The Truth About Crypto Investing 2021…

you may have seen the crypto traders on 
instagram and tictok who drive around and   rented lamborghinis and talk about the easy gains 
that they have made in crypto all while trying   to sell you a 25 course i know the irony but the 
thing is these type of get rich quick schemes and   all of the talk about trading signals and which 
crypto is going to blow up next has become an   epidemic which is sweeping the crypto space and 
pulling incredulous investors by the boat load   and hey before we begin i just want to make it 
crystal clear that this isn't the case for every   crypto i'm a crypto investor myself and there are 
projects out there which have decent long-term   prospects and which generate actual revenues and 
have real use and those are the types of projects   which i try to focus on but in terms of the wider 
industry crypto has been turned on its head and   the whole crypto market with the exception of 
a few here and there has become a cauldron of   speculation and impatience with people at every 
corner trying to sell courses which don't work   and today's market reflects everything which 
crypto and investing aren't meant to be crypto was   designed to break away from mainstream centralized 
finance but the way that people are behaving   most people don't care what cryptocurrencies 
are what they individually do they only care   about short-term price gains and most people who 
think that they're investing are an actual fact   only speculating and like i said before i'm a 
crypto investor myself but prices have risen   so much and so fast that there is all of a sudden 
so much demand in crypto and so much speculation   that there is very little value to be found for 
long-term investors the reason that i'm making   this video was that i wanted to try and warn you 
investors that first of all crypto investing isn't   a bad thing and it can be done profitably but 
like in any other area of investing it's not easy   and contrary to popular opinion right now crypto 
is not the place to be if you're looking for easy   money especially in today's overpriced market and 
there will be people out there who will try to   sell you a course or try to convince you that 
you will make easy money because they did but   remember that everybody is a genius in a rising 
market and how many of these people claiming to   be seasoned investors were here during the bear 
market when the real bargains were around i'd   guess not very many and who will be here when the 
market crashes again so just be very careful and   if you're thinking about investing into crypto 
right now know that you can make money in the   space but it definitely won't be an easy thing 
to do and there will be a lot of people trying to   scam you along the way and a lot of people trying 
to tell you that you're wrong about this or that   anyway that's all for this video if you enjoyed 
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