[Think Tezos #1] Why Tezos is the most secure blockchain platform

the Internet is called as a network of information it has evolved rapidly by producing and sharing information errors and bugs that occasionally occur when using the Internet or a computer were just a mere inconvenience to users for example the annoying blue screen during your writing session or a sudden app crash on your smartphone the solution is usually just a reboot away how about lock chain blockchain is a little bit different blockchain is a network where data with real value are exchanged in this case can errors still be regarded just as a mere inconvenience in a blockchain network just like it was for the Internet [Music] there was an incident where multi million dollars worth of aetherium were lost due to an error in the multi-sig wallet what's more is that besides this case there have been numerous economic losses caused by errors in the blockchain system Teja supports what's called formal verification because Tytos believes that the blockchain technology should be error-free and precise to explain formal verification in layman's terms it is a technology that mathematically verifies potential vulnerabilities in a smart contract code before it is added to a block this technology is extremely important in the blockchain ecosystem because the code once put in a block is immutable of course it is still possible to catch errors and bugs using traditional test methods however these test methods may still lead to vulnerabilities because they rely heavily on the developer's intuition and empirical evidences on the other hand formal verification is very secure and reliable as it adopts a standardized formula which mathematically proves that the code properly works without errors because of this feature Tasos is suitable for not only the area where the current blockchain is used but also in error critical industry for example transportation medical aerospace and finance this formal verification is one of the reasons why when T of projects choose T Jose come and join hey Jose community and let stages together you

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