This Guy Accidently Admitted That He Created Bitcoin

One of the biggest mysteries and most well
kept secrets of all time is the true identity of the creator of Bitcoin. With an alias of Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder
of Bitcoin was able to create an asset whose market cap peaked at over $1 trillion. If Bitcoin was a company, it’s market cap
would have been the 6th largest in the world at its peak. Yet, somehow, the founder has been able to
keep his identity anonymous. But, if we look closer, we’ll see that Satoshi
actually left quite a bit of bread crumbs for us. And, one guy even accidentally admitted for
a brief second that he created bitcoin. So, here are the top contenders for founder
of bitcoin, and why the last contender may even be Satoshi himself.

Before we get into the candidates, let’s
first discuss why Satoshi has chosen to stay anonymous. We have seen theories that Satoshi is a private
person who doesn’t like attention or that Satoshi has a criminal background and doesn’t
want to attract the attention of authorities. But, in reality, none of these are likely
the real reason. If you take a look at the premise of Bitcoin
and comments from Satoshi, the reason for his anonymity is clear. In 2011, Satoshi wrote quote “The root problem
with conventional currency is all the trust that’s required to make it work.” So, one of the primary reasons bitcoin was
created was to prevent users from having to trust a central authority or figure head. If Satoshi’s identity was revealed, people
would look to him for his thoughts on crypto and they would look to him to fix any issues.

But this would be contradictory to the goal
of Bitcoin. In a decentralized system, one person should
not be able to move the markets, and trust has to come from the community, not the creator. So, that’s why the creator of bitcoin avoids
the spotlight. With that being said though, amongst the crypto
community, the real Satoshi is likely quite well known already. He or she is likely one the most respected
voices in the community. This is because Bitcoin was not some random
basement success like many might think. In the first few years after Bitcoin went
live, Satoshi was actually extremely talkative. In fact, he made 575 posts between November
2009 and December 2010. These posts primarily discussed problems with
bitcoin and troubleshooting of various issues with the help of the community. Satoshi didn’t leave the community until
he felt that Bitcoin was ready stating quote “I’ve moved on to other things.

It’s in good hands with Gavin and everyone.” Considering Satoshi’s willingness to discuss
Bitcoin with the community after the launch of Bitcoin, it’s highly likely that Satoshi
was discussing with the crypto community even before he created his alias. So, if his identity was revealed one day,
the general public would probably have no clue who it is, but the people super involved
in the crypto space wouldn’t really be surprised. With that being said, let’s jump into our
first candidate which is of course Satoshi Nakamoto himself. The first instinct you have when trying to
find the creator of bitcoin is to actually find someone who’s name is actually Satoshi

And sure enough, the media was able to find
a man named Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto. But aside from having the same name and being
an engineer, this guy basically has no connection to the crypto space. He told the Associated Press “I got nothing
to do with it.” And considering that it would be stupid to
use your real name if you wanted to be anonymous, I think we’d all agree that he’s telling
the truth. Moving on, we have Elon Musk. Again, this one is an oddball. Though Elon is extremely talented and has
the background to create such a project, it’s highly unlikely that it was Elon Musk. During the creation of Bitcoin, Elon Musk
had just burnt his entire Paypal fortune on Tesla and SpaceX, and he was in debt just
trying to get by. So, I don’t think he was spending his free
time, which he didn’t even have, coding Bitcoin. Next up, we have Craig Wright. There’s also very little evidence suggesting
that Craig Wright is indeed Satoshi other than the fact that he himself keeps claiming
that he is Satoshi.

Since 2016, Craig has been claiming that he
was part of the main team who created Bitcoin. Considering the philosophy of the real Satoshi,
however, he would have likely never come forward about being the founder of Bitcoin. Along with Craig we also have Dave Kleiman. Dave unfortunately died in 2013 and he never
claimed to have created Bitcoin. The only reason Dave is on this list is because
Craig claims that Dave was part of the team, but given that Craig has low credibility,
no one really believes this story.

Dave was on Satoshi’s original mailing list,
but it seems like Craig is just leveraging this connection to push his own narrative. Anyway, with all of those loose cannons out
of the way, we can move onto strong candidates starting with Bram Cohen. Bram is one of the veterans of the peer to
peer model having co-founded BitTorrent way back in 2004. He was a prolific blogger who posted about
his thoughts on peer to peer networks, security protocols, and decentralized systems. Coincidently his blogging even slowed down
during the launch of Bitcoin. Bram was actually a super strong candidate
for founding bitcoin, but one of his later actions would disprove this theory. Bram would eventually go on to make his own
cryptocurrency called Chia, and Chia is supposed to be the antithesis to Bicoin and the proof
of work model used by bitcoin. I think we’d agree that it’s highly unlikely
that Satoshi would not only trash on bitcoin, but also create a competing crypto. Moving on, we have Gavin Anderson. Gavin Anderson is a software developer who
was very much involved in the early days of bitcoin.

If you guys remember the last statement from
Satoshi, he said that Bitcoin is in good hands with Gavin and everyone else. It’s possible that Satoshi was transferring
the reins to himself. A stylometry study even found that Satoshi’s
writing was most similar to that of Gavin Anderson. An incident that raised some skepticism about
this theory was in 2016 when Gavin believed that Craig Wright was the creator of Bitcoin. Though that seems a bit sketchy, maybe that
was just a 200 iq play. It’s possible that he saw Craig take credit
for founding Bitcoin and he went along with the story to shift attention away from himself.

There isn't really any glaring evidence that
Gavin isn’t Satoshi. The only reason I don’t think it’s Gavin
is because the last two people on this list are even more convincing candidates starting
with Hal Finney. Hal Finney graduated with a computer science
degree from CalTech in 1979. While completing his bachelors, he often took
graduate level classes which really showcases his high intelligence. Hal Finney was also the first person to respond
to Satoshi's original email about Bitcoin, and Hal Finney would become the first person
to connect to Satoshi’s network and the first to receive Bitcoin. Whenever you create a YouTube channel, you’re
often your first subscriber. And whenever you create a business, you’re
often your first customer. So, it could make sense that Hal Finney was
the first to test the network and receive bitcoin.

Aside from having the brains to create such
a project, Hal Finney has a rather direct connection to the name Satoshi Nakamoto. Remember the first guy that we discussed whose
name was Dorian Satoshi Nakamoto? Well, he definitely wasn’t the creator,
but he may have very well been the face of Bitcoin. You see, Dorian lived just two blocks away
from Hal Finney. Maybe, Hal Finney used the name of his neighbor
to cover up his real identity. Something else that fits the story is that
Hal Finney was diagnosed with ALS in 2009 and unfortunately died in 2014. This may be the reason that Satoshi Nakamoto
stopped posting in 2011 and why we haven’t heard from him since. The only problem in this story is that I’m
not sure Satoshi would have made himself so obvious. Would he have really made himself the first
recipient of bitcoin and was he really emailing himself? I’m not sure. A lot of the crypto community actually thinks
that Hal Finney is indeed the creator of bitcoin, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it really
was him.

But I do think one man is an even likelier
candidate, and that’s of course Nick Szabo. Most of you guys likely aren’t familiar
with Nick Szabo, but he was one of the first people in the crypto space if not the first. Nick proposed the idea of a digital currency
way back in 1998 with the name Bit Gold. The idea for Bit Gold was basically identical
to Bitcoin. Bit Gold relied on a network of decentralized
miners to verify transactions and keep the system secure. Nick Szabo never ended up launching Bit Gold
because he wasn’t able to work through a handful of security risks. But that doesn’t mean that he ever stopped
trying. In a 2005 blog post, Nick actually outlines
how an unforgeable chain or the blockchain was the solution to his problems with Bit
Gold. In this post, Nick also explains how the entirety
of the Bit gold system would work from mining to transactions to the blockchain.

What’s extremely surprising is that despite
spending 7 years figuring all of this out, Nick didn’t end up launching Bit Gold. What’s even more fishy is that he tried
to make it seem like he made this blog post after Bitcoin was revealed. If you take a look at the publication date
of this blog post, it says December 27, 2008 at the top. But if we use the wayback machine, we can
see that a snapshot of the website was taken in 2006 which showcases that the original
date of publication was December 29, 2005. Internet detectives also confirmed that there
was actually no change to the post itself except for the displayed date of publication. Aside from outlining the entirety of bitcoin
before it actually came out, Nick Szabo was the only crypto enthusiast who never communicated
with Satoshi Nakamoto. As we previously discussed, Satoshi Nakamoto
had communicated with Gavin Anderson and Hal Finney, but he never communicated with Nick
Szabo despite Nick being one of the veterans of the space. The initials of Satoshi Nakamoto are also
the same as Nick Szabo. In Japan, when you write initials, you write
the last name first, meaning that Satoshi’s initials are NS not SN.

Satoshi even commented
on how his bitcoin address started with his initials, and sure enough, his bitcoin address
starts with NS not SN. Around the time Bitcoin came out, Nick’s
blogging also fell off a cliff. Between 2005 and 2008, he was averaging 40
posts every single month. Since 2009, however, his posting has dwindled
to 30 to 40 posts per year. Something else to consider is that Nick even
had a copyright on the idea for Bit Gold. Yet, despite Bitcoin being basically a ripoff
of Bit Gold, Nick never took any legal action against Bitcoin.

I think it’s safe to assume that if you
spent 10 years developing Bit gold and some Japanese dude with no posting history in the
community comes along and rips off your work, you would almost definitely pursue legal action. Satoshi even admitted that Bitcoin is an implementation
of Wei Dai’s b-money proposal and Nick Szabo’s Bitgold proposal. I mean, this seems like the perfect opportunity
to sue.

Another coincidence is that Nick’s birthday
and Satoshi’s birthday are both April 6. But, by far the strongest piece of evidence
is a potential Freudian slip from Nick. A Freudian slip is an unintentional error
that reveals a person’s subconscious thoughts. These are especially common when a person
is trying to suppress a thought. For instance, if I told you not to think about
dolphins, the first thing you’ll think about is dolphins. Every time you try to not think about dolphins,
you’ll end up thinking about dolphins. The same idea applies here with Nick Szabo.

In an interview with Tim Feriss in 2017, Nick
accidently says that he designed bitcoin and then quickly corrects himself. Evidently, Nick may very well be the Satoshi
Nakamoto. Even if he isn’t though, he’s still no
doubt the father of bitcoin as he developed Bitgold years before Bitcoin ever saw the
light of day. Do you guys think Nick Szabo is the creator
of Bitcoin? Comment that down below.

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