The Jankiest EXTREME Gaming Setup – Intel $5,000 Extreme Tech Upgrade

(camera smashes) – Ooh-oh. – We're back with another
Intel extreme tech upgrade and this time we are
gonna be laser-focused. Intel has provided our
cameraman, David, with $5,000 US and he has decided to
laser-focus his budget on ultimate media enjoyment, extreme gaming, streaming and data hoarding. How on earth did you do all
of that within this budget? – It's not even close to the budget. – This is a $2,500 US webcam. (upbeat music) (relaxing upbeat music) David, can I just say that you
are a man after my own heart? You've got the sick
water-cooled gaming rig and what appears to be
a leftover piece of, two leftover pieces (laughing) of hardie board that make up your desk. Because if it doesn't
contribute to performance- – Why would I spend any money on it? – Thank you, you finished my sentence. Also, can I just say for a moment, that I love your flacid handles here? – Oh yeah. If I ever feel emasculated,
I just come over here.

I feel better about myself. – I gotta say, David, this is one hell of an LMG
(beep) mix special right here. I recognize pretty much
all of these parts. (laughing) You got that old weird ZOTAC
1080 Ti like mini thing. – [David] Yeah. – And then that in-wind
comentered well under- – [David] I got that from NCIX. – That's right, we did. We brought in a bunch of
them for like 60 bucks. – [David] That's why I got it. It was so cheap. – So you probably paid
next to nothing for it. – [David] Yep. – That's why I recognized it. – [David] Yeah, that's the
glitter case from LTX whenever.

– Oh, so it is. So it is. – [David] Not much glitter left though. – There's no way you're
changing this keyboard though, right? – It's a great keyboard. I wanna go wireless. I couldn't fit the 915 TKL on my budget but my birthday is coming up. So I might buy it for myself. – G43, great bang for the buck, but you're going G pro, aren't you? – [David] G pro X baby.
– Super light power. Yeah, let's go have a look at his hall. I mean, I guess this
kind of makes the point of how much space this has been taking up in your house for weeks now.
(laughing) It's taken us a little while to get David's rig on the schedule. So he's just had to have
this sitting, staring at him, including an RTX 3080. So why don't we go through the highlights? The RTX 3080 is one of the
things in your Intel 5k budget right?
– [David] Yes, absolutely. – Along with the Pro X
mouse, powerplay mouse pad, a define 7XL computer case that you're gonna be
turning into a rocking NAS, how much storage are you gonna
have and why do you need it? – It's gonna be about 20 terabytes.

And I need it because I
want to do more streaming and make more videos. But the last time I did it I ran out of SSD space so quickly. And I just started moving
stuff around on SSDs and it was a pain and I just got too tired and
never finished the video. – Okay, fair enough. So we're going with Ironwolf
NAS drives for that. Why do we need this
much water cooling gear? – I already have a water-cooled system but this system will also be water-cooled. – Good Lord, you're
water-cooling your NAS? Or more accurately I'm
water-cooling your NAS.

– (laughing) All the
problems are handed off. – Naturally for the NAS, we're going Intel with a core I3, 10100 K. This has four cores, eight threads, which like, damn, I3s have gotten good. – Yeah, seriously. – Obviously plenty for a NAS. And then it's easy to miss because it's covered in other stuff. But how the hell did you
get a 48 inch LGC 10 OLED into the budget. – Magic money, baby. – So if you guys haven't
figured it out yet, David contributed some of his own funds to this complete tech make-over. Meaning that this is
going to take us a while.

– Yeah, you can build a
computer in 17 minutes. Can't you? – This is water cooling though. And we have to do maintenance on his existing water-cooled
rig to put the new card in. And I haven't even shown
you guys the custom tabletop that David and Nicholas
finished up last night. – [David] Yeah. – That's gonna be replacing… this is a necessary upgrade dude. This looks so nice. – Right? It's gonna be awesome. What I'm thinking is we
take down the setup there. We can put the wood on this table. You can start building computers there. – Yes. – I'll then build the legs, get the table ready. And then we can transfer
all the building into there.

Get it all done – While we're at it, you want me to paint any walls? – Yeah, that one up
there sounds pretty good. – Oh man, like this mouse pad,
(David laughing) there has got to be like
three pounds of dead skin in the surface. – [David] Oh, at least, that's been through a washing machine. – Oh, really?
(David laughing) – Yeah, I have dirty hands. – [Linus] This is gonna
look absolutely sick. – Oh, I know. I'm so excited. – [Andy] Oh, did you just use book? – Yeah. So it's a bunch of Harry Potter books, but then my high school year books I'm gonna put those away
before Linus finds them. – What's that? Wait a minute, is that what
was propping up your desk? – Yep, just Harry Potter books. – Wait, what other books were there? Oh my God.
(David laughing) – [David] Oh, no.

– [Linus] Yeah, that
is like a bull mullet. – Yeah, it's bad. – Wait, where the heck is the TV going? – On the wall. I have a wall now. – Like in there? – Yeah. – That's your gaming display. – Yeah. I would say I have the
sickest setup of anyone ever. It's gonna be so bonkers.
– Okay. All right. Well, let's do it then. So we've got an RTX 3080, basically freaking top of the
line for David's rig here. This one's pretty unique. It can actually do up
to three HDMI outputs and up to three display port 1.4s. And of course, because it's water blocked, we are going to be maximum
turbo all the time. But we've got a bit of a problem, David. – [David] Okay. – So I thought this was
gonna be relatively simple. Pop out the old card, pop the new one in, but, who built this water
cooling setup for you? – Me and Ivan together. And John and Ed. We were all there.

– Okay, well you guys hooked
up your CPU block backwards. – Oops. (laughing) – And also this is zip tied. Why is this zip tied? – [David] Zip tie's faster. It's better. – [Linus] Is this
mismatched tubing, David? – Uh huh, I have more tubing though. So we can use that if you want. And lots more fittings. – Oh God. Oh boy. – [David] I have two
pets and lots of carpets. So that's probably like
five days worth of dust. – I cannot see through it. This is gonna be tough. I've got five hours to
fix this water cooling and build a completely
separate water-cooled system. To get an idea of what standard of quality the client expects, all you really have to do is take a look at their own
workmanship that's around you. (David laughing) So I'm thinking the bar is
gonna be pretty low here.

– So I bought these prime cable, the L-shaped desk legs. I want to be able to adjust. There's like a sweet spot of
like up high leaning forward where I have optimal speed reflexes. (gun firing) – You want me to put that
new radiator in, hey? – [David] Yeah, if you
can, that'd be awesome. – You don't happen to have any
like hardware for that rad, do you? – Yeah, I had a bag of screws. It's a bit of a mix. I got the radiators from the office but they didn't come with hardware. So I was like, I better get
some screws for this video. – And did you just grab
a handful of random- – Sure did. – I could have helped
you find the correct- – It wouldn't be a good video
if it wasn't a challenge. – Most of these aren't even
threaded right for this. It's a good thing any
screw is a self-tapper if you press hard enough. – Heck yeah. I am not the most handy person. So this is gonna be a
challenge and a half. But I'm gonna do my best.

Full credit to Alpha Cool for the quality of their materials, but I'm having a real hard time here. My screws are stripping as I
try to kind of self tap them into these smaller holes
and they're getting stuck. This thing is solid boys. – Oh yeah. – Watch your step. Ouch. – You're okay?
– Yeah, I hit the wall. I'm fine. My butt's very paddy. What an improvement. – It's a little bit nicer. – All right, now I just got to figure out how to get that radiator in there. I'm considering drilling the radiator. (drill whirring) It shouldn't be that hard. – I'm gonna need a longer bit. – [Linus] I don't understand it – Using something not
meant to go on a drill but it's the only one that's gonna work. – Just go in your home. (drill whirring) – Nice. This is gonna work. – This is not going well.

Now my Torx bit is stuck in the screw I'm trying to use to tap it. – Making progress. (drill whirring) – Oh God. – [David] Oh, oh. (drill whirring) – It's all good. – Okay. Hey, that's okay. Thanks Nick. You're my favorite. Nick Callanan at the office. – Nice Four screws, that's all he's getting. – I got the autonomous MyoChair which is the cheapest
ergo chair they make. This is really comfortable. I can feel the lumbar support. I'll be definitely a little bit more back. I'll feel like the world of
Warcraft South park meme. – Whoever put this fitting in here was trying to be some kind of hero. – In typical David fashion, it seems that I have lost the screws that mount the monitor to this.

So I'm gonna have to try a
bunch of different screws. See if I have any that'll fit. – God, that's why it's so tight. Whoever put this on used
like pliers to tighten it on. You could see the teeth marks. – I got so lucky, the first screw that I
grabbed from a random thing seems to work. – [Linus] How nice for you, David. (laughing) – Oh, I forgot. I have to build a shelf. – [Linus] David, I hate your rig. It's killing me. – What do you think of my
fancy shelf that I'm building? – It's wonderful. And I'm glad it's going much
better than what I'm doing. – Everyone knows you
shouldn't put your electronics on carpet, and I have two pets- – [Linus] Wait a minute, I didn't actually look closely at this. This is your shelf? – For underneath. It's gonna be on the ground so I can fit my feet underneath it. Wire manage underneath it. And then have all my
computers and consoles on top. – You had said earlier that you don't consider
yourself very handy.

– This is why it's so simple. – You know what? No, you know what? I love it. Your pumps in with the new
card's not a mini card, David. – Is it not gonna fit? It fits, look. Just shove it. Shove it harder. It's cool. I thought I chose a piece of
lumber that was pretty straight but I had it flipped the other way and there was like an
inch gap on this one. So- – This goes to show you can take David out of the junky setup but you can't take the
junky setup out of David. You're having fun over there? – I'm having a great time. Am I doing a good job? – He starts with like
the nicest looking pile of awesome stuff and then makes a shelf out of two by 10. – This is a camera that I
had when I was a freelancer. And it's a great camera. It's the Black Magic Ursa 4.6K. It's got a great sensor,
great dynamic range, but it's really not well
suited to be a webcam. – $2000 webcam. My brain hurts all the
way from the other room just listening to them.

– These are spherical, but
they're seven years old. They were built in East
Berlin during the cold war, like Zeiss Flektogons. – Yeah, cinematic webcam then. – You wanna know why
this isn't well-suited to be a webcam? Multiple reasons. One, not a good low light sensor. Two, no auto-focus. Number three, I have to open this and then
reach in here and turn it on. Reason four, this monitor
doesn't flip around. So I have to have an
external monitor on top. Reason five, it's heavy as (beep) stupid and so much work to use this but I'm probably the only
person in the entire world using an Ursa to stream. So that's pretty cool. – I ran out of tubing. If David wants this to be
the ghettoest sick rig ever then I'm gonna embrace it.

There you go, David. This is what you want? – [David] I love it. – There you go. I'm glad this is coming together but it makes me really unhappy. – I've installed the shelf underneath. In order to get it over the radiator, I flipped the support sideways
and now it's really tall. And I'm worried that
the computers won't fit underneath the table. Unless I raised the table up
to an uncomfortable level.

I feel like a little baby. Like. (camera crashes) Oh, keep rolling. That's the danger. It's gotta be at balance. I don't have… It's pretty junk – For better or for worse it's done. But before we take the rig
back into the computer room I want to at least… Hey David. – [David] Yeah. – You got a vacuum? – [David] Yeah. – I wouldn't know it. Before I use your vacuum
to clean your computer. I might need to clean your vacuum. (vacuum cleaner whirring) Ah, okay. It like does not come off. Maybe if I can grab some of the fibers I can actually pull a lot of the dust out. It's all about improvement at this point. Hey David. – [David] Yeah. – I think I've got enough
hair to make another dog. So that's where you want
it, in the corner there? – Yeah, that's the idea. I think for today, I might put another plank
of wood on the ground and then just have both
computers on the ground. Right now the table's really
high to be able to fit it. And I don't really want
the table that high.

– I think this is the part where the video is supposed
to include some justification for why you chose this particular TV. – I mean, it's pretty self-explanatory. It's the best computer
monitor slash gaming TV money can buy right now. – There you go. – In 20 Hertz, HDMI 2.1, it's OLED. – Okay, let's make sure we get the peel on the back of this one. I accidentally left Andy's on. And it turns out that it's
actually needed for cooling.

David, you're an absolute mad lad, man. – [David] Why is that? – Why do you need water
cooling in your NAS? – [David] I want top performance
for those hard drives. We're water-cooling the
hard drives too, right? – We're starting with six. You know that the
radiators are gonna reduce like your hard drive
capacity though, right? – [David] Yeah. – You know you don't need
two triple radiators though, right? – Oh man.

I wanna push that 10100 so hard. I know it doesn't overclock
but I'm gonna push it. – [Linus] Okay, are you messing with me? – Not even a little bit. – Hey David, what are you
using the one terabyte M.2 for? – [David] Oh, it's going in the other one. – Oh. The reason for that is while the 665P is a really awesome drive, it's kind of too awesome for the NAS. So what we want to do is just
put a SATA drive in as a cache and then… Ah, yes, this one. And then we'll throw this
in the main gaming rig. So, oops. Anyway, we're running an Asrock B460, steel legend motherboard. We didn't need anything super crazy because we're not gonna be overclocking or anything like that. And this puppy has got a
solid mix of decent VRM, good expansion and well, we don't
actually need a ton of IO, but- – [David] 2.5 gig though.

– Does it have 2.5 gig RAM on it?
– [David] Yeah, it does. – Oh, that's why we picked it. As for our I3 10100,
this is on the surface, pretty overkill for a NAS. If all David wants is 2.5 gigabit
transfers from his desktop over to his mass storage ray in here. But if you wanted it to pull double duty, as say for example a Plex media server or in his case as a capture PC, then it's looking like
a pretty good choice. Question for you. Were you intending to
throw that 1080 Ti in here to use NVENC? – Yes. – I see. That's why it needs to be water-cooled. You were just messing with me before. – We're gonna have a bit of challenge with the amount of PCIe lanes that we have and kind of the slots. So we're gonna do capture
card, graphics card, and then for the HBA we're
gonna have to do NVBMe to PCIe 4X to a riser card. As you wait, no, I don't know.

That's gonna go in there. Linus is gonna figure
out, it's gonna be great. – Here's a little trick. – [David] I know it can do that, but won't it lessen the performance? – You're plugging into hard drives. – It's fine? Okay. – Now my CP water block, I'm apparently salvaging
that from your old system. – [David] Yeah 7700 K. – I asked David, I'm like, hey, you were there for Andy's shoot. Is yours gonna be like relatively quick? He's like, oh yeah. (laughter in the background) – I might need Linus' help because where we thought the
stud was the drill is not… (drill whirring) Oh I'm going backwards. I'm a frigging moron. (drill whirring) – [Linus] It's extreme Tech upgrade.

(beep) More like extreme tech
overly ambitious employees. – This table's big. It's in my way. Oh gee, Mikala, can I
get a hand for a second? You can take your mask off, 'cause we live together. – We do? – Oh. – Holy (beep) we stripped it. – We're not even a tech show anymore. We're practically like a
couple's home reno show now. Oh no, we stripped it. You went single channel memory? – [David] It was the
cheapest one in the world. – It was the cheapest one and
you had a budget, I guess. Well, the good news is that you
can always add another stick of this – [David] Yeah that's the plan
– and then you can up it to 32 gigs later. – I didn't even realize
it was single channel but here we are. – You know what, David, it's the least junky
thing about this setup.

What is this optical drive for? – [David] You never know
when you're gonna have to burn a PS3 game. – You know that this case does
not have a 5 1/4 inch bay, right?
– [David] It doesn't? Yeah, then that's fine. I'll use it for a different build. – Oh my God. It's so thought out and yet insane.

It's carefully all kind of wrong. – [Mikala] Welcome to my life.
(David laughing) – Mikala, before I tighten it, do you want to check the levelness? You don't think that a taco
truck is open in front of- – The good news is that now
that I have mounting hardware I'm making some serious
progress over here. We've got the rear fan in. We've got the motherboard mounted, ready to put our GPU in. I had to actually put the GPU away. I put it in the box for the new one, thinking, oh, well he's
gonna sell this on eBay. But no, that is in fact not the plan. It's gonna be handling NVENCing coding for his capture VM, I guess. – [David] Yeah. – I'm supposed to be out of
here in like an hour and a half. Tops.
– Oh, (beep) I'm sorry.

– No worry, I got this. I got this. – [David] Is there no way we can have anyone else on windshield? – Where's my 120 millimeter fans. – You don't need to plug in RGB, I'm gonna turn it off anyway. – Neat. You're getting one radiator, David. – The TV's on. I'm pretty excited about this mobility. When I sit over there, I can
tilt the monitor this way or at my desk, I can
have it more this way. And there's actually enough
thickness of the desk that I think I'll be able to like play mouse and
keyboard games at the desk, which I wasn't expecting. Yeah, it's… I'm so lucky, thank you Mikala, if you're watching this video, I love you. – Meanwhile, in Linus land, the nuts for the mounting
brackets for the reservoir are missing. Fortunately, there were
a couple of random nuts in the random baggy of
hardware that David got. So we've got that taken care of, but in other bad news this
mounting clip immediately broke.

So we're down to one. I make no apologies for the
junkyness of the solution. – [David] Give me junk. – You're bearing witness to this, Andy. – [David] And it looks fine. – Wait, do you not recognize the problem? – [David] Nope. – It's killing me too Andy, but I'm in a hurry and clearly
the client doesn't care. So we're adjusting our standards. – Depending on the device, I have, yeah, it's my 2.1
to go to PS5 and to the PC. 2.0 to go to my headphones which are gonna run off Arc.

2.0 to go to the capture PC. So that's gonna be the pass through and I'm hoping that all my retro consoles can go through the capture
station with zero input lag and all go through one input into the TV and it should be easy. – Hey, David. – [David] Yes. – This hard drive cage here, is it even part of this case? – [David] Nope.

– We've got another problem. The plastic sleds that are intended to go into these hard drive cages
are apparently not here. We've got these ones
that mount in the front so we can put two hard drives in today. Oh, I need screws to just
line up for me today. – Linus, if I'm being honest, the thing I'm most excited about today is this PlayStation three. – [Linus] What? – This is the PS3 I bought at launch.

And it's the one that
has the PS2 chip on it. So it can actually play PS1,
PS2 games without emulation and output it for ADP. This was dead for 10 years
and it seems to be revived but I haven't-
– [Linus] What? – I haven't plugged it
in and fully tested it. So there was a little bit up in the air but we're gonna find out today. – [Linus] Oh nice. – I'm so excited – Meanwhile I'm trying to figure out how the hell I'm gonna finish
this water-cooled computer. Oh wow. You went all out on the capture card. – Oh yeah. – Dang live gamer 4k. Get that HDR. – [David] Also record and
stream at the same time like two separate applications. So that's a big reason
why I want that one. – How do I want to tackle the one… Oh my God, I haven't put the pump in yet. – I picked the Sony WH-L600s
because they're wireless which is what I want. I wanna be able to move around this room, but they connect through HDMI, they've got zero latency. It's not Bluetooth, it's radio.

Mikala. Oh, yeah, Daisy came over here because she was excited to see you. One thing that was exciting to me is that it comes with this base station. Like I said, it can do
optical, but it also does arc which is what I really want and aux so I can actually connected to
a PC separately from the TV. Why I really want arc is that
everything is going to the TV in HDMI and then one
connection back to this means literally every device in this room can connect to these wireless headphones.

No problem. – Wow, this is sick. – It's not super stable, so be careful. – Oh gosh. – This is a great moment in history or historical failure. Wait. Oh, is this thing giving me trouble? Oh, I think something's wrong. It did better before. Dang, it's not gonna work for this but I'm gonna try again when you go. – Hey, the good news is I
think with your RTX 3080, you can probably emulate PS1 games.

I'm frustrated right now. This run is too tight here. I mean, what I could do is
I could just go full junk and do a big loop over here
and just bring it back around. You may recall that I claimed
to be out of tubing before when I clearly have an
entire additional spool. The reason for that was that I didn't want to dip into my tubing
supply for this system.

'cause I know the defined 7XL
is an extremely large case and I thought I might
actually need all of it. As it turns out, we probably
would have been fine, but that's okay. We got there. – With the room I had in my budget, I figured this was one of
the best mics I could get for my use, the rode pod mic. It's a dynamic mic. It's good at noise cancellation. This can be a fairly noisy room, especially now that
there's all these consoles and PCs underneath. And it's a good starter microphone. We'll see if I like streaming. If you guys enjoy it and then
maybe move up from there. – David. – [David] Yeah. – Please tell me you have
the extra modular cables for this power supply. I need a Molex connector. – [David] I'll bring over what I have. – They're not interchangeable. What power supply is this? – [David] That's for the N one. – Oh wait. No, definitely not. Yeah, these use a completely
different connector. – [David] Shoot. – Okay, we dip in this Molex connector and we jam the pins in this
PC express power connector.

We don't need.
– [David] Do it. – Okay, so that's in there. – [David] Is this gonna work? – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, hold on. Oh, I have them backwards. So other than that, yes. – [David] We have a smoke
detector, it's cool. I bet we have insurance too. That's how I'm gonna buy a house, burn this place down. Use the settlement money, heck yeah. – This conversation is making
me extremely uncomfortable. Am I an accessory? You have to promise me you'll
replace this after though. – [David] I promise. Yeah, I'll get some electrical tape. – No, no, that's not what I meant. – [David] Oh, the cable? – Yes. – [David] Yeah. I'll do that too.
– What do you think Andy? – [Andy] 99%.

– 99%? – [Andy] Yeah. – Yeah, I don't think so. Right, don't worry, I got this. – [David] Yeah, you do. – I'm a hero. USB for Andrade goes here. – If you guys watch the
ShortCircuits that I do which is generally nice. This is the best mouse money
can buy right now for gaming. I poo-pooed powerplay, but
I'm willing to give it a shot. This is my opportunity. Its opportunity to make
sure there's no vomit on it. Sweater. Oh, I'm already sad, you can't plug in the dongle to this. – It's really heavy. Where's this supposed to go? – Somewhere under here, I'm gonna have to figure out the details. I think I'm gonna have
to put just a flat plank on the ground. – Okay. It has a filtered underneath,
so I don't have it down there. I gotta grab it. – Okay, it'll be fine for today. With this computer it's this and the 403.

– Let's give it a quick reboot and see if it just fires
right up into Andrade. How cool would that be? – [David] That would be sick. We're doing it everybody. – Okay, it doesn't. Yeah (beep) readability. You've got to have that camel back there. Andrade's booting. – [David] Amazing. – Okay, so where does this go and where does that go? – [David] Oh, they're
both gonna go in there.

– Okay, here we go. Good luck, everybody. – [David] Tower login. What is that? – This doesn't have a
network connection right now. Oh, right. Long story, Trendnet is sending over
their 2 1/2 gigs switch, but it's not here yet. 2 1/2 gigabit is critical
for David's setup. Not because he has super fast internet, but because he needs a
really, really fast link between his NAS and his gaming machine so that he can edit video off of it. Gigabit's okay, but 100 megabytes a second, not that great these
days for responsiveness. 250 megabytes a second, now we're talking. – [David] Ethernet's plugged in now. – Ethernet is plugged in now?
– [David] Yeah. – People are gonna relate
to this setup so much. Cause this is like true gamer. – [David] Yeah. – This isn't like poser, or like RGB (beep) all
over the place gamer. – Actually while you're doing that, I'll bring you the stuff
that's quote unquote borrowed. Yeah, so these are from the donation pile.
– Oh yeah. I couldn't possibly care less about them. – And what about that R2D2? – You know what, your gain is my loss.

– That's my legal defense. – We were supposed to
build a computer in it and we just like never got around to it. That was like an impulse
buy when I was at the mall, I was like, oh we should
build a computer in that. Fair enough. – This room's going crazy. We're running out of room but I'm gonna pull out this bin. This is the bin that I
unboxed on ShortCircuit. It's filled with retro games. I want to get my PS3 working
again so I can play all those. But I have my analog super Nintendo so- – [Linus] Do you have Pilot Wings? – [David] I do not. I used to have more, friends steal a bunch
and never return them. – [Linus] Dicks. – I know. Kelly, you better fricking
return my frigging super Metroid. Or I'll kill you. – Gotta give it a little Philly fill here. There's at least enough
water in it this time that we should be able to
leave it on long enough to see if we get a signal.

– [David] Ah, yeah. – Here we go. All right, I'm closing the gaming rig, two water cooled systems, David. And does this rig just go
right in next to this one? – Yeah, sure. Today has been spoiled David day. I am so lucky to get all
this stuff I've gotten. I know people all around the world are trying to get 3080s, I got one, but the one thing I cannot
get is an LTT mouse pad. – [Linus] No stop it. – I can't. – I know, there's more coming. There's more coming.
– [David] Okay.

I'll see if I can snag one. – We'll get you one when… Later. When all the paying customers are done. – So this is probably the least junk thing of my entire setup. I took old wood from my desk. So I used to have not just
two pieces of pied project, I had four pieces. So I took one of those pieces. I glued a desk pad to it, put my keyboards wrist rest under there and it fits perfect on this armrest.

It's a good enough thing. And I'll be able to play mouse
and keyboard games on this TV with no issues at all. Oh my God. – That's the virtual machine. This is a good sign. – That's windows. – I'm gonna shut it down gracefully here. I'm going to add the USB receiver for this as well as the audio capture. And we're gonna try and
pass those through as well.

– Sir. – Oh, you need your HDMI
capture card passed through as well. – Oh. – Okay, theoretically, this is gonna work. Oh yeah. – [David] Is it working? – Let's not get ahead of ourselves. The AVA media capture card
is in the same ILM AMU group as your ethernet controller. – [David] What? – Really bad news. All the PCI express slots are
bound to essential devices. So we can't pass through the
AVA media part on its own. But remember that crazy
stupid idea that you had to use one of these.

What I'm hoping is that this top M.2 slot is connected directly to the CPU. I believe it is. In which case, I think the
likelihood is much higher than it will be in its own ILM AMU group. So now we've got this riser cable. Oh my gosh. And now our capture card.
(laughter in the background) – We found my limit and this is that. – The things we do for gaming. Honestly, all things considered, we're in pretty good shape.

– [David] Yeah.
– All you gotta do is swap out that capture
card for a USB one. – Will do. – But this VM is working
absolutely perfect- – [David] Amazing. – It's running at 240 Hertz right now. – [David] Yep. – You're ready for your first stream. – What's up hell cats. How's it going, man? Ready to watch me play some Parapa? Don't get people in the young 20s. It's okay, they don't get you either. (gun firing) Sorry. This is so good. I'm gonna play this next
time I'm having sex. – [Gamer] Another squad, another squad. – Yeah, I'm going for the finish here. Okay, she's dead. – Well that wasn't easy and we're honestly not quite done yet. David's gonna swap out his capture card to get this going 100% but all things considered, we got a freaking ton done today.

This looks absolutely freaking awesome. – [David] So much better. – Compared to the old setup and knowing David, there's
gonna be a lot of gaming hours spent on this setup. So again, you guys can find
him @thechosendavid on Twitter and he'll get all the
information for you guys on where he's gonna be Twitch
streaming all of a sudden. Everyone's getting into Twitch streaming, you know?
– I know it's awesome. – It's crazy. It's crazy. But not everyone has a
black magic Ursa 4.6 K as their web cam, do they? That's right. It's set apart. And you know what else is set apart? Intel.

Thank you so much to Intel for sponsoring, not just this video, but this whole series where
we are doing $5,000 makeovers. We've already done Anthony, we've done Riley, we've done Andy, we've done, is this one the fourth one?
– [David] Colton? – We did Colton. So you guys can go check
out the entire series. Yeah, Dennis' as well. – [David] Oh yeah.
– I think Dennis' might've been the… Actually this one was crazy too. I don't know, man. They're all good, they're all great. Go check them out, and go check out Intel's
products' link down below. They got everything. They've got CPU's, they've got networking products. You name it. If it's advanced micro
processing technology, intel makes it.

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