The “Intro” – Polkadot rap featuring Gavin Wood

We have this great new technology that's allowing
us to automate one of the sort of very fundamental aspects of an economy which is trust. Which
is this idea that I can have reasonable expectations of what's going to happen without having to
trust someone Yo… I was peeping game before the hype the market
cap now in fifth position complex design the architecture's a sign off the hook relay chain
crazy visions. The white paper blazes with interstellar space
residue like glue from the third dimension. A network that works this is just one node
with all planet type NASA precision. Elon had jokes man earth is the testnet this
protocol bridges them all. So put up some DOT now you can bang on your
slot… parachain… for the mars mission. Gav and his team the cryptography is mean
suturing up the internet like crypto physicians. A star trek scene the holodeck team came to
visit back to the future blockchain tacticians. Study writing code Satoshi paved the road
straight kicking up dust. GRANDPA's open source surgery coded from the
hub you trust his nurse is a BABE the hybrid consensus code written in RUST Polkadot is in many respects biggest bet in
this ecosystem against chain maximalism This basically allows every coder to also
be a business owner.

We just place a an algorithmic service online and it's a self-sovereign autonomous
economically strong business. You heard the phrase like the pen is mightier
than the sword, well you know the keyboard is going to become even mightier than the
pen pretty soon..

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