The Real Reason ‘In God We Trust’ Is On The U.S. Dollar

There are a lot of controversies surrounding
American currency. Like, whose image should appear on it, are
there hidden messages embedded within them and of course, the inclusion of these four
words. IN GOD WE TRUST “In God We Trust” has been on some form
of American currency since 1864. U.S. coins started featuring the phrase in
response to increased religious sentiment during the horrors of the Civil War. During that time, letters poured into the
Treasury Secretary's office, trying to draw attention to the importance of recognizing
God on the currency. War was also responsible for the phrase appearing
on paper money nearly a century later. But this time,it wasn’t meant to help calm
a panicked nation, instead it was used as a symbolic weapon against the threat of communism.

The Cold War was a time of tense rivalry between
the United States and the Soviet Union where many in the U.S. felt that democracy was under
threat by communism, leading to The Red Scare. It was a time where communism and communists
were enemy number one, and everything they believed in was inherently un-American. And one big thing the communists didn’t
believe in? Religion. So in retaliation “Soviet godlessness”,
Washington D.C. became a new beacon of religiousness. A prayer room was installed in the Capitol
building. Newly baptised President Eisenhower began
attending the prayer breakfast. The words “under God” were added to the
Pledge of Allegiance in 1954 after a Joint Resolution was passed by Congress. And then in 1956 the official motto of the
United States was changed from E pluribus unum, meaning “out of many, one” to In
God We Trust. And that motto was legally obliged to be on
all money, both coin and paper. Each of these changes were heavily influenced
by religious groups and equally religious politicians, but many people point to the
sweeping changes as a fight against the atheist beliefs

They were grand gestures to separate the United
States from the Soviet Union. In fact, Florida Representative Charles Bennett,
who introduced the legislation that put In God We Trust on all American currency, gave
a speech on the house floor saying: “In these days when imperialistic and materialistic
communism seeks to attack and destroy freedom, we should continually look for ways to strengthen
the foundation of our freedom.” So, when you reach in your pocket and pull
out that U.S. bill, remember that In God We Trust is on there as a constant reminder that
America is not the Cold War era, atheist, communist Soviet Union.

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