The Enjin Platform: How Blockchain Can Serve 2.7 Billion Gamers

Digital assets are already a huge market there are over 2.7 billion gamers in the world and virtual items account for 50 billion dollars of the gaming industry's annual revenue however having digital assets stored on centralized servers creates a potential limitation in their value and utility the engine platform makes it easy for game developers to create digital assets on the etherium blockchain and integrate them into their games and apps when digital assets are on the blockchain instead of centralized servers players can manage their gaming items via non-custodial gaming wallets which means they are in complete control of their virtual belongings their items can't be removed without their consent and they can also use their items in multiple games and apps simultaneously because the blockchain is public the supply of their items is also provable giving players peace of mind that the intrinsic value of their items can increase along with the demand for them this allows developers to generate real world value within their games value that can positively impact their players socially and financially game and app developers can use engines tools to create blockchain assets within minutes an engine coin is infused into those assets through a process called minting to make all of this possible engine developed a new standard of blockchain asset called the ERC 1155 aetherium token standard since being adopted by aetherium the 1155 standard has been used in many gaming projects and even companies within the fashion art and sport world since its launch the Engine platform has been used to mint over 1 billion blockchain assets and over 10 million engine coin is currently locked inside those assets just over 1% of engine coins total supply [Music]

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