The ChainLink Islands Episode 1 1: DannyBoy

Lucas I oh and you're here with another video today we're playing a map called the chain-link island looking forward to this has gotten a lot of good reviews so see how this goes no breaking up like slugs or breaking lingers off doors we use and one of the girls and vegetable plant peas for more than Sancho's of retro distance more than a brightness no cheating and have fun okay I do still hence ok then we're okay well get it's like game 10 go number of it shut down welcome mr. master lake good morning is my projection the chain-link pilot very fortunate young forever your parents must really must be about you might be looking for exclusive the verge of cross chain link number one jamie's number two is our forums and help Riley of cali number three we ask you awesome you kind these are pushing as it is strictly forbidden you'll be asking really if is broken the kind of the village house what is it's actually pretty interesting ok anyway in village house we have Danny animal I am no chance do we have grey Tom uses summer fun of everybody and join us de masse like you were playing the Channel Islands master master link last week America crumble the tower is safe and shut down sorry for inconvenience they're not getting me goodies the door even bother to get side today wait I'm a socio to break these because it's an adventure mode / game mode to no okay oh whatever no what just break it anyways I break on okay so we are allowed to break crops good so I did print the right game game 0 2 is always adventure guys just to let you know I was wondering like hey wait shouldn't I be able to let's make some food because we're gonna go off in a great dream probably get ourselves executed multiple times not just once but multiple times because yeah we do stuff like that should we kill the pigs Justin Bieber Shh oh you're dead you guys are dead oh man you guys are dead I'm sorry I'm sorry guys any reference to that guy is an instant death I'm sorry there you go problem solved and invaded okay where are we supposed to go steady climb these this is really dangerous if I can make that jump into the water Wow well you can still get hurt oh really so that's how oh I'm sorry I just broke it chain-link Island number one plane it's interesting tower guard now hiring repair old Kumar the tower guard I'm sorry Kumar i will i'm a small brain Tara guard sighs I'll take your meat because I'm carnivorous and I'm a I eat people let's go okay hmm we don't know what this odd structure is on your left and neither do i this like a lava monster potato wish I'd like that job now nothing nothing Oh milk weirdo Russia's from Danny greetings can register can I have you got smoke right in the chest beside me so you're new around well here's my advice to you retrying funny mr.

Black sometimes somehow always finds nice to linked somehow always finds out about the mistakes you've made I once broken piece of my glass replaced it immediately buddy you still found Anna and I was fine 345 dollars stay away from that weirdo Danny a home Danny Boy dynam boy I'm sorry I'm sorry guys I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry if your name Danny I'm sorry I'm sorry guys please I feel like I'm just like Robbie's guys they're like being so nice Tommy I treated in her book Danny ha I hope that he feels bad he obsessed matches from Tommy you asked your wise yes very wise real curious ah yes rakers I can tell I can tell your plane to tease on the Aleutian and like break into thought yes that's it how does it isn't it well I'm afraid you don't have to key I believe master link hated somewhere beneath the tower behind the tower speaking muzzling he sure it's an abscessed man he's a manly love my dog Lisa he needs everything after her past pastors probably even named after her as well I should keep this because this is looks important ok let's trick with this guy watch good qnt nothing I'll get trade that in for pork chops come on down what is over here should be the other guy no what's name what's your name bro look at me look at me Joel a nice guy she's training for Joey training books oh ok sleeping of a library or I'm thinking about his library celebrit in joel's you're welcome you shut down my rules obsessed offering there you go not just from Joe hey I'm Joel either feel just think I magic but I know it I'm not an to prove and angry with you some watermelon they cook up some stew for you I'm built you a sword but I broke it sorry this is a boy little town but I'm sure you will enjoy sand have your stay blah blah your book is meaningless door I'm gonna go trade it in for an emerald get some goodies you know you know I'm sangel you suck that's what I'm sayin stupid Joe hey Tommy thanks Tommy I don't need that shut down this is the book we actually need right yep okay cool they Chloe you rock on the narrow trade these in for some pork chops right okay so we started off with just traded for foods the climax guys from here you all goes downhill now I just don't need to train my sister because in my single player world I'm not done with that in so long okay what is going on here to her clothes you need the key anyways yahia blah blah link brother do not attempt to jump you will die yeah you right that's too far so we're four blocks trip point okay she said around the back okay that's interesting what is this oh we're jumping off Oh God sign place chain link number 3 below okay can't do that so don't have it okay we're going around the back again oh no that's who talked to you private leave now but i can't wait you hello i'm at me that it's been good Jesus today okay it's up here oh this is gonna be good of these I love shooting bows ok so you to aim okay i did get it cool just check that shot get it closer one area better ish it's hard to shoot it without fine it's get such nice strong you hate effort we go up not very far what is this okay uh pissing simple okay got it my fancy teleporter oh ok of that fancy Tara clothes you need the key anyways well you had Park or sometimes even I totally did not even jump there well come on come on the heck no okay cheat already I can adjust this ah shoot okay whatever just one there ya there you can land it land it ok okay let's go back over here oh shoot so right here how do we do that so like whoops oh shoot yay I'm gonna call out of the success ok nice ok keep mode two No energy drinks tutorial rules this is for jumping I got it oh wait I want these things still with them in my hotbar there you go rules and drinks tutorial my cigarette to use right click on the green have to use right click OK i didn't knew that um well yeah energy drinks only I masterlink shall health approach to drinking those energy drinks I coming so fast and jump so far I bet I could clear the snap in the chain linking to you don't say oh wow that hurt a lot of pretty guys you guys ready he's ready he's ready e do a cheap son of a gun I didn't get to jump that time because my spacebar being so stupid and I'm on my last one seriously okay okay spacebar and out of that one ok give him a tail I set the spawn okay what's up now mr.

Sheep awake and I area sweet major books I need that Oh God a piece of beasts he's a pro Dodger please wait to be seated hi I'm Lisa the dot of Tommy well I work here at the restaurant you would not believe what happen yesterday some stupid robbers stole all of her food and replacement mushrooms how rude knowing that but master Ling went through channeling three to find the rubber well there's a lot to ask but we go after him he can't do this alone to help you on your journey I repeat lots of rune I know Joe made sure you make you a sword not sure if you gave it to you already of course you would need to get need a key to get to through training 3 2 not much link extra summer than the potato Spencer I'm not sure why my dad found that out somehow take your stranger he'll stay here because cheeling too broke and I'm not the risking that sort of jump thanks for everything Apple can't get more so thing but huh okay oh those are the things put tattoos cool okay thanks see ya don't die boy going mine mine only christian youth the link chain length jane lee three got it Boing oh that looks crazy hard boom okay um this map doesn't seem too bad i can like it I like it a lot oh well to an equip it there only go back you really don't know what it is I also read your books well al I s a so guys next time when we go into this creepy place we're gonna go figure it out next time so if you guys enjoyed this video please like subscribe comment favorite and share this video cuz it helps you grow and get out there so people know who I am and what I do so thanks for watching guys and bye bye the last chicken not so lost anymore

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