These are my crypto HOLDINGS that will make me RICH in 2021 (My crypto portfolio in July)

what's up everybody welcome and welcome 
back to faux motion today i want to show   you my crypto portfolio and note that the 
portfolio i'm gonna show you i've built it in   i think one and a half two months or whatever 
and it's not just two hundred dollars for me   it's quite a lot what i already have and i want to 
show you what coins i have what tokens i have if   i stake them where i stake them and what my goals 
are to become a crypto millionaire at the end of   the year and i know it's a long shot but a man has 
got a dream i always think you have to have one   realistic goal and one unrealistic goal and try 
to achieve the unrealistic goal but enough lies   less life lessons from stupid dutch guy i want to 
show you my crypto portfolio to show you what i'm   currently investing in this is not financial 
advice of course check out for yourself what   you like to invest in but maybe you can get exp 
expired expired experience now inspired by me   my english sucks nice to meet me let's check 
this out also somewhere in this video i'm   gonna ask you a question because i'm doing a 
giveaway with every video i'll make and if you   get the answer right i'll send you 35 worth of 
my own token the fomo token because it's just   out there links are in the description if you want 
to participate and if you just want to win without   invest also okay keep watching this video for 
now if you haven't subscribed to the channel just   subscribe to the channel by the way i will start 
with the lowest holdings and then work it up to   the highest holdings and show you what i have in 
total and uh during the whole video i'll show you   what i'm staking and what i'm doing with my money 
to you know increase my back and all these things   first thing right here chad token seven dollars 
like nothing but you know i just i i bought this   back in the day and it went down a bit and you 
know i'm just not feeling like selling it so i'm   still having this chat token it's a meme token 
it's a pretty good meme token though i like the   meme token and um i think this is one that will 
last maybe not but seven dollars like i don't   care man damn poodle this is the first meme token 
i have ever bought and poodle yeah you know 88   dollars lost now i have 25 dollars i'm not a big 
fan of poodle but um yeah i i just don't feel like   selling it like what i get 25 maybe if they ever 
do a good job at least get my initial uh you know   investment back and otherwise i have lost 25 extra 
dollars so i don't really care about that what is   poodle it's just a mean token um deflationary 
you know the stuff but they're one of the first   so that's a really nice thing but yeah nothing 
too special as well then i got me some shibats   all meme talks by now but the lowest holdings you 
know i'm not going to put hundreds or a thousand   dollars okay maybe hundreds but not thousands of 
dollars into a meme token i don't want to do that   this is shiba i got 36 i ever bought it for a 
friend he said yeah can you buy me some shiba   and uh later he asked for the money back so 
i i just gave him the money and i kept shiba   i feel like maybe sheba ever goes like crazy 
and then i have some nice profits for now   um you know i don't have too much right here 36 
i made a profit of two dollars uh in total well   nothing too crazy but you know it's a profit 
so i like it's okay it cost me 33 dollars   well whatever cool shiba i think shiba could 
be one of those meme tokens that in the future   might be really uh worth a lot next is d-hive 
i got 55 into d-hive and it was a lot more   because now it's sitting at 75 cents and it ever 
was when it launched i think it was like 18 or   so and i have like uh 70 73.

I participated in the 
ico of uh of the i've i thought it was going to do   a great job um you could buy this for 250 per coin 
but i don't know d-hive it's an uh it's like it's   an index i think it's like uh what's a d5 pulse 
index i don't know if you're familiar with that   d-hive is trying to do the same thing mainnet 
isn't out yet so it might go up a bit uh might   go up way more to be honest but for now d-hive 
has just been declining all the way the highest   price is not even listed on coin market cap but i 
don't know i think that d-hive if they pull it off   what they are trying to do they could do a great 
job but for now d-hive is not making me happy i   got 128 dollars that i lost with d-hive really too 
bad but also i'm not selling this because then you   know why should i sell this if this is my loss so 
i'm just gonna wait until d-hive does anything and   if it doesn't then i'll lose another 55 dollars 
can live with that my next holding reef refinance   my my my little mistake little mistake not really 
little mistake because now i am in profits but   reef man i talked about reef in the past and 
i liked reef and i was shilling reef and at   a certain point at the beginning of my well i'm 
in crypto since 2013 but i i quit a while and i   started back this year and reeve at certain 
point i was all in reef because i thought   reef is going to do major stuff because the 
project is insane and they should release   their main ad and now the main ad is released 
and it just with every good news reef has the   price somehow declines it's so crazy and i just 
don't like the death very much denko it's its name   um at least not liking him isn't it isn't right 
but i'm not feeling comfortable with him because   he's not transparent man he is not uh he's 
not the death like i like deaths like charles   hoskinson he's out there and with reef you if 
some if if you don't know anything you have   to ask and you have to hope that you get an 
answer and i don't know but reef yeah maybe   i don't know it's uh ranked whatever what is it 
at the moment why do i see the rank right here 189   it was at the top hundred for a while reef did 
like five cents for a while and now it's sitting   at 1.5 cents yeah it's very sad maybe it goes 
back up it already has a 200 million market cap   so it's not like nothing but i don't know reeve 
is uh not growing with they uh when when they   when when something good happens and i don't know 
what it takes for reef to do something but um this   doesn't seem right i think i think i bought it 
way higher at three cents or so so i'm not i'm not   selling this then 3s tryouts try ass i don't know 
but um big loss with this one 54 loss with triads   in holland you say trias sounds sounds good 
right trios i'm just going to call this freeze   but whatever yeah four dollars and 80 cents 18 
cents um if you asked ask to me what trios is   i have no idea it's so technical but all i know 
is that trios could do good things because i'm   only reading and hearing and seeing great 
things about this but i don't have a lot   but i bought it for nine dollars and now it's 
sitting at four dollars so also for this one   goes i'm not selling it also because i think this 
could at least go back to its all-time high and if   it does that's very nice because check this out it 
was sitting at thirty dollars thirty one dollars   well i like that i have like uh 23 of these things 
so that's a good six hundred dollars if it goes   back to its all-time high and when the market 
really starts being bullish again i think it will   military finance um another uh yeah you know meme 
token well it's not even actually a meme token   these guys uh who made this token are veterans and 
they're donating to veteran charity um and they're   actually doing it their marketing is insane this 
is one of the most crazy meme tokens i have ever   seen when it comes to marketing so i bought some 
um and i have a nice profit because i bought it   for uh this price and now it's you know it 
doubled i have 104 profit on it and i already   took out my supply uh my initial uh investment and 
i don't know why i i don't keep track of what i'm   buying and selling with what price at coingecko 
so the transactions are not you know relevant   but um yeah i already took back my investment 
and this is what i have left 186 dollars worth of   military finance and i think they could do a crazy 
job because this is the price why it's sitting   right now could go back up to here won't be 
surprised if that happens if it does another 10x   and the market cap doesn't show right here but all 
i know this is low cap as hell so yes i'm really   happy to be a part of this my next holding unit 
swap 214 dollars in uniswap i have 1550 profit   so that's 30 um i bought it for an average of 17 
and it's now sitting at 22 i think swap could go   at least 200 this year because maybe not this 
year depends because i think once ethereum 2.0   comes out people are starting to use uniswap more 
and more now it's all about pancake swap and that   will stay for a while i'm definitely believing 
in that and i'm coming back to my cake holdings   as well but for now uniswap i think uniswap 
is a great buy and i really want to get more   but for now it's 14 up uh not the best time to buy 
it of course if you look at the chart uh this is   the day chart the week chart is looking good you 
know i'm not gonna buy it right here if you look   at the the month chart it's also pretty high if 
there ever comes a market correction for bitcoin   and everything that comes along with it and it 
goes back down to around this level i'm definitely   buying more uniswap as well i think i want to 
have at least a thousand dollars in uniswap   for this year next holding 289 dollars kucoin 
kucoin i love kucoin and it did great today today   it had a pun this video is not coming out today 
um i'm shooting it but the sixth of uh not uh   yeah the sixth of july kucoin had a major rise and 
everything had a rise but cucoin had a major rise   and um i just believe in kucoin um i have some 
profits with it 53 profit with kucoin i didn't   buy enough not by far and i want to have more coin 
because i'm holding it on the kucoin exchange and   if you hold it there for people who don't know 
if you hold this on the kucoin exchange you can   get a bonus every day um so if you hold like 100 
cool coin let me just show you this by the way 100   coin if you hold it on the exchange every day you 
get 0.0019 coin in return that's around 2 cents   and it doesn't sound like a lot like you 
know 2 cents every day that's not a lot yeah   um it's free money i don't want to complain 
about that plus if you get more and more   and more kucoin every dip these hundred will 
grow and it's interest on interest on interest   so i really like that as well so i'm just holding 
kucoin for the long run also i um read somewhere   in the telegram group that kucoin is somewhere 
this year planning to start their own smart chain   so just like ethereum does just just like bnb 
does kucoin wants to do the same thing and i like   it because kucoin is basically uh the exchange 
i love the google exchange it's basically just   copying what binance does and it does a great job 
as well so i think coin could go way higher so   even if it's not for the interest you get on it 
if you get a hundred kucoin right now it costs   you around eleven hundred dollars i think you'll 
get eleven thousand dollars one day in return and   um i don't nearly have enough coin i have um 
26 i want to get more but also not right now   because if you look at the chart this is the day 
chart alone it started with eight dollars and 40   cents and it's all the way up to 11 11 but if you 
look right here the all-time high was coin gecko   is not young but the all-time high was 20 now it 
came back to six dollars and now it's back to 11   and i'm really curious to see what's going to 
happen with kuka in the future next 358 dollars   i have sitting in pitchfolio and peachfolio is 
a new token with a great project because what a   great product because they are building an app 
to track defy tokens so you can trace your d5   portfolio so if you go to pancake swap and you 
buy a new token that just has been released not   listen on coin gecko not listed in block folio 
not listed anywhere you can keep track of them   at peacefolio and therefore i really like petroleo 
and i invested in the token itself as well   i have invested 274 dollars and now that's not too 
long ago and i already have a uh profit of 30 so   that's 83 dollars so i'm now having 358 dollars 
sitting at pitchfolio and i think peachfolio   could do crazy things because this right here 
is very low cap if you look at this it started   22 june went all the way down to like here 
and now it's 3x and yeah it's not even you   know it's just the start so i'm really curious 
to see what happens i think this this could be   these you know a 100x coin now the holdings are 
increasing this is swaps you may have never heard   of it i have 362 dollars sitting in swaps and i 
made some pretty good profits with this because   as you can see i have a profit of 465 dollars 
that's because i bought more i bought for 552   worth of swaps and then i sold 655 dollars 
worth of swaps and this is what i have left   so it did a nice 3x and um now i'm in for free 
and also i really like it because now it's sitting   pretty low as well because i sold this at 12 cents 
i think no that's not true i sold this at 9 cents   but it touched the 12 cents what is swaps swaps 
is a new decentralized exchange just like pancake   swap but you don't have to set your snippet out 
of it so you don't have to pay these crazy fees   and i really like that now i'm staking my swaps as 
well i stake them right here at   i have 5800 swaps right here and i'm not really 
sure what i'm getting in return you can learn   more right here you go to a medium article i think 
they're just going to um they will share a full 1   million swap staking reward pool so i'm getting 
a piece of these 1 million swaps i have no clue   how much it will be um it depends on how much 
you have sitting in here and it depends on how   much stake as there are there are 1121 stakers 
at the moment i have no idea it's taking for a   week and i uh it should end any day now and i'm 
just gonna see what what happens but i think   swaps is so good so let me just hold swaps for 
a while get back to it later and i already have   some profit so this is all profit if i lose it all 
now it doesn't even matter the list goes on and on   and on now i have v chain i have a big portfolio 
and i think of it i have so much different tokens   whatever i have 383 dollars sitting in v chain i 
have five dollars profit yeah yeah i don't know   fee chain it's just a great project i don't 
know what to tell you about v chain go check   out v chain um um i have featuring on binance 
so i'm getting uh feet tour i thought was it   in return every month it's also a way of staking 
and v chain um it's already a very big project a   5 billion market cap but i think this could go 
way higher fee chain is definitely a project i   believe in and if you look at the price right now 
and where it was this goes for every crypto at the   moment i mean the crypto market is down and if 
bit go bitcoin goes down everything goes down so   but yeah oh by the way i bought one bitcoin 
look at this crazy nah it's not it's just   fake but v chain yeah i'm definitely holding my v 
chain and if the market dips uh ever um i think i   will get some more feed chain as well because my 
portfolio you're gonna laugh because if you look   at my top holdings my portfolio isn't spread out 
as at all it sucks then i have bitcoin and bitcoin   384 sitting at bitcoin yeah way too less i mean 
i want to have at least one bitcoin by the end   of the year and i don't know if that's doable if 
i i mean one bitcoin at the end of the year may be   doable but i also want a lot of other things and 
all these things combined may not be doable though   but yeah i i don't have a good portfolio when it 
comes to bitcoin um i bought it like i have some   profits yay twelve dollars go but you know um i 
have to spread out my portfolio more if i look at   this then bsc pad i have some bsc pet and i always 
talk about my losses i'm a profit though but   this doesn't it's not correct because like i said 
sometimes i i remove a transaction and then add   it again and uh without even buying it but that's 
because i got some extra forms taking or whatever   um but bc pad if you don't know bsc 
pad check this out bsc pad is a place   where you can stake your bsc pad and it 
depends depending on how much bsc pad you have   you can participate in ideos and pre-sales and all 
these things so it will show you the projects that   are coming and you need a certain amount of bc 
pad to participate in this and you can stake your   bsc pad as well and what i'm doing i'm going to 
pancake swap i'll stake my cake there for bsc pad   and the bsc pad i'll get i'll put back into 
this right here and i bought some of course   but so i'm also staking my bfc pet so i'm first 
farming it or whatever you want to call it and   then i'll just take the bc pad right here and i 
want to have at least a thousand because then i   can participate in these uh ideas and all all 
these things so be a cpat when it comes to my   price prediction i have no idea might be good 
might not be good i know it's um you know far   from its all-time high it's sitting at 80 cents 
all-time high was more than six dollars so if it   goes back to that you know 8x whatever it's very 
nice then ada of course i have this i bought it   sorry i bought it first at 50 cents you can see it 
here was uh sooner um sold it for 60 cents i think   but aydah i have 446 dollars sitting in cardano 
right now and even though it's already one of   the biggest tokens uh or coin sorry out there i 
think this could be way bigger with the africa   deal coming charles hoskinson just being a great 
dude i think a twenty dollars kadana one day i'm   not saying this year and um i'm not saying i'm 
right though but i won't be that surprised if   it ever happens and therefore i just would like 
to have some ada i don't have a lot i have 313   um but i'm not feeling like buying with this 
current price at the moment maybe it's stupid   if i don't buy it right now because you know it's 
doing pretty okay already but it's far from its   all-time high because it really had a major 
breakout right here but if you look at where it   came from like three cents and now sitting at one 
dollar and forty cents i'm like yeah i don't know   if i'm gonna buy this right now but i'm at least 
having some already and i'm staking this at my   binance account so you can go to binance you can 
press taking and you won't get a lot i think 20   apy if you confirm it uh compared to what your 
bank gives you it's a lot of course but if you   compare to other crypto projects 20 isn't that 
much but you know free cardano why not it's good i   like it i want to hold this for a long time then a 
um [ __ ] coin mean token however you want to call   it safe moon i have 514 dollars sitting in safe 
moon i have some loss this is accurate by the way   i bought it for this price and now it's sitting 
right here whatever i lost 40 dollars will be okay   um i think save moon is one uh you know it's 
it's a [ __ ] coin that has proven to be legit   and i like it and therefore i i i can sleep 
at night and just have my safe moon i won't   go all in on it i won't go all in on anything but 
i think you know me i don't know i don't care man   i just gonna hold this for five six years and it's 
deflationary i never adjusted the fact that i have   more tokens by now whatever it's deflationary who 
knows what it's worth in five years maybe nothing   maybe a lot i don't know once i start to get some 
profits i just sell my uh you know you know my   investment um if it ever does at times too and 
i think it will one day then i at least have my   initial investment back and then i'm okay i'm okay 
with it next cake monster 533 dollars sitting into   it right now i bought this amount for six hundred 
and eighty eight dollars and then it gave me   a great profit so i sold almost half of it and now 
it's still worth 533 dollars so i am you know uh   not having my initial investment back yet but i 
took some profits um and i 253 profit jesus 253   dollars profit in total on this token and cake 
monster if you haven't heard about cake monster   dude go check it out i love it cake monster the 
website is awesome the graphics are one of the   best i've ever seen the deflationary part is the 
most original creative i have ever seen because   you can get cake in return once in a while you 
can go to the website and you can claim some cake   and still figure it out how it works exactly if 
you uh you can check out other people right here   and if you if you you can uh sell their cake 
monster if they're in active and if you do that 95   goes to them and 5 goes to you so that's a great 
way to get inactive people out of there as well   and there is just so much to do right here i just 
love it um i think this is one to hold for a long   while and um cake monster could be really nice 
because this is ah this this is so low cap this is   still so low cap if you look at the chart by the 
way yeah the chart is looking really healthy it's   been new it's a market cap of five million dollars 
and i think this is such an original concept   and cake monster could do crazy things so i'm 
really happy to have some uh cake monster in my   portfolio as well gonna hold it for a while just 
gonna take my initial investment back once in a   while and then i'm just you know we'll see what 
happens next hydra what is hydra i have no idea i   just bought it just this is a stupid buy i bought 
um 1 000 1068 worth of hydra without knowing what   it is this was the most stupid purchase i ever 
did now it's worth hundred and forty dollars so   i've lost uh more than three hundred dollars with 
it i bought this because i saw i wanted to stake   something at kucoin and this was the biggest apy 
and that's the reason i bought this kids don't do   this at home but maybe it will be all okay plus 
i'm staking it so in a year i have a double of   the the coins of course um and if the price stays 
the same i'm happy because then i doubled my money   and if hydra ever gets back to its all-time high 
draw then i have a lot more profit so i don't know   i'm not just i'm just gonna keep it especially 
now when i've lost i'm not gonna sell this i don't   feel like selling anything that gave me losses 
then 758 dollars in binance ethereum staking   binance ethereum staking so this is just ethereum 
but i'm staking this on binance for ethereum 2.0   i wanted to lock my ethereum i wanted to say to 
myself you have to hollow but i don't know how   this is the way this is the way all right cool 
cool cool so i have some ethereum right here   why do i have my ethereum right here well i think 
ethereum is going to be awesome once ethereum 2.0   comes out i i think really remember this video 
one day you will see a twenty thousand dollars   ethereum and not less and you're looking at this 
video you see two thousand dollars and you'll be   like why didn't i buy ethereum back then you want 
to slap yourself like god damn it but it's too   late my friend it's too late no i i i really think 
ethereum is going to be worth a lot i have 100   profits on my staked ethereum already um and 
that's not from staking just the amount uh i   bought it for so that's a nice thing as well then 
i have 932 dollars sitting in xrp i never bought   xrp until a few days ago why did i buy xrp xrp is 
always the conversation of the day people hate it   people love it but there's all always there are 
people always talking about xrp it's always about   xrp so i think bad news is news as well and um 
i don't even think xrp is bad though i like it   i like it so xrp um you know people don't like it 
because they centralize i don't care i don't care   centralized decentralized uh gender centralized 
just give me profit though i don't care what xrp   is going to do when it comes to the product let 
me be honest man i just want to make money i'm   encrypted to make money nothing else than that so 
yeah xrp plus it's sitting far from its all-time   high xrp has proven to be 30 um what do i say that 
three dollars it has proven to be three dollars   take a look at this it was last bull run you know 
it was more than three dollars i think it will be   possible for xrp to at least go back to that point 
and once it does i have a nice profit my top five   coins right now fourteen hundred and four dollars 
sitting in pokedex is a new decentralized exchange   it's like uni swap pancake swap combined and 
better i don't know it's like it's like they're   doing a super saiyan fusion or whatever it's go 
get that swap i have no idea why i love it so much   i have pretty big losses but i don't care i really 
don't care i'm staking this at kucoin by the way   you could take this at kucoin if you don't have 
an account on kuko and really go to the link in   the description and make an account on kucoin it's 
very simple and you can get pokedex right there uh   before it gets listed on binance you might want to 
get it there because i think it does one day and   no pokedex i love it i have 111 pokedex uh 
my goal was to have at least a thousand but   that's uh pretty expensive so um i have to uh 
be happy with 100 for now pokedex i love it   i think that pokedex could be sky high if you 
look at this the market kept 22 million dollars   right now if you compare this to uni swap or to 
pancake swap this is so low but on the other hand   let me get this right by the way once all the 
coins are out there there will be a market cap   of 200 million dollars because the circulating 
supply is way lower than the total supply   but even then pokedex has a big chance to do at 
least a 10 20 x at least easy and for now once   these tokens are not these coins are not even out 
there yet a hundred x won't be that unthinkable   with pokedex the main ad isn't out yet it's ranked 

This could be not even the top 100 coin this   could be your top 15 50 coin i swear i kid you 
not i really like it i'm really bullish on this   and i think this is going to happen if you look at 
the price yard is this a good time to to buy yes   come on look at this it's crazy it was like okay 
35 40 one day it doesn't even say anything the   main ad isn't even out yet i could talk about 
it it has no use i think this uh 12 pokedex   same with ethereum one day you look at this 
video and you'll be like damn i wish i bought   it i wish i listened to full motion there's 
no financial advice but buyback attacks   but it's great i love it therefore i have 
invested eighteen hundred dollars in it um   these eighteen hundred dollars could make 
me uh 100k one day i really think that   then the fourth biggest holding ethereum i have 
uh 2574 sitting in ethereum not state ethereum   why not i have no idea why not maybe i just 
have to do that by the way because you know   i want to hold this i already explained to you 
why i love ethereum so much ethereum 2.0 i think   also that bitcoin is now so market leading 
i think ethereum will surpass that one day   i think you know for now bitcoin is gold ethereum 
is silver okay maybe it stays uh stays that way   but i also won't be surprised if ethereum 
one day gets the market cap that bitcoin has   term right now has a 260 billion dollar market cap 
and it's crazy but bitcoin has i think five times   as high or so and that's doable for ethereum 
i mean it's faster it's cheaper it's better   you can build [ __ ] on it you can i 
love it man my top three holding is bnb   um i don't have this much b and b at 
the moment anymore i had like way more   but felt like going all into a coin and i 
especially had it because you could participate   at lunch pads and lunch pools on binance 
they not giving profits i mean it used to be   profitable but the latest i i participated 
in clay and uh i don't know another one   it was just a few cents every day for a three 
thousand dollars investment and um of course it's   nice but crypto could give you better uh returns 
so but b and b i love b b why do i love b b   come on do i have to explain it you need bnb for 
everything you have to do on pancake swap if you   build your own token if you buy other tokens you 
also have to use bnb and i see bnb at least go to   a thousand dollars within the next bull run and 
i kid you not that's the starting price for bnb   so i have 8.7 bnb right now yeah i at least 
want to have 20 30 b and b but yeah i want to   have 100 b b of course but to be realistic 2030 
b b by the end of the year let's go for that my   second biggest holding dollars 5 322 dollars at 
the moment why well because the crypto market uh   crap crypto market crypto market went up went down 
and now we're you know stagnating a little in the   middle and it i really it could go both ways to 
be honest and if it goes up i want to have some   tokens some coins some whatever everything i just 
showed you and then i make profits if it goes down   though i don't want to cry because i lose my 
money i want to have some dollars to buy stuff   with so i have five thousand dollars sitting in 
busd um so if it ever if something goes down i   can just buy it so i can sleep at night and if it 
dips if it peaks i don't care um i'm happy with   both things and this is the most comforting way 
for me to be in crypto and since i'm doing this   i'm really i'm feeling not not so much stress 
when i'm a crypto crypto gave me a lot of stress   and since since i have a quite good bag of 
dollars i i'm not feeling it so um i recommend you   like again not financial advice but i recommend 
you thinking about getting some dollars   when something is uh at a high price just sell a 
bid and just stack your dollars my biggest holding   cake i have seven thousand nine hundred and 
seventy nine dollars sitting in cake and i   have some profits i don't know just not accurate 
but i do have some quite good profits with cake   why do i have so much in cake well few reasons i 
think reason number one cake at least this year   could go back to its all-time high depends on the 
total market i know but it's now fifteen dollars   or so if it goes back to well forty two dollars 
let's say forty five dollars it does at times   three um it did that before so this is very doable 
if it does that with my eight thousand dollars i'm   very happy of course also cake you know pancake 
swap is so popular at the moment and the longer   it takes for ethereum 2.02 comes out you 
know unit swap will be used by then of course   more and more and more but in the meantime bnb 
cake all these things i don't know i see a great   benefit for these tokens or for these coins so i 
think a 100 cake this year might be pretty doable   a 200 cake ever you know uh the tokonomics suck a 
little bit but it's so popular and they burn a lot   and i don't know cake could do crazy things 
and i have a lot sitting in cake right here   also i'm staking it at different places and i'm 
gonna show you because i have some cake the main   cake okay let me show you with the smallest 
right here um i have some cakes sitting right   here red finance um red finance this is uh planet 
finance and here you can stake your cake for a 155   55 55 55 percent apy and you get aqua in return 
and i'm just started doing this and already have   two dollars and fifty cents i have a thousand 
dollars worth of cake right here sixty six point   nine cake so it means that after one year i 
should have fifteen hundred dollars worth of aqua   current aqua price in return um i 
really like that also i have some   cake sitting at pancake swap at the pool 
a pancake swap and i'm here having the bsc   pad like i said i'm staking my cake right here 
96 cake i have sitting in the bsc pad these bsc   pads i get and then i'm staking them at bsc pad 
the website so that i get more of these as well   and the main thing where i have my cake sitting 
is the auto cake pool and auto cake ball i have   367 cake that's worth more than five thousand 
dollars because they give you a return of 100 uh   and 104 percent apy so this means that i get fifty 
five hundred dollars let's run it up to a hundred   fifty five hundred dollars after a year worth of 
cake um with the current cake price so i get 367   cake well if cake ever gets one to one 
hundred dollars then that's more than thirty   six thousand dollars that i get for just staking 
plus what i already have right here so i think   cake could make me pretty sick gains now what 
do i have in total at the moment i have 26   832 dollars sitting in my crypto portfolio plus 
some tokens by the way that are not listed on   clean gecko that i bought on pancake swap so maybe 
a few hundred or a thousand dollars more than that   but let's say twenty seven thousand dollars i 
built this portfolio in i think two months or   so so um therefore i think you know a quarter 
of 100k i'm having in two months i could make   it to 100 000 by the end of the year maybe maybe 
totally not maybe everything goes to [ __ ] could   happen i don't know uh we'll see but for now my 
portfolio is doing pretty good you know crypto   this day at least maybe in a few days when you 
see this you'll be like oh you should have sold   by then everything was high now we all working 
at mcdonald's yeah could be bro but for now   i have 24 hours portfolio change of 4 4 is already 
1153 so yeah that's a really nice thing i like it   i like it i like it um you know green candles all 
the way so that's my crypto portfolio and also for   the giveaway if you want to win some money answer 
me this question how many poodle tokens do i have   exactly you could have seen it in the beginning 
of the video so go check it out and let me know   how much it is asking this question so i know 
you're still watching this and if you do i want   to reward you so leave a comment and i'll pick 
one lucky winner that wins 35 worth of fomo tokens   sorry for the long ass video i'm pretty tired 
right now but i also just got my vaccine so i'm   anyway right now but i love my portfolio 
um it's not spread out very good you know   a lot of cake and a lot of bitcoin 
whatever if you have any advice like   hey look into this you should get this 
this is a good token this is a good coin   you should sell this you should buy more of these 
whatever let me know i'm open to anything if you   haven't subscribed to this channel but you do 
love these videos i want to make another video   about this in i don't know a couple of weeks 
maybe to see how much it is by then if you're   curious just subscribe ah miss just subscribe 
to the channel so you don't miss out on anything   if you like this video bruh like this video 
and if you have an opinion about something   leave a comment for now i want to thank 
you very much for watching and goodbye

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