THORChain Solves Crypto’s BIGGEST Problem (RUNE Price Prediction 2021)

THOR has proven itself worthy here
on Earth in the latest bull run. However, instead of coming down
to earth from outer space, THORChain and the RUNE token is headed on a rocket
straight to the bright side of the crypto moon. THOR is proving itself worthy to yield farmers
and across virtual meetups everywhere. It has come to save DeFi's liquidity issue. And today, I'm going to tell you how. Let's get it! BitSwap is the hottest new way to trade tokens.

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you can find it on You can check out Binance by visiting the link on In today's video, we're going to explore how THORChain
is helping solve one of the largest issues in the now over $40 billion DeFi market.

One of the major pain points facing decentralized
exchanges is they do not have sufficient liquidity. What this means is they don't have
enough on the books to supply the necessary funds on a transaction. On a stock exchange,
if you sell this much stock, the exchange has to have a certain
amount of cash to execute the sale. There's a paradox. You have the traders frequenting exchanges
where they don't lose value due to slippage, yet the same exact traders provide the liquidity
in the first place to prevent the slippage.

As an answer to this issue, THORChain is creating a continuous liquidity pool where assets are available that grant traders
the opportunity to access liquidity without the need to find another buyer or seller. This minimizes slippage
and thus makes traders happy. As slippage is minimized,
yield farmers will get the price they expect. To remember slippage,
think of it like this. If it's cold and icy in the morning when the yield
farmers are out there milking the DeFi cows, they want to minimize their slippage. The liquidity issue is what
THORChain is helping to solve. But what is slippage? Say you're patiently waiting for ETH to rally into
a bull run like you're a good little HODLer.

You search ETH prices to find it has a current
spread of $1,950.15 to $1,950.20. You put in your ETH order
and anticipate it to be filled at $1,950.20. Volatility induces sudden market swings in the
few seconds before the exchange is over, leaving your estimate to be incorrect. The price you currently receive is $1,950.20
and the slippage is 10 cents. It's a discrepancy between the estimated price
and the price you expected 10 cents cheaper. Remember though, farmers want low slippage. The variety of transactions in the digital asset economy
only further complicates the confusing existence of slippage. As each has its own specific
set of laws to work by, slippage differs on each trade. While an exchange has an unlimited
amount of liquidity, it's easy to fulfill percentages of the order
until greater rates are added to your order. So what makes THORChain so uniquely positioned
to solve one of DeFi's biggest issues? What's super cool about THORChain and the RUNE
token is that for it to be successful, other tokens have to be as successful too.

That's right, this type of mechanism
promotes a spirit of community that's not common in crypto. Sometimes, there can be a maximalist
attitude in certain camps though. Bitcoin But the truth of the matter is that, in crypto,
there's enough of the moon pie to share with everybody. It's actually the point of DeFi, opening access to financial markets for everyone.

THORChain relies on the success of everyone
as it provides a universal solution to DeFi slippage issue. That was at the core of why THORChain
was created in the first place. It's becoming DeFi's go-to for cross-chain liquidity. So far, the project has finished
its integration with BTC. Now, it's moving on to Ethereum. Then it will move to provide cross-chain liquidity
for other projects like Solana, Polkadot and, we're seeing now, Binance Smart Chain. By the way, if you haven't already watched my video
about Polkadot and why it could 13X soon, you can do that by clicking above. Going back to THORChain, these guys have been attacking these issue
for several years now. In 2018, the THORChain project was built on the assumption that there was a weakness in the usage
of centralized exchanges to move crypto assets
between separate blockchains. The long-term remedy was to provide noncustodial
markets better known as decentralized exchanges. The THORChain team then set out
to create an autonomous blockchain like a bridge to external networks
and thereby allow cross-chain transactions similarly to a DEX.

When 2021 rolls on and DeFI
becomes even more mainstream, we shall see if THOR is able to carry it even further. DeFi farmers and now mainstream investors alike are going to want to save every
single dollar they can in crypto. There will especially be some
penny-pinching come tax season. More on tax season tomorrow. Saving on the price of trades will be music to
the ears of crypto enthusiasts everywhere. So, what's the potential for the project
in terms of its price? Well, the RUNE token has definitely
exploded recently and gone parabolic, then there does have to be
a pullback at some point. But I still do believe there is
upside of it to go this year. I definitely think RUNE can easily get to
$25 per token at some point in 2021, most likely around October. So that's it for this video. What do you think? Will THORChain unite all of DeFi
and the entire digital asset economy with a solution for the age-old slippage issue? Will RUNE skyrocket in value while providing
more accurate buy orders for DeFi farmers? Make sure to drop those comments
down below and your price predictions. That's all I got.

Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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