They Will NEVER Realize How GAME-CHANGING XRP Is! | Green Days Are AHEAD! (Don’t MISS Out!)

Hello, my beautiful fans! It's been one hell of a week with so many
red candles across the crypto-market. But we might have already seen the worst-case
scenario. All in all, today, we are going to concentrate
on XRP and how much value this coin has. To be honest, most people do not comprehend
the value of this crypto. On top of that, today, we are going to talk
about an important article written by Paul Krugman, who's an established Opinion Columnist
editor for the New York Times.

He's also a distinguished professor in the
Graduate Center Economics Ph.D. program. Even with all the accomplishments today, Paul,
I'll probably disagree with all your comments. Anyway, let's roll that intro and get started! What's up, guys! Welcome to Money Side, where we let money
do the talking. If you haven't already, hit that subscribe
button, and let's make this money together. With all his accomplishments, Paul has had
some recent strong comments about the crypto community at large. And him being a well-known personality, it's
hard not to notice his opinions. I'm not about to question Paul's good judgment-
no siree! His points have some context but not entirely
true. As you can see from this tweet, Paul acknowledges
that bitcoin has been around for quite a while. But from his perspective, he doesn't see any
legal use for the coin besides being a rebel of the fiat currency.

Honestly, since the innovation of bitcoin,
we've had several cryptos in the mix, including XRP with uses outside the crypto world. In fact, XRP does something that even stable
coins can't at the moment. This coin acts as the bridge between both
worlds. Stable coins are always pegged to a specific
currency. For illustration's sake, let's look at the
recent release about Tether, which presumably is the largest crypto. As you can see from the chart, USDT currently
has a small cash percentage, making most people question their liquidity. When asked, Stuart Hoegner quickly responded
by saying that users shouldn't confuse actual cash for liquidity, according to an article
published on But guys, let's be honest here: USDT has done
us a huge favor of opening up the crypto market, its only pegged to the US dollar, which makes
it rather bias to one specific currency. Therefore, even though most crypto traders
wouldn't want to admit it, Tether might not be the best suitable bridge currency. And that's where XRP comes in. But that made most people nervous, and I must
say, it could potentially impact how we view Tether.

All in all, Tether has played a vital role
in transitioning everyone from fiat currency to
the digital world. And that's it! Another comment that Paul pointed out the
fact that cryptocurrencies do not play any normal economic activity. For lack of a better word, that's total crap. We've had tremendous uses of cryptocurrencies
outside blockchain technology. And above all, several companies accept cryptocurrencies,
including bitcoins. Where has Paul been for the last several years,
or even just the last couple of months? Cryptos are steadily taking over the world
bit by bit. When he was commenting all this about cryptocurrencies,
all I could think about is XRP and Ripple Labs' objectives. Now, if anyone has the same opinions as Paul,
let me take you to school for a second.

One of the greatest missions of RippleNet
and XRP is creating a system that allows the efficient, cost-effective, and instant move
of money to all corners of the world. That reduces the costs that burden most entrepreneurs
whenever they are trying to move merchandise across the world. What's more, transaction validation will no
longer be a hurdle in our financial market with such a system. RippleNet makes it easier than ever to run
a high-performance payment business on a global scale. That's because this advanced blockchain technology
eliminates the need for pre-funding by leveraging the power of XRP through RippleNet's On-Demand
liquidity service. Additionally, you will also get access to
SMEs from all over the world.

Guys, that's real-life practical usage that
will impact how we operate, especially in the global market. And that's not all! Aside from cross-border transactions, RippleNet
is partnering up with several Central Banks to create digital currencies for them. That will work using the private ledgers offered
by this network, and the partnerships will give rise to the Central Bank Digital Currencies. The private ledgers are based on the XRP Ledger.

This network leverages Interledger Protocol
(ILP) and RippleNet technologies, bringing the best solutions together to support the
Central Banks' needs. As we speak, the Central Bank of Egypt is
already on board with the idea, and they plan to work hand in hand with Ripple Labs to make
this network a possibility. Aside from the SEC Lawsuit, which's currently
slowing down the roadmap of this coin, XRP could be virtually unstoppable. But rather than just slowing this coin down,
the SEC has placed Ripple Labs and XRP on the center stage. Now everyone is waiting to see what will happen
next for this coin and the next step.

As we already know, if the court case goes
sideways, Ripple Labs will have to take their operations elsewhere. Which, from my perspective, it's not such
a bad scenario. If the company chooses to stay in the US,
they will have to register their business as a brokerage and obtain a license. That could potentially dip the profit levels
of this company and also affect the price action of XRP. But if they win, then we might be witnessing
the next big name in the cryptocurrency world. XRP will, in a matter of days, overtake the
crypto king bitcoin and take that number one spot. As you can see, XRP has a practical use, and
they keep expanding their mission as time goes by. So, Paul's comment comes from someone who
hasn't done enough research to understand the different altcoins in the market. Let's take a closer look at XRP's price action. On this chart you will see that the resistance
is on the same as the last ATH ( $3.31 ).

You will see that the price won't went down through
the support ( $0.70 ). All of these will happened only if the chart is running on the same pattern. It might take a 130 days to see a massive
green candle or 96 days at least. I'm not Nostradamus, but i do believe that
the price would run on the same pattern somehow. If we look at weekly chart, BTC had taken
a hit hard and what does this mean for XRP? Well, this will entirely depend on BTC , surprise
surprise. If BTC recovers now, and resumes the rally
soon, topping out at 200k or more by the end of 2021, so will XRP reach the top a few weeks
after the BTC top. But if BTC needs a longer recovery after this
dump, then so will XRP need longer to reach the target prices of a few dozen USD per XRP. We thus cannot use the old charts any more,
the behavior of BTC has changed, and accordingly that of XRP, too. We now have to watch BTC closely, and see
when it will resume the rally.

I am convinced it will, and even should it
need longer, this is certainly not the end of the bull cycle. It was just a massive shakeout. The timing is completely off, and BTC does
not just do 3x the previous All Time High, no chance. It will not settle below 10x the last ATH. Trade safely guys! Have a great weekend to y’all. Please keep in mind, We are not a licensed
financial advisor. All videos on this channel are intended for
entertainment purposes only. Tell us what you think in the comment section
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