This Crypto is the NEXT Uber? (Altcoin for Decentralized Cloud Storage) | Interview

it's the uber of cloud storage so while 
fi file coin and c coin they're single   uh they're single cloud storage decentralized 
units you guys are the one inch or you guys   are the uber the aggregator for all the cloud 
storages and you'll find it yeah that's that's   that's the thing that they think we're trying 
to do and so you really want to compete with   the amazons the aws is the googles the biggest 
guys in the space yeah definitely of course   we're very confident that we're able to guarantee 
the cheaper storage options that compared to them all right welcome back everybody to altcoin 
daily where you subscribe because we demystify   this cryptocurrency market one interview 
at a time today we are joined by the great   the powerful alex shacho i hope 
i'm pronouncing that correctly   how you guys probably know him as the ceo and 
founder at coldstack alex thanks for joining   thank you how are you today great i'm so 
excited to have this kind of interview   and so excited to can to be 
being addressed to your audience   and i hope i hope it will be nice i hope so too 
and i think it will be and before we start out   are you are you a watcher of altcoin daily do you 
know crypto youtube yes from time to time i want   to take more attention to crypto youtube because 
we mostly focused on like telegram and twitter and   we are really excited to take more attention to 
the crypt of youtube to you guys all right good   to hear because then you know that i pride our 
audience the altcoin daily audience as being the   the most informed at least we try in this space 
so then they can make the best decisions for them   so i'm going to jump right in go into the broad 
strokes what is cold stack and what problems is   cold stack aiming to solve okay called stack uh 
it can be presented like a uber for clouds like   it's unified protocol which allows 
us to aggregate decentralized storage   uh platforms on networks such as filecoin or 
airweave or sire or something like we enable   to easy use of these platforms without a lot of 
time and effort for the integration or something   there's no need to be familiar anymore like 
with crypto stuff and decentralized system   protocols and blockchains and so on so yeah we 
are first to market decentralized cloud aggregator   so cost tech offers a single entry point to any 
decentralized cloud storage platform we optimize   the final cost from the consumers we do it with 
our a a ai based pipeline and i'd say it's like   a uber supplies clients with convenient rights 
and deliveries from a huge pool of drivers or   i don't know one inch sources liquidity from the 
number of different exchange polls or something so   we supply our users with the most accessible and 
cost-effective way to use the storage space like   more than any decentralized cloud actually and 
so our mission is to provide all in one platform   actually all in one platform to have an easy 
access to any decentralized cloud so called stack   aims to solve a number of issues like concerning 
the issues and the main issue i'd say well   actually before you go into that i just want to 
sum it up for our audience it's the uber of cloud   storage so while filecoin and coin they're single 
uh their single cloud storage decentralized units   you guys are the one inch or you guys are the 
uber the aggregator for all the cloud storages   and you'll find yeah that's that's that's the 
thing that they think we're trying to do and   actually you know it's uh also all the central 
uh i believe that all the decentralized storages   we have are really nice especially like uh 
sire and filecoin and storage and others   and but there are some issues that should 
be resolved and the main issue is that you   can't access all the platforms of the centralized 
storage ecosystem from one place you know uh if   you will use centralized storages like you can use 
s3 protocol or you can use some kind of standards   that makes really easy and um fine way to switch 
between each to other one and like to try uh   some storages that are most effective 
from somehow like uh and you have no   not an option to do this for decentralized 
storages and that's it limited the mass   adoption i'd say it has a limited usage for normal 
people like outside the crypto community to try   decentralized storages so some decentralized 
storages are difficult for people who are not   familiar with them the new way to access the 
advantages for each storage offers to users and   we have to mention that we are 100 believe that 
all the decentralized storages are better than   centralized giants like amazon and google so we 
believe they're worth more adoption i i think i   don't know maybe 10 times 100 times more adoption 
than they actually have for now so like we   more we improve the cost efficiency and 
accessibility and more decentralized   storages can really begin to compete with 
centralized giants and to overtake them   so we believe we can we can do this as 
that's our main goal so you really want   to compete with the amazons the aws is the 
googles the biggest guys in the space yeah   definitely of course we're very confident that 
we're able to guarantee the cheaper storage   options that compare to them that we already 
offer cheaper storage that compared to them just   people who participate in our alpha tests but it 
isn't just issue of money it's people have become   increasingly aware of why decentralized storages 
um like they're bad for privacy they're for   freedom for security that we want uh to do our 
part to further the movement of or decentralize   the storage to overcome the centralized storage 
like to be combined like like we cannot do it uh   like we cannot do it on on our own or our own we 
are trying to combine all the centralized storages   like we can we are trying to combine all of their 
advantages and to offer to the everyday people   that's that's that's we're trying to do that's why 
we think we can compete with amazon and google but   it's not the cold stack we'll compete but all 
the decentralized ecosystem and we believe we   can compete and overtake do you have any official 
partnership with filecoin or see a coin or any   discussions between you guys or is 
that not needed sure indeed we're   we're we're working on this and will announce 
um like the partnerships but actually if you're   if you're an aggregator you do not really need 
some some kind of stuff just like this but we   we will we will pretty soon announce 
the partnerships will also measure   uh decentralized storages what is the use 
case of the cls token governance utility both   everything ut uh like um it's it's now utility 
but the governance will come across pretty soon   because uh everything will be down governance 
in our ecosystem and we mentioned it   if you're if your audience will take a look 
on our medium they could find an article when   explaining the stuff concerning the dark 
governance and we strongly believe that   the dao governance will be a great advantage for 
us because we do want to be 100 dollar government   i will link that article down below in the video 
description so it will be a governance token   meaning that if you own enough of the token you 
can help it's a doubt so you can help uh form the   decisions in the community the community leads 
instead of one centralized entity and it's also   utility as i'm asking as well meaning that you 
need it to transact the decentralized storage   yeah and just like that we the only thing the 
only thing you need to use all the decentralized   storages with us is to have some of our tokens 
and better understanding of s3 protocol that   i guess 99 of all engineers are familiar 
with this protocol and also we believe that   the people who will take our tokens they will 
also participate uh our ecosystem actually we aim   to uh to make able to stake our tokens 
to the people who will participate   who will contribute to the ecosystem give me 
let's let's go dive into the future a little   bit to give me the bowl case for cold stack 
within five years what does success look like five years or you pick the you pick the 
the the time out but in the future what   does success look like okay the success for 
the cost tag is that uh just to be honest   is the mass adoption of decentralized 
storage networks from everyday people   so we really want to compete with centralized 
companies as i mentioned earlier but actually   the the thing we're trying to do is to bring much 
more adoption to decentralize the storage networks   so we success for call stack in 
five years is to become a well-known   enterprise and business data solution as well 
as data storage solution like for everyday   everyday people for everybody can use maybe like 
a dropbox and our general goal is to involve uh every decentralized storage option large 
and small in one place and provide it to   the to the common people like to bring much 
more adoption to the decentralized storage   ecosystem so our success actually is the success 
of decentralized storage ecosystem as a whole   interesting i love that i think that's a goal 
we can all get behind in the crypto sphere   and obviously we're not going to get into every 
single detail today in this interview i i do want   to go into big picture bitcoin and cryptocurrency 
market but anything we didn't cover for cold   stack that you think's worth mentioning to our 
audience the things that i want to say not about   decentralized storage ecosystem as a whole but as 
for coldstack is is just uh called stack is like   kind of combination of different storages and 
uh being a combination that's why i'm trying   i'm trying to say what we can compete amazon 
because the each decentralizes storage   as a one storage it cannot compete and cannot 
compete with those giants but we are like being   a combination of all decentralized as short as we 
can we can do it we can offer the storage options   that only huge companies can offer because we can 
combine everything just we will try to we'll try   to explain this stuff uh concerning our storage 
uh consulting our storage plans concerning our   storage classes like the same as s3 amazon storage 
classes i wouldn't say i i i'm not i'm not trying   to be too technical but i'm really excited like i 
love it to present it to your community i hope i   hope you you can uh link you can add couple of 
links to our medium articles 100 because this   interview is just the jumping off point it's just 
the broad strokes so then everybody can dig in   um in our final five minutes i want to pick 
your brain on some bigger uh bigger macro   cryptocurrency topics just generally speaking what 
excites you the most for cryptocurrency into 2022   oh well i think the attention of decentralized 
storage and other infrastructural projects   and has gotten over the past year that indicates 
there will be even more attention in the sector   for 2022.

This is practically because of 
nft boom and with us heavy heavily like   blend on the decentralized storage ecosystem 
to backup and store nfts but i believe that   uh more infrastructural projects will come 
across like blockchain based projects and it   will be like a new boom that will leverage 
the whole industry because i believe   that it will not be just fintech but it will 
be more and more more and more areas that   will be able to compete like with traditional with 
the traditional industries they will disrupt the   traditional markets with the blockchain approach 
because i strongly believe that uh notes just the   decentralized storage networks but all other 
the blockchain projects have the significant   advantages on the traditional approaches so we 
will see more infrastructural projects and more   infrastructural ideas that will disrupt the 
current markets i love it and to sum that up   you said obviously you're excited for d5 nfts huge 
trend but you're excited to see the infrastructure   the decentralized storage solutions 
and stuff because yeah because defy   defy i guess i guess d5 is the only narrow 
part of the whole industry and i believe   i believe just will not be just decentralized 
finances but decentralized everything awesome   and final question this one's just a fun one 
bitcoin price prediction for the end of the year uh as as for bitcoin price prediction 
i'd say just for me personally   it's nice if the bitcoin will go up because the 
whole uh the whole ecosystem the whole crypto and   blockchain based ecosystem will go up with 
it and i i believe i believe it will be   just like maybe 60 000 but uh i will 
also be happy like if it will not go   up too fast because i personally believe it 
will be like in the same situation between 45   and 30 and i'm absolutely happy with that because 
uh this it will be less less volatile and it will   be more predictable for the people who will 
use the central decentralized storage you know   if you will come to the traditional venture 
or some kind of like normal enterprise they   will be really surprised that if you cannot if 
you cannot predict how much your storage space   will cost the next month and also if uh if bitcoin 
will go down uh then more how to say the more the the prices for the uh for decentralized storages 
the prices uh for the data for the storage fees   storage fees will be more attractive for the 
common people so we we can gain advantage on   this as well but i believe i believe that the 
falcon will go up until the next of the year   all right i love it a very variant i always 
find the mark of a true bull a true crypto bowl   is if you don't mind the price staying low 
a little longer because that gives way more   time to build you know crypto and also to 
accumulate if you if you like bitcoin but   alex thank you so much for joining us the links 
to alex's stuff and cold stacker down below   in the video description final 
thoughts for the altcoin daily audience okay it's nice it's nice to see you 
guys it's nice to socialize with you   i hope i will meet you later and i will share 
you some some kind of news concerning our project   and like the whole decentralized storage 
ecosystem awesome i love it audience out   there give us your thoughts down below in the 
comment section and we'll see you next time

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