The First Electric SUV from Audi | Full Walkthrough 2019 e-tron Quattro

(upbeat music) – Hey guys. Ryan McCrumb here at
Zimbrick Audi of Madison. Today we are looking at
the all new E-Tron Quattro. This is the first all electric vehicle that Audi has produced. We're gonna take a look
at why it's so special. (electronic music) So first, let's take a
look at the exterior. You'll notice that this car
is first and foremost an Audi.

There's been talk of Audi going electric. We like to look at it as
in electric has gone Audi. So taking a look at the grill, we're gonna notice a couple changes. We have the matte finish chrome
border as well as the rings. Now we're also offering these
rings in a matte black finish. This is something that
we've never done before. But we're trying to please our fans so we've added that option on the E-Tron. You'll also notice that this
top and bottom part is closed. Now a grill is not essential
for a all-electric vehicle. However we do have this
open vent in the middle for air to go through to help
reduce that drag coefficient.

On this car it's point zero three. Which is pretty impressive for an SUV. The Audi RA is point two seven, so not much of a
difference between the two. Now those vents do close
up to a certain speed to help reduce that even further. So you'll notice an all
LED matrix style headlight. This was something optional
on our other models. It is standard in the
E-Tron which is pretty cool. You'll notice the four strips down here representing Quattro. At least I think so. (laughs) Moving forward, we're
gonna have some nice lines on the hood, which usually represents where the power is in the car. However it's a little
different with the E-Tron. Where that's gonna be noted is really on the sides here, where
we have a nice indentation and a blackout carbon finish representing where this power is coming from. Now on the bottom of this E-Tron lies a fifteen hundred
pound twin size bed battery. Lithium ion, 95 kilowatts of power. So right here on the
driver's side of the car, you're gonna find the charging outlet where you will charge the car.

So at the touch of a button
this will open very smooth. And you'll be able to put
the charger which is kept in the frunk, which we don't
have a motor under this hood, so you're gonna have a nice compartment. We'll take a look at that in a moment. Now you're looking at about eight hours for a full charge on a DC
input, which is 240 watts. You can get this installed at your house. This is something that
we are also providing. A service from Amazon,
having a specialist come out to your house to install one
of these charging systems right in your garage so you can go to bed knowing that your car is gonna be charged in the morning.

Now when you plug this in, you're gonna have a light right here and it's gonna be blinking green
meaning that it's charging. And when it's fully charged
it'll stay solidly green. Now if you get a yellow or
a red light you will know that there's something
disconnected or the charger isn't in all the way, which can easily be fixed.

So when you disconnect the charger, this is automatically gonna shut. Now I know what you're thinking, what if I get my fingers caught in there? Well let's try it. So as you can see it automatically sensed where my fingers were and before applying too much
pressure it opened right back up. So we have our mirrors here, which are heated and power folding. Now I know what you're thinking you saw on a commercial somewhere
those nice camera mirrors.

Those haven't been
legalized in America yet. We're working on that. And those will be very cool when they come because you're looking at a reduction of that coefficient even more
so lengthening that range. So let's hop in the range shall we. You're looking at about 200, 250 miles on a full charge in the E-Tron. Now that's dependent on driver behavior. If you are always flooring it
and you have a dynamic mode, which is pretty fun,
we call it boost mode, which gives you about eight seconds to really rev up this engine and max those RPMs, which is fun. But as soon as you lift
your foot off that power, it's gonna give this
car that extended range with the regenerative braking system.

So as soon as you lift your foot off, these tires will
automatically turn that power into more energy for the battery. Which is gonna be the difference
between two and two fifty. If you're a traditional driver,
you're not revving it a lot, you're just getting from
A to B, you're looking at about 250 miles, which
is pretty incredible. So say you're traveling to
Minneapolis to visit family. You got a pretty long trip ahead of you. You might be wondering
will this full charge get me all the way there. Probably not, but no worries.

Because between here and Minneapolis, in Eau Claire, we have
a fast charging station. Now this is something that
we're trying to implement in cities all around the mid west and the entire United States. We're calling it Electrify America. Now these fast charging
stations will put 150 kilowatts into your charging portal
giving you a 80% charge within about 20 to 30 minutes. That's incredible. Now when you plug in a destination, you're gonna get a blue perimeter around where you are currently on the map. Now that perimeter represents how far your charge will
get you, which is very nice. Cause you're gonna be able to plug in coordinates and not only
know where you're going, but know where the nearest
charging station is so you can go there first and
then complete your journey. So let's take a look at
the lines on this car.

You'll see on the side here
it's got a nice shoulder line coming out from the driver's side door. It's gonna give it that nice wide low to the ground stability which
you're used to in an Audi. But it's pretty nice when
you find that in an SUV. Now these lines down
here, you might think, what do those represent? Something that we really wanted
to highlight on this E-Tron. We wanted to make it known
where the power was coming from. You'll notice that this
skirt has a black inlay representing where that battery lies. Now this is a 15 hundred
pound, 95 kilowatt battery. It's about a size of a twin bed. And that's what gonna power you through your driving experience. Now what's very special about this battery is
the cooling aspect of it. Audi has relocated this
cooling beneath the battery so in the case of a collision,
a very serious one, where that water would normally
sit on top, say in a Tesla, it's gonna leak into the battery
and that can cause a fire, which is very dangerous
in a fender bender.

So we've relocated that on
the bottom of the battery so that water will just hit the ground and you will stay safe and it
won't compromise your battery. So as we make our way around the car, you'll notice the chrome
trim around the windows, which is a very classic Audi look as well as these roof rails. Which is very cool. Because just like the Q5 and
the Q7, you're gonna be able to put a rack on top and a storage unit. So it's perfect for family
use, built for adventure. I know it's very sporty and luxurious but you can definitely take this out into the country and do
what you need to do with it. You can also tow with this car. This car, for an electric vehicle, has a very impressive
towing rate at 4000 pounds.

So whatever you can throw at it, most likely it'll be able to take that on. Now moving our way around the back of the car, you'll notice
the full LED tailgate lights. It's beautiful. When you turn the car on,
the lights will actually come out from the center. When you turn the car off,
they'll suck right back in and disappear from the center as well. It's a cool feature animation on this car. Now you'll also notice
the roof line comes out ever so slightly past the window mark, giving it this cool tail
fin spoiler on the roof. Which then comes down,
you have a steep decline, and a nice waterfall effect
going down the rest of the car. So we're gonna have our power lift gate, which you're used to seeing.

Now as it opens, you're gonna have tabs on either side that you can pull, folding those back seats forward. Now also there's gonna be some
cool accessories coming along with this car, such as this
net and the four points of connection that you can
really strap down anything that you bought that you want to not move, say your dog. Joking. But you're gonna have a tremendous amount of storage room once those seats are down. So again, once those
seats are folded down, you're gonna have a
tremendous amount of storage. Very similar to the Q5
and what you've seen in the Q7 as well with your privacy cover that you can pull and make sure
nothing is seen under there. You have a present, you're showing up to a birthday party, whatever. Now at the push of a button it will lower. So let's take a look at
the inside of the car. So here we are in the back seat. You'll notice I have plenty of room. I'm six foot two and I'm
very comfortable back here.

Now even if someone was larger, there's a raised roof where your head goes and plenty of legroom as well. So you'll also notice that this car has a four zone climate control. At the tip of my fingers
I can scroll all the way below 60 degrees, up to above 80, as well as control the fan speed. So each person can be
comfortable in their own climate. You'll also notice on
this electric vehicle, there's no drive shaft anymore.

Eliminating that hump that you usually get in the middle seat. So no more sitting anymore. Everyone's gonna be comfortable. You're also, if there is
just two people back here, you have your armrest, a storage
compartment for your phone, and you can push and have
two cup holders as well. Okay, so here we are in
the front seat of the car. I'm very excited. It feels great. The whole contouring of
the seat is just that of any other Audi that you've sat in. Now the MMI system on here is gonna be pretty much what you've seen in the Q8 along with the
19 A8, seven, and six, with the dual screens. The bottom screen here you're gonna find your temperature and fan speed controls. Which just like in the
back, you're gonna be able to glide your finger and
adjust that very easily.

On the very bottom strip
you're gonna find your heat seating and heat ventilation
buttons as well as AC. We actually have a perfume
button in this car. And I call em buttons because they have this haptic feedback out here that makes the touchscreen look and feel just like a button. So that is gonna release
a fragrance in this car from time to time
whenever you'd like it to. We have summer and winter fragrance, whichever one fits your personality. So looking at the top
screen is the main MMI with all your different menus, such as navigation, settings, vehicle which brings
you to the drive select, which is very cool on this car. Just like our other models,
you're gonna be able to go into dynamic mode, comfort mode. You can individualize it, so you want dynamic steering wheel while keeping that
comfort in the suspension. This car does have an
automatic air suspension. So it's gonna be able
to lift up in comfort, lower in dynamic, it's very cool. So as you swipe your finger to the next page you'll
find some other menu options such as weather, you can
get the weekly forecast.

Even a radar to see what's ahead. Media when you're
selecting bluetooth play. When you connect your phone, that'll also enable Apply CarPlay. Which will add some more apps on here. And you can page through further as well. Now we do have a user profile page. You can fit up to six
profiles on this car. That is really cool when
you're switching off between you driving the car, your friend driving the
car, another family member. Everyone can kinda customize
where their seat position is, what these cool LED running lights around the car that you
see, what color those are. We have a whole spectrum of color options for both those and these
accent lights that you'll find by the door and down by
the compartment here. Now what's really cool
about this system here is how sophisticated the
voice recognition is.

Now I can tell the car who I'd
like to speak to on my phone. Or I can just mention the fact that hey, I'm in the mood for pizza. Or I'm in the mood for this. And it'll give me all the options I need right on the screen. And it really gets to know
your voice specifically. Anyone can give a
command, but once you get into this car, it'll be accustomed to your voice and it'll
be able to communicate with you and help you
with anything you need. So aside from that, another big change on the E-Tron is the gear shifter. Now looking at this,
it sort of pays homage to the gear shifter in the A8, where you can rest your wrist right on top and that kinda
makes it more comfortable when adjusting your temperature
or fan speed and so forth.

Now this doesn't move. The actual gear shifter
is an electronic sort of a toggling motion
where you just nudge it up for reverse, nudge it
back to get into drive, and then the side button that says P, that puts the vehicle into park. Now we also have a parking
brake that you can pull up on, just like you're pulling
up the emergency brake. Just like pushing it back down, you have to push your foot on the brake and then push the button down. That releases the parking brake. Very important if you want to go anywhere. Now looking forward, we
have our virtual cockpit. Now we've seen this in a number of our 18s as well as 19s.

Now that was available with those models. In this E-Tron it does come
standard, which is really cool. You'll be able to switch views. So whether you want your RPMs
and speedometer large and in charge, you can minimize that. That frees up a whole lot of space to give you more information on how far your charge has gone. You have your trip information. I can scroll down using
this wheel here on the left. I can keep track of
what my consumption is. I can keep track of short
term and long term memory for trip distance as
well as an active view of what my driver assist is doing as far as lane-keeping assist.

You'll see the two lanes
with the car in the middle. Now that'll also project in the windshield because this car has a head up display. Now that's available in
prestige, which we're in. But it's very cool looking
straight ahead and being able to see not only your miles per hour, but knowing that your
active lane-keeping assist is engaged as well as different directions that are notifying you along the way. If you have something
plugged into the GPS, you're gonna find out about
it looking straight ahead.

So that's not only cool, but very safe. Now if you change it all the way over to the right you'll find the arrow that symbolizes navigation. Which is really cool,
because it puts everything in front of you right there. You don't have to look down to your right to see where you're
going on the map anymore. It's all right ahead of you. And if you have the head up
display, it's even above that. So we're all about
keeping eyes on the road and helping the driver stay
safe on the road and get to where they need to be
as quickly as possible. So other than that, you can see obviously there has been some design changes. We have a nice beautiful
dark brown walnut wood inlay on top here which is gonna
be similar to our A6.

The shape is a little different. It contours towards the driver. So everything is kinda catered this way while still giving the
passenger an engaging view of what's going on. You'll notice that we have right
here our E-Tron badge right above the passenger glovebox,
which looks really sharp. And at night, that does light up so it's gonna be very
aesthetically pleasing in here. It's gonna be beautiful with the lights. And all the fit and finishes
on this care are pristine. We have napa leather up here on top of the dash as well as
this nice volcano leather in the seating package. So everything about this
car is well thought out. Sporty, sophisticated,
and most of all safe. And green. Another cool feature for this
E-Tron are the door handles. Now you'll notice we
have the nice Alcantara on the side as well as the power
folding and heated mirrors. But one thing about this
door handle is it's electric. So all you have to do
is give it a little pull and the door will automatically pop open.

It's not a manual lever
that releases anymore. It's an electronic, automatic
popping open of the door. And on prestige models, if you've ever not closed the car door all the way and I'm hitting a little too good at it, hear that click, the door shut on its own. So now more correcting yourself, the car will take care of it as well. Now up here, you'll have
your standard controls, such as your reading lights, LED lights, which are very focused. You're not gonna have this
washed out light anymore driving at nighttime when you
just cannot see ahead of you if someone's reading their book. It's very focused and direct to where the spotlight is headed. So you can have someone right
next to you reading a novel with their light on and
it's not gonna distract you from the road, so that's very special. Oh yeah, and not to mention, panoramic sunroof. Very cool, stretches
all the way to the back.

Kind of makes it seem like a convertible. Okay so I popped the hood. Now as you can see,
there's no engine in here. Why would there be, it's beneath the car. But there is what we call a frunk. It's kind of a front trunk. Now right now we have our
charging cables in here. Obviously you can put those in the back and put a small backpack, any small personal items
that you might have in here. Now it's not too large, but
there's also a false bottom in here which kinda houses your wrench for fixing a flat tire and so forth. You can take that out and
that's gonna sink this down about another foot,
giving you a lot of room to put anything you need there.

If you're camping, you're going out into the country and you
wanna put a picnic basket in there, by all means. Okay guys, thank you for tuning in on our overview of the all
new Audi E-Tron Quattro. If you'd like to learn more, the links are in the description. Make sure to follow our YouTube list.

We have a bunch of other
vehicles to show you. And don't forget to like us on Facebook. And come stop by our dealership here at Zimbrick Audi of Madison..

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