as the latest updates came into the system we started noticing some serious spikes in the prices this came up especially after the millionaire xrp account started moving the world's seventh most valuable digital asset from crypto wallets to exchanges today's updates will certainly be of high value as the community cherishes the new holders and looks forward to the whales as they make huge transactions in the system make sure you don't miss out on a single second here because this video consists of details important for you to make a decision do hit the like button and also subscribe to this channel leave a comment and let us know what you feel about the cryptocurrency make sure to enable all your notifications to our channel to keep up with all the hottest secrets in the world of xrp this video will help you gain an insight into what lies ahead for the xrp and the impact that the lawsuit has had on the cryptocurrency we will also briefly cover the recent developments in the lawsuit against the sec and will analyze the situation at hand at the moment watch till the end to find out how to double the money allow us to tell you that this video is not meant to be financial advice neither are we financial advisors we aim at providing you with the best content for you to understand what is happening in your favorite cryptocurrency this being the case it will be beneficial for you if you conduct a thorough due diligence process before making any purchases or financial decisions let us get started the top news that we have is something that you should know before we tell you about anything else the number of whales in the cryptocurrency seems to have been added as one of the prominent blockchain tracking firms highlighted a transaction worth 20.3 million dollars this moved 20 million xrp coins in the ecosystem which is very good news for this cryptocurrency well that's good news the effect of this news will certainly add to the overall impact that the cryptocurrency has been making through the favorable decisions being made in the court the use of efficient technology and the involvement of a few of the renowned people in the developing team are a few more of the benefits that investing in xrp could give to you on top of all that today we have a leading blockchain tracking firm making a very bold move into the xrp pushing the prices off from the roof the transfer took place from an unknown wallet to the cryptocurrency exchange called bitso it took place exactly on the 1st of october 2021 at 1630 utc with a price of dollar and six cents this cryptocurrency has been waiting for a bit more bullish news to hit the marks that it is actually capable of hitting the news in hand will help this cryptocurrency really reach the targets that it has been aiming for in the recent past in the last week itself we noticed an increase of over seven percent which yet again indicates the bullish tendencies that this cryptocurrency has been showing very recently now while we all thought that this would be the best of the updates we also noticed another transaction taking place with a total worth of 10.2 million dollars on the same date that is the first of october 2021 the way things are proceeding the first of october in itself gave a huge boost to the xrp and we think that this may help this coin grow further as the case comes to an end one of the biggest recessing factors of this cryptocurrency is the ongoing cases against the sec while the lawyers and other legal representatives are trying to figure the case out the community seems to be doing its part really well in recent days looking into the details of the second transfer that we mentioned worth 10.2 million dollars it took place from an unknown wallet to bitstamp which is another prominent digital exchange that helped boost up the cryptocurrency big time big time these transactions indicate the increase in the demand that this cryptocurrency has been showing and the increased support that it has been receiving from the community as such the fact that the team behind the xrp comes out from the parent company ripple which is known for its world-class technology and the solutions being provided makes things even better for the cryptocurrency the trust that ripple has been gaining from the experts in terms of the technological solutions being offered by them is incomparable to any other cryptocurrency in the world the cross-border connections being established is a technology that can readily be implemented by banks worldwide without having to tussle around with it a lot the next big thing that they are trying to figure out is introducing the nfts to the xrpl yet again this will be huge news for the community and will help them decide on the investments that they will be making with new events unfolding with each earring and the matter getting more and more complex we cannot be certain of the effect that it will be having on the community in the times ahead optimistically speaking we may even have to go through a certain degree of ambiguity and guesswork to make a decision of whether or not it will be safe to invest in the xrp the present flow of the case indicates a win for the xrp however the sec seems to be determined not to let the case go off their hands that easily this being the case we cannot be certain of the outcome as the case comes to an end on the front of the development we noticed that ripple came into a partnership with bhutan central bank to facilitate the bank through its cbdc solutions in the month of august 2021 global money express announced that they would join ripplenet which is the global financial network blockchain firm this news spread like wildfire and started bringing in a lot of speculative buying this was another reason why we started seeing the bullish trend in this cryptocurrency and we think that there is a lot of this coming in the way of xrp in the times coming ahead the price of xrp did fall by a certain margin in the recent past yes solana and cardano did overtake xrp at various occasions however where xrp stands taller is at the institutional investments with these high numbers and volumes of investments being made by the big firms and institutions there are high chances that this cryptocurrency will soon supersede all others in the competition the dip in the prices noted in the month of september also did not have enough effect of taking the prices below the one dollar mark the support from the community in that sense has been top-notch and worth addressing the gains reportedly were over 400 however these were not enough compared to the kind of increase in the prices being noticed in solana and cardano as you noticed one of the biggest advantages that the xrp has is the target audience that it chooses the institutions and banks are the ones that make huge investments though there will not be many doing so in other words xrp chooses quality over the numbers which has for long been the strategy that they opt for the superior technology being offered at a low transaction cost is what gave them recognition in the first place the ability to retain the same transaction fees with even more superior technology as time passed made them different from the other competitors in the market no no it's different from that assuming that the same strategy is upheld we might be able to notice a clear difference in the manner in which this cryptocurrency develops against the others in the long term if this cryptocurrency defeats all other cryptocurrencies the two major reasons behind it will be the institutional investments and the technology implemented xrp has been witnessing a higher network activity this was mostly due to the higher number and volume of transactions in the last week since the start of this month xrp has been noticing huge financial investments from firms throughout the world notwithstanding here the mentioned by rosie rose also played a crucial role in determining the manner in which this cryptocurrency will perform in the times coming ahead the two other major things to be kept an eye out on are the two exchanges where these transactions took place it will be interesting to see the progress they make as they facilitate these transactions bitstamp and bitso are not new to the cryptocurrency world their way of handling things will also reveal the potential that xrp has in the times coming ahead we hope you can take home a lot of things through this video make sure you hit the like button subscribe to this channel and leave a comment below to let us know what you feel about this until we meet again keep learning

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