This week in Bitcoin- 4-13-2018- End of the bear market? Return of the altcoins? India crypto news

Hello everyone this is adam meister the
bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister welcome to this week in bitcoin today is
April the 13th 2018 strong hand long term thinking it's Friday the 13th
I don't believe in good luck and bad luck type of stuff I've got guests on
from all over the world though today I'm the only American here Wow
well we got Canadian England we got India in the house balaji from india we
got nabi from england and we got Rodolfo coming in from Canada and you guys
you've seen these guys before actually Nabi hasn't been one before he's got an
awesome Twitter it's all linked to below alright so let's start off a lot of you
people out there are really obsessed with the price of Bitcoin in terms of US
dollars and there's some people out there celebrating because of the last
two days that maybe the bear market is over maybe it's ended so rodolfo is this
the end of the bear market or is just just just some irrational exuberance on
the part of people who are just tired of seeing the price go down in dollars well
I think that people finally finished paying up their taxes in the US so that
makes a huge difference although most people they're paying taxes are probably
just dumping their big cash to pay their taxes and then you know well what's kind
of funny the time that that the rally happened if yesterday right it was about
5 or 6 a.m.

EST you know Warren Buffett wakes up early I heard this great stop
man I forgot to put in the description who rolled off a ripoff today I was
gonna do that but then I ran I'm in a rush so okay it's speaking
about the time that it happened yesterday then today around the same
time we have this surge are there your opinions just wildly buying this stuff
up rodolfo it me because it's not impossible the jump seemed pretty it was
a pretty big buy it leads me to believe that somebody in New York was starting
to to get their feet wet perhaps perhaps I'll say this people are excited again
and man that's always fun to see that the people happy okay so over there and
you over speaking of Europe Nabi what do you think is this thing is this the end
of the bear market what's going on in my opinion I wouldn't be surprised if we
saw another another whack down on on the Bitcoin price I don't think it'll be I
don't think this thing would be a long-term thing I think it'll soon shoot
back up again but you know India China there's there's a strong possibility
some more you know China could ban it again for a 169th time or whatever but
if you notice the past couple of days I think the old Queens they were the ones
to take the lead first weren't they they shot up first Bitcoin kind of stayed
stayed at a quite a similar kind of level for a while and then that picked
up the pace I think I mean that went from what's it's 6,800 to 8,000 in an
hour I mean that's just you know that that is
you know the beast the beast woken up isn't it the beast woke up there was a
bunch of Europeans waking I don't know what was going on I think it was about
11 o'clock my time 11 o'clock 12 o'clock I could be I could be well yeah but I
actually saw it on Twitter first I saw it and thought that that can't be true
straight and straight on checking the price and I just couldn't believe my
eyes you see that you see the chart you see those green you see those green
candlesticks it's just it was just unbelievable and it never came back down
did it you know it went eight eight thousand was it then seven seven hundred
some on that and then back up 8,000 and look
we are today we ate to some someone on that yeah fantastic this just I mean I
don't know I'm not getting too exciting I would have got before you mention
India and we get to balaji in a second here but rodolfo you mentioned tat us
pay US taxpayer you know a lot of people took profit you know during the the peak
and you know wants to take profit you gotta pay taxes well you know we're not
expecting for the price to fall so hard right after that peak and they're gonna
have to you know they had to sell some extra to pay taxes I know a few people
who had to yeah but but they if this if the price now after now the 15th the
lasted payer taxes I think is Monday or Tuesday United States if the price
really surges after that that's going to mean that United's assistance of America
play an oversized role in all of this do you think that's really the case that's
that's that's part of it I mean yeah I mean you know s is a good chunk of the
Bitcoin economy you know a lot of the buys in China where Americans just using
Hong Kong banks you know it's a America that's play a bigger role than people
fingered us and just they just use different jurisdictions to the device it
all taxes are not gonna be more than it you know 10 20 percent of the price but
those are enough to indicate or to signal to others that you know where the
price is going to but we'll see it really depends on you know that the
incoming news I you know I used to to believe that most of other countries had
sort of you know a lot playing in Bitcoin I don't anymore at least not for
now a lot of the game is being played in Western Europe and and in America we
have a lot of Bitcoin Canada but it's also all done in USD
all of our CAD exchanges are pretty low liquidity yeah well I we're gonna see it
will be very interesting to see what happens next week in Bitcoin once all
American taxpayers are done paying their taxes if it starts to surge and then
we're you know people say oh the world is your biased toward America and not
everything revolves around America well you just said it American says might
play a much larger role than people think we're good we're gonna see well
speaking about worldwide and speaking about nations with tremendous
populations India Balaji what do you think is this the end of the bear market
what's your what's your perspective on this up the last two days I guess yeah I
think yeah since the turbulent time last week you know when the Reserve Bank of
India came out with its monetary policy and they actually said that they are
going to cut off infrastructure that is the entity is regulated by the central
bank will be cutting off the infrastructure to the crypto exchanges
so at that point in time there was a lot of panic which ensured the Bitcoin price
in India collapse to something like four thousand five hundred dollars equivalent
in Indian rupees when the International price of Bitcoin was about $6,800 but
even before this happen atom point to be noted is there was already a ninety
percent drop in volumes in some of the major crypto exchanges when this bad
market was happening and people who have just you know under wait and watch more
and they were not willing to pump in more capital at the point in time many
of the banks for example Citibank came and said that you know you can't use my
credit card and debit card for purchase some of the prominent Indian private
sector banks came and said the same thing that you can't use credit cards
and debit cards to purchase so this was happening but now I think as we speak
today the price of Bitcoin and India is back to normal the people who panic soul
I'm sorry for them about you know today the price of Bitcoin in India it was a
one hundred dollars same as the international price so that's where we
are and I personally think that you know bottom is typically when people stop
talking about it and you know people are just not interested in what subgroups to
hear about Bitcoin news or to read about Bitcoin articles that's when typically
bottom is formed not only this has a class but every other asset class and it
was true in the month of February and March there was depressed interest so I
would like to believe that yes this is the bottom as far as Bitcoin is
concerned from an India perspective as well alright and again you you give us
real on the news ground from India which is great people India it's all of us
over here in the Western world don't panic the next time you hear news about
in about India okay it's usually we don't exactly get a clear picture from
the mainstream news come to this channel and pound that like button and listen
the people who are are really in India well um Balaji last time you were on the
show we actually talked about um the exchanges in India and how when when one
would add a new altcoin it would actually send the surge in the price of
that altcoin um this is this a two-part question um are there as many are
Indians a little bit more hesitant now that we're in a bear market do you think
that they're still you know going to be the ones that are involved in
cryptocurrency going to be buying hand-over-fist amounts of all coins and
do you think that what we're experiencing now overall in the
cryptocurrency market these last two days that maybe all the altcoin man this
is going to come back again that we're going to see these all coins just surge unit bias is definitely helping some of
the whole points out there no two ways about it
many people are yet to grasp the graph the concept of market capitalization so
unit bias is definitely helping some of the all coins the last time when I was
on your show the bitcoin dominance was about 32% and as we speak today the
Bitcoin dominance is worth somewhere around 43 44 45 percent and it
exactly in during this time that many crypto exchanges in India actually
launched all coins right so when I spoke to you the last time that was a time
Ripple minute it's taboo in one of the exchanges so now you have unlimited all
coin options right so you can buy even did you bite with a with Indian currency
you can parity diem become cash like coin you name it you can buy it so you
don't need to go through the Bitcoin route to actually pick up an Allpoint
the point I am trying to make this despite that the Bitcoin dominance or
that Slim stuff which goes to show that BTC continues to be the team while odds
will have its own market share yes that's fine but it is going to be
Bitcoin which is going to rule India so far irrespective of unit bias and
whatever alright before we get back to Nobby here I'm just reminded of Rodolfo
here because he's no fan of all coins but we're talking do you think do you
think there's a chance here that we're at the beginning of maybe a resurgence
in the blind buying of all coins in the people in the unit bias madness that we
previously saw because some of these all coins have gone up a lot in the last
couple days it seems like hit the nail on the head how so I think what's
happening is a lot of a lot of other countries now are starting to understand
that you know just the unit bias is not sort of the best best approach to
investing you know there's a lot of people who just miss sorry leave to have
missed the boat on Bitcoin because the price is so high but they're starting to
realize that a lot of these alts or money losers right especially so late in
the game you know if you apply the pawn 0-2 to a lot of this alts you know
there's money to be made it's not my way of investing in these things but but now
because there's so many of them and and these people are not in on the on the
penny stock level anymore for results they're understanding that it's just
it's pointless might as well buy a fractions of a Bitcoin and and in
horrible you know for every it's a much more sound way of doing this I think
Bitcoin is kind of like the index fund of crypto you know all the other alts
you know sink or swim around the Bitcoin price anyways so might as well just buy
a Bitcoin and you know it's that the returns are pretty reasonable still we
can still go another 10 acts in the next couple years you know and and in the
likelihood that it goes 10 divided by acts in Bitcoin are pretty slim so the
least you're gonna end up doing with Bitcoin you know it's maybe doubling
your money you know that's not a bad investment no that's not people
forgotten that you know doubling your money that's a really good investment I
mean you put your you put your money in a traditional savings account the United
States where do you get like point oh one percent rich I mean it's ridiculous
but people they want to take tremendous risk it's a human nature I guess of the
80 percenters at least they can't stand still Nobby Clark you got a lot to say
I'm sure about all coins and what rodolfo just said what what are your
thoughts here do you do you see a resurgence in all coins or any any
commentary on anything that's been said so far think long term I think long term
you'll see most alt coins will disappear that's way way way down the line I think
this year they will surge upwards I think it will happen quite rapidly and I
think it will go in relation to the percentage will be more than Bitcoin
this we're still in that we're still in the stage where people think bitcoins
too expensive I see it all the time you know people have come across have you
heard about ripple have you heard about I just you know I don't even know what
ripple it I don't even know the value of ripple I know but I don't know was it
there is no sense on that I don't know anyway all bitcoins 7000-8000 ripples 60
cents or dollar I don't know what it is you know if I can buy that I'm gonna you
know wait till that gets to $7000 it's just pure pure madness how they think
something with you know billions and billions of coins are suddenly gonna
suddenly gonna reach each coins gonna reach the same prices bitcoins people
just don't have a clue they're just blindly buying altcoins but
it happens it happens all the time oh yeah da Rippa lose sixty million
dollars or sixty something maybe I think was sixty million dollars in in in
assets got lost what's that like the dead two days off after it was or is at
CNBC they just you know what's the point of a blockchain if you're not gonna even
keep track of your assets but again we everyone here knows that ripple is not
the same as Bitcoin everyone on this panel knows that but this is the thing
what I'm looking at what my question is about here is are we entering that kind
of realm again where we're gonna get the newbies coming in and they're just gonna
pump up coins like Ripple are we or is that what we're about to enter or did we
did everyone learn their lesson in December and it's not it because I I
don't know you know two days does not make a pattern here does not make a
trend but there are a lot of people out there that are very excited because they
haven't had something to be excited about for a while in terms you know to
see what has happened the last two days so that is that's what I'm trying to get
at here it so it should not be do you think it's gonna get as crazy as
December again or do you think this is just two random days here we just went
through some off coin surge nothing that nothing to worry about nothing to talk
about the thing that I think it's really gonna kick off when lightnings fully
implemented I think that's going to be a game changer and I think that could
probably wipe out quite a few alt coins but people were still invest with all
core in all currents because of the price they they it hasn't they haven't
realized yet that you know they see the cheap price
you know like today you can see it you can look coin market cap you can see
Bitcoin up six seven percent and you'll see some of
the old coins up 33% you know it's you've got you've got to pick one out of
a thousand it's pure gambling I mean use pure get and I think you're saying this
they're gonna die there's some are gonna die one day some are gonna get hurt by
lightning I see it as there's so many newbies yet to join this game that no I
I don't this decade I don't I think the all coins
they'll have their ups and downs but none of them are gonna die because we we
have so many newbies still yet to join this Sun but i-i've seen the behavior
already but by just do you know that you know the newbies that have joined in the
last since 2017 and it'll repeat itself again I think but I'm just wondering if
this is the start of a new surge we'll see what we shall see I do have a
question from someone in the super chat check your six thank you for the $2 now
this question I'm not exactly sure what he means maybe you guys can help me out
on this how far south are you seeing Bitcoin buying how far south are you
seeing Bitcoin buying what does that does this what does that mean does
anyone know looking for the bottom oh yeah this is what I thought I mean
listen we we could still have a few months of their market its but I don't
think we're gonna see a lot of fluctuation down it just might just you
know stay as it's you know we might drop again that thousand dollars we gained
yesterday but you know I think we're we're not gonna see much below that for
the next few months if anything probably see a rally you know in two three months
well I'll say this I think III could it could drop a
thousand dollars tomorrow it was just it was rather than a win up a thousand
dollars yesterday I just remind everyone have a strong hand have a strong hand
you don't and you know don't play around with this with this trading stuff
because you never know you never know when it's randomly this people say oh
I'll just buy it back for cheaper lay if you don't know if it's never gonna get
that cheap again but I will say this it tax the tax thing that Rodolfo brought
up I'm I'm very interested to see what the price is going to be next week if
there's gonna be another surge and maybe then I'll I'll start saying well maybe
this bear market is over I still think we're probably you know in a bear market
i I want to see more about a next week but lodges you've anything any comments
on with that the question was any low predictions or anything like that they say that India is a country that
disappoints both the pessimists and the optimises right so the central bank has
given a three-month window for the banks to cease operations with the crypto
exchanges I personally think that the crypto exchanges and banks and find a
way out dependent it will just continue having said that those who really
believe in cryptos and in Bitcoin the moment they realize that look they have
only another three months to go before they can actually buy crypto and a
legitimate way then they are going to four more into it so if the price were
to sort of keep going up like this you are going to see a lot of money coming
in and people investing which will further push up the price of Bitcoin
even higher right so I just did a small dipstick poll on my Twitter and you know
the results were quite interesting right so after the army announced its decision
I asked if people were going to buy more or hold or sell close to 87% voted that
they would either buy or hold Bitcoin so that's a staggering high amount of
people who are still not positive on this pace so I'm currently in Mumbai I
can show you hundreds of dealers in Mumbai who can give you Bitcoin when you
give them cash you know cash can be as low as few thousand dollars to few
million dollars you give them in India to peace they are going to give you a
Bitcoin in your in your wallet and that is something which the government
exactly wants to avoid you know they want to reduce the cash transaction
and you know if you are actually going to cut off infrastructure the crypto
exchanges you're contradicting yourself on the one hand the government says that
you want to reduce cash transactions on the other hand if you cut off
infrastructure but the third see this you know the transactions are not going
to be within the banking loop so this cannot sustain forever
I'm sure the exchanges will find out find a way out in fact the moment the
decision came out there was a lot of anger and chaos and RBA can't stop me
was a hashtag that was trending on Twitter for three to four days people
who are already devising ideas about how to go about it they were looking at a
particular state which we did which is part of India but the bank did not come
under the RBA purview they were thinking whether exchanges can actually move
accounts there and operate from that state so already you know people are
thinking about what next so I am closely tracking the local Bitcoin volumes as
far as India is concerned it is still not shown as fight yet maybe it will
after a few months when if the if the decision to sort of cut off
infrastructure persists but I was given to understand that the crypto exchanges
plan to go to the court and fight their way out in a legal fashion so this this
can't this can't continue right so it's ridiculous as an Indian I can go on a
betting site and bet on an outcome of a cricket match you know I can bet on the
score of a cricket match but I am NOT able to buy Bitcoin so this you know
this this cannot continue for long and I think if the three-month window were to
persist I think a lot of Indians are going to form or buy and do this that's
my view well you know what we've got a special
into your question for you that question that I asked before actually was
supposed to pertain to India apparently the correct question is how far south in
rural India is Bitcoin being bought Balaji yeah so I mean I would urge the
person who asked the question to go to local bitcoins calm and you know you you
can see that even the most remote part of India you know there are deals that
are happening as far as PTC is concerned so there is a tremendous amount of you
know interest in this pace in fact there was a news article which I read about a
couple of weeks back which said that as a particular organization which was
bringing in mining into rural India so it will be a form of employment for the
rural Indian so they want to bring about crypto mining in a big way in rural
India so so that's happening I think you know just to give you some numbers there
are about 20 million depository accounts in India right so your payment accounts
for stocks and bonds and mutual funds and everything so this 20 million is
after you know after 28 years of liberalisation after 28 years of the
economy being opened up we have a 20 million depository accounts as far as
crypto accounts are concerned we already have five million right so and crypto is
already too close hardly you know three to four years old
as far as concern so you already have a significant headstart and I maintain my
view that in fact you know like how ask a lot of African countries skipped
landline phones and went straight to Mobile's similarly a lot of Indians
especially the young Indians who are armed with smartphones and the data
plummeting like anything they are going to skip investing in gold and move
straight towards pecans so that's that's my yeah that is that would be awesome if
that happens because there's a lot of people in India a lot of young people
we're gonna get back to India in a second rodolfo might have to leave early
so I wanna ask him to everyone is interested in the products that he's
working on up there tell us what's going on with all your products so well I mean
a lot of you already know opened I'm you know this thing sort of flying off the
shelf a lot going to India actually we've been selling a 10 there it's a lot
of fun and now you know regardless of the price you need to keep your crypto
safe so we're launching a new harder wallet it looks like a cool cyberpunk
eighties calculator but this thing is sort of like next-level security we
decided to take the kick the thing the notch a little above what's offered in
the market right now this harder wallet has an SD card for backup you know it
has multiple pin setups distress pin setups brick pin setups it's gonna be
fully open source so you can code in your your your altcoin in it so we don't
have to and that's it this this thing is for presale we're almost running out of
the first batch so if you want to get it is at go-to opened I'm home slash store
we don't have a site for code card yet but you can pre-order there the last few
units and it should be launching in the end of q2 that is a cool looking storage
device and how much does it retail for how much area is it does it cost I think
that the early bird price now is 50 million dollars what yeah yeah yeah okay
so what can you store on it what can you store on it we're gonna start at the
coin only maybe maybe light coin as well and when we launch but then we're gonna
keep on adding coins right the the key to this is it's it's ultra security
right this device supports cold only mode
so essentially you never have to touch this thing
you never touch as a computer if you don't want to not even via USB you can
just use the SD card on it to transport the transactions if you want to really
keep it cold so yeah pretty excited about this yeah man that's like a
quarter of the price of a treasurer or or a ledger I mean that's a people
complain about the as a treasure and ledger well if you
could play about the project here's here's another option for you yes oh
yeah sorry I think we pre-sold probably what they saw them the first few years
of business well well I mean these people do care about storage and safety
but they have been then they're like $200 is a lot I don't want to pay you
know I don't want to pay $200 it's insurance people that's what it is $200
to guard your coin or 50 dodge whatever you'll get four of these things and you
know you buy at F of a Bitcoin today you know it's a it now it's lit six hundred
dollars but you then you go you go sell your sorry you wait another couple years
and that's all of a sudden you know ten thousand and then maybe it's a hundred
thousand it's quite fascinating how your original backups are not necessarily up
two parts the new price of Bitcoin remember if you don't own the private
key you don't own the Bitcoin yeah everyone do do you remember that hey you
uh you jumped on be cash at the beginning of the show
big ash is a lot like well it's it's a fork of Bitcoin
well people ever be able to play around with your thing and put be cash on that
uh I mean listen I believe in a free market I mean people are free to the
letters didn't do it I you know I I don't recommend buying big cash because
it's bad investment and you know it's also and a it is an attack on Bitcoin
however um you know people have been putting be cash on open dines people
have been using our products don't feel free to use it it's it's your it's yours
once we give it to you yeah that's what I I'm not telling people to buy beat
cash but a lot of people got be cash for free so they want to block it was there
yeah they want to sticker they want to keep it around in a safe place until
they can until it surges again because she's great for paying taxes for
buying things so you know essentially instead of of making a dent in your
huddling stash you know you just dump your big cash to buy things and then
once it or have big cash anymore you know yeah yeah I again everyone
that's well that the whole of that product one last time is it is really
cool can you get those in the UK yeah you can pre-order from any country we've
sort of turn to the UK there you go so you the cool thing is that the the case
is gonna be clear like this so that you can there is a lot of anti-tamper
features and you can see if somebody attempted to do an evil main attack on
you so you can check to make sure that it hasn't been tampered inside to fish
your pins out I think you're onto something by making it look like
something else because a treasure and a ledger they're just these they're kind
of boring looking and you know this is a fun this is funny man this gives it some
a spice inside we we make products we want to use right I mean we're doing
this for fun and you know as as you can see we've opened them as well we make
products with personality yeah awesome all right Nobby Clark so I haven't been
avoiding you man it's these guys got lots to say do you have any questions
for these dudes first of all hey is there anything you you've meant to say
because I haven't gotten back to you in a second that if floor is yours to say
anything actually well I will say one thing as you know Adam I am I helped
with the support of Bitcoin rhodium which is an air drop obviously of
Bitcoin I'm not here to chill the coin or anything like that but I was just
going to ask is that something that we could we could store on that hardware
wallet is that going to be would that be possible
that'll be might be my question if it's close enough to Bitcoin it should be
minor code changes for your team you know you just said that yet because we
prefer to do the coding in private because it's faster and you don't have
to deal with other people but then as soon as you know we're ready to laughter
but I put the code online and in some github and you can fork it and then you
can actually install the code that you for it yourself or the device
and there is a way for you to Rivera fie the device so that you can make the same
guarantees that we make that the device is sound
all right Noddy now you bring up all right now I'd be real quick
not real quick you I was gonna ask you about the beer Odie and stuff there are
people out there that want to hear any new updates when next when's it gonna be
listed on an exchange when's it gonna be live because people did get it for free
a lot of people who watch this channel and some other chat and these channel
and so any any news on that air drop in terms of being listed on and did you
have you learned anything from some of the recent troubles that other crypto
dividends have gotten you know there's some that have that didn't it's been
very hard for them to get listed and it's taken a while market cap the list
and take it away well at the moment I think everybody on the discord Channel
are and we're sending through let you know emails over to koi market caps
trying try and get on there this was quite a few people on a discord
in telegram group they're hoping the developers I'm not one of the developers
I've purely helped with supports I helped set up set up the wallet for
people who are struggling and back in January help people register things like
that so I'd have to ask the developers Freddie any new news but I think they're
still on they're still on target for they said April ok they said early April
I know we get into the middle of April now but I don't feel rushing things is
really a good idea this is this is a something which which everybody got for
free so if you registered you got it for free there was no no asking for any
private information no private keys nothing like that it was purely sign
sign from your address to prove ownership and so that into the into the
box for the unique BTR code that's that's all it was
and then you've got your coins you know cut a few weeks later you got your coins
there was nothing there was nothing dodgy about it but yeah word scam gets
thrown around which I absolutely despise for this
project it's you know it's a it's a free you know anyone he was proactive and was
watching your show and he show you know it's they could have done it this is
well I want to say one thing you say you're part of the support team and I
think it's it is interesting that these descriptive divin is these all coins
these whatever you want to call do have support teams how you you guys are going
to still be out there if they're people watching this they can contact your
support team people ask me questions about I can't answer the questions here
there's a support team dude right there more of a customer services role so I
mean if you go on the discord channel or telegram group feel free to go on there
I'll answer or possibly one of the developers are answer that they're
pretty pretty active on discord but it's it's not trying to be Bitcoin not trying
to take over Bitcoin it would never it will never replace Bitcoin it is just
not you know it's nothing like that it's just it's a fresh and air drop if you
were proactive you know alright pound that like button people were
getting toward this end of the show because I've got to go to st.

gotta get on the plane I want to say chant check your six
he's keeps on sending the the super chat two dollars and I thank him a lot and he
says respect for the cool open-source wallet yes indeed
much respect for the cool open-source wallet and just you know we've got we've
got originals on this show people remember we're here every Friday but
this week a big point I do a new show on this channel every single day you get
original news original people hey man keep on pedaling like button keep on
coming back I love it I'm traveling all over the world trying to get you trying
to meet the peoples for you to bring them on here alright so we're gonna work
we're gonna wrap this baby up I think we've uh I think we've covered
everything here so now we're gonna get to everybody's conclusionary thoughts
so we're star with Balaji yeah in India what do you have to say any anything
that's been left out any story that you want to share that you think the world's
got to know because man this has been an international show today's
wonderful yeah so I think as far as news is concerned we hit the bottom master a
script or news in India because they can't get any worse than this
where you know the central bank cuts off infrastructure to you know what the
crypto exchanges so it you know from here or it can only be it can only be
positive I think people also realize that bitcoin
is extremely resilient and these kinds of you know news flow and fun does not
really raise over the long term although that's not term it can be extremely
volatile so I think we are seeing a very good risk on culture in India you know
there's tremendous amount of flows into equities and mutual funds more than a
million dollars which come keeps coming into the Indian mutual fund industry
exchanges are promoting buying kryptos in a very sort of staggered manner there
are gift cards being issued there are exchanges that are helping integrate
businesses with Bitcoin so you know so I think from here on now whoa-ah Balaji
what happened oh guys do you hear Balaji or am I gone he was he was hitting his
conclusionary remark wait Balaji we just missed like the last minute of what you
had to say uh sorry uh it was like 30 seconds ago flow is concerned and you
know the exchanges here are actually helping integrate lot of business it's
two payments in Bitcoin so there are quite a few businesses that are doing
that awesome awesome well I thank you for
giving us the real-life India flow what's really going on over there and
I'm excited I like to hear the news from from the source saying I hope it keeps
growing I hope the youth of India just they forget about gold jump right into
the Bitcoin it'll it'll help this world and it'll help free the people of India
from there there are interfering government that
tries to get their fingers in the area oh my god it never ends over there all
right Bobby this was your debut thank you so much for coming on today man and
giving us some of that English knowledge what's up any anything you want to add
any stories anything you want us to keep our eyes on or anything like that much I
just think we could see more downward movement on the Bitcoin price over the
next couple of months but I think this summer we're going to see something
quite spectacular I think the price is just gonna I think what we're doing at
the moment is building a base I think I believe the last the last Bull Run I'd
say started around eight hundred dollars peaked at 19 six I think this time we're
looking at building building a base around the six seven thousand dollar
range I think we're gonna see a blast through the all-time high well I think
it's going to get choppy in the teens and then people will be panicking that
it's getting near the all-time high again and you know once it crosses that
all-time high I think I think there's no there's no stopping it and that's what I
think is going to happen between summer and Christmas that's people out there
love to hear numbers I try not to mention numbers but you did it so people
are saying people are all saying where it's gonna go the British guy said
sixteen thousand soon I think I think we'll see that this year but I mean you
know what I say on them Twitter earlier Tim Draper 250 I mean 20 22 you know
less less less less yes head for that chewy I wanna ask you you
mentioned this summer for some I was asked I wasn't crushed to Street the
other day and Kenneth they asked me he's like a lot of people were saying
that the summer this is everything's gonna change in the summer is there any
specific reason you said summer I mean is is there something I'm missing it's
nothing big about to happen this summer that I don't know not know so I just I
just feel that it's not necessarily because it's the summer I just think you
know I just think we're as balaji said i just think we've kind of found the base
here you know we've you know i don't think it's going to go below five nine
you know we may get back into the sixes again but i think it'd be short-lived
that's it well that's it and that's it andy hoffman thing to he think he
doesn't think it's gonna go below 6,000 because that the total market cap is
what a it's it's a big round number was it 100 well whatever
rodolfo uh is there anything magical happening this summer besides you and i
speaking in calgary dad is going to affect the bitcoin for you know it was
people but people are like gonna you know the bitcoin and it'll be grow it'll
be great to meet you a few things happen we have the we have the howl on mining
coming in that's that the others more mining equipment available so there's
more action happening in bitcoin weren't the the sec looking at a etf quietly
again or something like that oh yeah it's constantly seeping out it's
teasing but listen i you know the the Wall Street bonuses probably came in
coming in now the checks you know I'd be surprised if a lot of guys a lot of you
know traders not putting their checks in crypto that's gonna happen this year
because you're all tired of seeing all this upside slip their fingers you know
hustlers are not gonna nah gonna sell I don't know I've been I've been calling
for a forty K before the end of the year since last year
whoa do you there's another number the Canadian said forty K I'll be talking
about they said you know if it goes there if it doesn't go there I don't
really care I've got that thing attitude man I got that bitcoins one Bitcoin man
there's it all there's a lot of things maturing I think we're going to see
lightning putting in a lot of treasure just through before they they're the
year they're fixing up a few little issues but you know like that the system
is surprisingly robust you know there's there's a bunch of stuff happening
what's nice about bear markets is that people get shit done instead of you know
answering emails and and there's a lot of cool projects coming out awesome well
I mean I didn't ask you that ovary the question is there anything else you want
to add anything that we skipped there anything else you want to promote or
talk about no I mean listen you know out of our shop just you know I think we
have opened I'm again in stock and you know if you want to keep track of cold
car dinner follow me on Twitter or follow at code card wallet on Twitter
and you get updates and you know as soon as the source is open there's gonna be
simulator bunch of cool stuff but that that's it you know well thank you for
joining me today and I will we'll both be in Calgary in July that's a little
sneak peak everyone I'm not gonna get into the specifics about that yet I'll
have more soon about adam in alberta this summer anyway thank you guests for
for being here today it was a lovely show and we wrapped it up real quick so
I can get to st.

Louis get on my Southwest air and leave Baltimore yeah I
was only here for like less than three weeks and I'm not gonna be back maybe
til Russia Shana I don't even know but I'm pumped to go to California Denver
everything neat everybody around this world because this whole world I know
you'd use are pumped about Bitcoin and who knows what tomorrow will bring
who knows what the summer will bring everyone remember pound that like button
thanks a lot everyone see you later bye bye everyone thank you push stop by.

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