The Cryptocurrency Market is About to Go Wild | CARDANO, XRP, ETHEREUM, BITCOIN SEPTEMBER UPDATE

you got to remember like march 2020 we're at 
less than 10k per bitcoin um obviously now   making its way back up to 50k i think we're still 
in the middle of actually a pretty significant um   ongoing bull run so backstopping this uh i think 
it's institutions um you know we've been working   on this you know for for the last 10 years uh and 
i think it's paying off you know the questions   you know that that face entities like ours are 
getting answered from security to regulatory   compliance to insurance et cetera um we have 
not seen any retreat on institutional interests   welcome back everybody to altcoin daily where 
you subscribe because you're interested in   making money with cryptocurrency and this channel 
keeps you informed my name's austin in today's   video i have major news involving ethereum 
involving bitcoin cardano xrp and much more   like always check the timestamps down below in 
the video description and let's jump in that was   of course co-founder ceo of bitco explaining 
that institutional demand for cryptocurrency   into september is only getting bigger and that is 
his business he wouldn't know technically but me   personally i always wanna see the statistics prove 
it to me show me the data well update number one   out of five in today's video chain analysis just 
put out a very detailed report showing the metrics   and in terms of demand specifically from defy it's 
shocking the growth of institutional defy activity   as a share of total volume is shocking so this is 
showing the data from the last four full quarters   we've had q3 2020 q4 2020 q1 and q2 of this year 
2021 and to be clear it is not showing total   volume but instead who is taking up share in that 
volume depending on the quarter so we have small   retail large retail professional institutional 
and then large institutional look how the market's   trending for example checking out q3 2020 last 
year we can see that professional traders heavily   dominated volume in the crypto market and 
number two was actually regular institutions   large institutions really weren't here yet retail 
really wasn't here yet small retail still waiting   and how we have trended since large institutional 
investors have only gotten bigger and it's not to   say that retail hasn't we have way more retail in 
today than we did last year in 2020 but based on   total share of the volume large institutional 
investors are where we're seeing the demand   if you appreciate seeing the actual data give the 
video a like and as i said earlier this is just   the first update out of five today story number 
two if you hold bitcoin the ecosystem is growing   squares jack dorsey plans to build a decentralized 
bitcoin exchange so all the success we've seen   with the ethereum ecosystem the dapps being built 
around that like uniswap for example on eth some   of the most successful tech minds in the space are 
aiming to bring that to bitcoin square and twitter   ceo jack dorsey tweeted friday that tbd which is 
the name of payment giant square's new division   focused on creating an open developer platform is 
planning to build a decentralized bitcoin exchange   in the direct tweet help us build an open platform 
to create a decentralized exchange for bitcoin   and why are they doing this well mike brock who 
is named the lead of this initiative tweeted   separately that this is the problem we're going to 
solve make it easy to fund a non-custodial wallet   which is any personal wallet a ledger treasurer 
or meta mask make it easy to fund a non-custodial   wallet anywhere in the world through a platform 
to build on and off ramps into bitcoin you can   think about this as a decentralized exchange for 
fiat and i would love this because personally if   you want to buy and sell bitcoin yes you can do 
it peer-to-peer but really you got to go through   a centralized exchange for bitcoin unlike with 
ethereum where there's just metamask and uniswap   the bitcoiners want that so the bitcoiners are 
building it we would love for this to be bitcoin   native top to bottom he also noted that the 
platform would be entirely developed in public   open source open protocol and that any wallet 
would be able to use it so give me your thoughts   down below but this infrastructure combined with 
the clarity of regulation this is why institutions   now feel more comfortable than let's say a year 
ago to enter the space progress is happening   and third piece of news out of five we've talked 
about infrastructure with bitcoin now let's talk   about demand we are seeing right now for ethereum 
board api club sells a 96 million dollars of their   new nft line mutant ape nfts sold out in less 
than one hour so the nft project sold ten thousand   mutant apes for three each yesterday and now all 
of them of the ten thousand are selling for double   so because of this ongoing nft craze ethereum 
block space is still very much in demand   and to be clear with these new mutant apes they 
sold 10 000 of these mutinapes in a public sale   which sold out in less than an hour and they 
also airdropped an additional 10 000 vials   of mutant serum that let existing holders 
of the ethereum based board ape nfts   mint new apes for free so check this out you could 
either buy these mutant apes or if you had an   existing one you were airdropped a serum and then 
mint an entirely new nft to add to your collection   holders of the board ape non-functional tokens 
were airdropped one of three serums m1 m2 or mega   mutant m3 if a board ape is injected with either 
m1 or m2 serum the resulting mutant ape retains   traits of the original ape like this right here we 
can see although one is mutant there are similar   traits the m3 serum creates a completely different 
tape with potentially rarer and therefore more   valuable traits and this was a big success the 
mutant apes claimed either for free by hodlers   or bought for three ethereum each in a public sale 
now sell for a minimum of seven ethereum each or   twenty two thousand dollars so ethereum continues 
to dominate give me your thoughts down below   and let's keep moving and talk about up and comer 
cardano the cardano foundation has just announced   up to ten thousand dollars in rewards for hackers 
who can find ada vulnerabilities so cardano wants   to flush out any weakness and they're launching 
this bug bounty program to do that the cardano   foundation is launching a bug bounty program that 
offers hackers rewards for finding any weaknesses   in the smart contract platforms blockchain in 
a blog post the swiss-based cardano-focused   non-profit says that they're teaming up with 
hacker one a vulnerability management firm   that uses hackers to expose cyber security flaws 
and here is that direct quote from hackerone   over the coming months together with the cardana 
foundation our joint bug bounty program will use   the power of hacker one's ethical hackers and 
diligent procedures to help us ensure that the   cardano blockchain is the most stable and secure 
blockchain possible the cardano codebase will   be tested for any performance bugs found which 
represent a critical vulnerability or potential   exploit to core cardinal components through a bug 
bounty program ethical hackers are incentivized   to find vulnerabilities and responsibly report 
them so they can be fixed before serious damage   is done cardano is hitting this head on as we lead 
up to the september 12 launch of smart contracts   i'll keep you updated and next piece of news 
next update involving ripple xrp versus the sec   ripple files a motion to expose the xrp 
holdings of sec employees so reportedly   now the sec has until september 3rd to reveal what 
their employees hold to the courts i think that   the mindset here is that if you let your employees 
back in the day buy sell and trade xrp why would   you let your employees do it but not the american 
public a new motion document seeking to bring   clarity to whether the sec did or did not permit 
its own employees to trade xrp which as per the   sec's allegations is an unregistered security is 
now in question the motion seeks to compel the sec   to provide anonymized documents reflecting trading 
pre-clearance decisions not only for xrp but also   bitcoin and ethereum and they're not trying to dox 
anybody you could redact the names you could just   put that data in an aggregated form but they want 
to know generally what is that information give me   your take on this down below if you're a lawyer if 
you have practiced law i'd love to know your take   because i don't know does i mean don't employees 
even if you are an employee of the sec don't you   have freedom to invest in anything you want even 
if the sec hasn't declared their stance on it   i'm not sure next piece of very quick news for bnb 
crypto exchange binance to auction off a da vinci   and a van gogh nft and this is interesting to me 
because they could have chose any nft platform to   launch off of but the museums or the foundations 
in charge of these historic pieces of art   are launching their nfts with binance binance nft 
marketplace has today announced its partnership   with the state heritage museum that will see the 
platform auctioning off a digitized collection of   the world's masterpieces from the museum's main 
exhibition so they will be selling a total of   five nfts with a copy of each nft also remaining 
at the museum so you'll get one if you buy it   and the museum will keep one this includes vincent 
van gogh's lilac bush also a claude monet also the   madonna and child by leo da so if you hold b b or 
you're just a fan of the binance ecosystem you'll   love this each nft is set to be auctioned off on 
august 31st during the binance nft marketplace   event coming out with a starting bid of 10 000 b 
usd by nancy stablecoin or roughly ten thousand   dollars let me know if anybody in this audience 
will be putting in a bid for van gogh and that is   the video my name is austin like always see you 
tomorrow appreciate you really appreciate you

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