nft crypto projects are all about the bars in the digital space these days on r for a very good reason with record sales posted ever so frequently crypto investors and art enthusiasts are now more interested and want to buy nft tokens unfortunately since it's still a fairly new concept to many the common question what is nft crypto has been popping around way too often with a smart contract platform like ethereum it has become possible to tokenize digital media like art music gaming asset and other digital collectible getting your hands on promising nft tokens can be hard to do given the growing number of digital collectibles projects on the market knowing that nfts are not interchangeable with each other unlike other tokens or cryptocurrencies the number of nft projects in crypto was expanding at an exponential rate today and several well-known brands have started to experiment in this space but don't worry we got you covered in this video we'll tell you about the nft crypto projects that you might want to keep an eye on in 2021 hey guys welcome back to altcoin paradise today we'll be talking about some of the nft altcoins that coin market cap has rated top 5 for the year 2021.

We will be revealing those altcoins talk about your users what they sell and their benefit and all the details you've been looking for if you're planning on starting your journey of trading or holding different types of altcoins we talk about in this channel then check out the link in the description under the video to join the crypto market but before we begin be sure to like comment and subscribe to our channel for the latest cryptocurrency news nft crypto projects are all the rage right now from the initial half of 2020 was somewhat stagnant for the nft market but the pandemic and the surge in the popularity of cryptocurrencies also saw the boom of nfts a-listers like elon musk mark cuban were able to sell nfts of tweed in december 2020 bipol a digital artist sold his nft collection called every days for 3.5 million dollars this was the most valuable nfc collection to be sold as of december 2020.

Nft crypto is the hottest new thing in the crypto space right now and is definitely worth the wait as it is the future of merchandise sale now let's take a look at the top 5 nft coins rated by coin market cap number five engine coin enj engine was founded in 2009 to develop a gaming network and has been really established in the gaming industry ever since in 2017 the engine coin was long the ico of enj raised 18.9 million dollars and fueled their future growth engine is currently the largest nfc project by market cap with a market capitalization of 2.5 billion dollars it has a market cap of close to a billion dollars and has the highest market cap of all nfcs as a third march 2021. engine coin is one of the cheapest coins that we think has a high potential for growth in 2021. the engine platform offers plenty of advantages engine is a company that provides an ecosystem of integrated digital product that makes it easy for people to trade and monetize gaming products this allows game developers to tokenize in-game items on ethereum which is backed by engine coin engine's erc20 token using this platform you can create blockchain powered applications for the web mobile and desktop the platform also brings no code or low code tools to incorporate blockchain into your website you will learn automatically when users will trade digital assets created by you either peer-to-peer or via the engine marketplace with engine marketplace you can easily locate leading blockchain projects that feature rare digital assets at the same time you can use the engine wallet to list and purchase the gaming items and collectibles you like on the engine marketplace you can start your own branded blockchain marketplace that comes with customized features number four decentraland mana decentraland is a decentralized virtual reality world powered by the ethereum blockchain the idea behind decemberland is to provide business opportunities artistic mediums and a source of entertainment for businesses content creators and individuals typically finding huge sums of money to create a business or purchase lan with the hope of creating an estate and later profit from rent is a daunting task this normally results in the need to have collateral to get a loan to purchase land and as well as put up a structure aside from this you must find real estate agents to help breaker leases this brings forth more costly payments long waiting times and in completion of milestone that could see you default on loans to participate in december land users will need both fungible tokens and nfts users must then connect their wallet through the web browser extension such as metamask to set up their avatar which receives a virtual passport representing their avatar's identity decentralized is among the major platform developers patronize when they have ideas on the creation of 3d screens games and applications based on the scripting language developers can utilize features such as object creation sound development and physics to embark on an innovative journey this is the primary reason why decentraland omana ranks third in the market valuation of crypto trading assets that fall under the non-fungible token token banner number three chiles chz is an erc20 based utility token on the ethereum blockchain that serves as a digital currency for sports and entertainment platforms chile's platform is mainly focused on giving millions of sports and esports fans the ability to participate more directly with your favorite teams by giving them waiting power for certain decisions the team has already been able to develop nearly three dozen partnership with a number of major international soccer franchises and as the platform grows it is increasingly easy to draw in additional partners although the chiles can be used like any other digital currency it is popularly used on a platform where investors or fans can use chc to unlock unique rewards from their favorite teams these rewards include special behind-the-scenes access and voting rights fans then use a platform to purchase fan tokens using the native chc tokens each fan token gives the fans a set amount of voting power to interact with surveys polls and decisions posted by the underlying team all that's required is ownership of one token to be eligible to vote and each fan token has an equal weight in the voting process in this way the fans speak and the teams listen chiles has seen rapid adoption and the token use case is very strong especially as nfts become increasingly popular among investors the team can expand the token use case even further by partnering with nft platforms such as number two tazos tazos is a cryptocurrency and decentralized computing platform it's similar to ethereum in a way that both blockchains support dabs built using smart contracts desos however has a few unique features that distinguish it from ethereum the most notable one is the network's on-chain governance which allows holders of xdz tazo's native coin to vote on the network's future direction developers can use its software to run custom smart contracts and design new decentralized programs that are meant to replicate products and services desos has a unique architecture that uses something called network shell which is an agnostic native middleware which has enabled the development team to create a modular style of blockchain network which can change upgrade and amend itself by following a particular set of rules generally blockchain has three layers network layer which allows communication between nodes and pairs transaction layer that specifies the transaction verification protocol and consensus layer there are many advantages such as desios utilizes a proof of stake consensus mechanism in which participants provide only the necessary computational resources to keep the network working which makes it inexpensive as compared to other blockchains that use bow and other pos processes it offers formal and systematic procedures for stakeholders to reach an agreement on proposed protocol amendment number one theta theta is a native blockchain with an open source protocol it is a decentralized peer-to-peer video delivery network powered by blockchain technology that enables free high bandwidth content delivery as users watch videos part of their computing power is harnessed to relay those videos to other users with the primary users earning tokens as a reward the theta blockchain is a decentralized infrastructure that seeks to improve video streaming and delivery the live streaming industry is one of the fastest expanding parts of the internet estimated to have grown from a value of 30.3 billion us dollars in 2016 to 70 billion dollars by the end of this year fita allows many users of the video delivery network to provide excess bandwidth and computing resources and in exchange users receive a reward in more tokens the parent company behind the technology theta labs launched the beta version of its decentralized video streaming platform as it utilizes a proof of stake consensus mechanism similar to tendermint's blockchain protocol which is based on staking that means participants lock in large amounts of theta tokens to gain the right process transaction blocks the biggest advantages of the theta project is that it can be found on the tech side of things rather than being limited to crypto economics with strong support from the co-founder of youtube and partnerships with samsung vr it's possible that there's something of real value here in terms of improving the state of online video streaming network if a user is interested in creating a new online stream or you're just a viewer of video streams then you might want to check out the platforms built on top of the base theta network to see if there are efficiencies in terms of lower cost for viewing and higher revenue for content creating that said content creators and their audiences are more likely to interact with t-fuel than theta so now we know which nft coins we will be keeping an eye out for what about you which coin will you be investing in well let us know in the comment section down below if you guys like this video then be sure to give this video a big thumbs up also if you don't want to miss out on any new future videos like these then be sure to click on that subscribe button and turn on the notification under this video so that you're notified the next time we upload a video on the latest cryptocurrency news thanks for watching we hope that you had a great day be kind to the people around you and as always we'll see you in the next video

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