THE STORY OF DIAMOND HANDS – 3 Cautionary Tales Of The Dogecoin Millionaire

okay guys really quickly before we even get started with the video full transparency my goal on this channel is to be completely transparent with you guys with everything that happens my channel is not yet monetized okay i'm still working with the adsense stuff and trying to figure all that stuff out um but for now enjoy every single one of my videos ad free this is like your netflix uh 30 day uh whatever that you don't have to pay um also fudgsicle sticks also i don't want to do any videos unless there's substance behind it meaning behind it and and there's a reason for it okay i'm never gonna click bait you guys okay also this video in particular is going to be super long okay fair warning it's going to be the longest video i've ever done because i'm going to break down the hold and and how i figured out how to do it and three cautionary tales so stay tuned grab a coffee hang out with a homeboy or a home girl and just play this all the way through because if you don't you're not going to get the full spectrum of what i'm trying to tell you guys long video sit down get comfy what's up guys proto doge here check it out today we're going to be talking about the art of the hold okay and i feel like this is the perfect time to talk about this because doji does just getting a little bit on the low she loads today so you know we got to make sure we we keep diamond handling okay so i'm going to share with you guys three cautionary tales when it comes to folding under pressure and it comes to paper handing like a paper-handed pansy okay so we're gonna get into that in two seconds right before we jump into that let's do this real quick because this is getting crazy so there are spam spam comments and stuff in my comment section and some of you guys are falling for it telling me hey man i sent you what's that message i'm never going to ask you for whatsapp never i don't even text like this i don't even write messages like this my replies never look like this you guys want to know what my replies look like they look like this i got a thousand emojis so if you hear a reply and it's like hey thank you so much for your comment uh please uh send me a whatsapp so i can help you out and invest money no that's not me instead mine is gonna be like let's go and i'm gonna have like 30 rocket ships okay then you know it's me back to the video another thing i want to address my dms look guys i'm here for y'all i can't tell you guys that i'm for the people and not be for the people so i will try my very best to reply to every single one of my dms every single day i take time out i take three to four hours every night that i go into my dms and i make sure i respond to every single person if you have a question if you are unsure about doge if you're feeling a little paper handy-ish you know what i mean if you uh had a bad day whatever like i'm there i'm messaging back and forth i'm talking to you guys i just want to know you guys have anything you can always reach out to me the best way to contact me is on my dms proto doge dms the dogecoin millionaire that's more of my business side so i'm not on there as much but i am on my pro the doge uh instagram okay so go follow me if you haven't shoot me a dm i will respond and my twitter too my twitter's been going crazy lately so follow me on twitter if you haven't but yeah i'm also do a whole nother video about the merchandise stuff i got a whole idea for merch i want to involve the community i want to i want you guys to have uh have a say in what the merch becomes i want to do contest all that stuff that's going to be a whole nother video okay if you tuned into this video we're going to get right to it and the meat of this video is how to hold how do i stomach drops for example today i just checked my robin hood i'm down 250 000 today just about okay and at the end of the video i'm gonna share my portfolio but three cautionary tales don't double dutch the doge number one we're going back in time okay [Music] 2019 is when i started investing in in stocks okay my very first stock you guys may know this and you may not my very first stock is tesla i bought tesla spring of 2019 and it was around the time that tesla was going downhill okay it was about 250 dollars per share at that time and it had hit highs of 300 above 300 like a year before something like that okay so in 2019 it was on a decline it hit 250 for the first time in a while then it hit 240 for the first time in a while and everybody on the news all the experts all the experts on the news they were all saying you know tesla's going to zero tesla's gonna fail the interest in electric cars is fading like nobody wants electric cars anymore we love gas guzzlers i don't know what the heck they were thinking but that's not true i didn't believe it i saw this on tv i'm like you guys are wrong so i did some research did my googles my google ghouls and um and i figured you know what this is the future and even though it's low i'm going to invest i'll start pouring money in a tesla poor money in a tesla i didn't know it at the time but i kind of went all in on tesla okay so every little bit of extra money i had tesla stock tesla stock tesla stock tesla stock okay so at the time this was the first time i was able to save up a few thousand dollars okay and i was working my regular job at this point in time in 2018 i made 36k um that year 36k 2019 i made 45k 2020 i made 60k so a lot of you guys don't know this last year was the first year i made 60 000 in a year okay um at this job so back to 2019 i'm getting excited because i'm putting money into tesla and i'm seeing it go up right so let's say let's say it goes let's say the stock is at like 230 dollars right and it jumps up to like 240 and i had put a few thousand in i'm gonna jump up some right so let's just say um the stock jumps up a good amount and i made a thousand bucks okay i'm like oh snap i just made a thousand bucks it takes me like two weeks to make a thousand bucks at work sell sell paper hand and paper hand and guess what i lock in lock in my profit right my thousand dollars and then i have it and then i get it and then i'm good i'm like yay i got my thousand dollar profit now what what am i am i gonna put in the bank and let it collect dust that was the whole point of investing was to not put it in the bank right so i gotta put it right back in the stock right with the extra thousand dollars that i got right so i do that next day happens next day comes along i check and let's say there's a terrible earnings call and it drops down right i lose a thousand bucks and i'm like oh man i just made a thousand bucks and i lost thousand bucks that's what i'm saying when i say don't double dutch the doge don't try to scalp people keep telling you that oh locking profits like you lock in profits when you don't believe in a stock you lock in profits when you don't believe in a coin that's what you do because you're not sure or you don't believe in it right so you lock it in just in case just in case plan b if i ever live my life with a plan b i would have never been where i'm at today you can't live life with a plan b you have to go after what you want and you do it to the best of your ability whatever happens happens but you do the best that you can in any case back to the story so this is true factual information the first time it happened to me was an earnings call i thought i thought tesla did great so i kept all my money in however many i have i remember how much money i had and it was a few thousand dollars okay kept all my money in it right earnings call comes along we fell short tesla fell short of production it drops down i lose it drops down from like maybe 250 to like 230 or something i lose like whatever amount of money was in there and i'm and i'm mad i'm so upset i'm like oh man i just lost a bunch of money oh i should have took it out and then during the earnings call i shoulda i waited for that and then put the money in oh i'm so dumb oh right so what happens i'm like okay i learned my lesson i said next time i'm gonna take it out right so then the next earning call comes along right and i'm like all right last time i put kept the money in so this time we might we might not hit it so let me take the money out right and then wait till after the earnings call and then opponent went in right so what do i do second earnings call comes along and i take all my money out right before right because i'm like it's gonna drop guess what it does it goes from 250 dollars a stock to 300 it just shoots up because we killed it and i didn't think we were gonna kill it so now i'm like oh i got fomo i'm like oh i've shot all the way up to 300 now i got to buy it at 300 i'm gonna just wait for a dip i'ma just wait for a dip it was at this moment i knew i [ __ ] up the dip never dipped so now i'm like i'm gonna have to buy in at like 280 or 290 i don't wanna oh this is terrible i'm set i'm upset right i'm upset first time i kept my money in it dropped i lost money second time i i uh took my money out it shot up i missed out on that third time so this is the third time it happened right cyber truck is about to come out cyber truck i believe in tesla i believe the cyber truck is gonna be amazing it might be a radical design but so what this is gonna be incredible and the hype leading up to the hype leading up here okay foreshadowing the hype leading up to the cyber truck was just like the hype for 420 was just like the hype with elon snl same same type of hype leading up right so it got all the way to 350 right right before cyber truck and i'm like this is it like cybertron is gonna kill it and we're gonna go to four hundred dollars a share and i'm gonna i'm gonna make a bunch of money right so what do i do take all my money i go all in on tesla right before the cyber truck is announced put all my money in there cyber truck comes out and then guess what the freaking window shattered and it's a meme and everybody's making fun of it and it's all over the internet and people aren't taking it serious because it couldn't withstand a freaking metal ball which like your car can't either bro you know what i mean but in any case it's a laughing stock of the internet and this and the shares dropped from 350 to 300 okay i had all my money in it i lost a bunch of money after this happened i was like you know what oh screw this man this was the equivalent of flipping a coin three times and losing every single time i keep it in i'm wrong i take it out i'm wrong i put it back in for a cyber truck i'm wrong like like oh this is this is just too much i can't do it so then so what do i start doing i start buying a little bit of uber i start buying a little bit of nikola i stopped buying a little bit of revolve i start buying a little bit of uh you know other stocks and stuff like that to diversify my portfolio which is not a bad thing to do i i think you should diversify i'm just a little different okay so that happens and that's when i realize okay i gotta stop doing this double dutch thing i gotta stop going in taking out trying to predict what's about to happen you can't do that the only way that you can guarantee a profit and you can guarantee gains when you invest either in the stock market or in crypto is to hold you have to hold because time is your friend the longer the time goes by that stock is going to rise it might take dips go up and down up and down up and down but it's going to go up in the long term same thing with crypto depending on which crypto you have right it's going to go up in the long term if you believe in the stock if you believe in the coin okay so that was cautionary tale number one obviously has to be a good company with good fundamentals and the same thing with a coin it's got to be a good coin not a poo poo dookie coin cautionary tale number two thought i learned my lesson right but we're all flawed as human beings and you know sometimes things go awry so what do you do you just have to dust yourself off and try and try again this happened when i invested all of my money in dogecoin okay so this happened this year i first sparked my interest in dogecoin when i found out about it through the wall street bets i was like you know what i got 40 bucks i realized you could buy dogecoin in robinhood i looked at my robin hood i got 40 bucks left in my buying power right that i could just use i take the 40 bucks i put it in a dogecoin at a penny right just to see what happens right it sparked my interest i just want to see what happens right the very next day goes from a penny to eight cents i'm like oh my god what the heck is this this is insane i've never bought a stock and this happened so what do i got to do i'm not missing out the next time this happens so i gotta study that's when the intense studying like google searches looking at graphs going over the years understanding the trends seeing where it's going uh you know understanding the hype around it understanding that this is gonna actually be a long-term thing because i believe in memes and the economy and the language of the millennials and i started coming up with my bullish thesis based on everything that i saw around me and everything that i had been studying right so i tracked it from a penny to eight cents a drop down to two cents right so from two cents i tracked it the the first night it stayed at two cents at point zero two seven point zero two eight for about five or six hours straight meaning that i was watching my phone for five or six hours straight and seeing that it wasn't gonna go anywhere this was around i was up all night i probably didn't then didn't like try to sleep a little bit till like 5 00 a.m or something right so i tracked it it didn't it didn't go under two and i was like this is the floor this is the floor point zero two seven point zero two eight is the floor it's never gonna go under that ever again next day go all day it does whatever it does right the behavior of dogecoin goes all over the place then it drops back down and that night it was at point zero three three point zero three four didn't go under that right so i'm like okay okay okay next day real goes all the way up all the way up those whatever it does comes back down right i put in half my margin money when it was at point zero two seven point zero two eight i put in half of it i had a theory it was never gonna go under that next day rolls around i was right it never goes under that and so i'm like okay my theory was right i'm putting the rest of my margin in i put the rest of my margin in the next day goes up again it comes back down around mid uh three cents i want to say three and a half cents three point six cents or whatever right um but there was a moment in time during that day and i screenshotted it i'm sure i have a proof of it i forgot exactly what time it was where it did for a split second do a do a little dive where it went under three cents at point zero two seven point zero two eight point zero two nine for a split second and it bounced right back on that split second it was maybe oh i say split second but it was probably like five minutes or something like that right what do i do i'm like oh i could get it at under 3 cents that's awesome i can get it at 0.029 that's amazing let me do it what do i do sell off all of my margin that i have bought of dogecoin at 0.3 0.033 0.034 somewhere around there and i bought back in i sold it all i bought it back in at 0.028 or 0.029 right in that process i lose 20 000 okay but i'm like it's okay whatever twenty thousand dollars in the long term long you know long haul it's not gonna matter that much okay it's fine uh the next day same thing happens the pattern like that night it stayed for five or six hours dead at like a floor at about three about three and a half cents three three point six cents or something like that point zero three five point zero three six right next day rolls around and i'm like all right i feel like i got the hang of this i'm like i've been tracking this all week it's never gone back to one it's never gone back to two it's never gone back to three so like i'm i'm like this is this is right so the next day happens it goes up right dogecoin goes up and it's about five cents around there i think it hit six maybe for a little bit or something along those lines but i'm looking at my phone this is around maybe 2 p.m or like during the day i look at my phone i'm up 25k so i'm thinking okay i'm up 25 000.

I lost 20 000 last night so i can just sell right now everything i got right make that 25 000 profit basically get back to 20k from last night and 5000 on top of it and then wait until it drops back down that night and stays on the floor i find the floor and then i'll go all in that was those were my intentions right because i know the behavior i've seen it for the past three three four days right what happens elon tweets this is the night that elon tweets he's got the simba the the meme oh well welcome you're welcome doge i know it's hot no highs no lows only doge uh he does the whole the people's crypto is the future he does like a series of maybe eight me eight tweets in a row back to back to back to back at this point i have been telling every soul that i knew to buy dogecoin i told everybody that i knew to buy dogecoin right so what is happening after he tweets that it shoots up and it goes to like five six seven maybe you know what i mean i forgot where where it went up to but everybody's calling my phone like you were right pro you were right like like it's gonna go up this is it this is the rocket ship ride right i'm thinking this is it i'm gonna miss this ship because i i mis what i was waiting for from the one cent to the eighth sense that jump this is what's happening now in my head i was like this is what's happening now i'm missing it but at the same time i'm like this isn't right this isn't organic this isn't just the rise on its own this is because of a tweet that doesn't make sense it's not how it's supposed to happen it's just supposed to happen you know what i mean like when it went from a penny to eight cents it wasn't because of a tweet you know what i mean that was just an organic thing so i'm starting to like freak out a little bit right because i'm like everything that i've thought up until this point was research on graphs and my technical analysis whatever right everything that i've been been researching on it plus my bullish thesis on on the future meme currency and how those is going to be the future my personal thesis now i had you know i had an inkling that elon liked the coin he talked about it a bunch of times but now it seems like he's all in like not all in but like it seems like he's supporting the coin because this is like a back to back to back to back to back thing with the tweets that he had never done before so that was just the cherry on top was like oh and we got elon okay let's go so this was kind of like my sign of like all right i gotta go all in so this was when like you know obviously i wait for the floor and stuff you know i'm buying a little bit selling a little bit like panicking a little bit but i'm like this is it this this is what i've been waiting for because now i'm gonna go all in so that's when i sell all my stocks when i when i max on my credit cards when i borrow money from people all these things happen and i put in everything i got into dogecoin at point at 4.5 cents point zero four five right that's when that happens but the cautionary tale is me trying to get that 25k if i had just chilled there if i just stayed quiet and ate my food i would have been able to to get in way lower than i got in at you see what i'm saying like i had all of my margin in it at point zero three three like i mean no no i had all my margin and a point zero two nine like i said i bought back in and i took the 20k l i should have just took the 20k l i was trying to be a smart little scalper you know what i mean oh if it's a high let me just sew real quick wait for the drop and then i'll buy back at the dip do you see what i'm saying you can't do that you can't try to scalp you can't try to like buy low sell high and and think you know what you're doing because sometimes it doesn't dip as low as you think it is and you think it's going to dip lower it doesn't it goes up then you got to buy it up here then it dips later do you see what i'm saying that's cautionary tale number two cautionary tale number three this is about my friend not about me i had been telling him about those since i found out about it we have been going back and forth on phone calls he discovered something texts it to me i discovered something texted to him we're both on the reddit we're both looking at at uh reasons why doge is good and then we're both looking at reasons why doge is bad trying to debunk it he hits me up like hey what about this man what about the unlimited supply and then i'm like oh but it's because of this and okay well what about this like what is what if it's a pump and dump and then we search it we're doing back and forth uh research on everything right i'm so dead set on doge that every single argument against those i debunk same thing with him and i'm explaining my bullish thesis to him like bro i think this is the future like i'm drilling this in his head to the point where he's like bro this is it doge is the one let's go this is it let's go all in i go all in he goes all in okay except obviously my all-in was a lot more than his he put in about ten thousand dollars okay that was that was all in for him those two months go by right where nothing really happens and those is about five cents for two months straight doge for splits those for a little bit went from five cents to nine cents at its highest and went back down to five cents and i'm like that's not that's not it i'm thinking i'm thinking though the penny to eight cents rise is gonna be five cents to 15 or five cents to 20 and then it's gonna chill up there that's what i'm thinking right two months goes by nothing during this time all the other coins are going crazy we got harmony we got uh one or omni or whatever we got uh xrp we got uh all these other coins are like going nuts and then he's looking at it like we're just on the sidelines all in the all-in-one doge and all these other coins are going crazy and he's like man oh i should have got some harmony oh i should have got some of this coin i should have got some of that coin that coin's going crazy i'm like damn man you're right like these all these coins are going nuts but i still believe in those right he's got a bunch of cryptocurrency homeboys okay and they're telling him doge is a joke it's not gonna go anywhere i'm in his ear like bro you gotta hold fast doge is the one i'm trying to tell you and he's like but these guys are like you know into the [ __ ] they've been into crypto for years they under know what they're talking about so basically this was stuff that i didn't know was happening this was stuff behind the scenes he told me about later he was like man because one day i remember this is the conversation we had right right before this was maybe a day or two before doge went from five cents to seven cents and i hadn't done that for two months right we had a conversation we're talking about all these other coins going crazy i'm like man maybe i should i should have got some xrp maybe i should have got some uh maybe i should have gone all in maybe there should be a little bit on extra you know i'm having these doubts too right but i'm still 100 in those i'm just talking at this point he's like bro we like we should have gotten into harmony man we should have gotten on these other coins man and i'm like i mean yeah but like bro doge bro doge and he's like and i remember him saying this vividly and he'll tell you the same thing he was like we're over here waiting on this meme coin man we're over here waiting on this mean coin as soon as he said that i'm like i lost him i lost him he's he's out he's out so what happens the next day or the day after i remember exactly how how many days after but those goes from five cents to seven cents what does he do cash is out he sells all his doge at seven cents the next day we're thinking it's gonna go back to five cents it goes to 10 cents now he's getting a little uneasy right he hits me up like bro it's cool man you know oh guess what he bought shout out to andre and uh money millennials um he bought coinbase he bought the ipo so so he so so those went to seven cents he cashed out and bought coinbase and lost money anyways at 10 cents he hits him he's like bro you know i just got to be okay with it it's a decision i made i made a profit i made a little bit of a profit i decided to go to coinbase i got to live on my decision it's not that big of a deal okay what happens it doesn't stop at 10 cents those goes to 15 cents then goes to 20 cents then it goes to 25 cents then it goes to 30 cents do you see what i'm saying it just doesn't stop it doesn't stop and he's flipping out at this point because he had 10 grand in it at 5 cents you see what i'm saying he's going crazy he doesn't want to talk to me i'm calling him he's not picking up he doesn't answer my text messages i'm like bro i sent him the meme of the dude in the cave looking for diamonds and it's like two dudes and the one on top is like that's me right there i'm just like oh i'm gonna get these diamonds motorcycle and i'm going through to get the diamonds and he's at the bottom and he gets to the like right there at the diamond and turns around that was him and i sent him that meme and that probably made him mad but i don't care so yeah so he's so pissed he's so upset he's so mad and he finally calms down a few days later he calls me back and he's like he's like pro oh he says bro and he's like bro that was a learning lesson that was my learning lesson not to try to scalp not to try to uh uh buy low sell high not to try to jump in and out not to double dutch the doge that was my lesson so what did he do he bought every he bought all he went all the way back in he went all in on those at about 20 cents 25 cents and he's good now you know what i mean he's good now but he had to go through that do you see what i'm saying i went through that in 2019.

I went through that one with with tesla i should i should have made way more money on tesla i was trying to play the game i was trying to double dutch i was like oh let me buy a little oh let me sell it oh i didn't have any patience the name of the game is patience the name of the game is hold the name of the game is diamond hands because that's the only way you make money the only way you guaranteed to make money can you make money scalping maybe can you make money day trading maybe like you can probably you know get some good ones and make some good money but it's not guaranteed though you're gonna have elves you're gonna take losses you know what is guaranteed you holding on to the doge for at least a year for six months and come back you know what we like to say in the dogecoin community if you're not a part of it you know what we like to say we like to say when in doubt zoom out what's it at today i just i just lost 250 lost i'm down 250 thousand dollars let me zoom out a little bit oh okay let me zoom out a little bit more oh okay let me zoom out all the way i'm still up crazy and i'm sure if you bought it around the time that i bought it you're still up crazy even if you bought it at 10 cents you put it at 15 cents but guess what it takes patience you got to hold you got a huddle you got to huddle full throttle you got to hold hold is all i knowed like all these things are fun to joke about and talk about and just you know what i mean and that's how i stomach the drops because whatever happens in the temporary doesn't matter whatever happens today it could go down a million it doesn't matter because what i'm looking at is a year when i go into a stock or when i go into a coin i'm looking two to five years in advance two to five years into the future when i looked into tesla i was buying it at tesla but i thought it was the future do you see what i'm saying when i'm buying to doge i think it's the future so i'm looking at it from what's gonna happen two years from today what's gonna happen five years from today i think this is the future so what happens tomorrow doesn't matter what happens next week doesn't matter that's why i think it's so funny when people hit me they're like are you still holding are you still diamond handing when should we sell when should we sell you don't sell you don't sell because you want to win and the only way you're guaranteed to win in the game of crypto is to hold in the game of doge is to hold you have to hold that's it so i know this video was super long-winded but i had to make my point clear cautionary tale number one jumping in and out of stocks not making a bunch of money i'm not making as much money as i should cautionary number two trying to scalp trying to buy low sell high oh you know people tell me they're like pro if you sold when it was 75 cents if you sold at 75 cents and then just bought back at the dip at 40 cents you would have made so much who knows what's gonna happen it could've gone from 75 cents to a dollar and never looked back i don't know that the dip could only been for like a split second i don't know that you don't know that but what we do know is the longer we hold the better our chances of gains and and and not just the better the chances of gains you're gonna have gains so if you wait a year if you wait to just have patience patience patience is the name of the game cautionary tale number three not having patience my friend sold at seven cents and bought in that five cents did he make a profit yes does he wish he had made a hundred grand instead of ten thousand yes but he didn't have patience he wavered he paper-handed like a little paper-handed pansy but i still love him though he learned his lesson and i hope these cautionary tales will help you learn your lesson if you decided to scalp if you decided to sell high and buy low and try to time the market and try to figure out oh all the fibonacci what the fun okay maybe there is some math to that that i don't know and maybe people that chart graphs do know what they're talking about it looks like a bunch of lines to me and it looks like somebody had a field day with some crayons on a piece of paper okay i'm sorry i just don't have the time to read into the the the graphs and try to understand and study the graphs but what i do know is hold and hold is all i know all right guys here we are ups in a minute on madoja doges uh in the past hour we're up 78 thousand dollars today we're down 319 000 today uh this past week we're down 416 000 past month three hundred twenty nine thousand three hundred thirty thousand dollars uh the past three months over a million uh past year over a million all time over a million uh let's hit up the doji does just see where we're going oh look at that dip oh down to 25 cents oh i'm sure some of you guys paper handed didn't you don't lie don't lie i know some of y'all paper handed but it's all good though i don't judge you you probably still got your training wheels on um right now it's at 32 cents let's look at my position uh 3.9 million doji doji's my equity is 1.2 million average cost basis 0.047 and my total return is over a million dollars so there you have it folks uh yeah that's what my portfolio looks like right now if you guys have any questions hit me up find me on instagram shoot me a dm like i said i try to get back to every single one of you guys i got to get better at comment commenting on the youtube comments too and replying to people i was doing really good at first but i gotta pick one i gotta pick a platform where i respond to you guys as much as i possibly can and as of this moment in time that platform is instagram another video is gonna be coming soon about merchandise about all types of things man i got so many things to talk about but right now this second especially with where doge is at right now i feel like this video is important for you guys to really listen to what i'm saying and understand that these cautionary tales are real and they teach you to hold i had to get my training wheels off so i could hold and maybe you guys are going through the training wheels right now but at the end of the day you don't want to double dutch the doge just hold oh yeah okay y'all almost got me there but guess what i'm not a financial advisor and guess what else this is not financial advice do not put more money in than you can afford to lose invest at your own risk make sure you like subscribe share this video and all that good stuff and i'll see you guys on the next one okay now

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