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name is Aaron huge adoption is happening in   cryptocurrency major news in today's video i want 
to update you on the cardano ecosystem i want to   talk to you about what is happening with xrp we're 
going to talk all about ethereum there is news to   report in this ecosystem and we're even going to 
dive into nfts because nfts continue to explode   in today's video we're covering hi-cap news we're 
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on the road to one million subscribers and with   that being said let's jump into the top story tick 
tock which is perhaps the fastest growing most   cutting-edge youngest yet biggest social media 
platform of the last decade has just partnered   with a blockchain-based cryptocurrency company to 
power their new sound library that's right tik tok   picks streaming service audios to power their new 
sound library let's find out some details audios a   music streaming platform based on the ethereum and 
solana blockchains is partnering with tick tock   on the video sharing app's new tick tock sounds 
library this partnership is actually a first of   its kind for tick tock and aims to streamline 
tick tock's current music upload and selection   process see audience users are now able to 
simply upload tracks and share them to tick tock   which audience's founders say takes less than a 
minute so a cryptocurrency company slash protocol   partnering with tick tock it's obviously a huge 
win for that cryptocurrency company slash protocol   just like this is a huge win for tick 
tock to be partnering with a blockchain   based company especially if the two can provide 
each other value so how did this all come about   well an audience spokesperson told coindesk that 
their two founders are close with a few folks at   tick tock and leaned on those prior friendships 
as they went about partnering with tick tock this   is how it happens my friends i mean say what you 
want about audience i know this is rather new but   if tick tock partnered with cardano if tick tock 
partnered with v chain if tick tock partnered with   ethereum bitcoin or xrp you would be excited about 
this too now if you don't know what audience is   founded in 2018 is now the largest decentralized 
consumer blockchain application by some metrics   the platform boasts a roster of over 100 000 
musicians including skrillex and dead mouse and as   we often see for these things this is why we're in 
cryptocurrency the audience token jumped over 90   following the tick tock partnership announcement 
so good for tick tock good for audience holders   good for crypto currency in general let me 
know what you think of the tick tock news in   the comments below and let's move on to some 
different tokens one inch which is basically   like uniswap basically like a sushi swap a 
decentralized exchange except one inch is a   dex aggregator so they find you the best deals for 
all of the ethereum based decentralized exchanges   the news is that one inch expands to ethereum's 
layer 2 solution optimism so optimism is one of   many different eth2 scaling solutions that we 
are seeing being launched and gaining popularity   this year i mean this year the last couple years 
is so much different for ethereum compared to four   years ago ethereum is in the process of scaling in 
many different ways and this is very interesting   to keep tabs on so one inch has announced its 
deployment on optimistic ethereum the layer two   solution optimistic ethereum provides faster 
transaction speed higher throughput and lower   fees than the ethereum mainnet many of ethereum's 
leading d5 projects are due to launch on optimism   coming in the next months to going into the next 
couple years like i said optimism is just one   of several different interesting eth ii scaling 
solutions another one is arbitrum and i want to   tie this story in with the optimism news so these 
ethereum projects are all about to go live on a   different eth scaling solution arbitrarum ethereum 
scaling solution arbitrary is set to launch later   this month and 73 projects are ready to deploy 
providing a complete ecosystem from launch so   again very exciting for ethereum very exciting for 
these eth projects you know part of the 73 that   are going to do this or the blue chips the blue 
chip defi ave balancer curve unisop sushi swap   and this is an exciting time to be in 
cryptocurrency seeing the ethereum network   get used and seeing all of these scaling solutions 
come about just makes you bullish on the future   and all of this stuff could not have come at 
a better time i mean the ethereum ecosystem is   exploding with usage from the top nft site open 
c to dexes to play to earn games to stable coins   just look at all of this i mean these scaling 
solutions could not have come soon enough axi   infinity the number one play to earn game right 
now targets 100 after crucial breakout x infinity   has reached a new all-time high after breaking 
out of a continuation pattern so just think about   this the nft space is bringing more people into 
cryptocurrency than almost we've ever seen before   definitely one of the biggest driving adoption 
factors in the last couple years realize how   big it is right now and realize how big this is 
going to get open c has now passed etsy in volume   with 1 billion so far in august nfts are rapidly 
catching up to the volume of ebay and the size of   ebay and again this is good for cryptocurrency 
as open c sales go up so does ethereum nfts are   good for crypto and will help mass adoption come 
quicker than we all ever predicted here's the   thing guys yes the nft markets just like crypto 
in general is going to go in ebbs and flows we're   seeing a little bit of an nft summer right now 
there will come a time in the next few weeks   or maybe a month or two from now when the market 
the nft space goes into a dip that's normal zoom   out although nft sales have exploded this summer 
the amount of worldwide google searches for nft   is still well below its peak in march a sign 
that there may be an even bigger boom yet to come   yes the nft summer this is reminding me of defy 
summer where the summer of 2020 d5 protocols   exploded then a few months later it went into a 
major lull everybody said d5 was dead not us we   were showing you the data then in the beginning of 
this year d5 blue chips went on another huge rally   way bigger than the than the d5 summer and i think 
we're going to see something similar with the   nft space oh and real quick i did want to squeeze 
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i'll leave links to all the information in the   description come by it's going to be a blast this 
saturday in other news polynetwork which was the   d5 protocol that was previously unknown to many 
until the record-breaking 600 million dollar hack   happened the news today is that polynetwork is now 
offering the 600 million dollar hacker a job what   do you think about this this is what polynetwork 
says polynetwork has no intention of holding the   hacker mr white hat legally responsible as we are 
confident that mr whitehat will promptly return   full control of the assets to polynetwork and its 
users as we have stated in previous announcements   and encrypted messages that we've made public 
we are grateful for mr whitehat's outstanding   contribution to polynetworks security enhancements 
so they're offering him a security job   this is pretty crazy i guess if you can't beat 
them join them hey they are thinking outside the   box right and speaking of thinking outside the 
box twitter chooses x z cash developer to head   their blue sky project the social media company's 
decentralization efforts will be headed by jay   graber so this is a lady that was previously a dev 
on zcash also worked with the ethereum foundation   blue sky which is basically jack dorsey's 
organization that plans to decentralize twitter   well they just hired her to head up the whole 
thing so pretty interesting and there is still   really no clear goals as to what blue sky actually 
is or whether it's going to be on a blockchain   at all we just don't know but we certainly will 
keep you updated and the the zcash dev edition   certainly suggests that blockchain decentralized 
twitter is coming so so many altcoins are in bull   trends right now let me point out a few of them 
to you and you let me know if you're invested in   any of these we reported this to you the other day 
that ripple whales have returned pushing the xrp   price higher xrp looks primed for higher 
highs as the buying pressure behind it   increases this is still playing out xrp 
to two dollars and fifty cents by friday   hit the like to mana fest what do you think 
i think it's possible v chain new partnership   simplex partners with v chain to enable 
seamless fiat on-ramp for vet token simplex   adds support for one of crypto's leading projects 
v-chain so this is great for v-chain holders we   pointed out too the other day to me it looks like 
v-chain is in a bull trend v chain is creating a   massive double bottom set up if it breaks 15 cents 
successfully it could push the price to 22 cent   levels and possibly even further let's get random 
a little bit of a lower cap altcoin announcement   today we announced our upcoming integration with 
chain link verifiable random function vrf into the   realm metaverse so this is a project that i'm 
invested in they just partnered with chain link   thought it was a big deal realm cross 
chain metaverse linking nft creatures   so realm is a newer project but they are targeting 
the nft metaverse play to earn space kind of like   a decentraland kind of like an axe infinity it's 
in that general ballpark and they just partnered   with the number one oracle blockchain chain link 
so they can get true data pretty interesting   in other news speaking of coins in bull trends 
the cardano ecosystem is growing in leaps and   bounds every day cardano ecosystem this is my 
first attempt at making a full ecosystem graphic   like this let me know if you have any feedback 
on how i can improve it for the next version um   cardano smart contracts they're coming soon yet 
their ecosystem is already pretty large for where   it's at take a look at this metric my friends 
eth 2.0 staking tops 21 billion with merge on the   horizon the top holder of eth is now ethereum 2.0 
so it might be hard to gain perspective on on what   exactly this means well let's put it to you in in 
chart form check who is the number one eath holder   now you guys so the number these are the number 
one eath holders and eth 2.0 deposit contract just   became number one hugely bullish for each 2.0 
it shows people are trusting the eth 2.0 smart   contract locking your money in generally this is 
good for the price and good for you in general   and they just passed wrapped ether with which used 
to be the go-to thing you know one of the go-to   things showing that eth network is successful and 
they passed finance they passed compound which   holds a lot of eth they passed kraken they passed 
a couple of billionaires in gemini ftx awesome   bitcoin i am hugely bullish on bitcoin for years 
and decades to come argentina may adopt bitcoin to   curb inflation the country's president has weighed 
in on cryptocurrency adoption in the country   so bitcoin is this whole different beast with this 
whole different value proposition than the rest of   the space which is more like tech plays bitcoin 
this open source decentralized permissionless   protocol well think about it like this buying 
bitcoin in the west is speculation on adoption   in the rest of the world that billions of people 
in countries with rampant inflation or oppression   authority regimes continue to find solace the 
people continue to find solace in bitcoin and   opt out of their current hellish systems the 
upside is larger for bitcoin than just a few new   institutions buying in although i'm sure we'll see 
that as well so bitcoin continues to look bullish   take a look at this retail holding 10 
bitcoin or less so generally people with   not a lot of bitcoin although 10 bitcoin is a lot 
retail holding as a percentage of overall supply   is hockey sticking up this means the little guys 
are buying more bitcoin now than ever this is   what we like to see bitcoin continues to get more 
distributed genie coefficient looking great that   being said you guys make sure you subscribe to the 
channel we are on a road to 1 million subscribers   great video today let me know your thoughts 
in the comments below see you tomorrow

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