The Polka Dot Door: Dinosaurs (Denis Simpson and Cindy Cook) pt 2.

well Hedy how did you become interested in bones and fossils well I've been interested in bones and fossils for a very long time since I was a little girl I'd like you to meet Hedy ho Berlin she's a geologist hello Hedy welcome to the Polka Dot door hi doo doo what is a geologist well geologists are scientists who study the earth particularly what the earth was like a very long time ago and also the animals who lived a long time ago oh I see and what kind of bone is this this is a bone from a dinosaur uh-huh it's a leg bone of a dinosaur dinosaur that used to live in Canada in the middle of Canada in a province called Alberta I know this taina sir looked a little bit like that and he was called albertasaurus in fact he was named after Alberta Oh see now how big would this dinosaur be oh he was about as long as two elephants and almost as high as two elephants really big he was big and fierce but you know his leg bone here when you look at it it's quite big but it looks remarkably like a chicken bone not a chicken leg bone there it does jeez he's in bumpy and round two bumps and if we cover the chicken bone with plasticine to make pretend meat well we can do the same thing with the dinosaur leg bones and then it would tell us what the dinosaurs leg was really like and look boys and girls see okay you can see it it looks very much like a chicken Oh does that's right now why is that were they related do you think oh yes scientists are telling us the dinosaurs have so many things in common with the chicken with all the birds in fact and we actually think that the dinosaurs were the grandparents of the birds turkeys and big dogs and chicken you need chicken any dinosaurs don't want a drums in this lots of meat well I see this very fierce looking head what's this well that is not really like a chicken at all in a way you don't find the chicken that fierce none of these teachings do they don't have teeth no but this one had really big teeth he could open his mouth really wide he was a very fierce character you wouldn't want to meet him what's he called he's albertasaurus and that's his leg bone it's the same one and you know one of the things the boys and girls never think about is that that dinosaur really doesn't have any lips no none of the dinosaurs head lips can you imagine it could never kids for dinosaurs also they didn't have any ear sticking up like dogs or cats well how do they hear oh they have a little tiny ears you know what you should really do is look at the chickens ears are the birds ears they don't stick up but boy they can hear really good right – ORS are like that – hmm well I see this little tiny one over here what's that oh that's one of my favorite I brought that in specially to show the boys and girls and do you you know that's a baby dinosaur oh how old would he be well he was only about a month old a friend of mine a scientist in the United States found a whole nest of these about 15 of them the momma dinosaur looked a bit like that a duckbill dinosaur but it was called my asuras which means good mother my asaurus this was not a fierce dinosaur you would have liked this one it's very much like a deer only a lot bigger than a deer almost as big as albertasaurus there oh he was gentle very gentle a very small teeth but many many of them and he plans mostly I see you there's certain dinosaurs and eat plants and some that eat oh yes a lot of dinosaurs eat just plants and they were very gentle just like our deer row goats and sheep and then we had the big fierce ones just like albertasaurus well what are these well I thought that you might be interested in these they also come from Alberta but they come from an animal that used to live in the sea I have a picture of this animal right here it's a squid today many of the squids don't have a shell to live in but a long time ago most of the squids had a shell and these are the shells of squids which we find very to where we find the dinosaurs so does that mean there was an ocean in Alberta can you imagine our country was cut in half by an ocean you could have never driven from here to Calgary without going through the ocean when these animals lived in that ocean their shell was very very pretty sometimes with pretty patterns sometimes very nicely colored and this one shows us what the shell looks like today but if we open it up we can see the inside and it's very shiny this you hold with that one there see how shiny there in the finial is you know we used to make buttons out of that material it's called mother-of-pearl oh I heard of that now one time I found one of these shells and it wasn't pretty at all on the outside and I don't know if I wanted it really because it was was not as pretty as those so I almost didn't pick it up but I did and I was curious what was inside and you know sometimes we shouldn't just look on the outside of things we really should look at the inside oh yes oh thank you these are and it shows us the inside of a squid so this would be a fossil then what it is a fossil these are all fossils and they're 80 million years old my goodness these animals lived in Canada there were no people in Canada not even our native people not even the Indian people in fact there were no people on earth Dan just dinosaurs and I'm kind of glad I wasn't around then so but with the big dinosaurs they're very lovely so the squid would live inside a shell like this would they that's right it would live in check and makes the shell bigger every day – well Hedy thank you very much it was very interesting talking to you I'm gonna go and see what the toys are up to okay very nice talking with you heading welcome to the polkadot door thank you for coming oh you're welcome I hope you all learned a lot of things about fossils and dinosaurs thanks to Hetty well toys we haven't found anything yet the toys are digging in the sandbox to see if they can find dinosaur bones oh my goodness it's this huh it's a huge boon but I don't think it's a dinosaur bone toys I think it's probably a soup bone maybe some dog came in here and buried it what's out there bear says that all of this talk about soup bones has made him hungry for a bowl of soup well alright toys I'll go inside and see what I can scare up hello well guru did you hear that okay it sounds like the poker room well I don't see him around here anywhere do you hey hey it sounds as though he's inside whoa girl mm-hmm he is inside come on let's go and see what the poker ooh is up to okay how do you do how are you okay what do you say well pokhara what are you doing today dancing prancing dancing and prancing both feet around whoops almost falls down and pokhara almost tripped over your suitcase are you taking are you sure you're okay Oppo crew I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself welcome otherwise you couldn't go on your trip oh really you were you're not going on a trip well guru oh you had quite a trip just now when you tripped over your suitcase just joking poker ooh well you just got back from a trip though didn't you Glenn let's see now you were in Jamaica hey um Nassau Mandela oh I see you were at Dinosaur Valley Park at was sago Beach oh come on it's not very far from Toronto pool Carew okay did you have a good time mm-hmm you saw a great big dinosaur again I didn't it chased you around we're going oh Pokhara I don't believe it him in you mean if we look through the polka dot door we'll see it all Oh parole well let's look Oh poker ooh you saw the woolly mammoth and the scores are civilian and that's the tennis prophecy and there you are poker ooh what a lovely day for a walk okay what do you see it's the Iguanodon looks fierce and there's a dream cells Rex look at those sharp teeth and claws and it's coming after you those big feet are pumping closer and closer take away look we don't let it catch you where are you poker ooh you were hiding behind the Dimetrodon you trick that fierce all time smoking did I see you again we were escaping good for you hey well I'm glad you got away it's around you one pimply one they do it get away oh I'm so excited now you can run better on the path it's catching up to run into the bushes again damn good for you dinosaurs right behind you oh you fell down Gabo group it's afraid to look you're up whew that was close now's your chance there's the bridge one balloon LA dinosaurs not gonna give up hasn't caught you yet tired out gee that's right hard behind that dinosaur wall are you afraid oh look that dinosaur just wants to be friends and shake your paw isn't that nice okay and you're off with a wave to your new friend it's guru guru Wow pol guru that was quite some adventure you had I'm certainly glad you turned out so well in the end for you well groom you want a dance oho girl I'm getting dizzy oh my goodness poco – the room is spinning all over the place po po po guru must you go won't you stay come back soon by poker ooh see you soon oh my goodness what a huge present I wonder who it's from love poker ooh oh that poker ooh with all his tricks and surprises he was thoughtful enough to bring a present Oh a present who's it from poker oh he was just here the poker who was here yes he just came back from a trip oh I missed him again well where did he go well he had a big suitcase uh-huh and he fell over as you don't well I tried that trick on him too Oh was the funny joke anyway well where did he go well he went to see dinosaurs at the Dinosaur Valley park you know we looked through the polkadot door and we saw him being chased by one I don't believe it it's true Oh No well did he finally dinosaurs there yes he saw lots of them oh yes and then he gave us this beautiful present a gift well I wonder what's under it oh no lots of junk that poker room is always up to some kind of trick oh this says love poker ooh well let's open and see oops sorry everybody but it's time to go bye-bye see you soon he was thoughtful afterward after all he gave us beautiful juicy Apple bad poker ooh how many are there here one two three four five six six you you you

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