The Next Parabolic Altcoin Move is Starting (Omi, Enjin, Aave)

the next parabolic move is starting before 
we get into exactly where i think we are   in this market cycle i do want to start by 
understanding why you're here specifically   my guess is that you may be here 
because the technology is exciting but   like many most i would say you're here to make 
life changing gains and you're here in youtube   to learn as much as you can to make better 
and better decisions right but what is it   that motivates you to learn as much as you can 
in crypto about investing what is it that drives   you is it a nice beach house is it a lamborghini 
one of my members in the telegram shadow he says   wife changing gains now i think he's single but he 
means he can better attract who he is looking for   from the wealth that he wants to accumulate 
in this is it a private island that you're   looking for is it just enough to own your house 
outright it is okay whatever it is because that's   specific to you but it's helpful for you to know 
exactly what you're reaching for because in crypto   it's just investing now crypto is the newest 
fastest tech sector of growth and though the   technology is world changing it follows the same 
patterns that the slower investment cycles follow   it's just faster and if you know exactly what 
you want it is easier to be patient to get it   and to stick with it because i promise you the 
road ahead is going to be bumpy i do want to   be real with you if you aren't good at investing 
you'll make more bad decisions and less solid ones   the more you understand about the cycles in crypto 
it's going to help keep your emotions in check   especially at the two most critical times large 
green candles and large red candles can we agree   that because crypto moves so fast often the best 
information does come through youtube twitter and   medium articles just is what it is though we 
know it's not financial advice we can at least   get access to others opinions and information in 
a time relevant way so do understand that what i'm   sharing with you is not financial advice just my 
opinion these opinions have worked really well for   me and i can't even tell you what to do i can only 
share with you what i'm doing how i think about it   and what's worked well for me over the past two 
cycles i have already made life changing well   for myself and i started this channel earlier this 
year to share with many of you the principles that   helped work so well for me so if you'll stick with 
us for this cycle the bear market that follows   this in the following cycle so a five year plan 
i think many of you can accomplish the same thing   so let's talk about exactly what i think is about 
to happen with the recent pullbacks you probably   got that feeling you get from a 
roller coaster as you go over the top   and start heading down now imagine you're on 
that roller coaster and you're blindfolded   yeah that real uneasy feeling in your gut as 
you're going down you know that feeling and if   you were like most of us the further down that 
ride the question comes to your mind oh my gosh   is it going to keep going down in crypto you 
hear the internal dialogue saying should i sell   before it goes down even further i know that 
because i still hear that internal dialogue and   what that internal dialogue often says 
to me but with 20 plus years investing   that internal dialogue isn't near as loud but it 
absolutely listen to what that internal dialogue   says i just don't do what it tells me to do i 
almost always actually do the opposite i find   as that internal dialogue does get the loudest it 
is almost always the absolute worst place to sell   and almost always the exact timing of the very 
best buy opportunities so what usually comes   right after the point where we couldn't resist 
hitting that sell button the market then picks up   starts its next trend up you possibly 
have even experienced this once or twice   this is what keeps most of us from making life 
changing gains so in order to make those gains   we want so bad we are taking money that we worked 
very hard for we're putting it at complete risk   of losing everything just be real in crypto you 
could lose it all we do it because we want to make   that drastic change in our finances the good news 
is that you're in the right place i'm frequently   going to share with you my perspective on what's 
happening i'm going to keep do keep in the front   of your mind that this isn't financial advice 
these are my thoughts on how i think about it   what i'm doing i'm not even always correct i'm 
just often correct and if you hold for periods   it's very forgiving and you end up winning a 
lot more than you lose now investing for such   long periods well i guess 20 years experience 
in my life has helped me see past the hype   and the fear to often see exactly what's going 
on now it seems like we just passed the point   where these voices to panic sell or the internal 
dialogue telling you to panic sell was probably   just the loudest and it may be that we we're 
now past that point there are some indicators   that probably we are but sometimes there's 
one more dip down so we'll see how that goes   how do i know that we're there well let's look at 
the charts in a second many of things have a nice   flat bottom which means that any time there's cell 
pressure buyers scoop it up at these prices some   projects are also now starting to show signs of 
taking off this is exactly what we're looking for   so let's hit the charts first i want to go over to 
bitcoin and this is bitcoin versus the us dollar   on finance so we've had this nice rounded bottom 
and that's what we call this a rounded bottom   now sometimes you do get one more dip 
down you know one of the big fears on   this is that this is a head and shoulders 
shoulder being here shoulder being here   and that if it plays out like that 
it could dip all the way down to this   19 000 range or do you see where this other 
resistance line is here could come down to   here and that's been the big fear of many that it 
will do that and it possibly still could wick down   to that freak everyone out get as many people 
as possible to hit that panic button bam sell then it's off to the races this happens time and 
time again i did want to show you some of the   signs of what's happening that's taking things off 
now i want to look at engine here this is engine   coin enj now this is a big d5 gaming play not d 
fight gaming nft play market caps close to 1.2   billion and see how i had this long roller coaster 
ride now imagine if you were blindfolded right   isn't this what the roller coaster ride down 
would feel like so i give you this analogy   because something we can relate to so that as 
you see the stuff in the charts it helps you   not panic sell because this is buy point for 
people like me this is where i'm going crazy   buying and accumulating now that doesn't mean it 
can't come down again that it can't do this that's   okay what often happens is sometimes it even does 
even to me and it goes lower and then it's off to   the races but sometimes it never does even come 
lower i mean look what axe the infiniti just did   where it went absolutely crazy now no i and i 
covered that earlier today and i realized after   i had recorded the video that oh my gosh i hope 
a bunch of people don't fomo into this because i   do not chase these kind of green candles that is 
detrimental now there's a slight chance it could   continue up from here but look at this market cap 
it's almost a billion dollars for a gaming token   like the i mean why do you need this token you 
don't so um yeah so i have some items in the game   so this is sell time for me when it's going crazy 
like this see i'm accumulating not specifically   this token but i'm accumulating when it goes down 
like this this is just a really good very fresh a   relevant chart that i can share with you and then 
when it goes parabolic like this then i'm selling   that's the time that i'm taking profits like i'm 
taking profits here i'm taking profits here i'm   taking profits all the way up i am definitely 
never buying when this is happening when you're   new this is when it's most tempting to buy it's 
like oh my gosh look at the returns they just had   that's the kind of returns i'm looking for when 
you chase these green candles it almost never   ends well for you another one i want to look at 
comey look at this nice beautiful rounded bottom   then the first leg of the w it looks like it's 
been dipping down to the second leg of the w   how far down it comes we don't know might even 
come down back to the point two five cents range   my knot is at point three five cents now and 
then often it goes off to the races even d5   showing some signs of that look at this first leg 
of the w maybe the second leg comes down further   maybe it doesn't and it only does this and then 
it starts heading up ave we're seeing something   similar first leg of the w looks like it's coming 
down so i'm liking what i'm seeing now do realize   if bitcoin comes down on and comes down to 24 000 
it's going to bring that second legs of the w down   even further probably because most time everything 
drops not always just most of the time so if that   happens just be prepared that it's possible so 
what i've done is i've i've been accumulating   while it's down it's hard to very you know 
time the bottom i'll share with you with comey   this is exactly how i played out when i 
hit point seven five cents i bought a bunch   when it hit under point five cents i bought a 
bunch i bought a bunch more down in this zone here   if it comes down from here i'm gonna make some 
more buys and then be patient for two or three   or four months and see how it plays out if it 
comes down even deeper because i believe in vv   uh the vv app that comey has um and that the 
app itself has been tremendous you know i even   if it comes down really cheap for whatever reason 
that's just the time for me to buy more because   being patient the the chances that it will go up 
tremendously from there are very high so that's   how i play it now it's impossible for us to know 
exactly the bottom of each time so there are some   things that we can look for for indicators but 
knowing when a general good time to buy is and   where a general good time to sell is well that's 
worked amazing for me and though often you buy   and sometimes it retraces more like what happened 
to me with a comey and then i buy some more and   then it retraces i buy some more to find out that 
yep okay that was the exact bottom and then the   run upwards is now probably going to go like crazy 
so i know part of you wants to know and you say   but merv how do i know exactly where the bottom 
is well good luck with that because everyone is   guessing and most sophisticated investors know 
that they won't be able to time exactly the bottom   so that's why we buy in these ranges even the 
most experienced don't always get it right now   smart investors just buy in those ranges and 
they do leave some capitals on the side in case   it does go lower what i'm excited about overall 
is that there are so many great deals available   today now three months ago it was really hard 
to know what was still a good deal because most   prices had gone up it was a good friend called 
me and he said hey what's a really good deal out   there what should i put more money into and 
i number one i i can't tell him what to put   money into so i prefaced it with well this is what 
i'm most interested in but you know everything   seemed so expensive compared to the prices they 
had been it was hard to even figure out now that   things have retraced it's a lot easier to identify 
the good buys because everything is on sale   almost everything axs not on sale so if you 
haven't already join the conversation with us   on telegram i have some great people in there 
the group is really good do keep friendly and   cordial in the group i do have a zero policy zero 
tolerance policy towards toxicity and what i mean   by toxicity is no come on no racism no sexism no 
homophobia just honestly be kind to other people   there they're trying to learn too so don't call 
names that doesn't mean you can't disagree with   people but be friendly about it please or i will 
have to kick you but you know i don't have to   kick very many people every once in a while and 
people of course scammers try to join in there   and they try to pump some tolkien then i have 
to delete that post as well as delete them but   yeah so do know that scammers can join it too so 
if anyone's asking you to call whatsapp number or   send them some funds 100 it's a scam if you're new 
to the channel go back and check out some of my   past videos you may find that they really help you 
understand investing and timing at a deeper level   if you haven't already subscribe and keep this 
dialogue going i do like to cover really good   projects that i like and that i think have value 
for the future and i'll share with you what i like   about them why i'm interested in them and i'll be 
real with you about it and being real with you i   don't get everything right but because i hold 
for periods of time it tends to when i don't   end up buying the very bottom because it's hard 
to time tends to be forgiving and do very well   and and it's always easy especially when you're 
new and your assets haven't built up tremendously   i remember how hard it can be watching you buy 
something and then have it retraced from there   you get past that as long as you're making pretty 
good buys and you're not chasing large green   candles you're actually chasing big red candles 
on solid long-term projects if you chase large red   candles on scam projects i don't know how it'll 
work out for you so stuff that has a future or is   most likely to have a future then it has a big 
retracement that's when i like to be buying it   and that tends to be forgiving because 
then you know just people get scared they   they panic sell and they panic sell right into 
our hands and then we buy and as much as i'm   informing people not to panic sell there's 
tens of millions of people out there that i   won't reach and even if they did hear my video 
they wouldn't listen because they're not ready   to think like investors so if you're here my guess 
is you are ready to think like that or you already   do i know some of you are already millionaires and 
i thank you for tuning in enjoying the channel and   the discussion i appreciate that too also every 
time you like one of my videos it helps us grow   this bigger so thank you when you do that because 
it does help youtube push these videos out to   more people as that happens it allows me to 
grow better connections behind the scenes   so since i started the channel i've been able 
to get to know some of the projects out there   even some of the projects i'm most interested 
in allows me to give you better information   what i don't have contacts with is a lot of the 
billionaire whales behind the scenes yet now   hopefully as my channel gets to a hundred thousand 
five hundred thousand a million i'll get to know   those people that give me better behind the scenes 
of the whale atmosphere that way i can give you   better information so i appreciate when you help 
me get it there get there by liking every one of   my videos because then it tells youtube this 
is doing really well pushed out to more people   and it helps us grow the community as well as the 
more millionaires and other successful people we   get in our community that's not a bad thing 
there's plenty of people that have different   perspectives than me they've been very successful 
that have good tips to share so as we grow this   community makes us all better together thanks so 
much i do want to send you to our song this is by   manuela who's made the song for all you rainmakers 
rainmakers those who commit to the five-year   journey with us so commit yourself to the five 
year journey be with us not just during this   run but in the bear market which is the best time 
to be here hopefully you've taken some profits or   take some profits during the next leg or two up 
that i think we still have ahead of us and that   way your cash rich during the bear market so that 
you can pick up at some deep discounted prices   that will really set you up for a really good bull 
run next time thanks so much take it away manuela   success is falling like rain the 
timing's right we're getting paid   come on ring makers let's make this 
happen let all the haters do their thing you

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