This New Crypto Project Will 50x By End of 2021 (Elrond Price Prediction)

Sometimes, when I start looking deep at a project, I just scratch my head. I wonder how in the world am I lucky enough
to be implanted firmly enough in cryptocurrency to be able to find some of the most
incredible gems in the world. I just can't believe sometimes how so many people
miss huge underrated crypto projects. Today, we're looking at a project that
I'm telling you is heading straight to the top 20.

If this project does not hit the top 20
at some point by the end of the year, I'll be shocked. Find out what this project is
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at the explosive potential for Elrond.

This project is one I've looked at
for a long time and been super bullish on. But kind of like with Theta, when I really dig deeper into these projects,
the image starts to become clear who the winners and losers in crypto
are going to be over the next year. There are a lot of projects continually moving
down's rankings, while others are definitely climbers. Elrond and its coin, EGLD,
which we'll refer to as eGold, is going to crush many of the coins in front of it.

We will get into a lot of those reasons in this video and then I'm going to give you an absolutely
shocking price prediction for Elrond, my most shocking yet. They have huge news coming up soon, so if you aren't careful,
you could miss the boat. Now, there's a reason why
on a recent YouTube video, Chainlink hosted Elrond. They have a partnership and are working together. We know that. But recently, on this hosted interview,
Elrond had a Q&A with Chainlink. Chainlink team member Keenan Olsen
gets a little excited talking about Elrond. Here's a little snippet of what
he had to say about Elrond. Yeah. That's motivating. You're making me want to go build something
on Elrond right after we get off this talk here. Definitely. Definitely. We'd love to welcome you. The tone of this interview is very friendly, it makes you think they've got a lot
going on in the background. But let's find out what has Chainlink
so excited about Elrond.

Now, one thing I love about projects when I dig into them
is when I find out that they have monstrous goals. Elrond's goal is to build the internet scale blockchain. Specifically, their website says they are a highly
scalable, fast and secure blockchain platform for distributed apps, enterprise use cases
and the new internet economy. We can get into all the tech side
very deep on this project, but I know that's gonna bore
the heck out of most of you, so we're going to quickly summarize that, then jump into the partnerships
and some of the crazy upcoming events that are going to make Elrond moon.

I know, for me, I'm definitely grabbing a gigantic
bag of Elrond for this ride this week. One of the secret sauces to Elrond's tech side
is their "Adaptive State Sharding". Sharding is the mechanism that is going to drive
ETH 2.0 to faster speeds upon full launch. Sharding is a way of breaking up
transactions or data into small pieces so they can flow faster and increase TPS
or transactions per second. It's what that means. This is how it will scale and run fast. There are three basic types of sharding,
state, transactions and network. Adaptive State Sharding uses all three. Also, like ETH 2.0, Elrond will be
using proof-of-stake. And Elrond's specific brand is
"Secure Proof of Stake", which, as you may have guessed,
involves a high level of security.

And the third proprietary tech Elrond uses
is the Elrond VM or virtual machine that serves as smart contract execution engine. Alright, enough of this stuff only 2% of you
understand and only 1% of you care about. Now, on to the partnerships before we discuss
the price and then its potential. With partnerships, there are few projects that have bigger ones. We're gonna talk about a Terra Virtua collaboration
later that we talked about on a video a couple weeks ago. Three projects that are partnered with Elrond: Chainlink, Band Protocol and Holochain. If that doesn't tell you that this is going places,
then I don't know what does. Those are three big successful projects. So let's check out some of the numbers. Right now, Elrond's coming in at No. 53
on both CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko, but I believe it has much higher that it can push to.

As mentioned earlier, this is definitely,
in my opinion, a future top 20 project, and I can certainly see it cracking
the top 10 at some point. The biggest thing to consider when
we look at the potential of this project is its upcoming launch of the Maiar wallet. Okay, so a wallet is not sexy. Kind of like a librarian is not sexy until she takes off her glasses
and lets her hair down. And I'll tell you, the Maiar wallet has sexy
librarian written all over it that you don't need the Dewey Decimal System
to point that out to you.

That's what I'm here for. Deputy Dewey The Maiar wallet is going to revolutionize custody. You see, people will be able to create the wallet
without remembering a username, keeping up with a password or even writing down a complicated seed phrase. The wallet is going to link to your phone number. And transferring eGold will be done just as quickly
and easily as typing up a quick text message and sending it to your girlfriend. Just kidding, guys. Custodianship and transferring crypto
is by far its greatest weakness.

And while other projects are still
trying to figure out solutions, kind of like you're still trying to
figure out that girlfriend joke, Elrond is ahead of the game! We always talk about the "Netscape moment"
in crypto when it becomes easy to use just as easy as the internet. Could this be it? It's something to keep in mind.
It could revolutionize the world. And as far as being able to buy Elrond, the exchange behind the hottest exchange token
of the month, Voyager, has just listed eGold. You can also get eGold on Binance,
Binance.US and the app. You can get access to all of those exchanges
by visiting And while you're there, make sure
to also check out Token Metrics. That's a great site where you can get the best,
latest and greatest research for killer projects. Now, if you remember also, we recently took a look
at what I believe to be the next big NFT platform, Terra Virtua. This is a vastly underrated platform and project
that's working with huge companies like Legendary Comics. Elrond has launched new NFT collections
in collaboration with Terra Virtua.

And the key to that is collaboration. They're aren't just launching them there. They're working with the platform. I'm telling you, guys,
watch out for that NFT platform. Elrond has made headlines lately
by meeting with the mayor of Miami, who is quickly becoming a crypto maximalist. He's very forward thinking when it comes
to crypto and the financial system. The mayor of Miami, Francis Suarez, met with
the Elrond founder and CEO, Beniamin Mincu, who was seen earlier in this video
on the Chainlink section. Together, they talked about how Miami could benefit
from the use cases of blockchain technology. There were definitely plenty of photos from that event– they were wearing masks– you can find on Elrond's Twitter page.

He also gave many of the details of their conversation. Now, in the Twitter thread,
Beniamin says something very interesting— positioning Elrond as the complement
to Bitcoin and Ethereum. It's not a competitor. It's a complement to the top crypto projects. Now, that's a great strategy in my opinion. He also reiterated something I've said for a long time
which is that the next Google and Amazon are out there, most likely, blockchain companies. Remember my words.

The companies that go into revolutions
as the top companies in an economy do not exit the revolutions as the top. And blockchain is truly a revolution. And I know you guys hear me say all the time, certain projects are underrated, but with Elrond, it certainly isn't just me. Picolo Research, an independent research provider, recently said that Elrond is straight up
undervalued by upwards of 200%. Maybe– maybe I need my own research institute. Just maybe. Because it only took me a few hours of reading
to come to the same conclusion that they did. Hmmm. Maybe a new revenue stream. This project though is going to absolutely
rock it in the coming months, but much of that is contingent upon some of the things
we've already talked about earlier in this video, specifically, the Maiar launch of the wallet, if it's accessible, then you can expect big things.

If it's a flop, Elrond could lose some
strong momentum it has built. The research group also pointed out, and Chainlink reiterated this
during their Q&A with Elrond, that the eGold community is very strong
and very passionate. Very interesting here. In terms of community engagement, Picolo Research says only Cardano
has higher rates of engagement. So the question on everyone's mind is,
just how high can eGold go? Where's the limit for this project? And this is where I think things
will get crazy for this project. Out of all the recent projects that we've looked at, eGold is shaping up, I believe,
to be the most explosive. The fact is, this is an underrated coin. No doubt about it. Massively underrated. So think about it like this. I expect most coins to 10X to 20X
over the next eight months. Well, the top coins anyways. But if what Picolo Research wrote is true, and Elrond at this moment is 212%
undervalued at the current price, in my opinion, that gives it much
higher potential than most projects. I believe this– and I know this is nuts, but that Elrond has the potential to 50X
during this bull run.

I believe that Elrond has a legitimate chance
if the Maiar launch goes well to reach between $1500 and $2000 per coin. Right now, it's sitting a little under $40. It's a long ways up from here, but I know I'm going to enjoy the ride. But let me know what you think about Elrond. Am I nuts with my price prediction? Drop me a comment down below. If you're a fan of Elrond, smash that like button
so more people find out about it. Let's see if we can get this video to 10,000 likes
so more people will know about Elrond. Help us get there. That's all I got. Be blessed. BitBoy out..

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