This NFT Altcoin Is Making Millionaires!! 100x or More!?

Altcoins, DeFi, NFTs, and anything in between 
like gamification….That’s what we are talking   about today as a certain project is 
possibly becoming the next Gaming,   Altcoin, DeFi, and NFT star all wrapped up 
into one! Who is the hot this NFT project!?   Well find out in ten minutes give or take 
a few….because it’s time for Chico Crypto!! NFTs… many don’t get the hype…many don’t 
get the value behind them, but one thing is   for certain…they are here to stay! They have 
been and still are having a major bull cycle run!   As we can see from stats of Open 
Sea the largest NFT marketplace,   volume exploded in August, the daily shows 
over 300 million in a single day & September   is already on track to do just as much volume 
as August did which equaled almost 3.5 billion! NFTs have captured the attention of crypto traders 
far and wide & it’s taken a while for a project   to get my attention! But one finally has and 
it’s taking the non fungible world by storm! What is this NFT project and does it have   an altcoin!? Well yes it does 
and that is the LOOT project! It was released a week and a half ago, only a 
short 10 days…with this tweet from the founder   dHOF, Dom Hofman…

Who is actually the 
founder of the once popular VINE app,   the precursor to ticktok.. He said “LOOT- 
randomized adventurer gear- no images or   stats. intentionally omitted for others to 
interpret- no fee, just gas- 8000 bags total. And below is a picture example of the NFT, 
Loot Bag #1….it's just a black background,   with 8 lines of Text, each line 
describing an adventure gear item! What makes this unique? What makes this 
NFT project so groundbreaking!? What is   allowing this to have more hourly volume, 
than the top 4 other NFT projects combined? Well, the loot project is doing something 
that no other NFT project has done.   It’s making NFT money legos!! What do I mean?? Well…,many popular DeFi projects like MakerDao, 
AAVE, Synthetix, Compound and more got their   initial surges and popularity from when people 
understood the concept of DeFi money legos.   Protocols and tokens can be combined 
together to create DeFi offerings,   and combined even further to create something 
the world of finance has never seen before.

Thus the true value of these projects on 
Ethereum were realized and it stemmed from   the key concept of composability. 
This layered building flexibility   couldn’t exist in traditional financial 
markets, only in the world of DeFi. Now, the Loot project is doing to the NFT space,   of what many DeFi projects did the the 
Finance space. It’s flipping it on it’s head! The Loot NFT acts as a base building block. 
The NFT is just a deed of ownership to a   unique list of text and items. That’s all 
there is to it—and that’s intentional.   Because it’s meant to be built on top of. So The typical NFT you have seen out there 
has a top down approach! The Creator creates   all the value, which is returned to 
the NFT holders and project community.   Loot takes the bottom up approach, where 
the NFT collectors and community create   the value of the NFT. The Creator of 
Loot has just provided the bricks,   the wall of text or the infrastructure, which 
allows things to be built by the community.

ANd things are being built at lightning 
speed. As we can see form Loot Resources,   Developer tooling is more robust than most crypto 
projects in just 10 days, there are guilds,   trackers, but the big ones for the community 
are the derivative projects.The projects that   remix or build on top of Loot. It’s a Massive 
list that just keeps growing and growing! Your loot can become a unique pixel 
character, your loot can have a unique realm,   your loot can have stats tied to it…and 
so, so much more from the derivative list! This is all getting rolled up into things like 
loot mart.

Which unbundles and then creates AI   generated renditions of your loot items, so you 
can trade individual loot items, and upgrade   your character and inventory with better rarer 
items, by swapping and trading with other looters. A giant metaverse is being built before our 
eyes and loot holders are being rewarded   and then some! Remember, Loot was free 
to mint, there were no costs to mint   these on August 27th unlike all other 
crypto projects which have a mint fee.   You only had to pay the gas fees. Well 
the floor for the loot NFTs has exploded!   Reaching nearly 14.88 ETH over the weekend 
at its peak or more than 58 thousand dollars! Then, OG loot holders also got an erc20 airdrop, 
that altcoin I was talking about, and it has   already surged into the top 200 cryptocurrencies 
with a market cap of almost 400 million dollars!   This was Adventure gold and 10,000 of them 
were given to each loot holder. Adventure   gold hit a peak of 7 dollars and 14 cents on 
Friday! That means the airdrop was 74 grand! Thus OG minters only had to pay a gas fee and even 
if the ended up with the least rare bag of loot,   it was a free 132000 thousand dollars! 
And even loot derivatives are finding   value in the open sea markets, like the 
realms, and loot treasure, there is even   abstract art that can be created from your loot 
bag which has value and volume on open sea! Loot holders are entitled to the creation 
of these derivatives! Seems like things   were almost too good to be true! 
A loot and money printing machine! Although if we go back to the floor chart, there 
was a pretty significant crash over the weekend,   when the floor dipped from 
the high of 14.88 to 6.50!   What happened!? Well since there were 
only 8000 loot ever to be created in   total…and the price was over 50 grand 
for a loot bag, many people were saying   this priced people out of the game…even 
the likes of Hayden, founder of Uniswap!! Well this caused the founder Dom to do 
something…which spooked the LOOT NFT   trading market! He issued moreloot, 
with this tweet! It’s exactly that,   more loot bags past the original number…250k 
thousand more per year, until a cap is reached   just past 1.3 million.

He opened the doors 
for more people to be invited in the game! So PANIC, people thought this was a destruction of 
what gave LOOT value, it’s rarity! But this is a   separate category of LOOT! It's a common loot DOM 
talked about in the loot discord the day before!   More loot of mloot is just another option of 
synthetic loot, dom said that in his tweet   and in discord, he said synthetic loot is zloot, 
the common tier that everyone can get! Thus more   loot is zloot!! It’s just a common tier way 
to open the game to millions of more people! And people realized this and swept the crash   floor! Kyle Samani, managing 
partner at Multicoin Capital   announced they made an 8 figure Loot purchase, 
as the first NFT purchases for the VC firm…..

Sooo, I’m an OG looter, I have an original 
loot bag and I bought it near the top!   Why? Because in a week and a half, it's baffling 
how big this has become, and how it’s captured   the imagination of the ether community as a whole! 
Large VCs are picking it up and talking about it,   Hayden is talking about it, and even Vitalik 
is talking about it. So I aped as I’m down to   go along for this loot ride, to the moon or 
even if it ends up a zero and to the ground! Remember this is not financial advice!! 
Make your own decisions!! OG loot still   has a hefty price tag and it may eventually 
go to 0! And you can get involved for much   cheaper with the hyperverse being built, 
by mining moreloot. All you have to do   is pay the gas fee! Although moreloot 
will never be OGloot….remember that! But I do believe something special is being 
built. That why i picked up OG loot and the   founder puts the words down better than 
anyone else could “100k+ bags across ogs,   remixes, and other lootlikes
— all built trustlessly using   the getWeapon/getRing/etc format
-millions of unique items  -so many people building already and 
so many ideas on what to build next  -facebook can have the metaverse
-let’s build the hyperverse NFTs, DeFi, gamification and 
Altcoins at hyperdrive….Chico   likes.

Cheers! I'll see you next time!.

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