The (3) Unknown ALTCOINs Ready To BREAKOUT SOON!!

Altcoins, Altseason…and the markets picking
right back up where they left off. All Chico Crypto has to say is…Very nice!! So today, we have a treat for you. An altcoin smorgasbord episode, where I’m
showing how to get involved with the projects of tomorrow…today. Because here at this channel, if you aint
first…you’re last. So, it’s time for Chico Crypto!! Yes today, we are diving into the projects
which aren’t known by the vast majority of the public, but give it some time,and they
will be talked about across the airwaves.

We are diving deep ….beginning with the
project who is the most public & the one you can get the most involved with…right now! That is Linkpool, who just started trading
& just a few days ago, got the token LPL on Coingecko! Just listed, which means it’s discovering
itself and price…and the markets don’t really know how to take it, due to an unknown
circulating supply. But we understand LINKpool, we have for a
long time. Linkpool is hands down the leading Chainlink
node service provider. They run the longest standing and professionally
managed Chainlink nodes…they created Chainlink markets, the explorer for nodes and Chainlink
price feeds. So you can consider Linkpool, the robin to
Chainlinks Batman.

They go hand in hand. And Linkpool is allowing staking on their
Nodes, even before Chainlink themselves. It’s live…Version 2 of the staking platform
announced by the team last Friday. So, let's be the first. Let’s learn how to stake LPL, and earn those
sweet Chainlink rewards. Going to the v2 staking dashboard, it easily
connects to your Ether wallet, and then it tells you your balances, including what you
have staked. We personally have 0 staked as of now, but
as we can see the contract address shows over 90.8 million LPL are currently staked.

That means at maximum just 9.2 million are
out in the wild, on exchanges ready to trade. Very NICE! But now let’s do…let’s stake! To stake, on the main dashboard page just
click on the stake tab…On the staking LPL page, enter the number to SEND, and thus received
1000 of the staking token LPLA. Click stake LPL. I always edit to fast, I hate stuck transactions,
confirm it on metamask and if you have a ledger there too. And then wait for it to confirm…now we can
see, we have 1000 LPLA, Link Pool allowance token, and 1795 LPL, and it shows the wallets
staked balance below too. No rewards, minimal activity…but when we
do have some activity and rewards, we can claim them on the claim tab….and these staking
rewards…come in the form of Chainlink tokens! Yeah, I’m ready to start earning my LINK
staking rewards, before Chainlink staking is released! Linkpool allows it through their clever design.

But let’s dig a little more into this design. Remember you get LPLA tokens, link pool allowance
tokens when you stake LPL within a pool. Well Linkpool put out a blog when v2 released,
which dove into this. In the section Staking allowances the team
says “LPL token will still be required to gain a staking allowance on the LinkPool node. Although it works completely differently today. Now, when you stake into the owners pool,
in return you will receive what we call “allowance tokens” or LPLA. When you stake your LPL, you’ll receive
an equal amount of LPLA. To begin with, that will be the linkLPLA variant
and once staking is released (from Chainlink themselves) you will stake your linkLPLA alongside
LINK to gain access to the pool.

The more assets we support in staking that
requires an allowance, the more allowance token variants we’ll mint. So what does this mean? Well the Linkpool team continues “An interesting
aspect of this is that the LPLA tokens are ERC20, and you don’t need both LPL and LPLA
to stake. If you have a balance of LPLA, then you can
use that to stake in the LinkPool node without first having a balance within the owner’s
pool. Yeah, using your linkLPLA tokens, to stake
with another node once chainlink staking is live and running. The team continues “Although it’s very
important to note that to withdraw LPL from the owners pool, you need to provide all of
your allowance tokens to unwind the LPL.This creates a scenario where there may be both
liquidity in the LPL and LPLA tokens, where one may opt to simply swap assets into LPLA
to gain a staking allowance, with LPL holders needing to buy back any sold allowance to
withdraw LPL out of the pool” So many cool DeFi scenarios coming with Chainlink
staking, which the team expands on further in the blog in the section “Allowance Lending”.

They say “ Our new model will also support
the borrowing and lending of any given allowance token. This will allow individuals with more staking
allowance than stakeable tokens (e.g., more linkLPLA than LINK) to lend out their allowance
to individuals with more of a given token than allowance. As a reward to allowance lenders, allowance
borrowers will pay a variable share of their earned rewards to lenders. In this way, both parties earn yield on their
holdings, increasing capital efficiency” So, Linkpool, staking is here in their Main
UI, chainlink rewards, and it’s listed on Coingecko.

Linkpool, is new…but, and undiscovered by
the norms. But it won’t be for long… Now, let’s go a tad bit further down the
Chico Rabbit hole, to a coin. That’s not listed on Coingecko…yet, but
is a powerful, yet mysterious NFT project. That is alchemist coin. And minting those crucibles, is gonna be key,
to your future in finding the philosopher's Stone. Why?? Well you just gotta go to their governance
snapshot dashboard.

There are 2 importante proposals that were
active as of yesterday Number 1, Make V1 Crucibles Limited Edition. The proposal is overwhelming yes, and ended
Today. It proposed, that v1 Crucibles be limited
to those using the terminal or Powershell. AKA technical users. Once the frontend UI launches, those users
will get v2 crucibles using that interface. The crucibles, are NFTS, thus having a v1,
limited edition could be a valuable thing down the road. Non technical users, who can’t use terminal
and powershell you are out of luck for V1….or are you? Remember there was a second important proposal…gonig
back to the dashboard, it’s “Include users for v1 "Limited Edition" crucibles” Yeah, there is an easier to use, community
built UI,… (Link #6 For minting the crucible, and they want those
who have used this unofficial UI, included in v1 crucibles.

The snapshot proposal says “When making
v1 crucibles "Limited Edition", please also include users who minted their
v1 crucible on the website prior to v2 release. It would be wonderful to allow anyone who
has a v1 crucible to be given this opportunity, and it could help offset the initial costs
of taking part in the project by owning a "Limited Edition" crucible… Well howdy doody, I’m non technical, so
Chico is voting yes with my tokens. If you have alchemist tokens in your wallet,
snapshot voting is a snap even with ledger.

Hopefully this proposal passes! Why? Because Chico is minting with that…but please
understand it is community built, and the risks with using something like that!! Obtain v1 crucibles with risk? Or wait until v2 and the main UI?? The choice is who ever watches this video
& theirs alone… But, now it’s time to finish this video
with a very, very unknown token, and the lead developer of Alchemist leads me to it. It isn’t brand new, but it’s ethereum
version isn’t live yet thus it isn’t on Coingecko or really trading! But the ethereum version is coming very soon!! So what did lead Developer of Alchemist Coin,
Stephane, the gostep, tweet about?? He retweeted a post, about the power of blockchain

Blockchain middleware, like that stinky stinky
LINK?? What middleware?? Well he specifically mentions the POKT network,
posting a note about it. He said “A note about Pocket network. For a long time, ethereans have been thinking
all transactions can be treated as equals. It's time to update your mental models. There are two kinds of transactions: "inclusion"
transactions and "priority" transactions. Inclusion transactions care about censorship
resistance. Priority transactions care about position. Pocket is a middleware for the mempool which
guarantees censorship resistance. Flashbots is a middleware for the mempool
which guarantees priority positions. Few. So what exactly is Pocket? Going to their website…it says “DEPLOY
ON DECENTRALIZED INFRASTRUCTURE-Pocket Network is a decentralized
infrastructure API built for Web3 apps.

Deploy applications to a network of thousands
of nodes that are coordinated by a trustless protocol and powered by POKT. Oh ya baby, you can think of Pocket, as a
decentralized Infura! What’s Infura some of you may be asking? Well it’s Ethereum’s single point of failure,
it’s what all dapps, devices, nodes connect too as of now, and in November it went down!! Taking down almost all of ethereum with it,
dapps, wallets and the like including big exchange ethereum infrastructure. People started to question Ethereum’s decentralization…. Well you don’t have to no more, because
the Pocket Network is here! This tweet shows why. The team said recently, the network has crossed
1 billion requests since launch, and over 2732 staked nodes. It’s being used, and used heavily…And
then below it says wPOKT is coming q2. Wrapped pocket is coming, they have the landing
page….but those who want to earn POKT right now…you gotta become a node…cough cough
dapp node and avado users. And of course my avado link is below! Cheers I’ll see you next time!.

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