The Smothering – Steven Universe Fan episode

Careful Steven, don’t bite down, you’ll break the thermometer. Ah, 98.6, good, nothing to worry about. Uhh, Peridot. Do we really have to do this everyday? I mean, couldn’t we, maybe, do the health check ups – Once a week? No, this is fine. It's better to gather data as frequently as possible Y’know Data’s not going to stop me from getting sick again. It’s good to be prepared Steven. Ok but, I just don’t want you to waste too much time worrying about me. *SNORT* You can't waste time worrying *WARP PAD ACTIVATES* We're back Hey Jasper, hey Lapis! STEVEN! put that knife down, you’ll cut yourself! Hey guys…

Jasper: Hello Steven
Lapis: Hey Steven! Jasper: Did you sleep well? Yeah I slept pretty great! At least until Peridot woke me up again with her health check up Health checkup? Are you sick? You don't look sick No, I’m not sick. Peridot’s just been doing health check ups on me everyday since I caught that cold. You’re still doing that? Yes I’m STILL doing that Jasper. Unlike SOME gems I actually care about Steven’s safety. We all care about Steven Peridot, you're just being overbearing I AM NOT OVERBEARING! I'm maternal Steven, tell her well you did take my second pillow away, cuz you said it might be… …dangerous I was worried about you being smothered in your sleep. Anyway you don’t need two. It was nicer with two though. For someone so worried about smothering you seem to be doing a lot of it Lapis: OOOOOoooooohhhhh *Deep breath* Jasper.

Don’t you perhaps have something HEAVY, you need to be… MOVING AROUND? Steven. We’re going out now to go on a mission, would you like to come with us? I can go on the mission?! Peridot: WHAT!? *THUMP* S-Steven can’t go on mission!
It’s too dangerous, he’s not ready, he doesn't have any of his powers, he can’t- Jasper: I ASKED! Steven… Don’t worry Steven, we’ll be there to protect you.

Yeah Steven come with us, it’ll be great! You'll get to see us fight a giant monster up close! Perdot: NO HE WON"T!
He has to stay at a reasonable distance. I wanna go on the mission! Ah, Steven your first mission! You’re gonna have so much fun! Steven & Lapis: *Happy Laughter* STEVEN WAIT! You’re still wearing your pajamas! Okey Steven, let's wee here while Jesper and lapis scout ahead that way We'll always be close to the war pad, and he's anything dangerous happens. Hey Steven come look at this. It's super gross, okay What is this stuff we don't know it's some kind of slime residue made by the monster we were tracking It's harmless to us, but it's killing all the plants around here plus. It's totally gross Lapis don't get that muck away from him there could be infectious peridot Lazuli lapis don't you dare? Over here Climb across Mmm Stay calm Steven use your arms to balance and walk slowly crawl if you need to Careful Steven Stephen when you're in the field It's important to obtain as much knowledge of the area as possible so though you have the tactical advantage to crush your opponent's Get on top of that vantage point tell me if you see anything important What do you see Well, I can see a lot of things I can see a big lake over that way There's a bunch of rocks and what looks like more broken pillars up ahead And then there's what kind of looks like a big clearing where surgeries are falling down That was close you could have fallen and seriously damaged your cranium at least you were wearing your helmet Hey, Steven want me to fly you around and look for the monster.

Do I great we'll go right now Peridot what are you? Don't worry peridot? I'll be fine. I'm with lapis whoa I'm okay She'll be fine. Oh Hey, there's another river, and it's filled with gross slime stuff hey that must be where the monster is Let's go get it whoa Lapis shouldn't we wait for the others it'll be fine Steven come on it, but it's over here Lapis I'm not so sure and it even come look lapis Are you excited Steven if your very first official mission monster isn't it cool? Yeah, it's pretty cool. Like I guess I just didn't think it would be so funny You want to see me beat it up Okay, sure Hey, you wanna bubble the gym I can bubble Jones probably try it out Stephen you did it you bubbled your first gem we should go show Jasper repaired on ok Hey guys look what Stephen did I bubbled a gym Stephen? You're helpful.

Even you Okay good mission everyone well done Stephen time to go home. Oh Isn't this better Stephen nice and safe nothing dangerous Capable of lately preferred in your bio matter you must be so relieved to be home Well you've had a busy day Stephen time for bed, but it's not even lunchtime yet, Oh Stephen you and your food Okay, you can have lunch, but then you have to put on your pajamas and go to bed Well Steven Home Easter Steven.

I thought your heart had malfunctioned. Oh, and you spill your milk really Steven You know better than a meat snacks in the dark Peridot you don't have to apologize Steven. I'll clean this up, and you can just go back to bed I'll tuck you in when I'm done I'm not tired. What was that Steven? I said, I'm not tired are You upset about your milk Steven, it's okay. We can go down and get you some more tomorrow. I'm not upset about the milk I'm upset because you wouldn't let me do anything all day even though it was my first mission and then you maybe go to bed at lunchtime and It is tomorrow, which is why I'm not tired Steven I be not so sure I like your tone young man Stephen you've contaminated your plasma.

Oh Stephen Stephen. Where are you going? Stephen you can't activate the Even even come back here, you're not even wearing shoes Steven! what are you doing? Steven please get down from there it's dangerous, or better yet Just stay still and I'll get you down
– Peridot! Peridot I'm really sorry I scared you. I know that you worry a lot when you think I'm in danger from rocks Or we're getting sick or being on missions, and I know it's because you care But you can't always be there to protect me from all that stuff.

You need to let me do some things on my own Peridot: (Muffled) I don't think he liked the helmet Jasper: (Muffled) What's wrong with helmets? Lapis: Shhh! He's waking up. You okay, buddy My head hurts Well you did fall off of rock that Steven I Realize I may have been a bit… constraining with you lately, so I am going to be making an effort to allow you more freedom to Learn on your own Does this mean you're gonna stop doing health check-ups? Of course not even you just got concussed Oh…

Hmm, but after you get better we can change it to once a week like you wanted Oh! Okay, hey can I have my second pillow back? Cool My head still hurts.

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