Theoretical Outfits | Amanda Seales: I Be Knowin’ | HBO

I dunno about y'all but I be
havin' theoretical outfits… that only…
really live in theory. (AUDIENCE LAUGHS) My hypothesis
sometimes… fails. 'Cause then I put it on,
and I'm like… "Oh. -(AUDIENCE CHUCKLING)
-Look at that. -Hit and a miss."
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) But you're not gonna change. 'Cause if I change,
I'm going to sleep. If I take the clothes off,
I'm going to sleep. 'Kay? It's gonna be
me and Lando. In the crib. So, you have to find
another source of confidence to be like,
(CHUCKLES) "This works." For me, that is the, uh, gay black man
that lives within me, Latravius.

I consult with Latravius
in the mirror because Latravius
is a gay black man, and gay black men
have more confidence than anybody on the planet. (AUDIENCE CLAPPING) They have to, 'cause they're dealing
with oppression from multiple sides. They got racism over here,
they got homophobia over here. That's why the walk is so mean. 'Cause they be like, "No, bitch,
no, bitch, no, bitch, no bitch. Come for me. Come for me,
Come for me. Come for me. -Beyoncé."

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