The Crypto Market is Doing the UNTHINKABLE (I’M EXCITED)

but if you're here at a hackathon and you're going to spend two days on building something anyway why not build something really really cool that's truly decentralized and can actually pay people in a useful way i mean that's just cool i mean that's exciting i'm excited this is exciting and this excites me this this it does welcome back everybody to altcoin daily my name's austin in today's video i want to share with you the biggest things happening right now in this crypto market top altcoins making news that you should know if you're interested in making money with cryptocurrency click subscribe we drop a video every single day demystifying this cryptocurrency market let's jump in first piece of news involves ship shib has jumped another 16 after its finance listing as well as its time square advertisement what you're about to see is a gigantic digital billboard that says we will reach the moon soon as well as a cartoon shiba inu dog dressed in a wall street shirt and tie this is what the masses are seeing watch this wow give me your thoughts down below in the video comment section the ship army going hard taking profits buying advertising also in an interesting twist of events crypto exchange binance today announced it will open trading for the shib doge pair enabling traders to make direct bets on either of the competing coins so shib vs doge trading now available and to top this all off possibly the biggest piece of ship news rumors started to circulate that tesla could be adding ship as a payment option this is what sawyer merit a well-known twitter personality with a large following pointed to in one of his latest tweets so this guy checked the tesla website code so it appears the tesla website source code shows sheba aka shib under the payment type section in the code when clicking inspect element during checkout it's not live however since i'm not a coder or anything i'll let y'all figure out what the heck this means so as of yesterday we clearly see a sheba payment option in the code not live yet and this was backed up by actual developers i'm a coder and from what i can see it does seem like shib is going to be part of the payment gateway when you choose crypto on the checkout process so this is a super interesting leak ship owners ship army would you spend your ship on a tesla let me know down below and next up big piece of news involving ethereum ethereum sees first consecutive week of deflationary issuance more than 65 million dollars worth of ethereum is currently being burned daily by the ethereum network so as you know after eip 1559 which has already happened with every single eth transaction some ethereum gets burned and eath gets burned every day but that does not mean that every day is deflationary let alone every week but this last week was and the reason why is because the network continues to get more popular and just think about this nike has just filed a patent to join the eth network slash metaverse on ethereum virtual nike shoes incoming big companies jumping onto this metaverse rocket so here's how we know nike is headed to the metaverse on october 27th the company filed a new trademark application for nike just do it and the swoosh logo the filing indicates an intent to make and sell nike branded virtual shoes and clothing so they are getting their ducks in a row just do it this literally just got filed here is the date right here and they're saying they could potentially offer downloadable virtual goods namely computer programs featuring footwear clothing headwear eyewear bags sports bags etc but nike is entering this ethereum metaverse potentially in a big big way next piece of quick news for cordano the next upgrade is coming cardano prepares to scale with hydra upgrade as the network reaches 2 million wallets so this is obviously a huge milestone 2 million wallets it was just announced in a tweet posted by the cardona foundation on monday the number of cardano wallets has surpassed the 2 million mark the network reached the previous milestone of 1 million ada wallets just this year on may 22nd 2021 so the stepping stones of mass adoption clearly and if you're asking why why are all these people on boarding on the cardano network well we know during this period number one the cardano foundation successfully implemented the alonzo hard fork enabling smart contracts on the network so we know that dapps can be built that's number one and number two as charles hoskinson continues his tour of africa via a tweet posted last week hoskinson claimed that 5 million students in ethiopia are on schedule to receive digital ids linked to their academic records that are based on the cardano blockchain so those things have happened we've seen the growth what's happening next that's layer 2 scaling when asked about the progress regarding cardano's layer two scaling solution hydra during an ama session on saturday hoskinson said this we are gonna keep adding resources to hydra and we've been trying to identify some teams that can help parallelize the work stream because it's such a high commercial priority and it's going to be very important that we'll be able to offload a large number of the transaction traffic that's going to come from all the apps that are coming so while no date has been set yet he does say it's priority because of the dapps because of the network traffic they're working on it i'll keep you updated next up let's talk about the metaverse the sandbox has just raised over 93 million dollars to expand its nft metaverse here are the details the metaverse continues to be the next attraction point of crypto for investors with the sandbox and animoka brands subsidiary and non-fundable token metaverse platform raising fresh capital in a funding round led by soft bank vision fund 2.

And what was most interesting to me were some of the names that chose to invest polygon studios samsung next animoka brands among others which is a very very interesting sign which brings me to my next question how do they plan to use the investment the money according to the announcement the sandbox aims to speed up the growth of its open metaverse with games live performances and social experiences while supporting more creators and involving more brands and ip intellectual properties either way sandbox making moves pretty cool to see i'll keep you updated next up lower cap altcoin news for injective protocol the ibc bridge is officially live on injective meaning the now assets from the cosmos ecosystem can seamlessly be transferred over to the injective chain for derivatives trading and new defy applications so ibc live on objective means it's fully interoperable with the cosmos ecosystem here are the details this was injective governance proposal number 60 and if you are an adam hodler a cosmos hodler what does this now mean for you ultimately the ibc upgrade brings injective to new heights allowing anyone to create ibc-enabled markets notably users for the first time ever can create entirely decentralized atom perpetual markets so decentralized derivatives trading now with the cosmos ecosystem cool to see the progress next piece of news for bitcoin el salvador plans to use its btc profits to build the first 20 bitcoin schools so they are using the freedom that comes along with bitcoin as well as the profits right now coming from bitcoin to invest back into their infrastructure back into their country and build schools we know this from a recent tweet coming from the press secretary of the presidency who outlined el salvador's future plans according to a local report the construction of the 20 new facilities comes to support the cryptocurrency education for locals and joins the 400 schools of the my new school program so bitcoin education will definitely be taught good to see i like to see it and that is the video my name is austin like always see you tomorrow and by the way this was a random excerpt taken from the depths of the bear market in february 2020 from sergey nasrov exciting the developer community of chain link see you tomorrow but if you're here at a hackathon and you're going to spend two days on building something anyway why not build something really really cool that's truly decentralized and can actually pay people in a useful way i mean that's just cool i mean that's exciting i'm excited this exciting and this excites me this it does this is more exciting than i made a token i sent a token i mean it is i mean why not give it a shot i would

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