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this is huge I mean in 2017 we saw the ICO craze now I believe we're going to enter into a more serious phase it's going to be real assets tokenizing and this is going to provide huge advantages so I'm here now with Kenneth permits heads off comment great to talk to you today thank you for joining me yeah absolutely thank you so much for having me here I'm enjoying beautiful Malta and this event is top-notch thank you I'm glad you're enjoying it now I have to ask us yesterday I conducted an interview with Tim Draper live on the line and he was picking out his top five future crypto and digital currencies and he mentioned that Tasos would be one of them and he referred to it as tells us well just because it's awesome so I have to ask you for people that aren't familiar with the tassels project how would you break it down well Tim Draper has certainly been a big proponent of tezo since the beginning actually that's how I learned about tezo's way back when in early 2017 and actually a lot of people as well so there's three main points and why he's probably super excited right we have a self amending ledger the ability to facilitate formal verification and then the liquid proof of State protocol these are all really groundbreaking things that Tesla Springs to the table and we're already seeing some use cases pop out also so we'll probably get into that in a little bit but yeah Tim has been great and and he's really been a good person to help facilitate the growth of the Tesla ecosystem through his Draper University I know there has actually been a project that came out of there recently last year Bernard Ostrom from getting the name right created pleasure in insurance based platform built on tezo's and he actually came out at Draper University so a lot of connections there with Tim Wow so it's almost it's kind of ripple effect that Draper ventures is kind of coming from and now so I have to ask cuz you mentioned some of the use cases that we have seen from titles 20 19 has been a very busy year for the project can you tell our viewers a little bit more about what has been worked on yeah so basically what I want to talk about is the stos that have already been announced and committed to tokenizing on Tasos so we have over three billion dollars in real estate assets that have committed to tokenize on Tasos via the security token model this is huge I mean in 2017 we saw the ICO craze now I believe we're gonna enter into a more serious phase it's gonna be real assets tokenizing and this is gonna provide huge advantages like for instance let's talk about common stocks if you don't know it takes three days three business days for some stocks to settle they call it t plus three in today's age that should not be they should have instant settlement and what comes along with waiting for a settlement is actually you have to collateralize these things so companies are wasting trillions of dollars sitting in empty collateral accounts waiting for you know stocks to settle this can all be solved with security tokens and you know on the Tesla's platform and the reason why the Tesla's platform is the best platform to tokenize is because of its formal verification aspect now the base language of Tasos is Oh camel derivative Mickelson now this more easily facilitates formal verification so it makes it ideal for financially weighted smart contracts which is essentially what a security token is so we just have a meet up in Boston it just came from there actually before I got to this conference we had Mason from token soft we had also Michael from TQ tezo's and those two and we also had Jonas sticker Dow so these players are very important for the SCO ecosystem Mason from token soft has developed a platform for transfer agents to use to issue manage security tokens so this is all very compliant they're they're meeting compliance with regulation s regulation A+ so it's all done in a very free plans compliant manner and essentially if anyone wants to tokenize you would reach out to token soft and they would assist with that now Michael from TQ developed the standard the the token standard that's going to be used this is the F F the 1.2.12 that's going to be used and this is an evolving iteration of a standard and he did say that the name would be changed so it's gonna be a little more user-friendly for the token standard name but that's really what's what's getting all of us excited for tezo's it's the first real use case the stos and speaking with Arthur Brightman the founder of tezo's a few months ago he said he's excited about scos but he doesn't want us to think of that as the only use case for tezo so still have an open mind for what the smart contracts in governance platform can do wow so it's really saying that there's there's a limited potential here as well is that anything that you specifically pinpoint as being a more favorable use case that you think has us is just perfect for yeah absolutely and I think it goes back to financially weighted smart contracts so if you look at the Dow hack on aetherium in 2016 I believe there was you know a large many millions of dollars that were hacked and in ether out of that contract now with pesos you're able to formally verify their smart contracts more easily again based on their based language mickelson so this allows you to vet out a smart contract before it goes live and it reduces the risk significantly of any sort of hack so anything that's financially weighted should be built on tezo's well thank you so much for sharing some of your insights it's not soot pleasure thank you absolutely thank you for having me you're very welcome that's ultimately a bit share your thoughts in the comments below [Music] [Music]

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