the panic sellers in   their lower wick while we move back up going into 
the next big project link you can see right off   the bat what's grabbing my attention is on this 
weekly chart you can see that smart these dates   you guys have a better idea so on link it made 
a first of a major resistance on this trend line   on the 17th of august 2020 now we tried to retest 
that point and hit a resistance on february 15   2021 we're finally breaking over but we haven't 
held support yet but this is the first time in   the history of chain link that we're going to 
be breaking this impulse move this is kind of   what everyone in the link marines has been waiting 
for something ridiculous so we want to see price   push up a little bit higher and hopefully start 
to break this impulse line and when it crosses   this trending impulse line we should get if it 
holds support we can get a really nice impulse   move off of this and you can see on the stow 
rsi we are in good territory sitting under   the 50 but ready to pull up at any time but 
with that in mind we can also pull down again   and this could just be a massive fake 
out hoping that's not the case because   i have a nice little bag of chain link too so i 
want to see this climb right back up looking at   the four hour chart on chain link you can see 
we're hitting a nice little descending triangle   it's being held by the 200 ema at the moment 
so this line i can technically drop down   to the bottom of the actual support that it's 
been holding will give you a more accurate   representation of where price can be moving 
so we're getting into this area right here   where it's either going to break down hard or 
we're going to get a nice little break over   and then a potential impulse move if you can hold 
support you can see this stow rsi also has plenty   of room we're going into the bearish area on the 
volume oscillator and we just hit a resistance on   the 50 rsi looking to retest that with a little 
more steam so for this we're going to get our   fib at the bottom to the top so we're going to 
take our fib we're going to put it at a major   sr flip which you can see is a major resistance on 
this point now we're holding a support so that's a   decent shot for a buy-in that would have been a 
buy signal now based on the high you can see we   broke already down to the 7860 and we're looking 
for to get a hold of support on 7860 we're pulling   just a little bit into the channel but it might 
not be enough to fully pull us back in especially   with all these ema sitting on the top holding 
at support as well so ideally we're looking for   maybe one little dip down to the 39.9 area maybe 
even the 38 right before it starts to come back up   and finally break this major resistance that 
we've been waiting a year for basically the whole   history of chain link now looking at long term 
cardano's currently at 71.5 billion so let's say   72 billion so even if it wanted to match ethereum 
you have three to four times space movement and   you'll still be sitting under ethereum in terms 
of market cap that seems realistic for cardano   considering what they're doing i think they're 
in a higher value than finances right now   now moving down to fine chain links sitting at 13 
chain link has plenty of space to grow even two if   it wanted to double to 34 billion you're looking 
at ninth place so chain link can definitely be   worth 80 dollars and plus that's not a far-fetched 
idea to get into the top 10 if you want to keep   getting higher and get more you can see it go 
times four maybe even at times five if you really   wanted to before the cycle ends all in all these 
two projects are probably going to be the two   that will compete with ethereum for that market 
cap space ethereum you can see is halfway up to   bitcoin right now so bitcoin is slowly losing 
its dominance in the market you can see even   the last seven days it's been dipping 
while ethereum is making its own track   so now we're kind of see what other coins 
are doing you can see that binance coin is   ironically following ethereum to the t even though 
it's supposed to be the solver to all the ethereum   issues and there's always the ethereum first bnb 
people and chain link is kind of following more in   the bitcoin path right now or else cardano is also 
making its own path basically doing the inverse of   bitcoin so that's a good thing to see probably 
eating up some of that market cap right now and   that about wraps up this video don't forget to 
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