The BEST Desktop Crypto Miner on a budget! – Profitable Budget mining! Goldshel HS1-Plus

welcome back to the channel everyone today we have 
a very exciting video that i've been planning and   working on and thinking so heavily about for the 
past two weeks what originally got us into crypto   is pulling us back and uh really good content for 
you really really excited before we get going the   beer of the day is a sweet baby jesus chocolate 
peanut butter porter 6.2 alcohol by volume it's   from dewclaw brewing company i'm not normally 
a porter kind of guy one of my buddies up in   new hampshire is obsessed with porter so he 
gets me to try them every now and then but i   am a huge lover of peanut butter so very delicious 
very smooth very creamy and i'm glad it's got a   good abv and i'm glad to share this with you guys 
so with that said let's get back into hobby mining me nerdy dude stuff what's going on 
everyone welcome to another video about   cryptocurrency it's not about algorand today 
so if you're a lover of algorand like myself   i apologize this isn't about algorand this will 
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stay up to date with this new hobby mining that   we are jumping into so with that said we have 
picked ourselves up a gold shell a hs1 plus   miner this is going to be into a territory of 
hobby mining this isn't necessarily a mining   scenario or strategy to get loaded overnight or 
to build like a big mining farm this is something   that i wanted to start doing once again because 
that's originally what got me into crypto if you   go through the channel or right above my head one 
of my original videos in cryptocurrency was this   really crappy mining rig out of a cardboard 
box with fans that i built out of three gpus   and it was generating about two to three dollars a 
day once we built our gaming computer we never got   back into it so i wanted to jump back into mining 
i looked at this asic miner called the gold shell   hs1 plus it's here on the screen very small very 
efficient why don't we take a moment and see what   it looks like fresh out of the box all right so 
we just got our hs1 plus by gold shell miner in   very excited been waiting for this i've already 
cut up the box but i'm gonna be opening this   for the first time and showing you what 
comes with the purchase so let's get to it all right so first off we've got a power cord 
um now the only okay so i see a problem with   the power cord i actually have to go get an 
adapter for it so i can fit it to one of my   110 watt sockets but i believe this would 
fit one of my 240s out in the garage but   we're not going to be mining our cryptocurrency 
in the garage but we have a decent sized power   cord because we bought the hs1 plus with the 
included uh psu i think if it's it was 299   and then if you got it without the psu it 
would be uh 259 so you'd save yourself 40 bucks   but it's a six pin connector you can see the six 
pins there if you have a psu a power supply unit   that's got the six pin connector already um then 
great you could save yourself 40 yeah 40 bucks   otherwise i didn't have one so i grabbed that 
that came with it and then last but not least here it is we'll leave that here 
it comes in this nice little   gold shell box let's go ahead and hold it 
up there not too bad dimensions for it are i don't even know why i'm showing 
that on camera you can't even see   it the box is about four and a 
half inches by seven and a half by about three and a half so not too 
bad on the dimensions but let's see   what we've got inside oh baby oh baby okay all right that's the box so first off we've got this little black book 
and this is our usb cord it's a standard usb 2.0   and both ends ta-da so if you've got a couple of 
those laying around that's what it's going to be   connecting with and then you have the instructions 
on where it shows you can't even see that can   you it shows you where you plug in your power 
where you plug in your usb but also just in case   it's got it printed right here on that as well 
the lights are just gonna reflect off but let's go   ahead and pull it up here there you go now it's in 
shot so you got an instruction packet that shows   that and you also have the instructions right on 
the miner this is the miner up close and personal   so you've got your six pin connected psu in and 
then you've got your usb in as well back here you   got a nice little fan this thing is super light 
i shouldn't be doing that this thing is super   super duper light so not bad for a 
desktop size let's see its measurements so we are looking at six inches by three and a half by three so not too bad let's 
get this bad boy plugged in and going so some   numbers on the gold shell hs1 plus it is as you've 
seen a nice small desktop miner i do have mine   sitting over here to my right and it's currently 
mining we'll show all those numbers here on screen   and you don't even hear it actually let's take 
a look at it right now and you're going to see   just how small this thing is and you're going to 
see or hear just how loud it is so take a listen you could barely hear the thing i mean i'm 
sitting here right now at my desk and this   is where i have my computer my playstation 5 
my gaming and normally on a nice night i run   a little tiny office fan over by my window 
and that thing is loud as heck compared to   this little hs1 plus miner so with that said 
let's start looking at some of its facts here   on screen and i'm actually going to pull up some 
of the coin that i'm mining which is currently   handshake and it's the only coin that they 
can minus handshake so i will want to say that   i looked into the handshake project we'll talk 
about that momentarily we're going to look at the   actual mining calculator take a look at what my 
power cost is and kind of go from there so without   further ado the gold shell hs1 plus miner silent 
small and efficient it's doing about 105 giga   hashes mine actually does more and you'll see that 
here in just a second it costs about 115 watts in   power that's less than a gaming pc that's less 
than my playstation 5.

Granted i'm running it 24   7. but down here in florida for residential mining 
and residential power it's not that expensive and   on top of that i'm having solar panels installed 
on my house so we are going to be switching into   higher profitability on this miner not really 
like the highest in the world but higher and a   quicker return on my investment of purchasing this 
miner as soon as i have those solar panels as well   like you saw in the unboxing it's you know a 
little small unit silver casing fan there is   another model called the hs1 the difference 
here is the hs1 originally was 50 gigahashes   ours the hs1 plus is 105 gigahashes wall power is 
57 this one's 115.

But what's really nifty is that   the wall power it's drawing from is out of the 
you know a regular residential home outlet and   i don't have to go out and get one of my big 240 
watts outside it runs off of one of my 121 watt   residential outlets no problem got it separated 
over on the side dimensions you saw that in the   unboxing video noise 34 decibels that's barely 
anything power adapter is a 12 volt 15 to 15a   and you've got the six pcie six pin connector 
i ended up actually finding because in the   unboxing it showed that it was like a chinese or 
an australian or uk or whatever power wall there   was it's a regular pc power cable uh you can buy 
them on amazon for six bucks i actually had a few   laying around because we all have a drawer worth 
of filled with useless cable so i was like nah   let me go to the drawer and i found it there 
so um and right after i looked at amazon let's   go down a little bit more here you already saw 
the unboxing of the model that's what it looks   like you saw the power supply unit low power best 
price high performance asic miner portable design   yada yada yada and you can purchase these on 
gold shell let's see if there's any available   and if this takes off and everything goes i want 
to purchase more of these little asic miners to   keep going to bring content to you guys so if you 
like the idea or if you're running one yourself   leave a comment down below and we can actually 
get to talking about it so let's pull it up here my buddy mind of tron after i purchased this 
went through and he said that they were actually   sold out at the time and i must have purchased the 
last one i purchased mine on i believe february   25th and it came in on march the 3rd and they came 
out from china so here's a couple of other miners   it doesn't look like they're available right now 
but i was actually looking at one of these hs5s so   i can farm some see a coin and they were looking 
at about 15 a day oh there we go i can actually   buy this but this is for doge and litecoin 
not necessarily coins i would want to mine   shipment begins on july 2021.

Wow that's crazy 
and then here is ours right here the gold shell   hs1 plus it is currently sold out so it looks like 
i did get the last one they have a couple of other   models here and this is the original the or that 
or this okay so you see two models the gold hs1   plus 299 that comes with the psu and then the gold 
hs1 plus without the psu is for 259. so those are   some of the models they have i might consider this 
but again it's doge and litecoin i'd rather look   into what these combiners could do like handshake 
and see a coin i've seen another youtuber   this one looks incredibly profitable it was 
ranging anywhere between 15 to 22 dollars a day   which wasn't too bad but anywho let's look at 
the mining now this miner i do have it up here   this miner is only able to mine handshake that's 
the algorithm that it's on it's the only thing   that it's able to do right now what exactly is 
handshake i looked briefly into handshake it's a   token that's built with a another on blockchain 
to incorporate owning actual web addresses and   websites and domain names whereas if you go to 
like or a couple of other websites   and with a website that you want to create 
you're technically renting that domain name from   them whereas if you go through with handshake 
and look into their protocol that's an actual   blockchain delisted owned domain and subdomain so 
we can do another video on that later if handshake   is something of interest but as of right now 
handshake is trading at 28 cents it's 24 hour   volume is 665 000 so it's not too crazy it's 
total max supply is at 2 billion and there's a   total supply currently that's circulating at about 
359 million so there's plenty more of this bad boy   to mind and that 28 cents a pop in mining it's not 
too bad handshake is currently only available on   a couple of markets i think it's on uh bitlex 
and it's on or is it no it's on bittrex right   right yeah it's on bittrex coinx and i am 
currently using hot bit uh hot bit hns btc   whatever so i've got my hot bit account set up and 
that's where i'm actually mining my currency too   so whenever i in the pool that i have everything 
set up on as soon as it qualifies for the minimum   payout it's sending it over to hot bit from there 
i'll probably accumulate for a little bit until i   get into a range that i feel comfortable with and 
then i'm going to convert that into bitcoin send   that over to binance or kucoin or coinbase and 
then i will scoop up myself some more algorithm   and we are looking at hns so yeah currently right 
now i don't have any hns because it hasn't sent   the transactions over i've been mining for about 
24 hours and we're going to take a look at those   numbers now but this is hot bit this is one 
of the only exchanges that currently have hns   on there uh and we'll talk more about hot we'll 
talk more about handshake and hms more in the   future if we continue down this hobby mining path 
let's go and pull up the pool we are there's three   pools that are listed and if you do purchase 
one of these miners when you actually go and   purchase one we'll pull it up here they have all 
the tutorials they have all the guides that you   could possibly want you just scroll through you 
go into the hs1 plus tutorial link right here   and then you kind of go from there and we could 
do full tutorial videos here shortly and i do   plan on doing one of those videos to show you 
guys exactly how to set these up and how to get   them running but if you're just trying to crash 
through this and i don't do the video fast enough   just rest assured there are tutorials and what 
exactly you need to do to get these going now   realistically the actual hardware version of this 
is you plug your psu in you plug it into the wall   and you plug the included usb cable into your pc 
or your laptop i've got mine sitting across the   room so i have a usb cable extension but then 
after that you have to make sure that you got   some drivers on your computer and then you have a 
couple of different mining softwares that you can   run i am using the gold shell miner that they 
have here but they also have the handy miner   and it's really a preference that you want i 
usually gold shells a little bit easier to set up   versus the handy miner i was going and getting 
some errors when i went with that but like you see   here power adapter unit power supply into the unit 
plug that into your pc or notebook go from there   blah blah blah we'll do a full tutorial on this 
later let's actually look at the mining so we are   currently mining on this is our current 
setup here let's actually give this a good refresh   and i'm going to pull the miner up as well i 
actually already had the miner pulled up it's   just on a second screen but we're going to take a 
look at the numbers here on dx pool before i pull   the miner up over here on the side looks like it's 
slowing down just a smidge so after about 24 hours   you currently see that we profited ourselves 3.677 
hns and as of right now for because it's really   cool the pool keeping track of what yesterday's 
profits were and i believe it's at about 6 p.m   eastern is when the day rolls over so and then 
that's also when you get your payout current   profits are 2.924 hns let's pull up a calculator 
here right now we are at 3.677 plus 2.925   so we are currently at 6.601 hns and current price 
of hns was a total of 28.85 so we'll multiply that   by 0.2885 so we're just sitting under two dollars 
of hms not too bad and we're just coming up on the   48 hour mark and we're going to talk about those 
numbers here in just a second as well so that's   my profits here and then let's go ahead and see 
if we have anything hanging out in our wallet   because they do the payout every 24 hours so yep 
here's our wallet right here we have a balance of   3.85 hms sitting there we can cash it out or we 
can let it auto withdraw this will automatically   withdraw to my hot bit exchange wallet at 
10 hns and i believe there's a three percent   fee for doing that as well so that's how they 
get theirs off of the top now let me pull the   miner over let's go back to my tokens i like to 
leave this screen on the profit screen you can see   here how the profits of the token after you know 
when it first originally came out but that's for   a longer video here's my miner here's i'm using 
the gold shell miner it's very simple once you   have everything plugged in and again we'll set up 
a tutorial on this the last hour we were mining at   110 giga hashes we are currently at 109 back to 
110 giga hashes the advertisement for this miner   is 105 gigahashes and when i'm not recording or 
farting around my on my computer i've been looking   at giga hash as you can see here up closer to the 
120 range so 110 giga hashes 114 giga hashes of   20 120 giga hashes that's all my local hash rate 
i think i'm even peaking at 124 giga hashes as   well very very solid numbers on the on the miner 
when they were posting that it was at being sold   at 105 gigahashes this is a really easy miner 
and application to use once you have your miner   plugged in once you connect to the pool you can 
start mining stop the mining reboot the mining   if you've got multiple miners they'll be listed 
down here so you've got this miner which is ours   currently running and it's got the stats there 
and we'll have multiple across the way and then   you can go back through minor number i've got one 
active zero inactives i only have one here's the   pool information here here's my username oprius 
and then here's my hash rate very very very easy   very very plug and play you don't have to do any 
bat files or anything along those lines it's super   plug and play if you guys want to get into hobby 
mining yourselves definitely this is a fun little   recommendation but let's talk about profitability 
profitability profitability okay so normally when   i've been looking at asic miners and when i've 
been looking at other opportunities their prices   are astronomical and they're looking at about a 
512 return on investment time frame now whenever   you look at those return on investment time frames 
you have to take into consideration that that's   the current crypt the current cost of the crypto 
that you're mining and that stays at a baseline   so for example we're mining handshake 
right now let's go to its overview the numbers that i'm about to plug into the 
mining calculator that you guys are going to see   is considering that handshake stays at the 
current price of 0.286 for the rest of its life   handshake has seen an all-time high of 36 
cents and it's kind of been seeing all-time   lows it's seen all-time lows of okay wiggle 
thank you it's seen all-time lows of about   seven cents just shy of eight cents uh 36 39 
cents rate when it first started and then it   had a nice little pump up to about 36 cents 
and it's been bouncing around this 26 to 28   and 29 cent range so when we talk about the 
mining calculator this is under consideration   that the cost of this token will never increase 
or never decrease so it could go one or both ways i've already plugged in my numbers so we're 
right now we're gonna we're not going to take in   we're not going to take into consideration 
power cost we're just going to do straight   up 110 giga hashes because that's been roughly 
the average that i've been mining at for the   past just shy of 48 hours and we're going to 
calculate that at the current exchange rate of   um hns to btc at 606 satoshi just 
switched there from 606 to 607.   so without any adjustments there it is currently 
stating without any power costs it's currently   stating that i am mining about one .15275912 
per hour of h s that's about five cents and of   course the cost is zero because we have it set 
at a zero cost that's five cents the profit five   cents an hour so that translates to a dollar eight 
a day again without the power cost a dollar eight   a day and then for the week that's 757 a week for 
the month 32.44 a month and for the year 390 474.   now this is awesome i think this is absolutely 
awesome because this model costs 299   let's go back this model cost us 299 no tax no 
shipping cost a flat 299.

So if we look at that   what's our daily so if our 
daily pro if our daily return   is a dollar eight without power consideration 
or anything like that we are then going to be   in profit on this miner if the current price of 
hms stays at 28 cents doesn't increase doesn't   decrease for 276 days so within the first year 
so we're just gonna then subtract so within the   first year we are going to be in a profit of about 
117.88 this is why i think this is a fun little   investment this is why i wanted to and i wanted to 
purchase this miner because it's going to allow me   to provide content and do youtube videos and it's 
going to be profitable within the first year other   big miners are usually profitable just you know 
just shy of two years so i wanted to get this so   anyway if you guys have any questions comments 
or concerns please feel free to reach out to   me um i hope you guys enjoyed this touch into 
getting back into hobby mining you know we've   got some good footage of the hs1 plus we're going 
to be doing some more of that we're going to do   an actual breakdown of how to install how to 
get this running how to get the miner going   more content about mining will be coming sprinkled 
in with our algorithm content so if you guys are   here for algorithm thank you very much to the 
moon we're going to get there don't forget qr code   above my head wallet address in the description 
for this video any and all tips in alvaran are   greatly appreciated there's also a bitcoin tron 
and ethereum in there if you guys want to tip that   as well but that algorithms are coined but 
that's about it so anywho thank you very much   for watching today guys i highly appreciate 
it please like comment subscribe turn on   the bell notifications all that good stuff 
imo prius and we'll see you guys next time

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