[Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Hello guys and welcome to a new cipher The most beautiful instrument video out there Guys cipher violin I hope you have a great day today I'm back with some great content I hope you're ready because we're going to talk about where I think I'm xrp price could go as we are seeing a major correction but i am happy to tell you we are almost done with the correction also i want to cover some interesting articles about the second lawsuit and also an article on institutional investors buying xrp is very interesting and i hope you are ready before diving into exciting and british content i want to Thank you all for supporting my beautiful wife's new music video It came out a couple of days ago and the xrp is all backed by the military and I saw it in the comments section It's heartwarming Thank you so much if you don't listen to her music it's really unbelievable and of course I'm so proud to be an executive producer and as a husband, if you don't listen to her music please go to the link in the description like our video subscribe and comment nice thing and guys after that automatically share a nice little gift i am organizing i will give 100 xrp in the next days damma to anyone who subscribed liked their video and commented on it nice thing and i would like to thank you all because everyone those lovely comments mean a lot to me and my violin lady and this amazing part about this beautiful xp community we are one big family i feel like you are all my brothers and sisters and if you have questions Please comment in the comments section I would love to help you too if you want to get a profile they meet and live and want to get exclusive content you can join my channel as a member of elite violin club guys and if you already joined next day I will write to you every time and my mailbox is very full but I'm almost at the end I want to meet you all again Thank you for watching and without further ado let's dive into juicing what content I have for you today Well first of all let's take a look at XP USD Pair Over four hours in the deciding stamp exchange guys we saw a huge correction after the rejection from the dollar resistance level and we're down 44 percent and you know what my beautiful engineer gave robo advisor a selling tree core Yes and a healthy signal and if you listen, you will have already saved your portfolio from uh 44 pullback and at this moment at 32 it goes down if we continue the daily movement we see that the same if we continue working daily we also see that we have to sell and sell three signals if we sold here, no Still number 22 save from here but you know what I could have done but this time I chose not to listen why if you guys ask me I know how this suit of seconds moves and ripples and sc back and forth and we are at this critical moment where we can see news A major bullish coming in and then we see its xfp price go to five and ten dollars and that's what I think guys and if that happens it's not going to happen gradually and we won't see the exp price because of two dollars this month and then next month to two and a half dollars and then a month after that to three dollars and then it doesn't happen In a moment in a few hours even when you're asleep boom and there the price goes like this xrp they did it before xrp moved lower but fast that's what they all say guys and I didn't go that far to sell for a dollar and a half and then I miss the boat on ten du larat xrp that's not what i'm going to do ok i need the five dollar xrp and i need 10 xrp i need to buy this private jet for very important reasons i need you guys those things in my life and above all i need the yacht having a party in monaco with all my xrp Brothers and sisters even guys we are not here for one dollar except for two dollars except for me that's why I haven't sold any of it like that big question is yo crypto violin where is xrp price do we finish patching before I answer this question I want to refer you to one of the most amazing players and xrp holders trusted crypto guys he has his twitter channel on youtube guys amazing news he told us all he has some aggressive parts in one dime a dollar and some perfect levels where he will buy xrp which is about one dollar mark guys both filled them both full and called a lot of xrp bottoms And xrp I can't even describe it and this guy tells us the next last impulse is complete and it took us fifty cents to two dollars a dollar and a half with a move the next impulse should be a stronger correction Approaching 618 and the higher time frame Downside support is limited Next impulse up will likely take us to all-time highs Is the xrp math a bargain here and guys he's right he's right from here The next real resistance 82 From here to the all-time high is win 200, are you ready for 200 players, I think we need two more days of sideways trading and then the cloud turns green and in fact the daily cloud is still green a moment we can see relief and you guys know I want to share some very important news And that's what I did too.

We realize that all the bad news comes after our fall and then we were so bad that after we crash and crash all the way here 1.15 and then the bad news comes that Biden is going to tax big cryptocurrencies in Turkey that bans payments in crypto you know what Is this kind of news just come in the buttons because they want a regular investor to sell the bottom even on the 14th of April when all the articles were bullish comments what does this mean for the crypto market buy bitcoins n barely expected merton IPO to give up coinbase upside feel everyone was bullish and you should buy and everyone shouted by bitcoin here ok guys that didn't turn out to be a good option finally wanted to share this picture with you as we look at the charts here in 2.57 cryptocurrency class how to buy ripples here and then here in the news article at 0.71 cents this was in 2017 by the way 0.71 cents cents class how to sell ripples see what they do out there you guys are being manipulated if you feel scared if you don't want to buy If you're feeling scared and thinking what am I doing I need to sell it now and that's how you guys are supposed to feel and that's exactly what we won't do We're going to sell at the top We're going to buy at the bottom and sell at the top Don't be afraid of the bottom and sell there and then buy back from the top, that's Not what we're going to do That's what I've been told I have very good news from this article explains the following coin stock report rejects high institutional interest in xrp assets Coinhares Management has released a report showing net flow Entries into various cryptocurrencies with xrp exiting as one of the top performers Asset Manager explains new interest has come from some of these institutional investors could be affected by ripples encouraging court developments, well I'll read the two here guys The entire report is in the link at my comment section but do you understand what i want to show you here the big institutions that know what they are doing which are not fomo in that they just buy xrp so organizations buy your xrp because you are scared and you want to sell don't you guys come in smart money and scared people sell Don't be the guy who sells before all-time highs that's been said guys I would like to thank you very much for watching my great video if you watched till the end I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart if you have questions please comment in the comments section too if you like Participate in the giveaway let me remind you like and subscribe to my wife's new music video you guys I will give 100 xrp to one of you in the coming days and besides that I think you will love her video Great day and see you next day bye [music] you

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