THIS Bitcoin Move Will DEFINE BULLRUN (2 MOST Important Levels)

[Music] good morning everybody it's july 9th 2021 my name is piano maddy b and this is your morning ta [Music] quick glimpse into the crypto markets where the sun shining [Music] where the wind's blowing all based the humble opinion of this piano [Music] look son it's a symmetrical triangle on the four-hour chart what's a symmetrical triangle dad well it's a period of consolidation before the price is forced to break outer [Music] down a breakdown from the lower trend line marks the start of a new bearish trend yeah while the breakout from the upper trend line indicates the start of a new bullish trend well where's it gonna go dad patient son we have to wait and see then we'd laugh and he'd light up a cigarette inside the car and roll up the windows all the 80s [Music] we have the lower part of this triangle touching these higher lows of 29.5 35 and yesterday at about 32k that would be making up our level of support we see the top line touching three lower highs 36 5 35 5 and 35 making up our resistance line now let's bring uncle fibbin to the party we see two potential breakout points to the downside at 32.9 to the upside a 34-3 now let's bring my favorite arcade game from the 80s pac-man into this pattern yeah pac-man to explain where we want to be and stay [Music] actually i went to play pac-man uh before a movie before the apocalypse occurred and i asked the attendant where do i get quarters and he said uh it only takes loonies which is the canadian dollar and i asked oh so you get four games and he looked at me and smiled like i was some old confused man who walked off the street and said no uh each game costs a dollar needless to say i put my looney back in my pocket and i never played pac-man again anyways we want to break up into pac-man's nasal cavity that's where we can more confidently say that we've entered a new bullish pattern and out of a symmetrical triangle now if we break down into pac-man's lower jaw or mandible if you want to get technical that's where we can more confidently say that we've entered a new bearish pattern and out of the symmetrical triangle as well after yesterday's downward action pulled back up to the 23 fib level about 32 9.

Now i would have felt a little more cozier if it retraced back up to about 33 7 and trip the light fandango on the 20-day moving average but hopefully we see that today and by the looks of all these hammer candles let's give me some warm fuzzies that we just might see it hey maddie b what's a hammer candle and what's the importance of it more so well thanks for asking great question simply put a candle that looks like a hammer means price action opened up and immediately had selling pressure then the bull said no no no no not on my four-hour candle watch and push the price right back up they're bullish candles and represents a high probability of more bullish movement wow symmetrical triangles bullish hammer candles and pac-man all on one friday video yeah cause fridays are crazy we know that here in cryptoville so buckle up cause bitcoin loves to party on the weekend doesn't he or she or whatever so remember we're playing the same game as our psychopathic elected elites elected so zoom out and have a fantastic day [Music] and it's friday so sing me out three four [Music] nice better pitch because you you're controlling your breath through your abdomen and that's the key to singing really [Music]

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