The Royal Canadian Mint’s Million Dollar Coin Now Available at Kitco

the Royal Canadian Mint five-nines pure million-dollar coin is really the expression of everything the mint does best in terms of bullion refining and manufacturing the Royal Canadian Mint made the first million dollar coin in 2007 and since then we've produced four more currently there are five coins in existence the day that it was unveiled it caused such a sensation as the world's largest pure gold coin we knew it was a coin that that really said a lot of things about what the mint does in terms of gold refining bullion manufacturing and the excellence then the reputation that we have in that field we indicate the purity of course which is 99.999% pure in in detail that means there's less than ten parts per million of impurities in 100 kilograms of material so that is extremely pure and quite an impressive standard the entire surface of the coin is really finished by hand and that's what makes every coin unique is that they have that special handcrafted touch you can't say that any two of those coins are exactly the same so they are truly unique works of art each in their own right it really is you know a spectacular thing that you can you can make something out of thousands of ounces of gold and have it look so pristine and perfect it's a great calling card for the mint and for Canada that really says here we are this is what we're able to do this is what excellence in bullion looks like

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