The Blockchain Is Changing What Humans Can Do on the Internet | “Next With Novo” Podcast

(electronic boom pop) – It's the biggest technology
that's ever happened in the history of life, outside of things like fucking fire. And the printing press is the one that I keep going back to. Television, phone. Fine. But this is like printing press 10.0. – Yes, every piece of our life is changed. – Correct. (dramatic theme) (both cheering) You got your perspective. (engines revving) (crowd cheering) I just wanna be happy.
Don't you want to be happy? (electric organ jazz) – Hi guys, I'm here with Gary Vee, (Gary laughs)
the famous Gary Vee, for this episode of Next with Novo. So, Gary, what did you think? We've frickin' met with Michael Rubin on the All-In challenge? And I was kind of blown away, 'cause I was like, "God who is this guy who just keeps talking
and getting shit done? And, 'I know everything, I
got it, I got it, I got it.'" And I showed up thinking,
"Who are these people?" – I love meeting people. You know, nothing's more fun than when you meet someone
when you're trying to do good.

You know, our relationship
will always be bounded by "we met when we were taking a normal"- I mean, I was spending 12
hours on that fucking thing in the beginning, every day
and we raised $60 million to help people get food during COVID, and the people that
donated got crazy shit, being in movies, swag. It was cool. – So full disclosure…

You know, Michael Rubin started this then he brought in Gary,
brought in Alan Tisch and he asked me if I'd help him. And it was the thing I've probably been the least successful at in my life. I had a ton of fun doing it. I was almost no help, (laughs)
but it was a ton of fun. – But your mustache was Epic. – I had a great mustache. – That I remember. And
listen to your point. Everybody had different roles, different things happened to your point.

There's many things I get involved in where the intent is the Epic and sometimes it doesn't
go exactly how I thought. But this is what I love about time. To your point, maybe the… You going after Super
Whales for big donations. First of all, that was
hardcore, Hail Mary, – [Michael] Right. – B, you were saying things in meetings that helped the process. You know, I think people
sometimes spend too much time on thinking the Output was the only KPI. Sometimes one person says
one thing in one meeting and it matters. That's what I remember, I remember thoughtfulness, to be honest. – And The Mustache. The Mustache- – The Mustache is what
I think about first. (laughing)
But the thoughtfulness is definitely… It helped. Like, you work
through things with people. You think, you have convos…

Listen we will look back
at this convo in 80 years. I'll listen to it. 80, I'm not sure I'm gonna
make it that far, but 40. And I'll be like, "wow,
a lot of that was right. Oh shit! I really fucking
didn't have that right." And that's fun. I just want people to be less scared. (amped music) – I don't think that many
people feel that terrible for the three guys that
went out of business. Now, listen-
– By the way, on the record, I do. I feel bad for somebody
who went out of business. – [Michael] They were- – I know nothing about- – They're stunningly wealthy guys. They are stunningly good investors. They will regroup and they'll
live happily ever after there. They're embarrassed they
lost their investors a ton of money.
– Yep, but listen. I think compassion and
sympathy is a required way to get back to a non-separating society. – A hundred percent. – To your point, I don't know
the names of any of them. Melvin? Is that one name? – Melvin Capitalism.
– Good, right.

And so there's humans
underneath it, I'm sure, right? So I don't know who the
humans we're talking are. – Three of the best
investors of the Generation. – Right, so I'm sure, to your point, they'll be fine.
– [Michael] Yes. – They've hard assets they can liquidate. – They've got caught sleeping
with Giants shore positions and never expected a hive of
bees would come all at once. It's like, "The African bees are here!" – Yeah and by the way,
that's just business. – Yes. – That's like them shorting the people. That's just business to me.

– What is interesting from a anthropological
view, from a market's view, is that after that first push,
and you squeeze the shorts, then it became David versus Goliath, then it became class warfare, then it became generational warfare. – You know, I had a very
thoughtful convo last night. This is me just talking about the convo where the person didn't like the leverage that some people played to stop it, from a tech standpoint and
an infrastructure standpoint, but loved what Facebook and Twitter did to stopping other voices. – Oh yeah. – So to me there's a bigger question here.

– Listen, AOC was fearful
for her life in that capital. And every progressive
said, "This is horrible. I can't believe they attacked the capital. They put our lives at risk. When the mob was literally
going after Wall Street, burn it down. It was a nihilistic mob. I mean, one of the guy who's
friend went out of business, got death threats. I put some neutral comments on and the vitriol that came at me on Twitter and I'm a crypto guy. I'm part of the progressive movement that's saying we need to remake things. And just because I was
trying to give the facts- – Well, I think-
– Death threats, anger.

– Yeah, I also think- – There was a, there
was a different energy than market energy. – I think that's whole a
different conversation. I think we live in a society where you can hide behind a keyboard and everyone's always tougher
behind the barrel, right? If you look at Whisper and Secret, which are historic social apps that a lot of people
bet on that I didn't… The reason I didn't bet on it is 'cause everything
I've done in my career is based on what I believe in humanity. And so I believe that Whisper and Secret
we're not gonna win because I believe that
when you have anonymous, you get the worst version of people where they feel safe
to express their hurt.

So I'm not even mad at them. I'm not even mad at those people. I just know that's their safest place to share their internal hurt. And so I didn't and those
platforms continue to not do well. As a matter of fact, the business models, of all these anonymous platforms is to put hostage of the people… You know, look at Yelp and Glassdoor. It's a very interesting ecosystem. So I think it's a
fascinating conversation.

– Should everyone need a blue check? I kinda think so, but- – Yeah, I mean, that goes… I mean, listen, back to
you being a crypto guy from Wall Street, I'm a social media guy who wants every metric hidden. I don't want followers shown,
I don't want blue checks. I just think it's gonna be healthier for- I'm good. I'm good when I suck. I'm
good when I'm blue-checked. I'm good when I'm Gary Vee right now. – If I say blue check, then
you know who the guy is? – [Gary] Oh yeah. Listen-
– So we don't have- – Yeah, I mean, that was my big… It was funny. I loved Facebook
when it first came out. 'Cause I'm like, "Cool, people can't hide like they do on early stuff," you know. And that lasted for a while
then it was the opposite and now everything's

And that's fine. Listen, I think it's great. I think it's progress, I really do. I think that there's
incredible progress going on. My biggest fear is the regulation
of the Internet itself. – Yeah. – I think we're making
tremendous progress. There's incredible thoughtfulness. I really believe it plays
out in a level place where merit and good stu… I'm happy about everything that's going on while being very conscious that the inner will likely lead this. I think you've got both sides of conservative progressive movements willing to regulate the out
of the American Internet without realizing what
that actually means. I think we're dangerously close. – Oh, it won't listen to me, I mean- But it was funny, we had
this beautiful inauguration. Amanda Gordon gives this poem. Everyone I know how to tear in their eye. It was like, "ah", normalicy and two days later we have
occupied Walls Street. – Yeah, but I think two days later you have actual capitalism.

I actually disagree with that.
– [Michael] Yeah. – Let me rephrase. That's not what I disagree with 'cause I understood where it come from. I take a different angle at it. I actually think two days
later we had true capitalism. I love it. – Yeah, I don't think anybody- – Let me phrase for context
for everybody who's listening to the point of the buying. To be frank, I'm so undereducated on Citadel's relationship with Robin Hood. I, actually, am so basic
that I don't even know how this all works. Meaning why they had the leverage. Like, the bids go through
them and the trading… I don't know. Literally I don't know. So I come here very authentic. I don't know if the…

'Cause I also know… Correct me if I'm wrong, Novo. It wasn't just a Robin Hood, each trade and the others also halted it. Because I guess the thing
above the thing stopped it and they all get affected by it. – The Clearing House. – [Gary] The Clearing House, thank you. – You have to have enough money to support The Clearinghouse. And the SEC said, "Whoa,
this is growing so fast. These banks aren't well… These trading entities, rather, don't have enough regulatory capital.

And so you've gotta slow down
to your regulatory capital. – Yeah, and so here becomes- – That's fair regulation,
we want regulation. – And here's what's awesome. Here's what I don't think people
are educated enough about. People are always like,
"This game is rigged." I'm like, "Take a step back.
You can rerig the next game." What do we mean by that? People cry about what they can't do but don't focus on what they can do. For example, people can in their companies that they don't wanna do the 401(k). They don't have to support it. They can not put money in tomorrow. You could back, take the
money out, buy something, look what's going on with Blockchain, NFTs, My favorite one of
everything that's happening, sports cards, which then
means comic books, toys, paintings, tchotchkes, cars, watches.

Like, shit can sh… I laugh at people's naivete
and how basic this combo is. That same group can have
20,000 people decide that these sneakers are interesting. – Look at these cool Skicks I got. – You know what I mean?
So what's happening is the acceleration of supply
and demand and cultural norms. So, to me, because it's Wall Street, there's a little bit of "fuck that shit". – [Michael] Well- – There's way more of
"fuck that shit" going on. Wait till college gets its day. – [Michael] But it's-
– Novo, real quick. – College's gonna get crushed. – College is a fucking joke. (Michael laughing)
No, really, come on. I know people think
'cause I was a bad st… No kids are getting hurt. People are mad that they
lost a couple 40 bucks on wall street on a trade. I'm like, "You're $73,000 in debt for a piece of paper that gives you dick." – We have 44-hundred colleges
in America, 4,400 colleges.

That's probably 3,400 too many. I mean- – Brother, they're charging
full price right now for Zoom classes that if
they listen to this podcast they'll learn more about in an
hour than the entire semester of that dog shit they get
at the State University. – No, it is interesting. We passed this myth that
you need to go to college to do well in life. Everyone believes this story.
– We haven't. We haven't. – [Michael] What?
– We've not passed that myth. – No, we create that myth.
– We all passed on. I'm sorry. – [Michael] Passed on this myth. – Yes, we did.
– Right, yes. And therefore, if you're a
parent, if you're a student, you think, "I'm not good
unless I go to college." And then the economics say,
"Well, geez, if you look, a college graduate does a lot better than non-college graduate." And so we're in this transition.

– Big one. – A big transition, I agree. – This one's gonna fall hardest. – Yeah, and the pyramid's
are gonna go like this as opposed to like this.
– Correct. If that one's gonna be
fascinating to watch. By the way, on the record,
for people that follow me, zero pleasure, zero. I don't
have anything against NC State. I have no feelings towards Michigan. I don't have any ill will towards Yale. And I think Yale and a
couple other brands survive because of brand. But I have sadness and
compassion in my heart for the enormity to the
point where people believe that the government should be… I'm like that, you made a decision! What about accountability?
You decided to go. Like, you didn't have to. – Well, yeah, but again,
people often aren't in control of their own decisions. These
stories are so powerful. And everyone's saying, "Your
kids gotta go to school or you're a terrible parent." And so they sacrifice their
life to send the kid to school- – [Gary] Yes. Yes.
– And the schools- – But if we go by what everybody says then, I mean, now you're getting
into the truth of it all, the truth of it all,
self-esteem, self-awareness, insecurity.

Like- – I wish the whole country had gotten to this self-introspection,
self-awareness, self- – It can! sometimes all the carnage
and all the disruption leads to it. I'm sitting pretty, like, if
we can just hold our breath. I mean, the thoughtfulness of convos that are going on right
now is incredibly good. – That I agree with. – Well, good. That's the punchline. That's how change happens.

But let there be no confusion. Humans will always have self-interest. This nobleness makes me laugh. There's not a fucker listening to this or in the 8 billion of us walking around that doesn't have a human shortcoming. And so when you pick on one person for being too about that
money, somebody else's on you because you're fucking
terrible for the environment. Or if you're talking about this, you're great on black rights but you're horrible on
trans gen. Or you're this… We have to get thoughtful
about giving some people for.. We're suffocating people's
ability to say, "I'm sorry," and to say, "I need to figure this out." – We definitely don't do
sorry well in this country. – We're atrocious at it.
– [Michael] Atrocious. – I love sorry. I love "I suck". I'm serious. It's good. – There's another piece to this though.

So yesterday, I'm on CNBC and
I'm telling people, "Listen, if you were lucky enough to
be one of the early smart guys that started the short squeeze, great. But now you're working
people into this lather. – 'Cause you're talking about economics. – I'm taking economics. – [Gary] I know.
– And you're sucking people. And I got a call from
a good friend of mine who I've been trying to mentor. He's like, "Dude, I just
bought some of this stock, put $100,000 in to AMC." And
I was like, "What price?" He's like, "17." I was
like, "Sell it immediately." You know, it went down
to seven the next day.

I was like, so it's
dangerous when the crowd- – No, no. It's actually not
dangerous. I actually think- – Well, but people are losing- A lot of people are
gonna lose a lot of money that they don't have to lose. – But that's important to
happen, 'cause merit matters. No, I look at it like this.
Parents over coddled kids. It's good for the kid to skin their knee. I don't want John from
Reddit to lose money. But John's a big boy. John made the decision.
This is back to college. Like, made a decision.
Fuck the system or… By the way, I'm very
good at reading things. This what I do for a living. 90% of them had nothing
to do with "fuck anything" other than, "Fuck, I can make some money." Promise, enormity of
people that were going in were like, "Wait a minute.
Can I make a quick little…" They're the same people that
bought Bitcoin and Ethereum or Baseball, Michael Jordan.

They're all looking for angles. There was an incredible
amount of American capitalism. – That was going on that shit.
– Everybody's paying attention to, "They're gonna burn down the 88-year old, white billionaire." Fine, cool and there is some of that. But let me promise you something. The person that is the most noble and hates Wall Street the most didn't put their life fortune into AMC.

They might've bought 50 to
make themselves feel good. But people did what
they did for themselves. Most people did it 'cause
they wanted to make money. And the people that got caught
going up and now are caught and lost 1800 bucks, they're not gonna play so fast next time. – That's all true, that's all true. – But that's real though. This is what I keep going
down to, 5.3-billion guy- – You're anti-paternalism. – I'm anti-overreactionism. $5.3-billion guy. You
educated me, I didn't know.

"You're gonna be okay." It's,
"Hey, big al, fucking sucks. You're gonna be okay." $1,800 John from Reddit
loss, with 4,000 in savings, big al, you're gonna be okay. And I believe in that shit Novo. That's how I think humans still exist. We found atomic bombs since the '50s. How the are we still here? I think there's an
underlining protectionism in the collective, that
happens with humans, that we do not talk enough
about. I really believe that. – No, it's a big process. – What are we talked
about on this podcast. – You know, we talked about
whatever we wanna talk about. – Let's talk about NFT. – Yeah, NFTs, my favorite new topic. – I'm so obsessed too. I'm
spending a ton of time on this. In my own brain- – So people that don't
know what NFTs are, right? Non fungible tokens. These are one of the great parts about the whole crypto
space, the Blockchain space. Satoshi's White Paper was
the first digital signature that you could encounterfeight. So what that means you
can make digital art that no one can counterfeit. And so all of a sudden art
gets its value from scarcity.

And so the Blockchain
allows you to do that. So now we're gonna see artists,
for the first time ever, create art digitally,
right? The great artists. They never did before. So you're gonna sell digital art. You're gonna actually take your phone. You're gonna buy it this on your phone. You're gonna walk home and you're gonna throw
it up on a giant screen. And you're like, "That's mine. No one else owns that thing, that's mine." And so we're gonna have collectibles. They're gonna create
new collectibles, right? – [Gary] A hundred percent. – There's gonna be, instead
of baseball, cards that- – One of those NBA top
shop, they're so rare. It's happening already.
– Top-shops blowing up all of a sudden.
– [Gary] Yeah. I'm looking at it everyday.

– And so then there could
be fractional things that get sold. – That's what's happening. The fractionalization of physical
things is a game changer. The reason Michael Jordan's Rookie Card is going to a million dollars- – 'Cause you can sell 100- – Cover act.
– Yes. – Because Kenny and
Stefan actually want it. I know. They do. But they're not dropping 350
pounds on a single sports card. – Not yet. – [Gary] Not yet.
– Not yet. – And I know them. But when they drop 350 bucks if they knew it was going to
a million, that's no different than buying a little
Tesla-and-Apple stock. The fractionalization of sports cards is gonna get that market
insane, on the tippy-tippy top.

– And so you're gonna
fractionalize jerseys. You're gonna fractionalize cars. Your gonna fractionalize
a ll kinds of that. – Yeah, memorabilia is gonna follow that. – But even bigger than that
are gonna be these NFTs. You're gonna have the Superbowl. – I agree. – We're gonna have my homes and I'm gonna have an
artist do a digital painting of woman or a rapper or sing
a little song behind him. And then he's gonna be up there. And you're gonna sell that
little clip from the Superbowl done by Chase Hall or
whoever the artist is. And people will be like, "Dude,
there's only 10 of those?" And they're gonna buy them
and they're gonna keep them.

– I think people need to
know how to showcase them the Missing Pete we're in
it, just for the record, 'cause I wanna clip this one day and… You know I like to do my content. In nine years, I'll clip this and be like, "See I told you." You're 100% right in one
other man's humble opinion. Why ArtWorks is high net worth individuals buy a piece of art. And whether they put it
in a Moroccan warehouse or whether they put it in
their upper West side apartment or whether they have a show
that they donated to something, they're able to, you know- – Splay it.
– To splay it. – They're gonna be really cool.

– And the reason sports cards are is 'cause you can take a
selfie and put it on Instagram. We love to flex. I'm waiting to understand the
flex of ization of the NFT. And as soon as I understand it- – It's coming. – Oh, I'm the least confused of all time. I'm curious what it's gonna be. I want to invest in it because it's gonna be the
shovels and picks up that world. – We have a Galaxy Interactive
Fund that's invested in 40- – That's the name of it?
– Galaxy Interactive. – What are you of? – We're all heard of the Galaxy. we're more Star Wars people
than Star Trek people. – Me too. I see the Boom
Factory shout out to that. Rideau is underrated. – But we invest in 40
companies in the gaming space, new worlds.

In probably a third of 'em, they're already playing with these things. – We are no question
because we're now 30, 40, depending on how you want to look at it, years into the modern internet,
really 30, in my opinion. It's the biggest technology
that's ever happened in the history of life, outside
of things fucking like fire. And like the printing press is the one that I keep going back to. Television, phone, fine. But this is like printing press 10.0. – Yes, every piece of
our life is every change. – Correct, and- – How do we meet people, how
we elect officials, you know. – – Everything. – 50% of people today
meet their spouse online.

That's crazy. – So a lot of people don't
want the world to change. There's also… 'Cause I know how people
are gonna take that line. There's a lot of people that
want the world to change that are gonna be highly disappointed what the world looks
like in the inside of it. – (laughing) Yeah, it's true. (upbeat music) – Mike, why would
Russia, China and America allow crypto to happen? – Well, there are two pieces to it. One, there is an
unbelievable efficiency game. And so if you think about
it, banks are rent takers. – Yep. – Stock markets are rent takers, insurance companies are rent takers. And so crypto at its core
cuts out the rent here. And it's peer to peer, right?
– I know that, I know that.

– And so if you're thinking it
for just an efficiency gain, good for your people, if
you care about your people. What's funny, the Progressive's
get nervous about crypto, it's the most progressive
thing on the planet. – A hundred thousand percent. – But I tell you, the
progressive politics, they like, "Well-" – Well, listen, that only just comes from lack of a lack of education. – Lack of education. One of missions this
year is to sit down with- – [Gary] It's so funny,
right? To your point- – AOC and The Squad and
literally educate them on. It's like, "Dude you gotta be on the team of the crypto people." – But people just we're
so used to headlines now. People walk around society
feeling very comfortable talking about they don't know.

It's why I come on here but
how brokerages just work. I'm comfortable saying I
don't know Wall Street. I don't give a fuck. The only reason I ain't
even have any stock is because my private
investments went public. Other than that it doesn't make me happy. I think it's very logical to invest in it. I also think real estate is logical. I don't invest in that either.
It doesn't make me happy. – But baseball cards certainly do. – Happiest fuck, (Michael laughing) specifically basket. – How much TV do you watch? – Very little. – I figured that. – I spend almost all my
time consuming people. What my people will tell you is that's where my great gift is, that I'm… You know, it's funny. I talk a lot. I'm sure people that
listen to this podcast are saying, "Get this fucking guy off. He's talking over Michael." I get it, 'cause I'm so
rarely talking actually.

But everybody thinks I'm always talking 'cause I'm so good at content
creation and distribution that I'm everywhere. But it's
in a very limited window. You know, I do a podcast. I'm gonna get like 8,000
pieces of content out of this. – (laughs) Yeah. – But I'm really spending 15 hours a day operating and listening. You too know this. So I have a very…

I've come to realize I'm got
really interesting enigma. I'll spend three hours in
one Subreddit listening. – Interesting. – I'll spend four hours
in the Discord listening. I'll spend years in Twitter and Instagram reading just the comments. I knew more about Cardi B before I didn't listen to one of her songs because I was listening to
people conversating around. And that's how my brain works. So I like learning from documentaries.

I love history because I use it, hence.. Where did the printing press come from? The fact that history was
the only class I was good at in my entire educational life. The fact that most of the
TV I watch is documentaries. I like using history to tell me the future and then I like being in the dirt and putting in the work to
listen, to take the data points and filter it through
history, for the future. And that is where my success comes from. – How do you unwind.
Ever, do you ever unwind? – I unwind, the New York Jets allow me to unwind tremendously.
I'm being dead serious. People laugh at this, but caring so much about something that means nothing is an incredible thing online. – So they say this. There are studies that
say rabbit's for spans have better mental health. 'Cause they get all their
anger and all their out by screaming at the goddamn
horrible team, their route four. – So I need to do a little
homework on that "studies" 'cause I actually think
I understand the world through the lens of a
Jets fan.

Let me explain. I struggle hating people,
including right now, when it's easier than ever
for people to hate each other. But I hate Bill Belichick. (Michael laughing) And I really actually feel it. Like, when I go to Foxboro
and go in the stadium, the things that go through my mind are the things that people
call each in politics. But in politics, I would never do that. So I'm irrational in sports because it doesn't mean anything. And then I think about people
being irrational in life because it means something. And so I'm like this bizarro reverse. I'm my worst self in
football and basketball. – Have you ever been to a UK soccer game? – I have and I love that shit
because they're "my people".

– (laughing) It's just crazy. – Because they really care. I think American sports
fans don't care enough. – Yeah, they care. – Football, soccer-
– [Gary] Soccer, right. – As we say it, around the
world speaks to me a lot because they care the way
I care about the Jets. I think in America, we have a slightly
healthier macro relationship around fandom. I just don't. I go to a- – I love they have the chain
link fences between the two- – I'm the least confrontational
person, believe it or not, even in video…

But in real life. But I wanna physically fight. I've done the least nice
things that I know about myself had been done at Jet
football games last 10 years. – You could be a good
Philadelphia fan too. – Do you know that I genuinely
love Philadelphia sports because of it,
(Michael laughing) and we both eat the Giants? – I went down with one of the sons of the owners of the Giants, when we were working 15 years
ago. We had Giants jackets. He gave me this beautiful Giants jacket. We'd flown a helicopter down. We were walking through
the stadium parking lot. And a cop says, "Dude,
you should take that off." And I said, "What are you talking about? I'm not in a restroom."
He's like, "Take it off." And I was like, "What?" He's like, "Take it off," big cop.

So I took it off and carried it in. I'd never seen that. And then I understood what
they were talking about. – By the way, Luciano,
if you're listening, Raiders, play off game Chad Pennington. That year we go to Raiders,
we were in our Jets jersey. Cop goes, "Take the jerseys off." I'm in my Combat fucking
War-Zone mood. I'm like, "No." And I looked at him and said,
"Officer, I'd rather die." And I wore my jersey and
I got scary, to be honest. It was so scary, I shit. – I wasn't as tough as you. I took that giant thing and wrapped it up. – I'm literally tough
nowhere. You can punk me. Society, you can punk me anywhere, except a football stadium. I'd rather die. – All right. (upbeat music) – Novo, so I do this thing
called Overrated, Underrated on Instagram, where it's
my just personal opinion, in the macro, if this thing, and you could obviously
take a million angles on it, is overrated by society or underwear.

– Paris Hilton. – For me underrated, because,
and I'll tell you why, she understood a lot of
what's going on right now- – Way in advance. – What's that? – Way in advance. She, she kills it. – Correct. So that's why I would say it. Somebody else would say she's over it. – She's also nice. – I'm aware. So here we go. I'm gonna throw some words,
your team made some words. I may throw a couple of my own in here. So Kenny, fire away. – [Kenny] Bojangles.
– Bojangles, over. – Most underrated brand in the world. – Next. That was self-interest.

We don't do that on my show. Keep going. Though you're right.
– [Kenny] Wrestling Wrestling. – Underrated.
– [Gary] Wrestling. – Underrated.
– [Gary] Why. – Toughest sport in the world. All the MMA champs started
as wrestlers, builds grit, builds character, and you're never scared
to get into a fight. – What about professional
entertainment wrestlers? – Love professional wrestling. Just- – Why is it underrated? – You know, it's underrated
because the theater of it… Literally it's changed entertainment. It changed professional
sports, Vince McMahon, genius. – He's like Walt Disney.
They just don't realize it. – Yes, on Steroids. – Correct, yeah, quick actually. – [Kenny] Blockchain. – Blockchain. – Blockchain's underrated.
It's gonna have its day.

It's starting to show in 15 years. The interesting thing is you won't notice, it'll be the back of the fucking TV. But it's gonna change the
world in a really positive way. – I agree. – [Kenny] Reddit.
– Reddit. – Well, I'm learning
about Reddit real fast. You know, Reddit, all these
forums I think are complicated. I'll give it underrated because it's having a
huge impact on the world. and it's gonna probably
have a bigger impact. But they're complicated in terms of, "How do you
edit through to get to the-" – Yeah, but I think one
thing that people are missing is that these forums, whether it's for Chan Reddit
or a Facebook group, Discord, it's just the Internet.

– Yeah, you're right. – [Gary] These are the
platforms on top of it. – Fair point.
– You will not stop people from congregating on the Internet unless you regulate the Internet. You can block Parlor, all you
want. You can block Reddit. This is why the point I made earlier- – They all got to Signal.
There's somewhere to go. – But the question is, but
governments can stop it. And I think people don't.. That's where it gets tough.
– I don't think they will. There's an ethos in our country that runs through our freedom and- – [Gary] Listen.
– We're not China – Right now we have both sides.

You had AOC and Donald
Trump Jr. and Ted Cruz, even though they then fought
each other a little more, agreeing on something, (Michael laughing)
no, no, in a big way. No, no. I really need everybody,
listen, really agreeing. And I think that's an
important insight to everybody. A politician in America is
playing defense 24/7, 365, right? They are constantly decision-making
strictly on the behavior of winning an election
that's in front of them. Pure and utter defense. And even the smartest fuckers I know I've been able to destroy, 'cause I'm playing offense
and they're playing defense. And that's the problem.
That's a good way to end. I gotta go. – All right.
– I love you Novo. Hope very (indistinct).
Thanks Gary. – YouTube watcher. What's up. It's Gary Vee. First of all, thank you so much. I hope you're doing super
well during these times. I also wanna ask you, please subscribe because my commitment and
exploration of YouTube is about to explode stories,
polls, more content, more engagement, more
surprise, and delight.

This is the time to subscribe. I hope you consider it
and I hope I see you soon..

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