The SHOCKING BitCoin Mystery That Could Crash Prices

On the 18th of August 2008 at approximately
1:19PM, one of the largest events in financial history was about to erupt in the quietest
way possible. was registered as a domain, one of 32 million sites’s to join
the internet that year. This action too many marks the creation of bitcoin. Although the
white paper was not released until later that year on the 31st October, the registration
of this domain name is regarded as the begging of bitcoin’s new testament. In today’s
video, we explore the ultimate question that often remains ignored, played down, and silenced.
Why is the Bitcoin origin story so mysterious, and why do these details matter pointing to
a future that looks grim and hopeless Bitcoins history is a long one that would
take hours and many video’s to explain. By most accounts, the breakdown of its creation
is divided into 3 parts.

The prehistory which involves other projects that influenced the
creation of BTC, the origin which is the time period starting in 2008 and ends with the
last known satoshi message in 2011, and the Modern era, which is the time period until
now. In this video, we are strictly going to focus on the origin era, as it’s this
time period that showcases the bizarre facts surrounding the creation of a trillion-dollar
asset. Why does it matter? Well there are lot’s of reasons, one of them is that revealing
the true identity of Satoshi is already generally accepted as a massive risk to Bitcoin’s
stability and price. Even Brian Armstrong put this phrase under the S1 documents for
Coinbase, listing this as a potential risk to investors. “The entire crypto market could be destabilized
if Bitcoin's anonymous creator is ever revealed or sells their $64 billion stake” Bitcoin’s market cap has exploded to over
1 trillion dollars, the idea that someone out there created this asset over 2x larger
then JPMorgan but remains anonymous 12 years later, refusing to come forward and gain fame,
legacy, and most importantly extreme fortune is hard to grasp.

According to the internet
the world’s largest holders of Bitcoin are the Winklevoss twins who spend 11 million
dollars in 2011 buying up the coin at $120 a piece. Knowing for sure who owns the most
is nearly impossible, but to illustrate a point we are going to try to create a list
of the worlds largest holders. From public sources we can reasonably assume that Barry
Silvert a venture capitalist who bought 48,000 coins in an auction held by the US Marhsalls
Service in 2014 for $350 a pop is among the top, and Tim Draper who bought 30,000 coins
in 2014 from that same government auction is also up there. The thing “about all these
people is that it’s very hard to find a public quote where they talk about the origin
story. The only one I could find is Mr. Silbert who told Bloomberg. Quote “At this point,
it doesn’t matter who created it”. I bring to point up because it seems that the supposed
world’s largest holders of bitcoin rarely talk about it’s mysterious creation calming
it’s unimportant.

But the truth is that it definitely matters who created it. Remember
Satoshi on Jan 3rd 2009 brought the bitcoin network into existence by mining the infamous
genesis block, in the months that followed it is estimated that he mined close to 1.1
million bitcoins before disappearing. Using various tools it is possible to examine these
mined blocks and ehtustaitsts have determined that this fortune remains untouched to this
day. Now worth over 65 billion dollars and growing. That would make Satoshi the 2nd richest
person in the world behind Jeff Bezos.

This fact is in my opinion demonstrates just how
bizarre Bitcoin is, if the founder was to ever come forward and sell his massive stake
which represents around 5-7% of bitcoin’s market cap it would surely cause massive disruptions
in the crypto world. You will be hard pressed to find anything
created by an anonymous individual throughout history and for bitcoin’s founder to never
come out is both bizarre and unprcednded. You have wild conspiracy like this one from
billionaire Dan Pena explaining so eloquently his thoughts on the origin But the reality is much much different. The
truth is no one has come close to explaining who the founder actually is despite the fact
that numerous people alive today, out in the open acknowledging and verified they worked
with this group or individual in the years following the genesis block. You can here
much much more on this topic by viewing this unbelievably good series by one of my favorite
YouTubers Barley Sociable who uses a trail of solid evidence to point to the supposed

But after investigating this topic I have a different opinion and theory that
in fairness is mostly speculation with a sprinkle of circumstantial evidence. So fair warning
this is purely my opinion and should not be taken seriously, but it is very interesting
how some of these facts I’m about to present to you line up with certain events that unfolded
around that time. You see if you Google Bitcoin’s orgin from
an International perspective the general conseus is that it’s a US intelligence creation
and while that may be wild I present to you some facts.

Any bleeding edge technological
startup that you can think of that was at least partially funded by the US inelegance
apparentus and that is not a wild conspiracy but straight up provable fact. Organizations
like IN-Q-Tel have been investing in high-tech start-up companies focused on supporting United
States intelligence capabilities since 1999. This is not the say the CIA literally started
Google but it does mean that the intelligence agencies have an interest in new technology
specifically those anaylzing data. According to The Washington Post "virtually any U.S.
entrepreneur, inventor or research scientist working on ways to analyze data has probably
received a phone call from In-Q-Tel or at least been Googled by its staff of technology-watchers.
So this isn’t some grand conspiracy it’s right there in the open. We known that Bitcoin
is a computer science miracle build build upon cryptography. Obviously this is something
that would heavily interest the intelligence community and it’s n o surprise that Gavin
Anderson, literally the last person to speak to Satoshi, openly acknowledged that the CIA
called him to give a presentation on Bitcoin in 2011.

It’s my opinion that although Bitcoin may
have been an private invention, there was no doubt the US government had both concerns
surrounding it’s potential uses, and interest in how they could use it as well. It’s no
surprise that Bitcoin has actually received endorsement from former CIA officials and
the reasons behind it are largely obvious. Although the coin is centered around privacy
and decentralization the truth is that because all bitcoin transactions are posted and recorded
on the “blockchain” agencies have a rather transparent look at the flow of money and
they have various ways to uncover sellers and buyers with workarounds outside the Bitcoin
sphere. Google how to pay someone Bitcoin anonymously and you’ll see it’s actually
very very hard to do. As far as who Satoshi is, watch Barley Sociable’s
documentary, but at the end of the day, we don’t know. The only thing that we do know
is that everything about Bitcoin is extremely bizarre, and the fact that the single biggest
advancement in economics history is an anonymous man name who refuses to come forward despite
having the potential to gain 68 billion dollars is both unbelievable and in my opinion concerning.
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