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the latest bitcoin news we have breaking cardano   news v chain news lower cap altcoin news like 
injective as well as a shocking piece of footage   involving afghanistan involving cryptocurrency 
as well as involving how this affects you   so like always check the timestamps down below and 
let's start with bitcoin breaking as of yesterday   morgan stanley has officially announced they own 
over 1 million shares in grayscale bitcoin trust   so the banking giant owns bitcoin through the 
trust and they made the official disclosures with   the sec per the filing with the u.s securities 
and exchange commission we actually now know   that over 30 morgan stanley funds hold 
large amounts of gbtc shares the biggest   seems to be morgan's inside fund with almost 1 
million shares worth around 36 million dollars   or over 700 bitcoin so how this affects you is 
that this shows us during the last few months   while people weren't sure should i buy bitcoin 
on the dip morgan stanley was buying for over 30   of their funds and they were buying big and how 
do we know that all this bitcoin was purchased   in these last three months well it's because back 
in june 28 2021 a couple months ago when bitcoin   was still trading in the lows of around 30 000 per 
bitcoin morgan stanley disclosed a big position   on the gbtc via their europe opportunity fund 
they were forced to disclose this fund being   a public company and now just two months later 
they've disclosed bitcoin positions in over 30   of their funds undeniably bullish give me your 
thoughts down below in the comments section   let's keep moving we have some breaking news 
involving cardano but i do want to make a   recommendation to you i would recommend watch 
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punks nft's the space is not going away it will   be here years from now and if you want to learn 
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this interview link down below check it out   okay let's talk about cardano the cardano 
foundation has just partnered with coinfirm for   fafta and 6amld compliance and this is regulatory 
compliance cardano wants to keep things a-ok with   governments the non-profit organization behind 
cardano has partnered with blockchain analytics   provider coinfirm to ensure ada is in compliance 
with the financial action task force's guidelines   according to the foundation the integration will 
allow the project to be in full compliance with   the guidelines set forth by the financial action 
task force the european union's sixth anti-money   laundering directive or six amld and other 
regulations applicable to cordana and basically   it'll be the centralized exchanges the brokers 
the businesses any entity that is involved in   regulated markets will be collecting this data and 
reporting this data to the other regulated bodies   is this bullish is this bearish you tell 
me it's almost sort of inevitable but in a   direct quote on why they say this is bullish aml 
cft analytics is essential for a cryptocurrency   to receive mass adoption within regulated markets 
the tools and services provided by coinfirm   enables every exchange custodian and all other 
third parties to clearly track the history of ada   held in their wallets give me your thoughts as 
a cardano holder do you like them appealing to   the regulated markets let me know moving forward 
let me play this shocking piece of footage you   should see as a crypto holder afghans are 
turning to the crypto market for stability   during the t-ban takeover this is a 90-second clip 
watch the full thing of cnbc reporting that while   many afghans don't even have a bank account some 
do many don't the majority of the population has   cell phones have access to the internet and with 
that comes access to cryptocurrency they're using   bitcoin to save they are using altcoins to trade 
and make money and really pay attention to the   latter half of this clip where they go over the 
stats watch this so the last week has laid bare   the worst case scenario for a country that's 
running on legacy financial rails you've got   a nationwide cash shortage closed borders a local 
currency that's been touching record lows and not   to mention rapidly rising prices of basic goods 
and that's why some afghans i spoke to are turning   to cryptocurrencies like bitcoin ethereum and 
litecoin some people leaving the country are using   their crypto wallets as a way to bring their money 
with them others see crypto as a way to stay put   i spoke with farhan hotak who lives in a rural 
part of the country a village called zabul and   up until this last week one way that he would 
make money was by day trading altcoins like doge   i spoke to another person musa ramin who says that 
he can make more money in crypto in a month than   in construction in a year they also say it's 
a safer store of value than the local afghani   currency one thing to keep in mind though unlike 
the rest of the crypto sphere a lot of afghans   dealing in bitcoin aren't talking about it but 
the data shows that widespread adoption of crypto   is definitely catching on chain analysis put 
out its annual global crypto adoption index   in the last few days and it gave afghanistan a 
rank of 20 out of the 154 countries it evaluated   in terms of overall crypto adoption and when you 
isolate for its peer-to-peer exchange trade volume   afghanistan jumps up to seventh place last year 
afghanistan's crypto presence was considered so   minimal as to entirely excluded from the 2020 
ranking now while the data is promising major   barriers to mass adoption remain beyond the fact 
that there is limited access to the internet and   frequent power outages a vast majority of the 
country is unbanked meaning that they don't   have access to the global economy from inside of 
afghanistan okay again shocking stuff really puts   things into perspective give me your take down 
below and next up major announcement from v chain   v chain launches a blockchain platform to 
encourage carbon data reporting so they're   announcing a new blockchain initiative designed 
to help businesses openly track and report   their carbon emissions data so this is not too 
far off from the type of services and products   they already offer but what this is is a new 
sas model software as a service business model   the digital carbon footprint sas service allows 
enterprise users to log key data and integrate it   with world-leading third-party assurance providers 
within v chain's partnership network this data can   then be later transformed into new kinds of value 
and improve sustainability performance across   the entirety of an organization so if you're a 
company that wants more transparent reporting   of carbon data then you'll love this you and me 
know as general crypto enthusiasts that vechain   is more centralized than many other blockchains 
out there they have proof of authority consensus   meaning they have minimal nodes that control the 
network but the trade-off then is they're much   faster they're much much faster and they're 
offering a more decentralized solution than   the centralized companies we do have now in the 
announcement vechain cited obstacles with trust   and transparency in traditional supply chains 
when collating companies carbon emissions data   a public blockchain like vechain solves this 
problem providing transparent accountability   for all layers of the supply chain network so 
pretty cool to see v chain continues to implement   i'll keep you updated and real quick i do want 
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the first three months hey lower cap altcoin   injective making news injective releases an 
integrated user interface for d5 related functions   so as you may remember injective did some 
rebranding a few months ago they are now   focusing on the entire d5 market and really trying 
to be a hub of d5 for interoperability in a recent   rebrand a month ago the injective community 
sought to represent a culmination of progress   while beginning a new age of interoperability 
well injective has just released its very own   integrated platform called injective hub for 
decentralized finance related topics this user   interface will serve as a one-stop destination 
for wide-ranging functions such as staking   governance and wallets okay like i said short 
and sweet and to me while this is just one step   out of many this is a pretty significant step 
of injective becoming that interoperability hub   for d5 all right that is the video my name's 
austin be sure to check out how to make money with   nfts there's a link down below check it out great 
conversation but like always see you tomorrow

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