This Is What You’re Up Against…

there was a video i made a while back in response 
to a jay's two cents post and depending on how you   hashed it up you could either say i was defending 
minors or defending the invisible hand for some   context i've never mined with any of my cards i've 
several cards right in the closet it's part of my   job reviewing recursive testing and the like i've 
never mind with any of them it just doesn't sit   right with me because i don't necessarily pay 
out of pocket for them but what i also won't do   is attack miners for buying what 
they can buy and using these cards in   a way that they're actually fairly effective 
with many of these cryptocurrencies so there's   my little disclaimer i have no animosity towards 
myers at all however what i do have animosity   towards are posts like this one here people are 
getting a hold of dozens of graphics cards only   days after launch and flipping them for huge 
profits in bulk it isn't even like any of   these had a chance of ending up in a desperate 
gamer's hands above MSRP he sold all 72 of these   at one time what kind of backdoor shady deal 
went down for this seller to end up with this   many cards this early and why is this kind 
of thing so prevalent on eBay and the like   let's talk stay with me the patriot viper vp 
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tight timings reads and writes peg well over 6 000   megabytes per second and included swappable heat 
shields ensure compatibility and ultra portable   solutions enjoy a five-year warranty with either 
one or two terabyte capacities and you can learn   more about them by clicking the link below so 
this particular listing here uh was for 72 EVGA   GTX RTX 3060 ti XCS located in Logan, Utah the 
winning bid was 81 300 it was bid on 155 times   and shipping was 500 extra dollars now this is 
a sold listing which means somebody actually won   all 72 of these cards they paid 81 300 that 
was a winning bid and actually if you click   here you'll see that these are all of the bids all 
the increments this looks pretty legit like if you   were trying to just throw a ridiculous number out 
there you would go ahead and just pitch it right   off the bat uh you can see that it was pretty much 
bit up from the start at about 14 000 all the way   up in small increments relatively speaking uh to 
about 81 000 and winning bid right here from this   person who apparently does a lot of business on 
ebay the description states that supply will not   be split which means you have no choice but to buy 
all 72 of these cards at once which of course that   shuts out any chance that a random gamer would 
have of buying one there's also a convenient hash   rate listed here to of course encourage mining now 
let's be clear okay this listing popped up days   after these cards were launched in fact you can 
see on February 27th which is like a day or two   after the 360 ti launched the seller added 
the following information here this is not   a bit scam all cards are real operable 
actual Nvidia uh 3060 ti cards like come on these cards were likely headed 
somewhere where they'd be sold for at or around   MSRP okay at some e-retail warehouse could be 
amazon or Newegg distribution center could be   a brick and mortar like micro center who knows but 
they'd probably be sold at MSRP that these big box   retailers usually do stick to around manufacturer 
recommended prices uh and they'd be sold to gamers   right miners even let's be real even flippers 
right there are folks who are buying single cards   turning around flipping them on ebay it's 
happening with the EVGA Q system it's happening   with Newegg's raffle system heck it's probably 
even happening um it's it's probably happening   everywhere let's be honest anywhere you can buy 
a graphics card for a sensible price because that   opens the door to arbitrage and it'll work 
so long as folks continue buying at two or   even three times in MSRP on sites like ebay 
but my quarrel isn't even with the flippers i   certainly think they rank lower on the totem pole 
than miners that's for damn sure but they still   aren't the root of the problem see when you remove 
in bulk right the number of cards in circulation   by circumventing retailers and vendors oems and 
the like you become the problem you were the ones   creating artificial scarcity i mean look at this 
this is i mean what what is this how do you get   a hold of this many as an individual it doesn't 
seem like the seller is you know some large brick   and mortar able to obtain entire crates pallets 
whatever of these cards how is stuff like this   allowed to happen these people are literally 
snatching cards from the hands of a little guy   single end users and the fact that crap like this 
is happening on public platforms days after launch   literally a day or two after this card was 
launched this only adds insult to injury how   are genuine shoppers for gpu upgrades supposed 
to feel when they see crap like this how is it   supposed to restore confidence in the system 
many already believed to be broken and rigged   when we hear stories of pallets of cards being 
stolen or product being smuggled across borders   is that supposed to make us feel all warm and 
fuzzy inside we're already being shafted enough   as it is by e-retailers like Newegg and amazon 
amazon refuses to to hold almost any stock at all   of graphics cards themselves instead they let the 
third-party retailers take care of that and they   always charge two or three times what they should 
and newit continues to bundle cards with unwanted   crap like motherboards and psus psus that aren't 
even capable of supplying enough wattage to the   card in question that's what they're bundling with 
these things it's ridiculous point is things are   already difficult enough to deal with it's either 
pay big bucks for a card now or wait several   several months and cross your fingers but seeing 
ads like these should really be an eye opener   it's all about profit in the end distributors will 
happily sell the entire lot to a random dude on   the side of the street for full asking price just 
to see that profit sooner and that random dude   will happily turn it around and sell each card at 
more than double msrp in a freaking 72 lot bundle   not even decent enough to part them out i mean 
hell i'd be a lot less upset to be completely   honest with you if this was you know a parted 
out situation where each card was being sold for   a thousand bucks something ridiculous but still a 
consistent number that they frequently sell for on   ebay right he's gonna make you buy all 72 of them 
he's going to advertise to miners and completely   sidestep the little guy just look into game i'm 
honestly kind of surprised that this isn't a more   common occurrence or or maybe it is and we just 
don't know about it that'd be clear there is a   significant difference between something like this 
what we just saw and this here so this ad is for   20 gtx 1070 ti's these cards first off are several 
years old they're not making the same dent in this   industry and especially with ampere's supply uh 
that these are i mean this is like what this is   pascal architecture here great architecture 1070 
ti's are awesome cards they were for the price   especially on the used market but now i mean 
you just can't find it like what is this this   is a lot of 20 and you bought them for someone 
bought this for 18 500 a little over a month ago   that doesn't make i mean that that's an awful 
deal that means somebody paid pretty close to a   thousand bucks each for these GTX 1070TIs that's 
um that's a bit desperate but anyway i wanted to   clarify that my feud my issue is with listings 
like this one right involving ampere cards   because these are being actively produced right 
now listings like these are directly affecting   supply you see on e-retailer sites and in 
brick and mortars uh listings like these   not so much not really at all actually this 
listing here probably came from a miner's   been using these cards for several years and 
again the fact that this card was produced   several years ago means it's not really making 
a dent in the current industry although it is   contributing to the overall inflation of 
the market if the other sellers see that   buyers are willing to pay upwards of eight nine 
hundred dollars for a 1070 ti then those other   sellers might feel inclined to raise their asking 
prices as well and when they all do that then yeah   prices across the board go up buyers get shafted 
in the long run but anyway supply is already   tight enough as it is and when you remove entire 
shipments from the equation like this and sell   to some miner directly you aren't helping 
the situation that's kind of the point here   it's just you're not even giving bots and scripts 
a fighting chance which is pretty ridiculous   to say because i hate bots and scripts but even 
individuals are using them because they feel like   they have no other choice they're being cornered 
and you know when you sell to when you sell 72   cards all at once in bulk you're not even giving 
them a fighting chance because no script is going   to buy 72 in bulk especially when these 360TIs 
are marked up this much even the intended goal   was to flip right there's no additional room for 
profit here so there's no reason to buy all 72 and   think oh yeah i can make so much more money these 
margins are crazy they're really not someone paid   a premium for these 360TIs there's really no 
window no opportunity for uh making some extra   cash i mean maybe a few hundred bucks but that's 
a pretty crappy return given the investment made   i don't know guys this you know you see stuff 
like this and um just really grinds your gears i   wanted to bring this to your attention because 
you should know what you're up against right   the game is clearly rigged stuff like this is 
happening quite a bit maybe not to this extent   but it is happening quite a bit under the table 
distributors and retailers are letting hundreds   if not thousands of these cards slip through 
the cracks for a quick buck and it is leaving a   sour taste in the mouth of the pc gaming industry 
that's all for this one leave a comment down below   i would appreciate that consider subscribing 
if you haven't already and i'll catch you   in the next one my name is greg sorry for the 
bear with bad news thanks for learning with me

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