The XRP End Game Is Being PLANNED RIGHT NOW! [Banks Will Beg For XRP]

in fact the united states is the only 
country on the planet that has suggested   extra visa security the idea that xrp is a 
security it has traded out there for eight years   you know it's kind of like well if it was a 
security i guess we should have known that a long   time ago welcome back lead gentleman to another 
episode 24 hours of crypto say thank you to all my   subscribers for comments and like i do appreciate 
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subscribers are each gonna win 100x rpm let's get   right in today's episode quick overview on the 
market we are currently seeing bitcoin having a   slight pump the whole market is still in the red 
majority of them and honestly the whole market is   at a very crucial stage right now the next couple 
of days weeks are going to be crazy and we will   see a huge upside in this crypto market in the and 
by the end of this year and starting and getting   into next year nonetheless let's get right into 
today's episode and take a look at this cartel   the dc fintech week cartel speakers take a look 
at this we have brad garlinghouse here we have   bitpol bitboy 2.0 here uh the gm of bis we have 
individuals from the imf we have uh we have chris   john carlo from the digital dollar foundation 
and he's very pro xrp nes stated saying that   xrp is not a security we have the ceo of visa 
we have the ceo of paypal we have individuals   from more individuals from the bis we have 
banks here right and this is just to name a few   but the moral of this video is to show you 
guys if you didn't know already and majority   majority of you guys will know and if you guys 
are new to xrp this is why xrp is going to blow   up not because we're in these little featured 
speakers it's because ripple needs to leverage   every aspect of these individuals in order to 
be on a world domination stage when it comes   to cross-border payments because everybody 
needs to be on a level level playing field   what ripple is trying to do is to connect 
all 7.9 billion people on this planet   with bank accounts and send money from adb okay 
it could be wholesale it could be whatever it's   whatever they plan but that is that that 
is the number one goal when ripple started   and all of these individuals we need to leverage 
ripple the company needs to leverage in order   like i said to gain access to every alley 
and we have gary gensler here also attending   and without these individuals or vice versa 
we could say without rock garlinghouse   where would this stage be right now right like who 
who else would be here we have joe lupin he is the   co-founder of ethereum but brad garland has 
the only individual that that is actually has   a cryptocurrency company that's listed here and it 
just shows you the broader scale of everybody that   is involved because this is approximately i would 
say maybe eight percent of actually who's involved   we need every elite i in a like the only 
reason i use the term elite okay is because   uh these individuals are just like you and i 
but the term elite is because they're roles   they have very very high-end powerful roles in 
what they do and what they implement like we   got we're dealing with people from the bis guys 
with the imf you guys don't know i've covered   in my previous videos i'm not going to cover it 
here but these are very very big organizations   well look at even visa right everybody has a 
visa 99 well not 99 we got mascara visa but   you guys know what i'm trying to say visa 
is huge we got paypal everybody uses paypal   and for ripple to even take one percent of 
you know let's just say visas uh cross-border   payments paypal's cross-border payments 
and all just just giving you guys rough   idea right that is a lot but the thing 
is the scale what ripple's trying to do   is like the 180 trillion dollar market and it's 
even more than that we can't even put a round   number to it because there's so many different 
numbers out there that are circulating and when we   capture a conservative scale of 10 of that 
market or even eight percent of that market   we're talking about a triple digit xrp very 
very easily and that is 100 100 set in stone   so let me know what you guys think in the 
comments down below at this stage xrp is not   even more of an investment in my in my opinion 
in me i look at it as like a very very serious   it's like it's like it's like a part of my life it 
is a part of my life because i've been following   this for so so many years and the scale that xrp 
is going to grow the potential the x uh just huge   it is just huge and i cannot wait i cannot 
wait so i do appreciate every single one of   you guys let me know what you guys think in 
the comments down below and we will be back   with another episode but i like hamburgers 
you know i like hamburgers and chicken wings

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