The Beyond Bitcoin Show- Episode 43

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you controversial subjects because remember this is beyond bitcoin i'll
talk a little bit about vehicle coin we talk about current events all the
distractions that are out there that you shouldn't let waste your time don't get
distracted too much people but yeah there is more to life than bitcoin you
get involved with our discussions so why not talk about some other issues so for
me it's a did i was simple ethics here and maybe this is a is this too big of a
simplification when i'm going to say i don't think so
i would not want to be aborted i mean would you want to be aborted if you I
mean if you afterwards I mean does any grown-up any adult think like wow I wish
I would've been aborted I mean I don't thinks I mean on any healthy no I
wouldn't know I were what so how can I participate or encourage other people to
do abortions if I myself would not want to be aborted um and I I just I wonder
if some of these is do they actually think like would I want to be aborted
would I not want to enter into this world but I want that opportunity taken
away from me I mean I would be I would rather live
with it I mean would you rather live with an adoptive family then not exist I
mean at least have I'm the kind of person I if there's I want a chance I
want to chant you know if the odds are completely stacked against me if I still
have a chance I self a chance I mean I was telling the story of my grandmother
last week they they want her to go into Hospice and she went what the heck she
want the lives she still had a chance and she proved them all wrong she's
alive today she's thought I'm gonna find what she think she's encouraging but
they want her to go to Hospice we're in this world we're like I don't know what
life has been minimized the value of life has been totally tell him nos to me
it's very it's very simple um so yeah I don't I would never abort
no I wouldn't know but not abort and and I I don't you know I don't
pro-choice purse I mean wait you you're gonna do what you're gonna do okay you
could do what you're gonna do is personal responsibility but I'm gonna
talk the way I'm going to talk and if you participate be talking but you've
got to think about that before you go through with it okay this is the real
world I mean words if you don't like words you're not gonna do too well in
this world and today most people yeah they're when their feelings get hurt
they don't they go wacko and they want you to be silenced or worse so I mean
I'm just saying you do what I would never participate in abortion or
encourage people and do abortions I realized people are going to do them I
think they're I think it's sickening I it's it's I mean I think to the barbaric
people who put on world war two when I when I when I think about that the the
people that were in charge of Germany were into that I mean that type of
sickening type of thing just you know euthanasia killing people that were
unwanted and it just it sickens me and a nine and a bottle eyes I would not want
to be aborted so this this has come up because of they had the March for Life
okay now again I'm not I'm not a guy that needs to go to the marsh life in
there to do this whole signs or whatever I'm just telling you my simple opinion
on this and then I I wouldn't want to be aborted so I go I don't think it's right
you know yeah I wouldn't do that but and I think it's great that I can say this
so many people can't just give simple opinions like this they think they're
gonna be fired they want to fit in because sitting in mainstream society if
you say things like this you're not you're gonna be fired
you're not gonna have friends sitting in his overrated
town that like button fittings are ready but Matt Walsh he has a show on Ben
Shapiro's channel and I link to it below now in the state of New York they just
made late term abortions legal so I've heard
and am I gonna get too worked up about this I mean I
is disgusting I'm gonna tell you that but I can't I can't stop a person from
doing that I can't I mean I can if they stumble upon the show this affects them
this affects them the Matt Matt wash said he said that he described one of
the procedures that can be done now I looked up what elite of you know it's
it's in the third trimester they what they do and there's a lot of different
options now this option I did not read about now this is he says this is
something that happens this comment when I'm about to describe here now it's I
hope you're not a kid watching this but apparently they put a needle is somehow
it gets into the baby's head I guess through the mother and it poisons and it
kills the baby and he says it can be painful from the baby I I would say yeah
if you got a needle on your head it would be painful and so the baby dies
and the mom and then eventually she gives birth to a dead baby and he can
and sometimes it's not the hospital sometimes it's tradition when just doing
the bathtub now that was his that was his a description which was grotesque
obviously and I link to it below now if this is true with what he said is true
if this happens if this is an option when I just said as an option and the
people who are performing this procedure if they don't tell the people this is
what we're going to do they have to teii me it is so wrong not that if you're
doing this procedure and you don't describe it to the person you're about
to do it to I mean though we use we use the term abortion it's like it makes it
sterilizes it makes it seem yeah I'm just having it you don't say well I'm
sticking a needle in a baby's head and then it's gonna come out dead out of me
and it might come out in the bathtub I just randomly pop out of me Oh or other
I mean I've seen the pictures of earlier stage abortions and you've got parts of
babies coming out and they rip it I mean this is the people putting all these
procedures they should tell the people exactly what they're doing even if the
person slit god forbid 16 years old 17 zone or whatever it is you gotta tell
you guys tell what you're doing because you're respond
you're doing the procedure you're personally responsible for this and if
you don't tell what you're doing you're lying and that's just that's just wrong
man this is totally wrong so people who do describe these things it's
freedom of speech describe it you know some people some people just like your
cattle how can you describe the procedure then
it should all be out there so people know what they're getting into when
they're doing these things they really should know what they're getting into
and that it's not just an abortion as you know what what consists what's the
what the abortion consists of it I don't let me tell you something after what I
just described the needle in the hand and the in the prayer perhaps the baby
popping out other person dead before before they get to the hospital I don't
see how a human could go through with that I really don't see how a person
could go through that proceed first a baby that's eight eight months been in
them for eight months how they could do such a thing
how they could sit does not think they're killing something after they're
told well we're gonna stick a needle and you go in the baby's brain and the
baby's gonna come up dead how they they come I mean that it's a sick that's a
sick person who can go through with that knowing every single thing that I just
said not again I'm giving the people that actually have this done to them the
benefit of the doubt they're not being told exactly what's what's going to
happen but once you're told that and if the baby's totally hate the baby is no
threat to you um I don't see how you I just don't see how that's how a human
could could do that knowing all those things alright so you know that's
someone so for me a guy I work for myself I got Bitcoin I can say things
like that this is the freedom so a lot of people have even stronger opinions of
this than I do but they can't even express it they're just burning out
inside what do you like to be in the Bitcoin overlay so you can just make
videos like this and just not having to worry what anyone thinks of you you know
because fitting fitting in is overrated not having to worry about being fired
and just knowing you have the Bitcoin in in your savings that can it's
unconscious cable no one can take the Bitcoin away again like my bank one day
my bank will say perhaps sailing back in 2019 Anna made a video talking about
late term abortions we don't do business with him anymore
fine what will that do to me now how about my Bitcoin you know but said but
again we're getting to the point when banks I mean and I think it's their
right if they don't want to deal with people who say certain things a let him
let them get rid of the people because now on this planet we have the power
we can be our own banks because a Bitcoin so yeah sure banks discriminate
against for you want if I don't give it's our because like I got my own back
and you can't take that back away from me and so so that is well it updates a
lot of people are talking about Venezuela and there's some people on I
guess they're conspiratorial minded people that I don't know if they're
liberal I think some of our liberal I don't know if they're any conservatives
are say oh there's some that are relatively conservative that I've heard
say things like this that it's a United States coup this is all for the benefit
of the United States Maduro was elected by the people making it seem like the
people are enjoying the situation there I mean the people who've been watching
my channel now for quite some time since I've had my guest on from Venezuela I
mean I had real people for Venezuela in Venezuela telling us all what's really
going on there and it's horrible it's horrible
how can you blame the United States how can you say that this this guy that's
now the new president this is just some United States plot just it's all you
know this is greed on the part of the United States these people there are
suffering who who in the right mind that would want Maduro who in their right
mind would would have continued living under the situation they're living under
printing up Petros and doing this and doing that and doing whensoever
you know there's gotta be some personal responsibility there the people the
leaders of Venezuela have dug a very big hole there okay and it's you know you
can say United States sanction if you say this then the other um if they were
they could run you can run your country successfully without being friends with
the United States okay and this isn't just what's going on there now people
say oh it's fake there really didn't have a rally you know he states
propaganda that's it's just terrible you know it's like the flat earthers is that
that I could like equivalently make that it's the same thing as flatter of people
just you know making up these silly statements because I guess they want
attention than they want they want to have simple explanations for everything
so I want to read you something from someone in that men as well there's a
real person and you some of you know who he is as the u.s.

Does not recognize
Maduro as president the new one wand why doe is the has the right to mean
you CEO of sicko which is the company that handles the oil sales in the u.s.
that means they can take away the control of the main source of income of
Majora's regime which is a checkmate if you ask me the economic crisis will get
worse for some time but I think this is the step we need to end this once and
for all without money the government will not be able to bribe the military
forces and they will sooner or later turn their back on them ok so think of
it somewhere you're just gonna say well I don't you said the United States is
the one that's gonna they're they're recognizing the president so that they
can so the oil is now controlled by this new president so the United States can
get the oil from them and this is going to be harmful to Venezuela and you so
get in the short term you're gonna have some economic anomic problems if this
all happens ok but we gotta think long term here this
is what this dude is saying they'll don't be there under a military rule
right now ok it's only the military that keeps Maduro in power that keeps the
current situation the way it is is the military and they're broadened and once
they can once Maduro is without money anymore and it will be with help from
the United States but it's for instead it's definitely for the people does not
fit agree to the United States the people are living under a military I
mean it's the only in the military that supports Maduro right now if there
wasn't the military supporting him and then he would not be the leader anymore
could W we're not invading the United States and not invading there anything
like this should be for people who say what's not it's none of our business
it's none of this you know what a step has been taken some people clearly want
Juan Guido the United States and many other countries see this and they're
just like what we're gonna do we're gonna do to help Juan why do out nothing
wrong with that nothing wrong with that in the long term okay in the long term
this is gonna help men as well a lot here's a guy writing to me who says I'm
pretty excited this is really good news this is what he says this is me this is
so this is not like we're imposed the United States is not imposing its will
on the Venezuelan people they're tired of this the smart wants to productive
when so many people have left I mean I don't see
anyone could be left that supports what's going on there now maybe there
are a few okay not everyone's it it's a it's not a perfect it's not gonna be a
unanimous situation but no people are really marching on the streets though
people are have clearly been fed up with the situation therefore why why is
Bitcoin so popular there I mean it again this is this is not make-believe here
this is not United States imperialism or whatever all these nonsense people want
to come up with excuses for everything there it's terrible down there it's not
it's not fun and we've had people in the show who have said this before and obvious comment I'm not here to you know
I I won't I'm not saying and we should invade I think that what's going on the
situation is progressing perfectly okay it's progressing perfectly with that
thing that doesn't need to be a military invasion by the United States of America
okay I mean he also says update the u.s.

Embassy is sending staff people to the
US right now they should be leaving Venezuela this was yesterday I think on
American Airlines flight at 12:45 p.m. the only one staying are the Ambassador
and other important people so they they are taking some precautions in case
Maduro regime tries to force them to leave with military forces okay because
that we I talked about that I think on yesterday show that they they before so
I forgot what day that the United States was not going to abandon the embassy
that they're going to stick around but he wants them a new Maduro wants them
out so it's it's leading to like kind of a messy situation so not everybody is
staying I guess there's you know there said setting the families home that on
the unnecessary personnel we'll see how this progresses but again I just want
you to you know the United States is not perfect I'm not a fan of the government
workers or anything like that but it it's not a source of evil in the world
like so many people want to say whatever side the United States took the taste is
the wrong size the wrong side it's not going to help the people decide they are
taking and Canada and France are taking is the correct side in Venezuela it's
been a joke what's been going on for a while there and they're gonna speed up
the process and just why why do I think he's
he's not a rightist I think he's a leftist anyway I don't but it's it's
better than what would you know the money printing in all the insanity wine
wydo has said positive things about Bitcoin
before okay that's better what they were they currently have and again it does
come down the personal responsibility on a certain level I know a lot of people
have gotten out of there a lot of people can't get out of there though so we
shall see and where the United States is making it easier easier with the Citgo
thing in the long run in the long run all right so during the day you guys
should work out I work out for the day there's a LinkedIn article exercise
during the workday can be key yeah I exercise during the work day my work
days I know it's a little bit different than everybody else is I work from
wherever I'm staying at but you can walk around deeds you know when I come long
ago when I worked a regular nine-to-five job I would walk around during lunch I
walk around during lunch that's exercise right there walk around after dinner
then just get some get some movement in there get some movement in there at
times that you don't usually get some movement in there and again I stand up
all day I don't sit at a desk I think that's helpful to that article is not
about that I make my own standing desks wherever I go on another show I talked
about a guy going through a really bad divorce situation in Maine the Supreme
Court there was gonna send them to jail but he didn't have a life insurance even
though he just had a heart attack and a stroke so I just tweaked I eat something
out in favor with a guy I heard about him on Sandman's channel so you I'd link
to it below you can retweet it and that that might help call attention to this
guy and again I can do things like this because I'm in the Bitcoin overlay no
one can fire me I can support controversial so-called controversial
movements or figures and not having to have to worry about it so yeah we
retweet that maybe some people will pick up on this guy who seems to be in a real
bad situation again if you do get married this guy's at the end stage okay
if I was in his situation I would have my Bitcoin and I would have already left
the country of course I'm not this deep into the situation that
he's into he's in deep but he doesn't have Bitcoin so yeah he's in he's in
deep he's in deep you can check it out link to below
all right Yahoo Finance what is this story Amazon go one year-old has
attracted a host of cash earless imitators recognizes real world ok so
have you guys heard of this Amazon go before like they had these little stores
I think one was in Seattle when I was in see how they wanted me to visit someone
wanted me to visit it but I didn't you walk into the store and then you just
pick up your merchandise and you don't pay it just it recognizes what you
picked up and it credits it and it charges you and there's no cashiers
that's it you just walk out with your stuff and there's an article about this
and I thought about this and it's very futuristic now in high EFT areas like
there's a mall in Baltimore City called mondawmin mall and there is a it's not
in a good area but a lot of different people go to it people from around the
area that's not that great but then people from other because they're not
that many shopping options in Baltimore City and so they put a target there and
it was popular I mean you would see people from all sorts of neighborhoods
there now that the prey it closed down target closed down at mondawmin because
then they want it admit it but it's because of stealing is because people
steal they had plenty of people come but it's you know there's there's issues
when you open these but what I was thinking is like if Amazon can master
this they will eliminate theft they will eliminate theft at stores and this will
help inner-city neighborhoods have businesses and maybe you know be Amazon
go will be operating you know an inner city Detroit and inner city Baltimore in
wherever intercity st.

Louis and you don't be impossible for the people who
do but you know in these in these neighborhoods it you know they're most
people want to do good most people are not stealing it's just that the amount
of stealing is it's high enough that it puts the
businesses it cost the businesses a lot of money and then it can other
intimidate others for coming when you see someone who gets called it's it's
it's not a good it's not a good vibe but if that could be totally eliminated with
this technology so I didn't mention that at all in the story but it's it's
powerful technology this it's a form of AI you know it's recognizing every
single thing that's on the Shelf and if it if it leaves if it somehow moves from
the store which is uh there's there's a way to eliminate theft with this new
technology I know there is I know there is so all right there's my thoughts on
that Scott Adams who I really I don't even linked to this that's unfortunate
but he has a theory about Kamala Harris the first of all I want to say one thing
about Scott Adams he has become the biggest Trump of apologist on the planet
Earth I mean you know he staccato Adams is a smart man and he attributes his own
intelligence to everyone I think he thinks everyone's as smart as he is not
everyone's as smart as you Scott Adams okay not everyone thinks his deep and
can analyze things like you and the president United States
he's not smart as young I'll put it I'll put it nicely and so I don't know I
don't I think part of his Scott Adams wants to be proven right to like that
he's right about Trump so he makes up these explanations of why Trump is doing
this and why it isn't bad that Trump did Trump isn't perfect okay this is not
what I was even even meant but I'm just saying it's become a point it's come to
a point with Scott Adams where it's like almost a sickness
the defense he comes up with four trumpets it's very odd and what's it
it's done it dunning-kruger it's call it when you when you're not smart and so
you think everyone is on the same level everyone else is idiot that you're the
smartest in the world well the opposite is true too it is part of that theory
the dunning-kruger theory that when you're so smart
you don't understand that everyone's on the same level as you they're just
people that they're stupid things and I think Scott Adams sometimes Falls
he's a smart guy so but he did one thing that he came up with a very good theory
he noticed with now that Kamala Harris has declared herself she's running for
president that some of the traditional liberal media organizations out there
like CNN have started to attack other Democratic challengers I have said and
like or giving her really awesome stories and it makes sense I mean she is
the black woman she is the from California and so she they're going for
that they want the opposite of Trump which is a black woman he's a white man
that black woman is the opposite of that so there's there and there's a lot of
social pressure now from celebrities and they don't they won't see my face
supporting a white guy they go with a black woman that's needed to fit in if
you're in Hollywood if you're in the media you name a black woman run for
your ain't like Flynn man everyone would like you to have friends so even if you
you know if you support a guy who's pretending to be Hispanic like bado you
can get ripped on now again you can there's some people that are gonna still
like him and everything like that but um it does look he scott adams has a point
here he's making some good analysis when he's seeing that you know there even
been some bad bado articles recently so that they're trying to propel her to the
top of the heat now because they that's just the mindset of a lot of people that
are in in the media they they they're so against Trump I guess they want the
opposite of him and she's definitely she's the opposite is a black woman I
mean and they break it down by race and sex I mean it's sickening it is
sickening and again that's why it's a big soap opera and again this makes it
it makes it a bigger soap opera when it's going to be a black woman against a
white man and so don't fall for it don't don't get too emotional about it and
stuff but I think he made some good analysis there that it's clear a big
hunk of the media and the celebrities out there this is the easy choice black
woman mind hot and she's a California where a lot of them are are based anyway
so just pointing it out prepared do what you do what you're gonna do but don't
get obsessed with in people I uh there's a tweet out there well
first of all I read a story remember last week I talked about a muumuu uh the
it's clearly well it's apparently an asteroid from another solar system that
some people think could be an alien probe so someone at an Australian
newspaper wrote a story about it but got it confused with fast radio bursts I
forgot what they're called um it's another phenomenon but from many
galaxies away okay it has nothing to do with this asteroid completely confused
the two stories and and wrote this article that was like totally fake news
it was it was it was show poorly research I thought it was like some
artificial intelligence news gatherer had just combined three stories into one
and I couldn't believe it I was reading this and I looked up the story on
Twitter and like no one had say anything about it except one guy in Australia he
was like totally offended by it also the very end so III include his tweet below
so you can you can see exactly what I'm talking about the reason I bring this up
is because just because it's in a newspaper in an Australian newspaper
Canadian newspaper United States newspaper it looks all nice and fancy
got a lot of nice pictures it can be so wrong I mean again this could this
conflated like three different things I forgot what the third thing was now but
he was he was clearly uh well they quoted the wrong guy
when they were talking about a mu a mu ax and then the fast radio bursts it
means oh fast radio bursts had nothing to do with a mobile nothing nothing
nothing at all and they were saying that the that IV lobe had been proven wrong
he had been proven wrong because the fast radio bursts it made no sense he
was talking about a mu a mu which is not fast rate you you can do your own all
you had to do is watch Avila read when IV louvered read the sources that are
quoted in these papers how about that sometimes they'll talk about the person
and if they say this person has been wrong go read what the person wrote and
then get the real story okay how did that there's a news tip because
obviously somebody and again the I actually that I emailed the guy who
tweeted this out who agreed with me that it was a totally who was ashamed and how
fake a story this was and how wrong it was and he wrote to me and he said hey
you know it was a real author a real person interviewed was interviewing
people for this so yeah there's obviously some really horrible people
who run it in a in the news industry now I don't know if they're young or they
don't know how to write or they're just just they're rushed I don't know but oh
it was an embarrassment now speaking about embarrassments and and most people
aren't weren't going to catch it this is about scientific subjects and I'm not
saying I'm a scientist or anything but I know darn well the difference between a
new rule and faster it fast radio at first okay that did completely
completely different things completely different things alright so but a lot of
people don't know that a lot and again so many subject matters people don't
know the ins and outs of and they can be easily convinced that someone has been
proven wrong just because the writer throws out a big lot of big fancy terms
so they thing that happened in will talk about the Covington guys the Covington
kids that were at the March for Life I guess is a week ago and everybody got on
their case and said they were racist or against the Native American guy and you
know we all found that it was totally thang news now the reason I'm bringing
this up I mean there's not much more I can add to it but there's something that
the media really isn't hitting on that much and that is the black Hebrews the
group of a black guys that were just screaming nonsense at the kids okay
screaming hateful nonsense the and these black Hebrews this group this cult
they're a cult I have seen them in Baltimore City before near Lexington
Market okay they do the same thing they they take pleasure in screaming and
cursing at people on the street that's what they do they think then the reading
from the Bible they scream at black people in scream and they spewing anyone
they can scream at I seriously doubt that most black people like
Hebrew screaming at them in here Lexington Market in Baltimore City I
want to be surprised at the black keepers that we're down in DC we're the
ones for Baltimore I have no idea nor do I do I care where they emanated
from where that sewage came from okay but I linked to it you can look up black
chambers on YouTube black tea brews Baltimore and you will see them at the
Inner Harbor bar more screaming of people they said is what they do
they scream at people they incite and again you should know you should totally
ignore them and that's what those kids actually did and a lot of good as you
can see in the videos that the black tea brews post a lot of grown-ups can't
ignore them and get in arguments and that's what they like they get some
pleasure out of having people and again they yell at black people that yellow
white they yell and they curse they a foul-mouthed they do it in very public
areas near Lexington Market a subway stop in Baltimore whether in Inner
Harbor I haven't seen him in the Inner Harbor and there's like a part of me
that thinks I seem to Philadelphia before I don't know what I know I've
seen him in Lexington Market in Baldomir the lexan market subway stop on Utah
Street on Utah Street which is again it's you see all sorts of stuff there
but yet these people – somehow if these guys were painted as innocent in any
part in any stories which I think they were these guys are the biggest
troublemakers in the world and they're scum and they're vermin and you can see
you can see it in their videos they go at they take great pleasure and
screaming at people that's there and yeah I link to family to a New York
Times article about it they see divine intervention in Lincoln Memorial
confrontation yeah I mean they they think they are by screaming at people
they're doing God's work or maybe they are maybe they just like the attention I
don't know it is out rate it's outrageous what they do they're
comparable to the West Baptist Church what do they call the the ones from
Missouri that say that says God hates the F word or they protest that up
funerals uh Westboro Baptist Church there they never liked the black
equivalent of that basically they just say that if their signs aren't as
offensive but they just think just screaming people they screen of people
so then that could dudes okay and and I
think the media has kind of they should be given that much attention I'll tell
you that but that that it was painted at at one point as if these evil Catholic
boys were a kind of confrontation with some black guys ran the blight they're
not though those were I ran the black dudes dude those guys are looking they
are looking for confrontation with anyone of any race that is not them that
doesn't believe in whatever I don't know what they believe it you know to tell
you the truth I don't think dangle what they believe in
they'd like to scream at people in the Inner Harbor or in DC or Lexington
Market or wherever and again you can see them ever go to lovely Baltimore City
you can see them probably place alright so yes I am from the Baltimore area of
course pound that like foot all right I mean in Tel Aviv right now just a case
for you didn't know let me see social me oh yeah another thing that I'm going to
point out this whole you know the these is this thing with the Covington kids
and the Native American guy this wooden ambassador it was 2003 2004 2005 I mean
that's not that long ago these this would not have existed this whole thing
the technology was not there maybe that's the cell phone cameras might have
been but the social media how it just spread over Twitter so fast like this
type of situation that got these kids into the situation they got into to
framing innocent kids by like the mob the god the mob is just looking for
offense they're looking for a fence this could not have happened without
technology it is amazing what technology can do when it can create what it has
what this world has become because of social media and the technology that
this was impossible this this type of mobbing was impossible just over ten
years ago maybe 15 years ago I don't know but who knows what I get technology
is good technology can be used a bad way to and if you know what the truth is and
you should stand up for the truth you know it's a if you're if you're friends
with these guys and said people did get behind these guys who personally knew
these guys and said you know this is a joke this is no they this is the school
was not about this this is this is nonsense why is everyone piling on them
so I don't know if you ever get into a situation where you see
someone's being piled on that you know and it and you know the truth you got it
you it you should defend them you really should defend them again
there's certain people who don't defend them but they don't want to be social
media mods they don't want to lose their job they want to fit in I'm so glad that
I'm not part of that where if I if someone that I knew it was being mobbed
and attacked by the social media mob trying to say you know you're you're one
of the hated groups now you're I'm offended by you you must be your life
must be destroyed I would buy that for that person and I'm glad I can do that
because of being you know having a Bitcoin and everything like they named
Bitcoin gives you that freedom it gives you the freedom of the defend people who
are unjustly attacked by these social media mobs I mean this is this is the
thing now sips one person feels they see something and then like oh that's
offensive and then what are we look into the story and then they want attention
but they're narcissists so and then when everyone look at how pretty they are how
purchasing lying they are so they don't care if they just story some 16 year
olds and 17 year old lives and they think that most people are going to
defend them anyway so why not what's there to lose there's no
punishment so if you're above all that and the big point overlay you can laugh
it edit and smile at all those jokers wasting their time on that but if you
know someone that's personally involved that's being attacked go go out and
support a man go out that's a good thing to do and so yeah I yeah obviously those
kids were unjustly attacked it's it's insane it's insane that the by the black
Hebrews could be involved in a situation like that and they're made out to be
good guys what a world what a naive world we live in though the people in
social media the little snowflakes who twisted around the story to make the
black Hebrews look like victims I'd love to see them walk on the streets of
Lexington Market on mute on Utah near Lexington Market and when you see them
pissing their pants when they when a black Hebrew started screaming at them
come on now come on now all right it's easy to be a mob it's easy to be a
social-media mob and where you don't have to face people face to face these
people don't get out into the real world and again I encourage you to be in the
real world it's not that it's not that scary
for someone who has confidence in themselves
to walk on Utah Street and to walk on Lexington market and be the only white
guy walking around there and see that there's black Hebrew screaming you you
know it's just did his words it's just words it's just words seriously makes it
makes you stronger I'm not advising you do something like that but um these
people who try to frame that don't even know that they're making these Midwood
Cinda into heroic people they couldn't even approach those nitwits in real life
they dig they'd be scared and out of there anything others of the Hebrews and
I'm not I don't wanna I don't put any positivity toward those Hebrews you go
see him yourself and again I link to their videos below you look at my black
Hebrews Baltimore and you will be like what and a guy like you'll see they
scream to say the stuff they were screaming that those come in kids they
screaming everyone they screaming everyone's ridiculous okay enough of
them what is this oh yeah Elizabeth Warren Elizabeth Warren
proposes a wealth tax on those with more than 50 million dollars in assets
Emanuel says a left-leaning economists economist advising Warren said her plan
is to impose a 2% tax on Americans with more than 50 million dollars in assets
and a 3% tax on those with more than a billion dollars in assets additionally a
one-time tax penalty would be imposed on those who have more than 50 million
dollars in assets and attempt to renounce their US citizenship all right
now a lot of you are just saying oh and 50 million dollars why why not why not
they white why not tax them two percent a year and say you know it's not fair
they get to if they have 75 million dollars with the assets they should be
you know two percent of their wealth over 50 million dollars to be taken away
every year and that would at first that would if they've 75 million dollars in
assets so 2 percent of 25 million I'm doing this often
my head he's 500000 yeah tax of $500,000 just because they own a lot of assets so
then that person would have to sell some of their assets and write a check to the
government for $500,000 I mean that is just pure jealousy why can't a person
have more than 50 million dollars worth of assets so they can pass it on to
their children I mean it's over they bacon to set they
can decide when they're gonna spend when they're gonna liquefy those assets that
they were smart enough to gather and you know what's fun not it's not funny
actually that if she actually became president and she would start her term
in 2021 there is a chance that by that point there could be people who back in
you know 2003 4 and 15 spent about a hundred thousand dollars on five hundred
Bitcoin and be worth more than 50 million dollars at that point I mean
it's theoretically possible if you have five hundred Bitcoin you could be worth
more than 50 million dollars in the 2020s when this woman is pret is
president and you would be forced to to sell some of your Bitcoin in order to
pay the the wealth tax they're just taxing your wealth it's a random thing
to pick it really is a random thing to pick um no it's not it's because it's
what rich people have and again if for it would force people to liquify some of
their assets and why why should someone be forced to liquify some of their
Bitcoin again so if you're even a pro if you think that Elizabeth Warren can
become president I station I don't think she can but if you do and again your
night you should plan ahead you should maybe have another there's a personal
responsibility involved here if you know about this now plan ahead how are you
going to avoid such a situation and you can't if you renounce her citizenship
when she's president she's gonna find you then it's a I I made sure to add
that it's a very important point there they know that people will immediately
try to renounce their citizenship if this gets passed of course they're not
they don't want to live under this tyranny where people can just take your
wealth and say you know now the game has changed you
you're worth 75 million dollars we figured out you're worth 75 million so
you're good you gotta raise $500,000 check this year then net every single
year until you're under 50 million again it's 2% again today that the number
would go down every year but not you would have to keep on playing a two
percent tax on your wealth until you're under fifty million dollars in value and
it gets over your level 50 bills are so rich yeah they work their butts off they
thought ahead this attacks on smart people attacks on long-term thinkers so
you clearly something I know I don't support at all and yeah if you have a
hundred million dollars in value in assets okay and this is implemented and
you pay that 2% tax every year it's gonna eat away at your 100 million
dollars pretty darn weird we're talking big checks you're writing every single
year that you can again and you won't be able to pass it on to your kids you will
be you won't be able to do what you want to do with it you'll be forced to oran
if you just spend it on on fertilis things and that's what it comes down to
big what they want you to spend and long-term thinkers don't spend
frivolously they think and they save and that's how they become worth over fifty
million dollars one day so for all those people who say oh you guys spend your
Bitcoin you guys spend your Bitcoin they're out there of a some of them are
of a similar mindset to this economist of Elizabeth Warren who's encouraging
her to do this and yes this would drive away the rich it would drive away the
smart but if the smart people think she's got a chance of winning and it's
the year 2020 they're gonna renounce their citizenship beforehand okay a rich
person who's worth over 50 million dollars they can live anywhere trust me
they can live anywhere I'm not worried over 50 million dollars
and I can live anywhere I figured it out how to do it I'm nowhere close to
anything like that but long-term thinkers can figure out a way to live to
figure out how to renounce their knighted state citizenship and to live
it very comfortably somewhere else or in numerous other places we're creative
long-term thinkers are creative okay they will find a way and this will not
this will be a negative for the United States to to force people to give their
money away to his attacks on smart long-term thinkers it encourages waste
and jealousy I linked to the warrants proposed of
course is a progressive wealth tax in which okay 2% rate does not apply to the
first 50 million I said that and the three percent rate only kicks in when
you have more than a billion okay great if you try to hoard wealth the
government is going to tax it so you might as well spend it someone said that
you know you should have the right to hoard wealth it's not what it's saving
dude it's saving the government shouldn't be in the business of defining
who's a hoarder and who's the man who should be forced to uh to so yeah then
suspend tax waring wealth tax Senator Warren's wealth tax is
problematic okay if there's gonna be a tax I I don't like any taxes but let
there be a consumption tax that's the best one of all the taxes you know oh we
only have a national sales tax you don't have to buy anything so you don't have
to pay a tax it's it's a volunteer tax basically you're one up on I mean you're
you're spending okay it's it's it's not alone how much make it's on how much you
spend that would be a fairer tax I'm not into into taxes again I would be
much more in favor of a just one tax a national sales tax that's it instead of
you know taxing someone's income and because it again and then smart people
do have ways away they ways of figuring it out and maybe a way of avoiding a
wealth of wealth tax is the worst that's just ridiculous
it's discourages savings and that's I mean that's that's what this whole fee
on system is based on and as you can tell I mean I'm getting I'm getting into
this because bitcoin is about savings is about savings about uh as a store of
value and this wealth tax is the opposite of store value opposite of
store belly yeah they steal from the rich it's not
punishing other is punishing the rich for the mistakes of the of the impulsive
okay if you again this is good as its to read stream tribute wealth to people
who've made poor decisions to fund all of her programs or all whoever against
we're hearing all these proposals nails about tax rich tax the rich tax the rich
again it is jealousy try to be the rich that should be the attitude we have this
envy is envy disease in the United States or in the Western world right now
scapegoating the rich state it's not their fault that you're a loser that
you're in in bad shape financially take personally aim to be that don't aim to
attack them but you're not gonna hide them around too much longer they'll
leave they'll leave and then then how you gonna fund everything how you gonna
live off for the government event won't be as fun there's something here that I
broke down I can't find it it was a good quote uh one second here man I felt like
there's some I thought I said something else here okay
might as well expended I said very sorry about this alright yeah so yeah we
talked about how yeah there actually could be some a bit God willing there
Bitcoin people that are worth over fifty million dollars in the year 2021 that
would be great when I found that like button moving on what's this
oh yeah the economic invincibility he's a guy with the channel he wrote he has a
video that I'll link to below called I'm sick afford 4d chess he's sick of people
just coming up with excuses for Trump that that he's sick of people who make
politicians into saviours okay they don't exist they really don't exist
that don't don't put these guys into the onta pedestals but they're perfect and
every single thing they do they've got it all planned out every single thing
they do is right again we cannot attribute just genius to these
politicians that they're playing 4d chess all the time they're not the
regular humans it's a soap opera and all the politicians want you to be part of
their soap opera so you become more dependent more obsessed with them see
control of your life to them they want you to be obsessed so I think some of
the things that Trump does even know what he's do
some of the things he's doing for attention and just keep you going keep I
mean he is good at getting people's attention but you you don't want to get
caught in that went to a point where you're worshiping where you're putting
whether it be Trump or Elizabeth Warren or whoever on a pedestal where they can
do no wrong that it's a sickness it's a sickness that we have all these people
out there making these excuses for every politician and their mother they're
playing for D chest no they're not they're they make mistakes also they
don't always make the right move and just get yourself into a situation where
you're not dependent on them making the right or the wrong move that's what I
say so Stephen and I've said that many many
times but he's got it's a good video so look at it watch it
steven crowder has a video out there and he he's talking about that the Covington
kids again and he did someone on this show shouts out like you know the Native
American reservations because you know the it destroyed didn't revolve around a
Native American God they are the they're the example of a socialism in America
that's socialism right there a Native American reservation all those people
get government checks and their housing is provided by the government everything
their food is provided by the government that's what you get with socialism
people go to the reservation and go see what a lovely life they have there how
with dependency that's dependency they are a hundred percent basically 100
percent dependent all United States government on the other on government
checks there and it's not a pretty scene at all it is not a pretty scene he also
points out the obvious you know that that they're saying that this the guy in
the Covington with yelling at the cover gear playing the drums the that he's an
elder everyone keeps on using the word elder the team looks like a meth head I
think everybody does I mean it's got a world every litigating here now elder
he's this wise elder he's a lying meth head it looks like that's what it looks
he's definitely a liar didn't look too he doesn't look too
healthy it is really fun for it is horribly
unfortunate the addiction problems that that plague it's not funny that the
addiction problems that plague the Native American communities but again
this is socialism een it's it's bad dependency breeds a lot of different
problems and it's it's a it's a downward spiral you got to take if you're part of
that community if you if you're on a reservation you have to be washing this
take personal responsibility get the heck off the reservation do just become
self-sufficient avoid drugs avoid alcohol and just just get away from that
get grunt as far as what way you can and is it's a shame it really is it's a sad
situation that that that's socialism on the reservation the reservations are
aerated there's our sad places and the people it's unfortunate that a community
has become that reliant on the government and you see what if you see
what it is brought up okay no we brought up drugs beforehand there's a company
called Anchorage cannabis and they had a Super Bowl ad they wanted to do a Super
Bowl ad and it got rejected of course it got rejected I'd link to it
below I think it was I assume and maybe I'm being a Scott Adams here I assume
they made this ad because they knew that it would never it would be rejected and
that once it got rejected everybody moved washing on YouTube that it was
just a publicity stunt I think I think if it was a publicity stunt then they
did a great job they really did a great job but if you watch this video if
there's no way he was gonna get approved by CBS there's no way there's no way and
again you can say what you want about about cannabis and that's not what this
is everyone's got a different opinion okay if you if you're really sick if
you're truly sick and you use it as medication then yeah I think it's fine I
think it does help with some medical problems so ones that are as some of the
ones they're actually brought up in this advertisement it shows a kid having a
seizure and so yeah if you're a young person that's very very ill and has
horrible seizures and there's no snow sure and yeah of course this is acreage
cannabis is a solution now you know what what happens when we've had this
marijuana's so many people in California or wherever they make up their own
little problems that they have and they because they're addicted upon they need
know that that's that's not too cool but I mean if you have a real sickness yeah
it does it does help it does help but again if you're a if you're a healthy
person avoid drugs seriously avoid drugs I have a very healthy lifestyle you know
here you're my drugs right this garlic that's
my these are my drugs they're garlic tell me like fun
I know garlic is making sure everything there are people that have very serious
problems and they are depicted in this video that clearly CBS would never
approve and so good for this Anchorage acreage cannabis for pulling this off
because they had them known they were this was not going to get approved and
now we're getting a lot of publicity for their company and hopefully they're into
doing good into helping really sick people but this is just not a way to
sell marijuana to you know some sixteen-year-old kid or whatever that's
perfectly fine I mean yeah I don't think sixteen year old kids that are perfectly
fine should experiment with marijuana at all at all and of course I was a 16 year
old kid once and I knew six year old kids who did that I don't think it is
good for their brains I'm not saying they were brain damaged but I do know
people who are smarter than me who had who had higher who at least had higher
IQs than me I assume they did I mean I'm I could tell miss I'm smarter
than me I think I can please I mean I went you up I went to a good college I
went to a very nice high school also so I was there always obvious lots of kids
that were smarter me and I something who got involved with drugs they just not
they're not very successful like I don't know and it was marijuana they got
involved with it slowed them down it retarded their progress it really did
and that's a shame that's a shame cuz they so much potential I can see with
some of these people's brains I mean I couldn't understand all this stuff they
talked about back then yeah they were they run a little bit of a higher level
and you should be willing to take that myth that you be if you could tell
someone smaller than you I think you're a very good shape socially I really
think you are I really because they saw again there's some people again that's
the dunning-kruger thing they think they're the smartest they're too smart
in a man that's okay but yeah the everyone knows
my stance on uh on drugs if you're not sick
just try be healthy eat healthy foods live a exercise nice rich read don't
don't watch mind the shows and don't get caught up in mindless politics red meat
and cancer video there is a bit so here we go here's something from research red
meat gets a bad rap it really does get a bad rap
it does not caught well it's not as bad as people say it is eating all that
sugar you know those that bread eating you know so many studies on people that
they've you watch the video some of these studies they've done on red meat
or on people who eat they eat horribly or they're lazy they don't exercise
theirs they sit down all day they're watching TV all the time what they're
smokers or they have other issues so some of these studies have been you know
you can you can guide them in the way you want to and and make red meat look
bad this guy talks about how red meat is not bad watch the video you can decide
for yourself okay now I'll talk about that next week
so here it here for the bread and circuses this is last rest part of the
video here from from the land of bread and circuses this is unbelievable and
this is just a reminder that this is 80% of world these people fans of the new
New Orleans Saints have they filed a lawsuit and they put up build with it
because their team lost NFC title game to the LA Rams the New Orleans Saints
fans have spent their money and their time on lawsuits and billboards against
the NFL it's just a game dudes they're not changing their mind you're putting
them on a pedestal you're making it's unbeliev what a waste
what a breaded just falling into the bread and circuses world of today to get
that amped up and and Andrian triggered by a freaking game that you're spending
money you're spending on billboards you're spending on lawsuits on something
that's not going to change and it's just a game oh my lord
that's again that's why if you're 20 percent over the Bitcoin you should be
laughing your butt off at something like that yeah I mean you're you're you're
gonna coast you're gonna coast because most people
get caught up in nonsense like this just avoid such nonsense stay healthy stay in
motion have a strong hand down that like button
I've adam meister the bitcoinmeister the disrupt meister long-term thinking do
not be impulsive and yeah you know don't be jealous so much jealousy and envy in
this world you improve yourself don't worry about what other people are doing
you put your city you know take into account all the circumstances you know
if elizabeth warren is about to be president you better make some moves at
that point of course but again if you know about it in advance you know you
could talk to people say you know this wealth tax thing is nonsense stop being
jealous of the rich people stop being envious okay stop being envious alright
allamanda my should be co-manager just erupted nice to remember subscribe this
channel legs of your shooters for you check out the links section blow up on
that like button bag mcdowell button click on those squares we'll have a
regular the one bitcoin show tomorrow on sunday check out the archives for all
the old shows i'll taught you guys in the chat bye

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