this is exactly when shiba inucoin will explode to the moon and why explained we know the bullish market is here and flourishing when meme coins like doge start to pump and the same goes for a wide myriad of meme coins like safe moon 100 x coin and now shiba inu even though its fans and hodlers argue it's a solid project we will analyze the pros and cons as well as its possible link to elon musk and the chances it has it mooning today we are going to talk all about when and why shibu inu will again explode soon so watch this video till the end because today's video is going to be the bomb welcome to shiba inucoin your daily dose of shiba if you're interested in everything around shiba this is the place for you subscribe if you want to stay updated with all the news predictions and stay one step ahead in the crypto world make sure to hit the like button for us to provide you with more sheep news don't forget to enable all notifications to join our weekly cash giveaway and in the comments before we get to our topic let's take a look at the chart and see what the price of shiba is doing on the 17th of october shall we shiba inu price has been consolidating since its local top on october 7th this coiling up price action has pushed sheeb to produce a rising wedge formation suggesting a correction shiba inu price looks ripe for harvesting shiba inu price has been on fire especially after an eye-popping 392 percent upswing between october 1st and october 7th since hitting a local top at 3 528 100 millionths of a dollar shebe has entered a consolidation that set up a swing low at 0.2186 on october 6th including this point shebe has created three higher lows and two higher highs connecting these swing points using trend lines reveals the formation of a rising wedge this technical formation forecasts a 26 percent downswing determined by adding the distance between the first swing high and swing low to the breakout point while this might seem like a steep correction the 2 540 100 millionths of a dollar support floor will be a significant barrier there are chances for sheep to bounce off this level and mitigate the losses but if the selling pressure continues to increase a revisit of two thousand one hundred eighty six hundred millionths of a dollar is likely either way this drop will allow shibuynu holders to accumulate or buy the dip as a retest of two thousand one hundred eighty six hundred millionth of a dollar will form a double bottom pattern indicating a reversal of the downtrend and a continuation of its uptrend now let's get back to the topic shiba inu inucoin is one of the relatively newer tokens that could serve as one of the best hedges on your portfolio of investments in this article we're going to take an in-depth look at why you may consider investing in shibu inu the pros and cons and other vital details to look out for before risking your hard earned money before investing in chibi inu you must go deep into the crypto project and get to know its future potential in the market with no prior knowledge about the possibilities of the digital asset investing in shiba inu coin increases your chances of suffering massive losses within a short period first and foremost shiba inu isn't one of the newest cryptos with huge technological innovation instead it offers something similar to what cryptocurrency users are used to chibi inu unlike cardano tron eosio binance smartchain ripple or stellar is an entirely new kind of payment system that facilitates transactions over the internet without intermediaries such as traditional banks clearing houses and insurance companies what's more shibuyanu does not have a chief executive officer or a transparent team that guides the project it's entirely decentralized while this new project which seems to be taking the crypto finance space by storm presents a great opportunity for investments you must know what shiba inu is the primary purpose behind the creation of shiba inu and any potential red flags to watch out for which can be a detriment to the success of the cryptocurrency this is because no cryptocurrency has a perfect price history will sheba inucoin become a millionaire maker yes shiba inu coin could become a millionaire maker in the future with a market cap of more than two billion dollars this continues to go up as more exchange listings are announced and more partnerships that will see sheep integrated with several merchants online are formed with the thriving community behind its continued success sheba will likely continue to grow significantly always remember that investments come with risks invest in shiba inu coins with an amount of money you can write off as bad debt shiba inucoin could become a millionaire maker in the following way at 72 10 millionth of a dollar you can purchase 5 million sheeps and it would set you back 36 dollars in the event she reaches a price of 20 cents in the future 5 million sheeps multiplied by a new price of 20 cents equals 1 million dollars millionaire maker is shiba inu coin a good investment yes xibi new coin could be a good investment in 2021 although the forecasts give a positive light on the cryptocurrency you must know that most investments come down to two factors which are risks versus reward do the potential rewards exceed the possible consequences of the risks shiba inu certainly has some risk factors the crypto lacks innovation faces infinite competition from mainstream players in its basic function and does not run on an independent blockchain to help upgrade the platform to the demands of users on the other hand shiba inu continues to gain traction in the space due to the hype from its fans across twitter reddit and facebook plus its infinitesimal trading price presents a low barrier of entry for novice traders and investors additionally experienced and sophisticated investors can take advantage of the relatively lower price of the digital asset and buy millions of sheep without forking out large sums of money in this way sheep can help serve as a hedge on their portfolio of investments to put it simply shiba inu coin is a low risk investment that has lots of hidden rewards you must supplement the thesis provided by trading education with independent research from other investment circles to help you make a better decision therefore the real question is does investing in chiba enu coin work for traders and investors who believed in the asset right from the start it has returned more than sixteen thousand percent perhaps you can buy millions of sheeps below one hundred dollars and see where it can take you based on your investment goals in the short and long term should i buy sheep now like dogecoin some investors may make money by speculating on these meme coins in the short term people who bought before this week's dramatic gains will likely be happy with their profits but a skyrocketing price alone doesn't necessarily indicate something's a good investment especially when the prime reason for that growth is a picture of a puppy on social media it's always important to be cautious about buying a coin that's just hit an all-time high that's all for today also we would like to mention that this is not a channel intended specifically to provide financial advice and we do not ask you to invest in any company this is merely a channel directed towards bringing educational content to your doorsteps with that in mind before you invest in anything we recommend you do thorough wide spectrum research on the topic we hope you like this video let us know in the comments below if you're a sheba holder and make sure to subscribe and give us a thumbs up see you next time at shiba enuk bye [Music] [Music] you

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