This week in Bitcoin- 8-14-2020- Microstrategy, Dave Portnoy & BTC ads, Ethereum pump, Yam, Fedcoin

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we have a lot to talk about today and uh we got
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and uh david bennett is also back hey guys
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so let's start off with i think the biggest
news of the week was uh was the primary treasury reserve asset
bitcoin is the primary treasury reserve asset of microstrategy which is a
a publicly traded uh company they they bought up a a bunch of
of bitcoin i think this is the biggest uh bitcoin story
of 2020 actually and uh i want to hear what the guys think here so we'll
we'll start with the david bennett uh is it the biggest uh
story of 2020 oh i don't know 2020 is not done god only knows what comes
so far so far in terms of exit in terms of bitcoin so far yeah
kind of because it goes a little bit deeper than that
uh i covered it on my podcast today was that
you know you were talking about microstrategy buying
what was it uh 21 was it 21 000 bitcoin it was like
yes it was over it was over 21 000.

So you know it's also clear that they
had been accumul or seems clear that they'd been
accumulating that for a while that they didn't just flat market by one day
so this has been it would appear that this has been in the works for a while
but even further than that is that in my it's just my opinion because i
don't know what the investment contracts look like
for blackrock and vanguard but there are two
those two companies hold our large investors in microstrategy
if i was investing a large chunk of capital into it into another company
i would not be signing that agreement unless or i would not be signing an
agreement that said something like well we can do with your money whatever
we want to do without informing you so my thesis here is that not only did
microstrategy say that they were going to do this and
then did but that both the people or the teams behind
blackrock and vanguard also knew the plan
also approved the plan and wouldn't have done so
had they not thought the same thing that the guys over at uh
microstrategy were thinking and i think that that by itself
is just as big as the actual buy from microstrategy
blackrock sits on the board i assume so they had to
approve this i i believe i'm not into all the behind-the-scenes stuff
but that would be that is my theory is that they not only knew
but they approved the situation otherwise they would have pulled the
plug on it and said no all right black rocks in the
game too people love to vilify them but hey
anyone can get into this space uh let's see as lacrosse you were about
this you're going to say something there yeah
well i i look at it as being like uh like the four minute mile or the the
fosberry flop where everybody thought that it couldn't
be done and then somebody you know or talked
about it being unrealistic or whatever and then somebody did it and then all of
a sudden everybody did it i think that's what you're seeing now
where we've been waiting and waiting waiting for when a really big name
institutions going to uh kind of come out of the closet about owning bitcoin
and now it's starting and once it starts it's it's just going to be taken for
granted soon enough that uh that you should own this that
it's not some crazy scheme um ordinary people who don't understand
what a blockchain is how it works why bitcoin is special
are just going to know bitcoin is legit number go up etc etc so
i i wonder if um vanguard and blackrock are you know maybe using this to float a
trial balloon a little bit where uh somebody who's not quite so big
name can do this and then they can see how
how the public reacts i i don't know enough about that world but it seems
like you know a possible strategy there or
they may not want to come out and be the first to say it but they know
somebody who can well i will say this the reason is is
such a big story for me and i i'm sticking with you so far in 2020 i
think it's the biggest story of the bitcoin year
because yes it's uh they broke the four minute a mile first
but they're going to be plenty other people that are gonna they're gonna do
it uh it is it is attainable and others uh
others will soon do it i i i think and that that's gonna be
when everybody when all of these companies bigger companies and
microstrategy are buying 21 000 bitcoin at a time or overtime it's
going to take a lot of bitcoin off the market
adam hoddleberry what did what do you think about all this
well you can actually go on like i was like looking at cnn business and it
tells you like the top 10 mutual funds holding microstrategy
and i think seven of the top ten or eight
or six or seven of the top ten are actually
vanguard funds um but the interesting thing to me about vanguard specifically
is that they're a not for profit um
i forget that the way that their their business is structured but it's not like
there's a ceo and shareholders it's like a it's a non-not-for-profit
investment firm um and maybe not a lot of people know
that about them so there wasn't there probably wasn't like
one or two guys behind the scenes it's like
it's more of a seems to be like more of a group think kind of
um democracy kind of inside the organization
so uh a little bit different than you know a board of directors or maybe
you know like ray dalio is like one guy or warren buffett is one guy who's like
making the ultimate decision there so all right
now uh before we leave this subject matter
because it was i'm glad we all touched on it does anyone else have anything to
say about it because we got uh we got a lot to talk
about in other subjects all right now adam since we since we have you here
you're talking about one guy uh one guy in the news also this
week in the bitcoin news was dave portnoy oh man
all right but no no i'm starting with you because you know about marketing
uh he this is he's marketing it with the winklevi
it was a very interesting video some people had some issues with it
but we've got a lot of bitcoin crypto marketing whatever you want to call it
this week not just from them but from get galaxy digital had it
in advertisement obviously we'll talk about the grayscales thing
but you yourself you have done bitcoin marketing
on on your own you organized uh over the jersey shore
the uh the the the uh what what should i call it
the banner with the the plane so with that in mind that you are a marketing
expert in bitcoin you put your money where your
mouth is you've organized things what what is your take on dave port
vietnam from a marketing perspective and getting
people into it and what did you think about his video with the winklevii
so well first i was kind of disappointed with the way
that the winklevi explained what bitcoin actually is like i i thought i kind of
felt like when i was sitting there like watching them talk
about it and then they started talking about asteroids with gold and stuff like
that it's like you're you're you're doing like the the
third and fourth order effect kind of argument for bitcoin
before like talking about the fact that just bitcoin is just money
like just talk about bitcoin as money and a sound money and then talk about
you know elon musk mining asteroids circling the earth and stuff like that
so because when you go when you go into
your pitch like that with somebody who has no clue
i mean you saw like dave was like this he was like what are
you guys talking about he had a you know he he was he's
first off he's not a real day trader and like he got like popular by being a
crazy personality yes as a day trader so like you're
taking somebody who is in the sports journalism world
and and giving him like all this new information i mean it's basically a
circus right now and and the fact that he was able to
interview president trump the fact that he was able to get the winklevich house
like it's it's it's a big shtick so in one sense like it was kind of cool to
see you know some of the the interest from
like the normies so so-called but on the other hand like
wink of eye was saying like uh let's put money into chain link or
something yeah after i was like oh come on guys
like you know and obviously they're doing that because
they own an exchange where they sell all the shit coins but
um yeah yes a lot of people had a problem when they
brought the brought up that up um but that is their business they they
they sell all coins and whatnot and yeah it is one big shtick dave is
one big stick but it's it's gonna get uh those sports
enthusiasts that happen to be bored and got into stocks uh they're
gonna learn about bitcoin they these type of normies
uh probably did not uh know about it as as much as uh that they could have in
the uh the recent past so al's owl's lacrosse what's your your
take on yeah i i definitely agree that i think they made
the the usual rookie mistake which to me was really weird considering these guys
own an exchange and do this all day long explaining it to people
um where you know you want to you want to start jumping into
some of the technology and the like higher order things but that doesn't
mean anything to regular people um it is the bitcoin is sound money is
the best argument getting into mining asteroids is like
okay it's not that that's wrong but i mean
that's that just sounds crazy to people and it's also something that probably
won't matter for another 100 years at least
um but they uh you know they they got the word out there i guess
which so i'll give them credit for that there
even if people don't understand why bitcoin is a good idea
it does more to uh to push the idea that this is a real thing this isn't a crazy
thing yeah i have you know last night on
twitter i wrote something that is maybe kind of an unusual take on this
but i in watching that it made me somewhat
thankful for some of these shit coin casino exchanges
right now because i think maybe that is attracting the uh
the wrong type of of tech talent that you don't want in bitcoin
uh people who have a lot of coding ability you know who have a lot of
technical ability but can't see the forest through the trees
they don't really get the big picture of why bitcoin is is important and i'm
kind of glad that those people are working on
nonsense bullshit coins instead of getting their hands on bitcoin
um you know in the short term it's going to get people wrecked
but uh maybe in the long term it's better for everybody that they don't
they don't wreck bitcoin um i was a little disappointed that they wanted to
set portnoy up with his own coin right away
because it just kind of gives away the game you know but as a
day trader that's you know it's that mentality where it's
like you don't give you don't care if sorry i almost
said something i can't say on this um you don't care what you're selling you
just care does number go up or number go down
uh and i it made me think of in one of telev's books he talks about the
commodities trader who made a fortune in selling greenwood
greenwood yep yeah and he didn't know what greenwood was he
just thought it was pieces of wood colored green um but he didn't need
to know what it was he just needed to know when people were
going to pay more for it when they were going to pay less for it
and that's what that's what these guys ultimately do in these
in these casinos um in in these exchanges
and uh you know that yes i i we will talk about yam and d5 soon enough
because you just you just defined you just
you gave that very definition right there by the way everyone all these
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uh david your your your take on uh portnoy
i made it 15 seconds i was proud of myself that i lasted enough time to get
a screenshot because when i right when i entered that
feed the very first thing i heard was either
cameron or tyler say something about well you see it's
built on ethereum and i'm like oh yeah i'm like oh god here we go i'm like oh i
was like and i looked at it and i'm like it's not
even five minutes into this thing and it's already shilling on ethereum
and then the next thing i heard was chain link
and honestly right after that was when the text uh the the
comments and stuff started rolling up and i just looked over to the left-hand
side of my phone and i was like going this is just a shill fest and i captured
a screenshot and sent it out and was you know on twitter saying
something like oh god here we go now that said
uh i went back and forth with a couple of people today on
dave and i've got you know honestly i didn't even know who dave portnoy was
until i started listening to uh marty bent and marty was still working for
uh barstool sports at the time i had never
listened i i didn't know what bar stool sports was
i'm still actually trying to figure out exactly
what it is but what's clear is that david's david portnoy is not an
idiot he's uh probably pretty savvy because i
keep looking at what he's built figuring out that i
didn't even know what this thing was and i thought it was just going to be
something like oh it's like the onion in its first year and no that's not
what it is it's a lot bigger than that and then you start discovering how many
followers he has and how long he's been doing this and i'm like oh
no this this guy's really serious so he was getting a lot of flack for being an
idiot i'm like this man is not an idiot this
man is far from being an idiot now cameron and
tyler the fact that i agree with both uh
with both adam and al uh that yeah you start talking about
mining asteroids right out of the gate it's like the discussions that you had
at your first thanksgiving after finding bitcoin with your family and they're
looking at you like art just did yeah what are you talking
about yeah and you because you go so far
when you're in the space for any length of time and you really think about it
and you actually care the implications become kind of crystal
clear and the implications are like world shaking stuff so when you when you
understand it and it falls out of your mouth
the first thing that the first ears that it falls upon is people who are like
but everything's fine yeah it's a little bit messed up but
i'm sure we'll we'll get through it and i'm and there's no there's no recovery
from that for me so i i really do i think
starting with why is it secure yeah well i want to say something about uh
dave portnoy and asteroids by the way um portnoy i didn't know who he was
either and you know what the whole world
wouldn't know who he was either if it wasn't for this shutdown
he has taken full advantage of the situation
i mean he is a smart guy he is a smart guy it's only because
of government interference that anyone knows that that
that i know who i wouldn't know was at all he's really
he's done well in a bad situation so congrats to him for being in motion he's
a he's a smart guy and again he's got
bigger reach than he's ever had before because of this shutdown and uh the the
ask the asteroid thing yeah it is silly first of all because
they're not when asteroids are mined the gold isn't
going to be sent back to the the planet earth it's going to be used
for to build more stuff in space so that was a little
weird but they don't need to know that technical side i just wanted to add that
that the to send to to asteroid mine gold and then to send it back to earth
is it makes no sense at all it would cost way
way too much money what you mine asteroids for is to build
um infrastructure in space it's not coming
back down the earth at all but whatever winkle it's a good sci-fi
little story and uh
my final comment on that is that honestly i think
dave's entry into the space is not only calculated but it's going to ultimately
be good for bitcoin that that would be my final word on that
one and that is a very good conclusion uh i agree i i agree on both points that
it will be good for for bitcoin and that he is
this is not just he's making it seem a little impulsive but
this is not impulsive at all not at all all right
uh well let's i want to stick with marketing real quick there's someone
with a question we're gonna get to the question in a second
but so there there was more marketing the digital galaxy had an advertisement
in the financial times and grayscale uh had their advertising
on on cable tv which a lot of people were disappointed
with so dave since we got you uh there did you did you see those did you
did you have any uh thoughts on them yeah the
the paper ad is is good it looks really nice
and it's uh it's well placed i i will i will give it that they
they threw down some bricks bricks of cash on i'm putting that in there
now the grayscale ad oh that one was rough
i mean it was really rough and from my standpoint
it's rough because of the production value it really showed a lackadaisical
you know attitude towards production value which
when when you do that at at that level anyway i mean i can get away with being
you know kind of dippy on twitter and whatnot but i am not
in charge of 170 billion dollars right so when you get up to those
those kinds of cash scales everything you do
reflects on your company and the even if you
even if the viewer doesn't automatically understand it
somewhere in the subconscious the question is going to bubble up
this is kind of bad do they handle their products like this
i i thought that the ad was terrible i thought it was poorly done
i thought i honest the fact that they didn't even say
bitcoin is like i don't even know what they're doing it's just like here buy
these bags and be happy buy these bags that's
that's i don't know but ultimately it'll
probably be good for bitcoin i i i think you're right what their
their strategy was is we're advertising on normie financial tv
we we're saying we got something new uh and you can kind of buy it the old
way that you used to buy stock so buy this new stocky thing
and then some people might like it like well i've heard about this digital
fancy stuff let me oh now now i know how to get it
and now i know the name of the company that actually sells it who knows but
yeah it didn't say bitcoin didn't no mention
a bitcoin if you look closely you can see the word bitcoin but that no one's
looking closely uh al's lacrosse your thought on these
recent uh ad marketing moves i i know there's a
lot of controversy over bitcoin marketing and does bitcoin need
marketing um in a perfect world like i i do agree
that it it doesn't need it um bitcoin will be
bitcoin whether or not there's marketing but that doesn't mean that it doesn't
make a difference at all and that it won't change the timeline on things
um i i think it's good to see um you know serious firms out there
uh marketing it because that legitimizes it further you don't have to start the
discussion with bitcoin every time as wait isn't this just that criminal money
or isn't this just a scam because for how many years have you
always had to start the conversation about bitcoin
with that uh once we get over that hump now you can start the discussion 10
steps down the road where okay this is a real thing that real
financial companies deal dealing as far as the details of it looking
cheap or bad or them not really explaining what bitcoin is
you know that that is an issue for it will be an issue for some people who
don't realize what they're getting into and don't understand um that there's
going to be volatility and all that right now anyone buying it is probably
going to think they're a genius a year from now
um someone buying in three years from now six months later might think that
they made a huge mistake that kind of stuff will have to shake
itself out you know we'll have to see how that goes
um but just getting the name out there in the mouths of major financial
companies in major newspapers it lets us start 15 steps down the road
or 10 steps down the road whatever i said earlier
um where you don't have to say okay this isn't a fake thing this isn't a scam
this isn't just criminal money whatever and start having the conversation from
this is legit where do we go from here all right hattleberry what's your take
so i every time i think about bitcoin marketing
i think about everyone's a scammer and like why people are putting things out
there and so when i did the the bitcoin banner which i put it was it
said want liberty by bitcoin and there was a
hashtag at the end which was locha mesh which is a
like basically a non-profit um that's making an open source software
um but the reason why i did that is because i just want to know
i want people to know about bitcoin and i'm trying to link it to
like liberty and just kind of opting out of the system
and so i i mean i came into bitcoin for the gains like i came in because i
wanted to make money actually the first coin that i ever bought
wasn't even bitcoin it was ethereum i think i bought ethereum at like 13
and i sold it to like 30 or something like that
um i came because i wanted to make money like that
like i'm like there's there's no even there's no way to sugarcoat that um once
i you know went to the altcoin casinos and
lost a bunch of money that's when i started to actually think about
what bitcoin was so what i don't like in some of these commercials i've
seen you'll see like you know a bull on wall street i think there was
another one like a year ago or something and i'm not so much interested in seeing
firms do that like i want i want them to i want to see them do things like you
know like changing the world in a positive
way because because i do believe that there are
second third and fourth order effects of bitcoin that are super positive
and if if i'm gonna see marketing for i wanted to i wanted to be kind of
altruistic not like come to this casino and gamble money and
maybe you'll become a you know millionaire billionaire that
that's the thing that bothered me about it all right uh gbtc
or grayscale they are uh they're not selling bitcoin that we we have to
remember that that's very there there's they're
selling some fun that has something to do with
bitcoin and then they've got one that has something to do with ethereum
and people are not they're not learning to control their own private key
which is uh you know that they're depending on a third party a third party
is i mean they're accumulating a lot of
bitcoin uh you gotta give them credit for that but
it's it's a big honey pot they've got there so hey i mean
barry silver can do what he wants to do and uh and
uh i i i adam i i like your your you did a great thing too man by by uh
having that uh banner over the jersey shore so pound
that like button for that now we're gonna i want to get for a question
from the audience that deals with uh custody which i think
i just alluded to a little bit he says micro strategy is huge news
but what's even bigger is that this company wants to hold that much bitcoin
when custody is hard do you think they self
custody all right so i think there might be regulations around that so i don't
know if anybody anyone on the panel have a uh a thought about that question
is it do you think microstrategy is uh
self-custody or do they i mean by law do they have to
have a third-party custodian
yeah yeah that so that's that's a difficult i'm
i'm hoping that they called in some custodian
experts from some exchanges or a place maybe like unchained capital and
they do like a multi-sig and they can help people set that type of thing up
because otherwise like there's no way to ensure
that like there is with regular traditional money because
there's like you lose it and it's gone so
um it would be great if they were able to do that and i think that would
actually be comforting to some to some other
companies who wanted to try to do that like i i've thought about doing um
self-custody for some organizations that i've been involved
in and like having getting them to accept bitcoin
and then setting up keysign key signing um ceremonies and things like that and
so that's something that i'm super interested in
but um i i think if they're holding what is it 250 million
dollars worth of bitcoin right now um you've got to assume that they're
already calling on some of the security experts
because otherwise they're going to get someone's going to get wrecked at some
point yeah i i i think they they they've well
i hope do you guys uh have any any thoughts
about it i'm gonna i'll agree with i hope um on the one
hand i i would also like to think well you've
got to assume if they're going to put that much
money into it they're going to spend a little bit of money on people who are
true experts in custody and can explain the ins and outs of it to them
one would think but this wouldn't be the first time that you've seen people with
you know we've seen multi-billionaires who should know better make statements
about bitcoin to make it clear that they've never
sat down and read the most basic thing about bitcoin
so yeah you know who knows but um i i think they probably did although i'll
make a prediction now that on this next bull run
somebody really major will probably end up seeing them learn the hard way about
how custody works and how you have to handle security
um somebody's probably going to lose a ton because they thought they could just
uh have just somebody who works for the
company just handle the uh the private key
and didn't consider what that meant i mean that that's bound to happen sooner
or later al's across i agree with that point so
much there dude and in in the bit it might be a it might
be an organization and it might be a people really might
get i mean it could cause a huge drop in the bitcoin
also when that day comes and it will come someone is going to make a gigantic
mistake with custody so i mean be strong hand
people i've mentioned this before be be ready for that be ready don't
don't be shocked when it happens because it's it's going to happen and it doesn't
mean anything about bitcoin that we don't know already
so don't be surprised it doesn't mean bitcoin is hacked and bitcoin can
uh but the the media will they are going to love it
oh yeah bigger the bigger the name the better you as we all know
the media loves to blow everything out of proportion these days
okay david uh do you have a any thoughts on uh what we've been
talking about yeah like like the two colleagues over there
i don't know because i'm not part of that party um
but i'm going farther than i hope so into they damn
well better because if they end up being the people
that are made an example of if you're the first one to go down uh
the rest of your stuff is probably not going to recover
it's probably going to be like a toxic asset and it just eats everything after
that so but what's what's what's neat
is knowing that the systems that they would really need that really
do work are in place i.e multi-sig
and you could even have like somebody like casa
come in and not even just basically as a consultant and say here's
let's look at your corporate structure and let's look at your officers
and let's set up multisig between your officers so that
unless all of you die at a plane wreck and even if you do
your bitcoin is not gone it's not is it didn't get into a tragic boating
accident let's say that exists it's not i mean
it's not that it's easy but it's also not impossible it's
something that can clearly be set up by picking up the
phone and saying i need somebody to come in and hopefully
they get somebody of you know incredible nature like casa or unchained or
you know somebody who knows what they're doing that has a good reputation in the
space because if they didn't do that then they very well may be the first to
have that tragic boating accident all right pound that like button good
question there from the audience keep them coming
uh well so legitimate organizations yeah they they should learn how to
legitimately uh carefully hold their bitcoin uh but
we've got a story out uh of a pretty illegitimate organization
a terror group uh the justice department
seizes millions in cryptocurrency from terror groups
and basically uh these various terrorist organizations
were uh soliciting uh bitcoin and it looks like most of the time they
were keeping at keeping it at an exchange so repeat
people are like well how how if bitcoin's unconfiscatable how could
how could the government the justice department get it
well these dudes are freaking keeping total fail on their part you know
storing it and exchange uh so these bad dudes out there and they
probably are pretty bad dudes they don't know what the heck they're
doing in terms of storage at all so this is this is a lesson
uh uh quite an interesting lesson that that the if
it can be traced uh pretty easily they were able to track down these people
because some of the people giving sending them
bitcoin we're sending from exchanges also uh and it is it's it's pretty darn
confiscatable if you're storing it at an exchange it's gonna do whatever the
government uh tells you tells them to do with it uh so uh
adam did you have a thoughts on uh the that story which was supposed to scare
people into thinking that bitcoin dealt with you know terrorists well
first off whenever you see these types of stories
i mean even from bitcoin related news sources it's almost as if they're trying
to produce fud um i i
i rarely ever see a story like that and then like a byline or some kind of
caveat in there like what they should have done was this it's
always you know look how bad and how terrible
bitcoin is and even people in the industry which is like super weird to me
yeah i a lot of criminals are are really dumb um
i know from experience the government is also very dumb so
they must have been super dumb to to um get caught in that way
because once i mean once you have the private keys and
i mean they here's part of the other story the other part of the store that
possibly hasn't been told like they may have not been keeping on exchange
and then put some of it on exchange in order to sell it and then they got
caught when they just when they did that as opposed to
like keeping it the whole time on an exchange
but you know a news story won't tell you something like that but
criminals who get caught are usually dumb the government's usually pretty
dumb unless unless the criminal is dumber so
um everybody was dumb i think all right and a very good point about even it
seems like the bitcoin news sources try to create fun they're
definitely trying to create a click bait uh the the link that i link to does go
into depth then it's from the chain analysis guys who
helped track them down so it it's not exactly creating fun but i
i'd say the cnn story definitely was to create
fun at coindesk probably uh al as lacrosse your thoughts yeah
well there's an irony in um if it is the flood angle of
portraying it as oh look see criminals use this and it's
you know they use it to to be untraceable in a story about how they
got caught you know um that's that kind of
undermines the whole angle um it goes back to what we were just
talking about though with institutions where
you would you would think that they would figure out what they were doing
for these terrorist organizations that money being
being tracked could literally be a matter of life and death for them
you know they find out who you're sending it to that's a drone bomb
through the roof of your building so messing that up could mean that you
die so you would think that they'd be really
really really careful but apparently they're not
taking their time to be really careful um you'd think that would be motivation
enough but you know the whole um it's criminal
money it's terrorist money thing to me is always
i the first thing i always say to people is um you know
you've watched miami vice or bad boys or any movie with like drugs and gangs and
criminals right okay when they open the suitcase what's
in the suitcase a bunch of us dollars all right so do you use criminal money
every day when you shop you know it's it's money yeah people are
going to use it that will happen so yes
a good reminder right there but most people don't think logically like that
unfortunately uh david your your take on this story
and i'd like uh you're right this is a life or death
thing from them you think they'd actually use their freaking heads
and learn how to do it right uh but okay david yes
yeah i'm gonna throw on a tinfoil hat here um
i think this is also being used i mean i'm not saying that it's not true
that's not what i'm saying but what i am suggesting is that in that
in that particular story which i think was a coindesk story
um the way that the complaint from the justice department reads it keeps saying
things like charities disguised as you know
terrorist organizations running through telegram channels and i just
honestly with the tinfoil hat on i can't help but wonder if they're spinning up a
narrative you know they don't like this stuff
anyway uh why not use i mean they're always
gonna use either it's for the children or we're combating terrorists
but bitcoin bad that kind of thing and i i just wonder if things that are like
you know like uh the use of telegram is
i don't know cause and protest to occur and it's like kind of like something
where they they can't control it and they want to control it so they just
toss it in there with with bitcoin and bitcoin bad therefore telegram bad and
you know hamas bad and ice is bad and everybody's bad especially if they're
using bitcoin so you know that's about all i can really
add to the discussion is that i wonder if it's the if it's the
if it's something that has presented itself that they can
use and if the if they continue the narrative then i think i'd be right and
if they just drop it and it's one off deal then i'm probably completely wrong
but i don't know it's friday and i haven't
had a beer yet so i'm just well i i i noticed the telegram
mentions in there too so who knows well since i got you here david and you want
to talk about uh yam and d5 what what happened this with
that people bought something they didn't know
what they were buying and then it didn't exist anymore so uh
we'll start off with talking about yam but we're gonna have to uh
put the lead the conversation into ethereum 2.0 too because clearly
ethereum's been doing pretty well this week so
take it away uh david yeah yeah yam fest can't i i can't wait so
right just to from what i understand what
happened was that the way that the token was spun up in the contract
is that it there was a proviso in the contract that said well if you're gonna
do anything to the code you need you need a quorum you need this many
tokens to vote as to whether or not you're going to be
able to crack into the contract and change something
they needed to do that because the bug that they found
generated a whole bunch of tokens and they needed to fix it
but it generated on order apparently 10 to the 18th
tokens on its first on on its rebase at one point
those tokens went to the contract and the contract's not part of a voting
voting proxy of the quorum so the only thing that was left for was for
everybody to get into an emergency thing and say put all your tokens in so that
we can have a hope in hell of being able to get
a quorum so that we can crack this so that we can fix the bug but the bug
generated so many tokens that there was mathematically impossible for them to
get a quorum to open the contract to fix the bug
in essence yam committed suicide that's actually it can it committed
yamicide all right we're going to see this a lot
more we're going to see these things get spun up because this whole project
was what zero to 12 days time on target 10 days of dev time
48 hours lifetime went from zero to 165 back down to zero in under two weeks
and my only question about this is how the hell did they market this so well
because if you can crack that yeah really crack that question
then that helps the rest of us so if the only thing
that comes out of the whole yam debacle is two things one is
ethereum is a scam machine that is going to get people hurt and continue to get
people hurt and two how do we use it to market
actual projects real things bitcoin and developers and you know these these
types of things that we do think is important
because the d5 this d5 thing is going to get so many people
so very hurt so very fast it's a compression of the ico fad in
2016 through 2017.

It's it's going to do you think it'll be
bigger than the ico thing it'll be bigger
i think it's i think it may be as big if not bigger
but what i'm really more interested in is the time
compression this iteration is the same iteration we saw
in the ico craze but that one comparatively took
you know a relatively long time to roll out
this one i woke up and it would defy was everywhere in a day it was can i ask
everybody a serious question here have you any of you heard of yam before this
happened no yeah i hadn't either so where'd all
this money come from from what from what that again well this
is my huge question about about defy in general is from what i
understand decentralized finance means that i can stake some of my
bitcoin on for some of these tokens and then that's
used to make loans my question is who
are getting these loans and what are they using them for
right are they buying houses that they wouldn't necessarily have been able to
buy because the bank wouldn't give them proper credit
did they go out and buy a car that they really needed to go and get to work
because nobody's going to give them a car loan
are these legitimate loans are these legitimate people
i'm gonna say no on all counts but i don't know
i'm just this is my gut feeling so d5 in my opinion is one of the dumbest
reasons to have a blockchain because part of
part of lending like financing is not broken people assess risk
and they determine whether or not the person is credit worthy whether or not
they want to lend their precious money out
and if there was no risk to it then everybody would be
completely maxing out lending everywhere but but the reality of the situation is
they're always risk and so and when it comes time to pay it
back there needs to be some kind of oracle
into the blockchain or some kind of person that says like okay this person
actually paid paid it back otherwise like you might be able to say
like from a technical perspective in the contract that if if
this doesn't happen if people don't put their
money back in then they get this other part taken out and
like that's technically possible but for a reporter for you
for there to be any kind of like real um ultimate uh added value
there has to be a person assessing risk and there has to be somebody who's
willing to take that risk because for instance like what if you said like
instead of d5 we're going to have uh descent like
d work where like there's a there's a block chain that
tells me whether or not certain kind of work got done or not well how are you
going to do that if like the work is knowledge work or the work
is artwork like who's going to make the final determination whether or not that
was satisfied so from a technical perspective d5 works
in that like if you don't put this this money back into the
blockchain then it's then it's not like like the contract
could actually work itself but from like a a macro perspective and
actually lending and how that type of thing is
actually going to be uh feasible without a human element
it's really like there's there's no way this is going to work long term
it's it's such a buzzword right now i mean that's a
you just need to throw it on your project and uh it seems like
you raise a lot of money uh real fast uh at all's lacrosse you haven't said
anything about this yet have you yeah i i just um you know i used to feel
bad that i didn't understand defy i thought i just was too stupid to get it
and more and more i'm hearing people who basically you know know their stuff that
are like no it this doesn't make any sense um i
what really really concerns me is i'm thinking back to
um you know what happened in 2008 or like if you watch the big short when
they start trying to unravel all these credit
default swaps and it's like this is based on the uh insurance that
they owe us but they wrote this and they owed this
and the people who owe them oh them oh them of them of them
and there's just kind of no bottom to it and i i worry with defy
have we abstracted whatever the real money is whatever the real value is
out so much into this super complex shell game
that we now don't even know where where the real
floor on this is where the real truth at the bottom of any of this is
and is it is it a financial system that even more
so than the regular fiat system isn't even no one even knows what it's
supposed to be based on and we're just waiting for someone to
figure that out and the whole thing is just going to come crumbling down
so it's it's quite abstract uh hardly anyone can really understand it it might
not be even be able to be understood uh so is this
with fueling ethereum since ethereum is the uh
the the birther of this the one who it came from aetherium uh is this was
fueling ethereum's pump or is it the hope for ethereum 2.0 i'll stick with
you with their uh owls lacrosse yeah uh you know i i this
is what i was saying earlier about the winkle loss thing where i in
some ways i'm glad that this these uh all coin casinos
exist to attract talent that might be playing around with
bitcoin otherwise um i think this is what happens when you
have the technological know-how to build a coin or some sort of
blockchain um but you don't think of the the economic and to some extent even
philosophical foundations of what you're working on
and you can build a really fancy shiny toy but if you don't really
get on the bottom principles what am i
trying to do here you end up with a disaster i think of
ethereum at this point is like you know bitcoin is is somebody invented
the internal combustion engine and invented
the car said look at this i can power this thing and ethereum was like well
look i can make a thing that burns gasoline too but
it doesn't actually do anything it's just a crazy contraption that burns
gasoline it's like that's not the same thing like there you
have to have some sort of what are you really trying to get at here
and i think they left so long ago the idea of what are we trying to get at
and now it's just all the extra doodads they can they can put on top of it
and it's just this big noisy machine that doesn't do anything
it looks really fancy and complex but it doesn't do anything and meanwhile
bitcoin's this little lawnmower engine and it doesn't look fancy but it
actually does something complexity worship right there uh
david what's your take on ethereum yeah i think you're
i think your assessment is correct i'm going to go with the pump
is going on because defy it is very clear that nobody
really cares about learning lessons from what happened with yam
and i'll bet you ten more can fall and it'll be the same thing and they'll
just go due to ethereum pump ethereum pump
if they do finally initiate and successfully execute
ethe 2.0 on proof of stake and the promise of sharding there you know
and that one uh okay i'm
sorry whenever i hear sharding and ethereum i
think back to the days of ultima online because that's where that word actually
came from um but if they pull it off you were saying
if they pull it off if they pull it off it's just going to enable even more of
this crap it's just that's what it will be used
for it will be this this terrible machine rattling down the
road like a trucker with no brakes and when
it finally does come to a stop because eventually something gets in your way if
you're a moving object eventually something gets in your way
and if you don't have control you will smack into it ask me how i know
anyway um yeah but there's there's one more thing that
before we before i leave the ethereum thing because we can take it right back
to the to the yam and d5 in general is i bet you what the answer is that
when i ask the following question do you have a better chance in in
jumping into twitter or instagram and finding out where to go buy defy tokens
then you would be to find out where to go get a loan
from the d5 thing and my answer is i i know exactly where to go buy the
tokens i have no clue where to go get a loan
that but that that concerns me very good very good point there uh adam
the ethereum is it is ethereum going to the
moon because of all these uh newbies uh pumping it up
like i mentioned before i i spent my first
token money on ethereum because i thought it was
i didn't understand what it was at all i think most people don't understand what
it is um you know it's supposed to be the
world's computer and supposed to be a touring complete machine
and and then you know we found out after the dow hack that you can just
roll everything back and and change it to what you want it to be and
you know they want to be proof of stake instead of proof of work so that it's
fair and doesn't boil the oceans and stuff and it's like
i think al is right like there's so many it's all things to all people and um
i don't i don't think they know what it's supposed to be and again like
other than like creating new tokens like what has it actually produced
and other than being a casino for gambling what has it actually done
like i know what bitcoin has done and continues to do
um and then and then on top of that we have the whole pierre
trying to actually audit the supply that's a whole other
which which is which is um it's it's so funny because like
the top people in ethereum can't tell you
the top people whereas any pleb you know in bitcoin can run their
own node and they can tell you the supply of bitcoin and they can
they can verify all the transactions whereas you know
where basically people are trusting that ethereum's gonna work
and and i don't think it's necessary at all
i gotta say there was a lot of time people spent
talking about that subject this week i didn't even think about bringing it up
as i tried to ignore it yeah how many ethereum or ether are really
out there i thought that that one jumped the shark after a while
but i mean that i understand i understand the main uh
the main point of that and uh i think in in the bitcoin space we just
if you don't like ethereum i'd say you know state your case and ignore it i
some people i think waste a lot of time ripping one of theater i think uh
i don't i don't think that's uh that productive of an endeavor
right there but hey you know people are going to do what they're going to do
manage your time whatever way you want to if you're a bitcoiner
there's no like there's really no reason to to be involved with it because
bitcoins the the black hole of time stuck that it takes to understand
just that subject it takes all my time literally all my time yeah exactly
budget your time correctly dudes all right uh anyone have anything else
to say about this ethereum thing uh uh before we we we move on it's uh
it seems like that everyone agrees that a lot the in
the pumpage is definitely uh because of the uh the defy interest and
maybe uh the anticipation of uh ethereum 2.0 also
all right now uh we talked about uh or david you you brought up a very good
point like uh about the toke the the d5 tokens everyone knows where
to get your d5 token where do you actually get the loan at is
if decentralized finance is so great why are people getting decentralized loans
right now well the interesting thing is in in the
cryptocurrency space coinbase is now offering obviously
centralized loans i mean they are a coinbase to
offer bitcoin back loans to u.s customers
anyone have a take on that don't care what coinbase does anymore
i just i can't i'm kind of like i don't know
you know running out of gas on stuff like that good point there i gotta say when you
when we aft when we put in the perspective of this discussion
i i if you're gonna get a loan uh i'd rather get one from coinbase than from
some mysterious yammer or something like that
while that's true that that's a very good point and
what what it just you know made me wonder is
is coinbase an outlet for the d5 loan i mean do we know how their fundage
is backed have they given any parameters as to
where that money is coming from is it coming from their
their own stores of bitcoin and ethereum or do do they have a whole bunch of
these you know god forbid comp and wi-fi
and i mean they're they're just backing up the loans with bitcoin i think that
they're learning out cash i guess are they replicating customers who are
leaving bitcoin on their exchange to to do that they could
we i don't know but because they're the ones that are
holding the keys ultimately auditability lies with that
those people who hold the keys and if they want to lie as to how much
they actually have and rehypothecate they are
free to do so i think it's a terrible unethical immoral practice
and i don't think it should be done and i think it ends up in heartbreak
but unless you hold your own keys and can verify your own supply
then you don't know dick yeah so um
i noticed that on unki i don't know why i'm showing unchained capital i don't
work for them but i notice on their on their website they
talk that they don't do rehypothecation and
like it's a multi-sig setup and it's it's not defy it's like
less it it's basically just um it's a it's a custodial kind of
situation where you give up partial control of your
of your bitcoin during that time period and i think that's that's probably a
better way to go um that like you're actually like they're taking
on the risk and you're taking on some risk as well
and it's it's a much better situation than like
it's not a shell game and it's not like there's there's not the opacity that
there is with like this defy thing and and dave uh point about like where
are the actual loans like who's making the loans to whom like
i haven't i haven't seen that like i have no
no people who have actually done that in real life for on
on twitter yeah i have i have yet to see a single tweet that says man i got my d5
load today and here's all the good it did
haven't seen a single one i know where to go get the tokens though
we've got a comment over here in the comment section which actually relates
to everything that we've been just talking about
and kind of the well i i i'll read it bring your bitcoin to ethereum wrap it
and forget about your useless lightning network now the hilarious thing about
that is you that is a horrible thing to do an
absolutely brutally horrible thing to do why anyone would do i don't know you're
like hey some third party i'm giving you your
my bitcoin then in return i'm gonna trust you're gonna
keep my bitcoin and not lose it and you're gonna give me some token on
aetherium that says i own bitcoin it is one of them and then they compare
it to lightning networks it's the one of the most ridiculous things out
there right now and i don't like the bastion theory of
man but that is one of the silliest ridiculous
thi people look how much bitcoin is on
ethereum now it's not on it here some dude is holding
your bitcoin for you and for and has created
some token to represent it on ethereum it's all about trust it's so silly it's
so weird anyone have a take on that it's
it's for people who don't know better it's a ridiculous narrative i mean think
about what essentially the argument for ethereum
has become oh no no we're very valuable we're
better than bitcoin because you can use it to
transact in the thing that has value which is bitcoin
think about that argument for a little bit like that makes no sense at all
i i don't i don't get this whole oh we've got all this bitcoin locked up on
ethereum therefore it's great like well what do we need you for we've
got the bitcoin all right you know how much bitcoins locked up on
bitcoin like it's it's all bitcoin all the way down so here the thing about rap btc i covered
it this morning was that there is no bitcoin on ethereum it
doesn't exist it's it the the argument false
falls to pieces immediately because you can't put bitcoin
into ethereum and it is exactly what you said adam it's like somebody who's
holding your actual bitcoin and they have to hold it on the bitcoin chain
through their keys that controls their wallet and then they've issued this
quote-unquote wrapped btc and it's a marketing ploy
it's an iou is this is this a big innovation
an iou you could have an iou with the mafia for years and years now
come on now it's this this is nothing you're gonna give a
bitcoin is this incredibly valuable asset and for some reason you're going
to trade it for an iou on a theo i
i i do not get it at all i don't get it at all with a lightning network i mean
there can be like you know force closed channels and
then you get your bitcoin back like it's not
locked up anymore whereas on ethereum i don't know what
would happen if nobody knows what happens see
to me this seems like another example of you understand how to do something
technologically doesn't mean that it makes sense in the
bigger picture which is like everything now in a
theorem that i know about it all like it all okay well what if we did this and
this and this oh yeah that'd be cool we can code that up
okay but why are we doing that like next question like that that that's
so awesome the way you phrase pound that freaking like button you're
that you could do a lot of awesome things but just because you could do a
lot of awesome things doesn't mean you have to do it
i mean there there is a why and and why does every
why do people want to participate in it all right all right
now let's let's move on to the the final topic
uh we were talking about governments before let's let's talk about
governments again this is i mean this news isn't exactly news it's
we're one day closer to fed coin how about this
federal reserve is experimenting with a digital dollar
so okay we know the levy is going to break
soon and they're going to be all sorts of countries they're going to say yep
we've got our central bank digital currency here
and we're going to force our people on to it etc etc so
do you do you guys uh i'll start with adam do you have any thoughts on uh
on this news story that the federal reserve isn't is experimenting with the
digital dollar does does it really make a difference i mean we're going to get
to fed coin eventually they mean they say they say they're
rushing it now or because of the virus they want to you know be able
to pay people faster or something so i'm i'm trying i'm trying as best i
can talking about tinfoil hats i'm trying as best i can to not become like
obsessed with you know every new story being part of some like globalist agenda
you know taking over the world and some nefarious purposes in the background and
stuff like that but like but the fact that we have like a coin
shortage in the middle of a pandemic all because you know people aren't going
to stores and and like that doesn't make sense to me i
mean maybe like you know maybe it's like temporary
or you know maybe i don't understand like the the the game theory the
economics behind like coins changing hands during like normal
business transactions and stuff but like the idea that um
like we have that type of thing like and pushing and then
combining that with fedcoin like pushing everything digitally
um i'm starting to see like there really is a war on cash
now but foreign but it which is kind of weird because so that's
to me that's like a liberal like statist kind of um move right so
we're trying to move everybody so we can track every single transaction so we can
tax every single dollar and we're a complete control
but then i have we have a city like philadelphia um
which like they made it illegal for bus for local businesses to be
all uh all cashless so that you have to accept physical cash
uh and that would then they're also a very
liberal city so it's like but they're doing it for
you know social justice reasons so that the the person who doesn't have access
to banking would actually have um a means of paying you know their
local you know corner store or whatever so
uh if like i said before like governments are not very smart but
they know that they should be doing something so
i think they're moving toward that way i'm trying not to be conspiratorial
conspiratorial that's work i guess about it
but um if they were going to do anything that would be the first step like
you know make fed coin and then bitcoin is
like the illegal one and you know aren't you patriotic don't you support
fed coin uncle sam's coin um yeah i could see it going that way but
either way there's there we're moving to an all digital economy
in some way it's just are we going to move to
bitcoin are we going to move to ecoin i think i think we can have both i think
the smart people will stick with the bitcoin and
there'll be a lot of followers who are gladly like oh i can get my welfare
check now with uh or my ubi with this awesome fed coin
yeah i love it uh the tinfoil hat uh david your your
thoughts yeah i was a funny story about this
i first i spent pretty much all of july in southwestern colorado and that was
where i first came up against the the whole coin shortage thing i was walking
into durango or to a barbecue joint down in their
durango and the first thing i saw was the sign on the door and said dude
there's we don't have any spare chains so it's
either exact exact uh spare change or please put play with
uh pay with a credit card i i took a picture of it clearly because
i'm like going what's going on and then i saw
more and then it became very evident over the next 48 hours
that some issue that i had missed some issue
and so i dealt with it while i was in in durango and then when i got home i took
my two kids to michael's it's a hobby store
sort of like hobby lobby kind of thing and the one that's
in the town closest to me flat out won't take cash
there's a sign that says be due to the spread
due to cash being able to spread the the roan okay well i don't want to
say the words i don't want the filter to figure but
due to that we're not accepting cash it is
credit card only and i took a picture of that because
now it's getting it's getting weird and then we have the
secretary of the treasury mnuchin begging for spare change on a street
corner that is twitter and all this together
you know and now they're talking about this this fed coin so
here's what i here's the way that i see it playing out
i hope i'm wrong and i probably am but they're gonna they're gonna do the
narrative on uh cash spreads disease cash is bad i'm
sure they'll bring terrorism and for the children into it sooner or later
and then they'll uh inflate this narrative about we're going to do
fedcoin better than bitcoin it's going to be on
a blockchain blah blah blah and then all of a sudden one day they'll
come out and say we've we've decided that the united states
financial system and the way that it is structured
has always been superior and we're just gonna go with that
that i i don't know why i say it that way but i just have a gut feeling that
this is just some kind of hand waving thing to get
people oh well look they're gonna do what
bitcoin does they're gonna do what the blockchain does and then all of
a sudden nothing is going to change and they're
going to stay with exactly the same kind of rails that they have
except this time there won't be anywhere close to as much cash
that's what i think all right tin foil hat no uh that that's that's
good stuff let's go uh uh lacrosse al's lacrosse
your take on uh fed coin and yeah not having your change anymore i'm
a little bit excited actually about the uh the possibilities
for political realignments that might generate
um strange bedfellows and all that um i think you may see
different segments of society who haven't always seen each other as
friends um once the word gets out that hey
they're creating a panopticon and they can look at every single thing
that you do every transaction you make think about who that's going to make
allies out of both in rural areas and in inner city
areas people who you might not have thought of
as buddy buddy are all of a sudden gonna both be going
yeah i don't want that i i definitely don't want the
the police being able to look at every single thing that i buy ever
i think there will be an attempt at that narrative of see this is just like
bitcoin uh but i i think we may be
past the point of no return on scarcity rearing its head um and it's
not going to be able to replicate that um because it's just it's too tempting
for the government to just always print whenever they want to print
and the problems that are inherent with that are going to come along whether or
not it's a digital currency and i i think
people are going by the time that really goes in
full-blown um you know widespread digital currency i think people are
going to understand the value of bitcoin versus
something that is infinite printing so then it's going to be a hard fight
to try to to try to reel that back in because i they're they're going to want
the narrative to be about settlements and look we can do it
just the way that bitcoin can which will be true to a certain extent
um but that's not the real value prop of bitcoin in my opinion and
i think in everybody's opinion who's here
so they're gonna have a hard time fighting that but they'll try
all right well we've we've reached the end of this glorious show
and so i want to give everybody an opportunity to mention a story that
was left out or to promote themselves or to do ever anything they want to say so
we'll start with adam what's on your mind
well i figured that the world doesn't need the world needs
one more bitcoin podcast so i'm going to start my own podcast
um actually i used to have a a very i a gun podcast in the past
um but it wasn't very good but this time i think this would be better but anyway
i'm so i'm going to be starting a podcast and it's going to be called
faith over fiat and it's not going to be talking about like
you know current news or or getting really technical but i wanna
there's a lot of bitcoiners in the space that have very closely held
either religious beliefs or ethical beliefs or
life philosophies that align them with bitcoin so
you know a lot of people believe in bitcoin because they believe it's good
for the world they believe sound money is a positive
thing either in a religious aspect or just from a human ethical perspective
and so i already have a bunch of um pretty popular bitcoiners lined up
to talk about their faith or their philosophy actually have an atheist
ready to go as well to talk about how their personal
uh beliefs inform their their opinions about bitcoin so it's
called faith over fiat i haven't even put up a website yet but um i'm hoping
to launch it within the next month dude pound that like button you're in
motion and that is a very interesting spin on a new podcast that is i
i like it very very good uh very good marketing right there the all these
dudes are linked to below by the way so follow them on twitter
and uh we'll go to a david next human tokens
i just want to say a couple of these a couple of things about this
uh you're gonna start seeing a lot of them and a human token is just me
putting myself as an erc20 on the ethereum
chain and shilling myself and why i think that this is
dangerous is is because like i my twitter account is ancient
as far as twitter is concerned i guess it's like i think i got it in 2010
i have like 35 3600 followers all right i've seen people put up a
twitter account that has like i don't know
some 18 year old hottie in the as an avatar and all of a sudden
and like there was one that i saw like two
months ago that already had 10 000 and even if she bought him i don't
you know or he bought him because we don't know
who this is but what i'm saying is that it's
very clear that the human spirit or the the human failings of you know
beauty and all that kind of stuff is going to be
a mess when people there's one there's a human token called like it's like
hashtag adam and there's another one that's
hashtag keenan and these guys basically put themselves
up put their pictures up and their tokens went from zero and one
was trading at like like 17 bucks or something and
it ended up representing a fairly large market cap and they just spun it up
i think what's going to happen is that they're going to marry this
with putting the super hot 18 year old chick as an avatar into twitter
and it's and and the d fight thing is just going to filter and percolate down
into every pore possible every crate it will
fill every crack every pour so if you
see somebody saying hey i'm shilling my own token
and you're gonna be able to get this this and this with it i
honestly stay away the simp-based economy
oh without that like button that is oh oh man we should end the show just with
that that was a great lie man yes freaking horrible so
uh that's all i'll say about that be careful uh you'd follow me on twitter at
bennd77 uh podcast name is bitcoin and and it's usually daily unless
something really weird happens and i cover i will read you the
news so that you don't have to so you can drive in the car and do other things
and we and then i talk about a few you know a few other things but
i am not i am not at all doing interviews or anything like that so
there's so many people doing that but nobody's reading the news so i
i decided to do that all right follow him he's linked to below we will
end it uh with with al's lacrosse i'm i got my stick here i'm ready to
play all right all right great great debut on this show
dude you're awesome oh thank you um yeah follow uh follow across real
real lacrosse coaches i can't tell you much about it
um so i have dirtbag friday which is a video chat it's basically a meetup um
every friday at 6 p.m pacific time um you can contact
me or any of the the well-known dirtbags and we'll get
you set up with that um very very lightly moderated open
discussion forum we talk about all kinds of things
um then my my podcast the azlax podcast which is pretty new
um focuses on what's coming in the world and in some ways how bitcoin is going to
shape that world i'm not going to be doing a lot of talk
about technical aspects of bitcoin or or what's going on in d5 that kind of
thing um but more civilizational things um big picture
legal things historical things um maybe you would discuss
religion a little bit um like although i was saying it's a really interesting
topic to me i'm not a religious person but i find it
fascinating um and uh and how bitcoin will help uh will
help the world change and get better and you know are
are we going to have citadels which are people hold up
waiting to kill everybody else or citadels which are flourishing societies
that sort of thing so you can check both of those things out and check me out at
twitter i'm lacrosse underscore al um i'll also be hosting the the closing
ceremonies at big block boom this year i'm going to be doing the owls lacrosse
awards basically like a spoof oscars that'll be pretty fun i think so you
will be there in person in texas yes i will good we need in in-person
events yes bitcoin is bringing it back to the
world to show the world you don't have to be scared of
being near other human beings what a world all right dudes
thanks a lot guys that's it you get this show every friday
who knows what time it comes on well you got to watch i do a new show every day
so that's how you figure out when the next
show is going to be on and yeah i'm tech bought on twitter t-e-c-h-b-a-l-t
subscribe to the backup channel that's where we do the saturday show all
right thank you guest i'm the bitcoinmeister the disrupt
meister adam meister that's my real name subscribe to the channel pound that like
button shabbat shalom everyone and we will see
you tomorrow night and of course this show
will be back next friday as usual so

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