Theta Crypto and Google, VeChain Bayer Partnership, Esports Adopts Crypto (Crypto News)

Hey Cryptonation, Before we dive into the
crypto highlights of this week, we need to acknowledge the events occurring in the United
States. There is anger, confusion, frustration, and
fear surrounding the unconscionable death of George Floyd and the undeniable discrimination
and police brutality against black Americans. We’re here to hold aloft the banner of freedom. Freedom from tyranny. Freedom from exclusion. Freedom from control. Freedom from a system that denies justice.
We stand together with our brothers and sisters. We can and must do better. Freedom is a fundamental human right and if
one of us is chained, none of us are free. Welcome everyone to this freedom edition of
Exodus crypto news where self-sovereignty and individual rights and responsibilities
reign supreme. I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, not your
keys, not your crypto, what this means is if you let someone else control your funds,
then they’re not really yours. We can illustrate this lack of self-sovereignty
in crypto by looking at the recent Bitcoin price jump and the simultaneous failure of
Coinbase to stay online to serve their customers. Customers who were either looking to get in
on the run or sell their BTC, were locked out of accessing their funds and were met
with a “service unavailable” message on their website and a generic error message
on mobile.

Do you think this is an anomaly? Or does this suggest something else happening
in the background when the bitcoin price swings rapidly in one direction as it did on 4 other
occasions in the last three months when users were locked out of accessing their funds on Coinbase. What happens when the largest player in search
and a blockchain-based content delivery system team up? Who, who? Google and Theta. (cheering) That’s right, Google Cloud, which is a subsidiary
of Alphabet, Google’s parent company, has developed a partnership with Theta Labs to
use its decentralized blockchain tech and node validators to essentially move very small
chunks of data around fringes of their networks instead of serving content from a central
location. Imagine this, you and a thousand other people
around the world decide they want to watch this video. Today, it’s served from a huge server farm
and every single request gets its own connection. This is really inefficient and a cause of
bandwidth clutter.

Theta solves this by using decentralized nodes
to break up the content and send smaller chunks to the viewers simultaneously. We’ll dive into these specifics in another
program but this is a huge win for cryptocurrency adoption as Google cloud itself will become
a node validator serving Europe. The big boys are now in the game and of course,
the smaller fish will follow. If you’re a Theta fan, let us know why and
if you think this is a positive sign for adoption. Well then there’s one more item in the news
this week we can look at for positive signals for mainstream adoption of blockchain.

If you’re a regular of this channel, you
might remember a couple of weeks ago we made a video about VeChain. In a nutshell, Vechain is a blockchain-based
solution for supply chain management and this last week, one of the largest Pharmaceutical
companies in the world, Bayer, announced that one of its subsidiaries in China is, according
to Crypto Briefing, “Developing a drug traceability, monitoring, security and auditing solution
named “CSecure” which is powered by none other than our favorite neighborhood supply
chain tracking company “VeChain” This announcement has caused the chatter around
V-chain to be extremely positive and as more companies jump on to this as a solution for
the real-world problem of data and commodities integrity, the more validation we will see
for the utility of blockchain in other industries.

If you think this is bullish for VeChain and
crypto in general, or if you think this is a non-starter, please leave your comments
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Exodus today. (Game sounds) Who doesn’t like a little esports? (Game sounds) Especially when live sports are non-existent
due to Covid-19. (Game sounds) Who would have thought that 20 years ago an
individual could make a living by playing video games? Today that’s an achievable reality, a huge
business with a massive fan base, resulting in big payouts for the best players. This week the North American Collegiate League
announced NACL players will be able to receive their winnings in Crypto, specifically the
Stablecoin Dai.

I can see the rush to Gamestop to get the
latest Xbox. The NACL has joined up with ConsenSys to develop
a blockchain solution to make reporting tournament results and payouts to the players quicker. This is just the tip of the iceberg because
these two technologies go together like chocolate and peanut butter. The NACL has already conducted a Fortnight
tournament with Crypto as the payout prize. Where do you see this going? I believe with each example of adoption our
case for crypto being an answer to empower and enable individual freedoms becomes stronger. We’re working toward a future where our
collective priorities are placed on the well being of every single individual, regardless
of the social construct we call race, nationality, occupation, and upbringing.

We’d love to hear your thoughts about freedom,
so please leave a comment below and click the download link to take control of your
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so until next time, Freedom on!.

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